Actors who died unnaturally

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1. Aaliyah

Soundtrack | Romeo Must Die

Talented. Beautiful. Modest. These three words described R&B singer-turned-actress Aaliyah perfectly.

Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Diane (Hankerson) and Michael Haughton. Her uncle was music manager Barry Hankerson and her brother is director Rashad Haughton. Aaliyah was ...

Died in a plane crash in Marsh Harbour, Bahamas. The plane was heavily overloaded.

1979-2001 (22 years old)

2. Dorothy Abbott

Actress | Dragnet

Perennial starlet Dorothy Abbott was a sexy, vivacious, wide-smiling model, showgirl and actress who could brighten up a room. Unfortunately, her cinematic offerings wound up being pretty minimal and her last years were marred by depression and, ultimately, a tragic end.

She was born Dorothy E. ...

Took her own life after her marriage with police officer and actor Rudy Diaz ended.

1920-1968 (47 years old)

3. Anand Abhyankar

Actor | Lage Raho Munna Bhai

Anand Abhyankar was an actor, known for Carry On, Munna Bhai (2006), Mareparyant Phaashi (2009) and Vaastav: The Reality (1999). He died on December 23, 2012 in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Died in a car accident in Pune, India.

1963-2012 (49 years old)

4. Manish Acharya

Actor | Loins of Punjab Presents

Manish Acharya was born on June 14, 1967 in India as Manish G. Acharya. He was an actor and cinematographer, known for Loins of Punjab Presents (2007), Ishq Vishk (2003) and Quiet Hour (2001). He died on December 4, 2010 in Matheran, Maharashtra, India.

Died after falling off a horse.

1967-2010 (43 years old)

5. Art Acord

Actor | The Set-Up

Art Acord was born on April 17, 1890 in Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA as Arthemus Ward Acord. He is known for his work on The Set-Up (1926), Set Free (1927) and The White Horseman (1921). He was married to Louise Lorraine, Edna Nores and Edythe Sterling. He died on January 4, 1931 in Chihuahua, ...

Took his own life by consuming poison in Chihuahua, after struggling with depression due to alcoholism and an inability to adept to talkies.

1890-1931 (40 years old)

6. Jean-François Adam

Writer | M comme Mathieu

Jean-François Adam was born on February 14, 1938 in Paris, France. He was an actor and assistant director, known for M comme Mathieu (1973), The Game of Solitaire (1976) and Return to the Beloved (1979). He died on October 14, 1980 in Paris.

Found dead in a garbage dumpster in France, having told his wife he was travelling to England to work on a film. The death has been ruled a suicide by strangulation.

1938-1980 (42 years old)

7. Stanley Adams

Actor | Star Trek

Stocky character actor Stanley Adams had a relatively minor career in motion pictures, with the possible exception of his baby-faced millionaire Rusty Trawler of Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) fame. Otherwise, he played innumerable minor ethnic villains, bartenders and avuncular, fast-talking ...

Shot himself in his home in Santa Monica, after struggling with depression due to a back injury.

1915-1977 (62 years old)

8. Dajan Ahmet

Actor | Malev

Dajan Ahmet was born on January 22, 1962 in Tallinn, Estonia as Dajan Ahmetov. He was an actor, known for Men at Arms (2005), City Unplugged (1993) and Letters from the East (1996). He died on November 4, 2006 in Mõhkküla, Jõgevamaa, Estonia.

Died in a car crash in Mõhküla, Estonia.

1962-2006 (44 years old)

9. Jae-hwan Ahn

Actor | Zzikhimyeon jukneunda

Jae-hwan Ahn was born on April 25, 1972 in South Korea. He was an actor, known for Record (2000), Show Show Show (2003) and Tears of Diamonds (2005). He was married to Jung Sun-hee. He died on September 8, 2008 in Seoul, South Korea.

Found dead and decaying in his car in Seoul, South Korea, having died of carbon monoxide poisoning some days prior.

1972-2008 (36 years old)

10. Xia Ai

Actress | Feng nian

Xia Ai was born on November 29, 1912 in Tianjin, China as Yinan Yan. She was an actress, known for Good Harvest (1933), Chun can (1933) and Zhifen shichang (1933). She died on February 15, 1934 in Shanghai, China.

