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1. Sebastian Sacco

Actor | Lana Steele: Makeup Spy

Sebastian Sacco is an actor and producer, known for Lana Steele: Makeup Spy (2015), Tommy (2016) and The Juggler.

2. Fiona Whitelaw

Actress | Acceptable Damage

Fiona Whitelaw is an international actress and writer. Known for 'Feel The Dead', 'The Music Box' and 'Acceptable Damage'. She had been nominated for Best Supporting Actress at Onirus Film Awards 2017 & nominated for Best Supporting Actress Idyllwild Film Festival 2019. Her screenplay for ...

3. Peter Revel-Walsh

Actor | The Drift

Peter Revel-Walsh is an actor and writer, known for The Drift (2014), Down the Ellie (2017) and Heretiks (2018).

4. Piers Hunt

Actor | Canal

Piers Hunt is an actor and writer, known for Canal, Ice Cream (2016) and Memoriae (2016).

5. Naomi Peters

Stunts | The Dark Knight Rises

Naomi Peters is known for her work on The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Surrogates (2009) and Precious (2009).

6. Richard Dee-Roberts

Actor | Eleven

Richard Dee-Roberts is an actor and writer, known for Eleven (2018), Wuthering Heights (2018) and The Games Children Play (2019).

7. Annie Lees-Jones

Stunts | Born of Hope

Annie Lees-Jones is a British Actress and has worked with the RSC as the Comedia, Movement & Stunt Director. She graduated from Masters Performing Arts College originally as a dancer, a somewhat different career path to her childhood aspirations to grow up to be an FBI Agent. At the age of 13, ...

8. Tommie Grabiec

Actor | The Seasoning House

Tommie Grabiec was born Tomasz Antoni Grabiec on 4th July 1973 in Queen Charlotte's Hospital, Stamford Brook, West London.

His father Ryszard had a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, and was a Scholar and intellectual. His mother Halina is a renowned teacher of English and Polish. Tommie is the eldest ...

9. Jemma Lewis

Actress | Lady in the Park

Jemma is a British Actor who trained at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance gaining a Diploma before turning to Acting. She has a background in Meisner Technique, Physical Theatre and Shakespeare and has an intuitive and deeply sensitive approach to her work and a natural propensity...

10. Edwin Flay

Actor | Grace of Monaco

Edwin Flay is an actor and writer, known for Grace of Monaco (2014), An Unkind Word (2017) and Servants' Quarters (2016).

11. Robert J. Francis

Actor | Who Is Alice

Robert J. Francis is an actor and producer, known for Who Is Alice (2017), Storming Out (2012) and Groucho (2015).

12. Sophie Cartman

Actress | Evil Never Dies

Sophie Cartman was born as Sophie Newton. She is an actress, known for Evil Never Dies (2014), Repercussions (2013) and Donald Newman: Underachiever (Also Saviour of the Universe) (2012).

13. Elaine Ward

Actress | Ping

Elaine Ward is an actress, known for Ping (2012), The Field Trip and Forever Mine (2015).

14. Stephen Sobal

Actor | Prototype

Stephen Sobal is an actor, known for Prototype (2018) and Like Other People Do (2008).

15. Kate Nieland

Actress | Love Nest

Kate Nieland is an actress, known for Love Nest (2013), Mama Knows Best (2017) and The Spectrum (2018).

16. Kate Perry

Actress | The Boxer

Kate Perry is an actress and writer, known for The Boxer (1997), Mañana (2001) and Club Le Monde (2002).

17. Maya Thomas

Actress | London Isn't Waiting

Maya Thomas is an actress, known for London Isn't Waiting (2012).

18. Elizabeth Raynes

Actress | Hillbrook Gardens

Elizabeth Raynes is an actress, known for Hillbrook Gardens (2016).

19. Marcus Riley

Producer | Win Responsibly

Marcus Riley is an actor and producer, known for Win Responsibly (2014), Taste (2006) and 24/7 Chicago (2008).

20. Sam Blake

Actor | Cross My Heart

Sam Blake is an actor, known for Cross My Heart (1937), M'Blimey (1931) and Dreaming (1944).

21. Josie Bloom

Actress | The Unfathomable Mr. Jones

Josie Bloom is an actress, known for The Unfathomable Mr. Jones (2019), Grantchester (2014) and Lydia (2012).

22. Raquel Moreno

Actress | La mujer de tu vida

Raquel Moreno is an actress, known for La mujer de tu vida (1990) and Proyecto C (2016).

23. Suzanne Goldberg

Actress | Flirting with Flamenco

Suzanne Goldberg is an actress, known for Flirting with Flamenco (2006), Inside Blue (2008) and Rod Is God (2012).

24. Rachel Summers

Rachel Summers is an actress, known for Makris, the Sock Monkey (2014).