Took her own life by eating raw opium.

1912-1934 (21 years old)

11. Frederick Alexander

Actor | Fall of Eagles

Frederick Alexander was born on January 23, 1962 as Piers Frederick Alexander Flint-Shipman. He was an actor, known for Fall of Eagles (1974), Love Among the Artists (1979) and Another Country (1984). He died on June 2, 1984.

Died in a car crash in France, when his car was hit by a driver committing suicide.

1962-1984 (22 years old)

12. Ross Alexander

Actor | Captain Blood

The tragically brief life of fresh-faced, boyishly handsome Ross Alexander, who seemed to have everything going for him, plays these days like a bad Hollywood movie. Alexander was a charming, highly engaging young actor whose pleasant voice and breezy personality aided greatly in his transition ...

Shot himself in the barn behind his home in Los Angeles. His wife, Aleta Freel, had killed herself 13 months earlier. Alexander struggled with depression due to both his private and professional problems, and was deeply in debt.

1907-1937 (29 years old)

13. Gia Allemand

Actress | Ghost Trek: The Kinsey Report

Gia Allemand was born on December 20, 1983 in Howard Beach, Queens, New York City, New York, USA as Gia Marie Allemand. She was an actress, known for Ghost Trek: The Kinsey Report (2011), Ghost Trek: Goomba Body Snatchers Mortuary Lockdown (2013) and The Bachelor (2002). She died on August 14, 2013...

Died two days after an attempted suicide by hanging.

1983-2013 (29 years old)

14. Chet Allen

Actor | Amahl and the Night Visitors

Perhaps best remembered as TV's first Amahl in Gian Carlo Menotti's Amahl and the Night Visitors (1951), Chet Allen was also a member of the famous Columbus Boychoir (now the American Boychoir) during that period. Although he made a few other notable appearances over the years, most notably in the ...

Overdosed on anti-depressant, having frequently been admitted to psychiatric hospitals during his adult life.

1939-1984 (45 years old)

15. John Alvin

Actor | Destination Tokyo

John Alvin was born on October 24, 1917 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as John Alvin Hoffstadt. He was an actor, known for Destination Tokyo (1943), Climax! (1954) and Murder, She Wrote (1984). He was married to Betty June Lewis. He died on February 27, 2009 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Died of the injuries sustained in a fall at his nursing home in Thousand Oaks, California.

1917-2009 (91 years old)

16. Keith Andes

Actor | Tora! Tora! Tora!

1950s and 60s second lead actor Keith Andes fits into the strappingly handsome and virile mold that encompassed the likes of George Nader, Guy Madison, and Jeffrey Hunter. Although he may not be as well remembered as the aforementioned, he managed to maintain a reliable career on radio (from age 12...

Took his own life by asphyxiation in his home in Santa Clarita, having suffered from bladder cancer and other health issues.

1920-2005 (85 years old)

17. Darien Angadi

Actor | I, Claudius

Darien Angadi was born on March 19, 1949 in Stoke Newington, London, England as Darien Robert Kabir Angadi. He was an actor, known for I, Claudius (1976), Antony and Cleopatra (1974) and Antony & Cleopatra (1981). He died on December 5, 1981 in Haringey, London.

Hanged himself.

1949-1981 (32 years old)

18. Theodoros Angelopoulos

Director | Topio stin omihli

Theo Angelopoulos began to study law in Athens but broke up his studies to go to the Sorbonne in Paris in order to study literature. When he had finished his studies, he wanted to attend the School of Cinema at Paris but decided instead to go back to Greece. There he worked as a journalist and ...

Died of the injuries he sustained when he was hit by a motorcycle while crossing a road.

1935-2012 (76 years old)

19. Héctor Anglada

Actor | Pizza, birra, faso

Héctor Anglada was born on January 31, 1976 in Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba, Argentina. He was an actor, known for Pizza, Beer, and Cigarettes (1998), La furia (1997) and Young Lovers (2001). He died on March 2, 2002 in Burzaco, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Died in a traffic accident in Burzaco, Argentina.

1976-2002 (26 years old)

20. Dolly Anowar

Actress | Surja Dighal Bari

Dolly Anowar was born on July 1, 1948 as Dolly Ibrahim. She was an actress, known for Surja Dighal Bari (1979) and Dahan (1985). She was married to Anwar Hossain. She died on July 3, 1991 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Took her own life at home.