25. Du'aine A. Samuels

Actor | The Intent 2: The Come Up

Du'aine has been acting professionally since 2009 in all areas of Theatre, Television and Film. Du'aine studied drama at both John Ruskin College in south South London and E15 Acting School and is currently conducting further training at the Identity School of acting.

After leaving Education Du'aine...

26. Chloe Ward

Actress | Daddy's Girl

Chloe Ward is an actress, known for Daddy's Girl (2015).

27. Rea Mole

Actor | Hide and Seek

Rea Mole is an actor, known for Amorous (2014).

28. Felix Trench

Actor | Wooden Overcoats: Podcast Sitcom

Felix Trench is known for his work on Wooden Overcoats: Podcast Sitcom (2015).

29. Thomas Judd

Actor | Falling from Grace

Thomas Judd is an actor, known for Falling from Grace (1992).

30. Charlie Allen

Director | The Gruntles

Charlie Allen is an actor and director, known for The Gruntles (2017), Whiskey Cavalier (2019) and Last Respects (2017).

31. Jo Burke

Actress | The Numbers

Best known for her roles in the award winning films The Numbers and The Strange Case of Mr Inanis. She is also a stand up comedian and writer. Her debut comedy book iScream reached No.17 in the Amazon charts and continues to receive rave five star reviews. She regularly performs hour long stand up ...

32. David Baukham

Actor | Inspector Morse

David Baukham is an actor, known for Inspector Morse (1987), Bad Girls (1999) and Hollow (2011).

33. Emma White

Actress | The Dead Inside

Emma White was born on August 27, 1986 in Beverley, UK as Emma Rachel White. She is an actress, known for The Dead Inside (2005) and The Crooked Mile (2001).

34. Rachael Naylor

Actress | Total War: Warhammer II

Rachael Naylor is an actress, known for Total War: Warhammer II (2017), League of Angels III (2018) and Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden (2018).

35. Alex Dowding

Actor | Gents

Alex Dowding is an actor, known for Gents (2016), Breathe (2017) and What Goes Up (2017).

36. Phil Mann

Actor | Night Bus

Phil Mann is an actor, known for Night Bus (2014) and Mondo Art (2014).

37. Cole Michaels

Actor | You Get What You Need

Cole Michaels is an actor, known for You Get What You Need (2014) and A Fear of Parenthood (2014).

38. Matthew Cosgrove

Actor | It's Not You...

Matthew Cosgrove is an actor, known for It's Not You... (2013) and Childhood Lost (2014).

40. Alin Balascan

Assistant_director | F.E.A.R./False Evidence Appearing Real

Alin Balascan is an actor and assistant director, known for F.E.A.R./False Evidence Appearing Real (2017), Memento Amare (2017) and Snatch (2017).

41. Martin Bailey

Actor | Courier

Martin Bailey is an actor, known for Courier (2010), The Attachment (2016) and Ravenswood (2013).

42. Natalie Harper

Actress | No Place Like Holmes

Natalie Harper is an actress, known for No Place Like Holmes (2010), Sunrise/Sunset (2011) and Christmas Movie (2016).

43. Emily Bell

Actress | Lasting Damage Films

Emily Bell is an actress, known for Lasting Damage Films (2011).

44. Judith Alexander

Actress | The Last Days of Edgar Harding

Judith Alexander was born in Newcastle in the North East of England.

She has been seen in a number of television roles including the Peter Kay comedy "Britain's got the pop factor" and "The Dumping Ground" on CBBC. Her film work includes the horror feature "Vampires" and "Mad to be normal" with ...

45. Adam Cunis

Actor | Cue

Adam Cunis is an actor, known for Cue (2013) and Across lips (2016).

46. Roderick O'Grady

Actor | Welcome II the Terrordome

Roderick O'Grady is an actor, known for Welcome II the Terrordome (1995), At Sea (2018) and Collusion (2003).

47. Laura Hopwood

Actress | Nice Mike

Laura Hopwood is an actress, known for Nice Mike (2019), Indefinite (2015) and Heretiks (2018).

48. Matt Maltby

Actor | The Maiden

Matt Maltby is an actor, known for The Maiden (2014).

49. James Viller

Actor | Imphal 1944

James Viller is an actor, known for Imphal 1944 (2014).

50. Jd Roth-round

Actor | 2024

Born in north wales 1978, his father a builder and his mother an artist. JD's grandfather Felix Roth was a member of the Magic Circle, officer in the British army and a dentist, who became a great inspiration to him along with his great aunt, Dorothy Round Little, the 1930's tennis ace and ...

51. Anne Stafford

Actress | Selective Listening

Anne Stafford is an actress, known for Selective Listening (2014), Chapters (2015) and The Disciplinarian (2018).

52. Rob Leach

Actor | Sold

Rob Leach is an actor, known for Sold (2014), Therapy (2015) and Mr Beaverbrook (2014).

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