1948-1991 (43 years old)

21. Hüseyn Arablinski

Actor | Neft vä milyonlar sältänätindä

Hüseyn Arablinski is an actor, known for In the Kingdom of Oil and Millions (1916).

Murdered by his cousin.

1881-1919 (38 years old)

22. Jane Arden

Actress | The Other Side of the Underneath

Jane Arden was born in Wales in 1927 and left for London in her teens.

She trained at RADA and quickly began working as an actress and playwright. It was there that she met her future husband, Philip Saville, who is now perhaps most known for his work Boys from the Blackstuff (1982) and The Life and...

Took her own life at Hindlethwaite Hall in Yorkshire.

1927-1982 (55 years old)

23. David Arkin

Actor | MASH

David Arkin was born on December 24, 1941 in Los Angeles County, California, USA as David George Arkin. He was an actor, known for MASH (1970), All the President's Men (1976) and Popeye (1980). He was married to Anne E. Curry, Deborah Lee Lubin and Lynn C. Gillham. He died on January 14, 1991 in ...

Committed suicide.

1941-1991 (49 years old)

24. Pedro Armendáriz

Actor | From Russia with Love

Born in Mexican revolution times, Pedro Armendáriz was the first child of Mexican Pedro Armendáriz García-Conde and American Adele Hastings. He was raised in Churubusco, then a suburb of Mexico City, before the family traveled to Laredo, Texas. They lived there until 1921, the year Armendáriz' ...

Shot himself at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, having suffered from severe pain due to terminal cancer in his hips.

1912-1963 (51 years old)

25. Silvana Armenulic

Actress | Lov na jelene

Silvana Armenulic was born on May 18, 1939 in Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia as Zilha Barjaktarevic. She was an actress, known for Lov na jelene (1972), Ljubav na seoski nacin (1970) and Gradjani sela Luga (1972). She was married to Radmilo Armenulic. She died on October 10, 1976 in ...

Died in a car crash in Kolari, Yugoslavia (today's Serbia).

1938-1976 (38 years old)

26. Todd Armstrong

Actor | Jason and the Argonauts

Todd Armstrong was born on July 25, 1937 in Missouri, USA as John Harris Armstrong. He was an actor, known for Jason and the Argonauts (1963), Icebound in the Antarctic (1983) and Iron Horse (1966). He died on November 17, 1992 in Butte, California, USA.

Shot himself after having struggled with depression.

1936-1992 (55 years old)

27. Ernst Arndt

Actor | Herbstzauber

Ernst Arndt was born on February 3, 1861 in Magdeburg, Germany. He was an actor, known for Herbstzauber (1918), Der Umweg zur Ehe (1919) and Die Tragödie eines verschollenen Fürstensohnes (1922). He died in 1942 in Treblinka Concentration Camp, Mazowieckie, Poland.

Murdered in the Treblinka extermination camp.

1861-1942 (81 years old)

28. Peter Arne

Actor | Straw Dogs

Peter Arne was for a short time the perfect villain in British film. After a couple of roles in war movies (The Purple Plain (1954) and The Cockleshell Heroes (1955)) and a Tarzan movie (Tarzan and the Lost Safari (1957)) he became a villain in Strangers' Meeting (1957). From than on he continued ...

Bludgeoned to death with a log in his home by Italian schoolteacher Giuseppe Perusi, who took his own life shortly after.

1918-1983 (64 years old)

29. Per-Axel Arosenius

Actor | Topaz

Per-Axel Arosenius was born on November 7, 1920 in Norberg, Västmanlands län, Sweden as Per Axel Daniel Rank Arosenius. He was an actor, known for Topaz (1969), Selambs (1979) and Thriller: A Cruel Picture (1973). He died on March 21, 1981 in Nacka, Stockholms län, Sweden.

Set himself on fire outside the tax office in Nacka, Sweden, after a dispute with the tax authorities.

1920-1981 (60 years old)

30. Asmahan

Actress | Gharam wa intiqam

A very talented singer with a beautiful voice. She starred in two films, the first, Victory of Youth (1941), was with her older brother 'Farid Al Atrach' and the second Passion and Revenge (1944). Asmahane died in a car accident while filming 'Gharam wa intiqam', it is rumoured, through the war ...

Died when the car she was in plunged into a canal near Mansoura, Egypt. There has been rumours of both that British intelligence and the Gestapo had ordered her death.

1912-1944 (31 years old)

31. Arno Assmann

Director | Immer will ich dir gehören

Arno Assmann was born on July 30, 1908 in Breslau, Silesia, Germany. He was an actor and director, known for Immer will ich dir gehören (1960), Der Opernball (1978) and Die Fledermaus (1964). He was married to Lore Ostermann and Heide Heidemann. He died on November 30, 1979 in Herrsching am ...

Committed suicide.

1908-1979 (71 years old)

32. Hooper Atchley

Actor | Arizona Terror

Hooper Atchley was born on April 30, 1887 in Ebenezer, Tennessee, USA as Lemuel Hooper Atchley. He was an actor, known for Arizona Terror (1931), The Return of Jimmy Valentine (1936) and The Three Musketeers (1933). He was married to Violet Yahar. He died on November 16, 1943 in Hollywood, Los ...

Shot himself.

1887-1943 (56 years old)

33. Marie-Françoise Audollent

Actress | The Da Vinci Code

Marie-Françoise Audollent was born on May 22, 1943 in Clermont-Ferrand, Puy-de-Dôme, France. She was an actress, known for The Da Vinci Code (2006), The Count of Monte Cristo (1998) and Le cri de la soie (1996). She died on March 30, 2008 in Lyon, France.

Died after a fall in her home in Lyon, France.

1943-2008 (64 years old)

34. Pascale Audret

Actress | Splendeurs et misères des courtisanes

Pascale Audret was born on October 12, 1936 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Hauts-de-Seine, France as Pascale Aiguionne Louise Jacqueline Marie Auffray. She was an actress, known for Splendeurs et misères des courtisanes (1975), Les enquêtes du commissaire Maigret (1967) and La caméra ...

Died in a car crash.

1936-2000 (63 years old)

35. Charles Avery

Actor | The Taming of the Shrew

Charles Avery was born on May 28, 1873 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as Charles Avery Bradford. He was an actor and director, known for The Taming of the Shrew (1908), Her Donkey Love (1917) and His Unconscious Conscience (1917). He died on July 23, 1926 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Took his own life in his home in Los Angeles.

1873-1926 (53 years old)

36. Lloyd Avery II

Actor | Boyz n the Hood

Lloyd Avery II was born on June 21, 1969 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Lloyd Fernandez Avery. He is known for his work on Boyz n the Hood (1991), Shot (2001) and Poetic Justice (1993). He died on September 4, 2005 in Crescent City, California.

Strangled and beaten to death by prison cell mate Kevin Roby.

1969-2005 (36 years old)

37. Marion Aye

Actress | The Roughneck

Marion Aye was born Maryon Eloise Aye on April 5, 1903 in Chicago, Illinois. Her father was a lawyer who moved the family to California. When she was fifteen Marion lied about her age to elope with her older boyfriend Sherman Plaskett. Sadly he passed away just a year later. While walking on the ...

Died eleven days after an attempted suicide by overdose.

1903-1951 (48 years old)

38. Viveka Babajee

Actress | Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat

Viveka Babajee was born on May 27, 1973 in Port Louis, Mauritius. She was an actress, known for Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat (2002) and Miss Universe Pageant (1994). She died on June 25, 2010 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Allegedly hanged herself from a ceiling fan in her apartment in Mumbai, after suffering from depression. However, Babajee's ex-girlfriend Gautam Vohra has been under investigation for a possible connection to the case.

1973-2010 (37 years old)

39. Faith Bacon

Actress | Prison Train

Showman Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. once billed her as "the most beautiful girl in the world". Burlesque dancer Faith Bacon, and not the much better known Sally Rand who worked for Bacon in the early 1930s, is genuinely considered the lady who originated the "fan dance" during "The Jazz Age".

The Los ...

Jumped to her death from a hotel window.

1910-1956 (46 years old)

40. Jing Bai

Actress | Gong fu yong chun

Jing Bai was born on June 4, 1983 in Diaobingshan, Liaoning, China. She is known for her work on Kung Fu Wing Chun (2010), Tie ren (2009) and Three Kingdoms (2008). She was married to Chenghai Zhou. She died on February 28, 2012 in Beijing, China.

Murdered by her husband Zhou Chenghai, who took his life shortly after.

1983-2012 (28 years old)

41. A.J. Bakunas

Actor | The Warriors

A.J. Bakunas was born on October 23, 1950 in Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA as Albert John Bakunas. He is known for his work on The Warriors (1979), The Stunt Man (1980) and The Bees (1978). He died on September 21, 1978 in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

Died after the landing airbag split while freefalling from the Kincaid Towers in Lexington, Kentucky, while doing stunt work for the film Steel.

1950-1978 (27 years old)

42. Jeremy Ball

Actor | The Matrix

Jeremy Ball was an actor, known for The Matrix (1999), Fallen Angels (1997) and Water Rats (1996). He died on September 15, 2014 in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

Died in a head-on collision with a log truck near Carrick, Tasmania.

1968-2014 (45 years old)

43. Pratyusha Banerjee

Actress | Balika Vadhu

Pratyusha Banerjee was born on August 10, 1991 in Jamshedpur, Bihar, India. She was an actress, known for Balika Vadhu (2008), Rakt Sambandh (2010) and Adhuri Kahaani Hamari (2015). She died on April 1, 2016 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Hanged herself in her apartment in Mumbai.

1991-2016 (24 years old)

44. Janet Banzet

Actress | A Thousand Pleasures

Janet Banzet was born on May 17, 1934 in Dallas, Texas, USA as Jeanette Banzet. She was an actress, known for A Thousand Pleasures (1968), Mini-Skirt Love (1967) and Professor Lust (1967). She died on July 29, 1971 in New York City, New York, USA.

Committed suicide.

1934-1971 (37 years old)

45. Boris Barnet

Director | Miss Mend

Boris Barnet was born on June 18, 1902 in Moscow, Russian Empire as Boris Vasilyevich Barnet. He was a director and actor, known for The Adventures of the Three Reporters (1926), Secret Agent (1947) and The Patriots (1933). He was married to Alla Kazanskaya, Yelena Kuzmina, Natalia Glan and ...

Hanged himself in Riga, Soviet Union.

1902-1965 (62 years old)

46. Don 'Red' Barry

Actor | Jesse James' Women

Donald Barry went from the stage to the screen. After four years of playing villains and henchmen at various studios, Barry got the role that changed his image: Red Ryder in the Republic Pictures serial Adventures of Red Ryder (1940). Although he had appeared in westerns for two years or so, this ...

Shot himself after a domestic dispute.

1912-1980 (68 years old)

47. Judith Barsi

Actress | The Land Before Time

The only child of Jozsef Barsi and Maria Benko, Judith Eva Barsi beat 10,000-to-1 odds when she was discovered at a San Fernando Valley skating rink at age 5 1/2 in 1983 and mistaken for a 3-year-old. Her first commercial was for Donald Duck Orange Juice and she went on to appear in anywhere ...

She and her mother were shot by her father József, who took his own life afterwards.

1978-1988 (10 years old)

48. Iveta Bartosová

Actress | Posledni vykrik

Iveta Bartosová was born on April 8, 1966 in Celadná, Czechoslovakia. She was an actress, known for A Killer in Prague (2012), Requiem for a Maiden (1992) and The Vampire Wedding (1993). She was married to Josef Rychtár and Jirí Pomeje. She died on April 29, 2014 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Threw herself in front of a train in Prague, after being hunted by the media.

1966-2014 (48 years old)

49. Bhakti Barve

Actress | Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro

Bhakti Barve was born on September 10, 1948 in Sangli, State of Bombay, India. She was an actress, known for Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro (1983) and Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa (1998). She was married to Shafi Inamdar. She died on February 12, 2001 in Maharashtra, India.

Died in a car crash on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway in India.

1948-2001 (52 years old)

50. Pierre Batcheff

Actor | Les deux timides

Pierre Batcheff was born on June 23, 1907 in Harbin, Manchuria, China as Piotr Bacev. He was an actor and writer, known for Two Timid Souls (1928), Monte Cristo (1929) and The Chess Player (1927). He died on April 13, 1932 in Paris, France.

Overdosed on the drug Veronal in Paris, France.

1907-1932 (24 years old)

51. Barbara Bates

Actress | All About Eve

The lovely Barbara Bates, a demure but very troubled young spirit, began her career at age 19. Groomed in obscure starlet bits, it wasn't until Warner Bros. signed her up in 1947 and perpetuated an appealing girl-next-door image that things started happening for her.

She was born Barbara Jane Bates,...

Took her own life in her mother's garage by carbon monoxide poisoning, after years of depression.

1925-1969 (43 years old)

52. Simone Battle

Actress | What We Need

Simone Battle was born on June 17, 1989 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Simone Sherise Battle. She was an actress, known for What We Need (2014), Zoey 101 (2005) and Meanamorphosis (2012). She died on September 5, 2014 in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Hanged herself after struggling with depression due to financial issues.

1989-2014 (25 years old)

53. Harry Baur

Actor | Golgotha

Harry Baur was born on April 12, 1880 in Paris, France as Henri-Marie Baur. He was an actor, known for Behold the Man (1935), Christine (1937) and Les Misérables (1934). He was married to Rika Radifé and Rose Grane. He died on April 8, 1943 in Paris.

Died under mysterious circumstances during WWII.

1880-1943 (62 years old)

54. Scotty Beckett

Actor | A Date with Judy

Scotty Beckett was one of the cutest, most successful child actors of the 1930s and 1940s. His descent into a life of alcoholism, drugs, and crime remains one of the most tragic of Hollywood stories.

Born Scott Hastings Beckett on October 4, 1929, in Oakland, California, he and his family moved to ...

Died, probably due to an overdose on either barbiturates or alcohol, in a nursing home in Los Angeles. He had been severely beaten a couple of days before, and it is possible, though not likely, that he died of those injuries.

1929-1968 (38 years old)

55. Ena Begovic

Actress | Treca zena

Ena Begovic was born on June 16, 1960 in Split, Croatia, Yugoslavia. She was an actress, known for The Third Woman (1997), Glembajevi (1988) and Ucitelj (1983). She was married to Josip Radeljak. She died on August 15, 2000 in Brac, Croatia.

Died in a traffic accident in Brac, Croatia.

1960-2000 (40 years old)

56. Hans Behrendt

Writer | Alt Heidelberg

Hans Behrendt was born on September 28, 1889 in Berlin, Germany. He was a writer and director, known for Alt Heidelberg (1923), The Island of the Lost (1921) and Neuland (1924). He died in 1942 in Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp, Oswiecim, Malopolskie, Poland.

Died in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

1889-1942 (53 years old)

57. Francis Bell

Actor | Neighbours

Francis Bell was born on April 18, 1944 in Cambridge, England. He was an actor, known for Neighbours (1985), Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle (1994) and Absent Without Leave (1992). He died on May 3, 1994 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Jumped from a building in Auckland.

1944-1994 (50 years old)

58. Yasmine Belmadi

Actor | Wild Side

Killed by a scooter at the age of 33, what a sad end for this kid from Aubervilliers who had just got a major role in Goodbye Gary Cooper (2009), in which he had had the opportunity to show all the range of his talent as Jean-Pierre Bacri's son. Quiet desperation had rarely been expressed with such...

Crashed with a lamp post while riding a scooter, and died of the injuries.

1976-2009 (33 years old)

59. Rémy Belvaux

Actor | C'est arrivé près de chez vous

Rémy Belvaux was born on November 10, 1966 in Namur, Wallonia, Belgium as Rémy Nicolas Lucien Belvaux. He was an actor and writer, known for Man Bites Dog (1992), Pas de C4 pour Daniel Daniel (1987) and Génération Raymond (1990). He died on September 4, 2006 in Orry-la-Ville, Oise, ...

Committed suicide.

1966-2006 (39 years old)

60. El Hedi ben Salem

Actor | Angst essen Seele auf

El Hedi ben Salem was born in 1936 in Redeyef, Gafsa, Tunisia. He was an actor, known for Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (1974), The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (1972) and World on a Wire (1973). He died in 1977 in Nîmes, Gard, France.

Hanged himself in a prison in Nîmes, France, having escaped Germany after stabbing three persons.

1935-1977 (42 years old)

61. Malik Bendjelloul

Director | Searching for Sugar Man

Malik Bendjelloul, born in Sweden, performed in Swedish TV-series "Ebba och Didrik" as a child in the nineties and later in life studied Journalism and media-production at the Linnaeus University of Kalmar. He has produced several musical documentaries for Swedish Television (SVT) where he also ...

Took his own life after struggling with depression.

1977-2014 (36 years old)

62. Brenda Benet

Actress | Walking Tall

Brenda Benet, born Brenda Ann Nelson in Los Angeles, California, on August 14, 1945, was a classic example of the modern-day Hollywood tragedy. As a television actress with good dramatic scope, she managed to piece together a wide and impressive portfolio of guest shots in a career spanning just ...

Shot herself after struggling with depression due to her son's death the year before.

1945-1982 (36 years old)

63. Barbara Bennett

Actress | Black Jack

Barbara Bennett was born on August 13, 1906 in Palisades, New Jersey, USA as Barbara Jane Bennett. She was an actress, known for Black Jack (1927), Syncopation (1929) and Love Among the Millionaires (1930). She was married to Laurent Surprenant, Jack Randall and Morton Downey. She died on August 8,...

Took her own life, after several earlier attempted suicides.

1906-1958 (51 years old)

64. Jill Bennett

Actress | For Your Eyes Only

Jill Bennett was born on December 24, 1931 in Penang, Malaysia as Nora Noel Jill Bennett. She was an actress and writer, known for For Your Eyes Only (1981), The Nanny (1965) and Moulin Rouge (1952). She was married to John Osborne and Willis Hall. She died on October 4, 1990 in Kensington, London,...

Took her own life with an overdose on quinalbarbitone, due to depression and a rough marriage to writer John Osborne.

1931-1990 (58 years old)

65. Joseph Bennett

Actor | Howards End

Joseph Bennett was born in 1968 in London, England as Joseph A. Bennett. He was an actor, known for Howards End (1992), The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (1992) and The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: My First Adventure (2000). He was married to Julie Graham. He died on April 13, 2015 in ...

Hanged himself.

1968-2015 (47 years old)

66. Berry Berenson

Actress | Cat People

Born Berinthia Berenson in New York in 1948, Berenson was a noted photographer and actress and was the sister of model-turned-actress Marisa Berenson (of "Barry Lyndon" fame). Berenson met her husband, actor and star of Alfred Hitchcock's original version of Psycho (1960), Anthony Perkins on the ...

Died in the plane that crashed into the northern World Trade Center on 9/11.

1948-2001 (53 years old)

67. John Berg

Actor | Star Trek: Nemesis

John was born in Wichita Falls, Texas on April 5, 1949 to parents Dr. Owen C. Berg and Evelyn van Emden Berg. John graduated from Wichita Falls High School in 1967. John attended the University of Chicago, Tulane University and the school of life.

During his life, John had a diverse career path - ...

Took his own life by carbon monoxide poisoning from a grill in his bedroom.

1949-2007 (58 years old)

68. Arthur Bergen

Director | Erinnerungen einer Nonne

Arthur Bergen was born on October 24, 1875 in Germany. He was an actor and director, known for Erinnerungen einer Nonne (1927), Frühere Verhältnisse (1927) and Das Lebenslied (1926). He died in 1943.

Died in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

1875-1943 (68 years old)

69. Nicole Berger

Actress | Charlotte et Véronique, ou Tous les garçons s'appellent Patrick

Nicole Berger was born on June 12, 1934 in Paris, France as Nicole Gouspeyre. She was an actress, known for All the Boys Are Called Patrick (1959), Shoot the Piano Player (1960) and The Game of Love (1954). She died on April 13, 1967 in Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France.

Died when she war thrown out of the car in a car crash in Eure, France. The car was driven by singer and actress Dany Dauberson.

1934-1967 (32 years old)

70. Ouida Bergère

Actress | Mates and Mis-Mates

Diminutive red-headed actress, playwright and screenwriter. Her marriage to star actor Basil Rathbone was one of the most enduring in show business, lasting from 1926 until his death in 1967. The Rathbones were legendary in the 1930's for giving the most lavish Hollywood parties at their luxurious ...

Died of the injuries sustained in a fall, in which she broke her hip.

1886-1974 (87 years old)

71. Mary Kay Bergman

Actress | South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Mary Kay Bergman did not have a face known to many - her voice was recognized more than anything else in the world. Although she was a big voiceover star in the 1990s, her true claim to fame was Trey Parker and Matt Stone's critically acclaimed adult animated television series, South Park (1997), ...

Shot herself in her home, after depression due to her mother's health and worries about her job.

1961-1999 (38 years old)

72. Bhargavi

Actress | Devadasu

Bhargavi is an actress, known for Devadasu (2006), Ashta Chamma (2008) and Athili Sathibabu LKG (2007).

Stabbed to death, probably by musician Praveen Kumar, who took his own life shortly after.

1983-2008 (25 years old)

73. Divya Bharti

Actress | Assembly Rowdy

Divya was born on February 25, 1974 to Meeta and Om Prakash Bharti.

Opting for acting, she quit college, & landed a role in 'Bobbili Raja' (Telegu) in 1990 at just 16 years of age. This movie became a hit, and was dubbed into Hindi and released as 'Raampur Ka Raja'.

Divya made her debut in Bollywood ...

Fell from the balcony of her apartment in Mumbai, India. The death was ruled accidental.

1974-1993 (19 years old)

74. Paul Bhattacharjee

Actor | Casino Royale

Paul Bhattacharjee was born on May 4, 1960 in Harrow, Middlesex, England as Gautam Paul Bhattacharjee. He was an actor, known for Casino Royale (2006), The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011) and Dirty Pretty Things (2002). He died on July 12, 2013 in Splash Point Cliffs, Seaford, East Sussex, ...

Jumped to his death off Splash Point cliffs in Seaford. Bhattacharjee had been missing for a couple of days when he was found, after having been declared bankrupt.

1960-2013 (53 years old)

75. Jaspal Bhatti

Actor | Fanaa

Jaspal Bhatti, the most popular social satirist in India, graduated from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh in North India, as an electrical engineer. He was famous for his street plays like his My Nonsense Club during his college days. Most of these plays were spoof ridiculing the corruption ...

Died in a car crash in Shahkot, India.

1955-2012 (57 years old)

76. Brian Bianchini

Actor | The Black Magic

Brian Bianchini was born on July 16, 1978 in San Francisco, California, USA as Brian Leo Bianchini. He was an actor, known for The Black Magic (2002), Girl for Girl (2001) and The Brotherhood (2001). He died on March 16, 2004 in San Francisco.

Committed suicide, after struggling with severe depression.

1978-2004 (25 years old)

77. Herman Bing

Actor | Hide-Out

Herman Bing was born on March 30, 1889 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. He was an actor and assistant director, known for Hide-Out (1934), The Great Waltz (1938) and The Great Lover (1931). He was married to Carla Lichtenstein. He died on January 9, 1947 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Shot himself after having become depressed due to lack of work. His style of comedy was seen as outdated.

1889-1947 (57 years old)

78. Laurie Bird

Actress | Two-Lane Blacktop

Laurie Bird was a cute and charming actress who appeared in only three pictures during her regrettably short-lived career. Bird was born on September 26, 1953 in Long Island, New York. Laurie was working as a model when she was chosen by director Monte Hellman, from nearly 500 women, to portray "...

Overdosed on Valium in an apartment she shared with boyfriend, singer Art Garfunkel.

1952-1979 (26 years old)

79. Chhabi Biswas

Actor | Karnarjun

Chhabi Biswas was born on July 12, 1900 in Calcutta, Bengal Presidency, British India as Sachindranath Biswas. He was an actor and director, known for Karnarjun (1941), Jar Jetha Ghar (1949) and Pratikar (1944). He died on June 11, 1962 in Calcutta [now Kolkata], West Bengal, India.

Died in a car accident in Calcutta, India.

1900-1962 (61 years old)

80. Pierre Blaise

Actor | Lacombe Lucien

Pierre Blaise was born on June 11, 1955 in Moissac, Tarn-et-Garonne, France as Pierre Marc Blaise. He was an actor, known for Lacombe, Lucien (1974), The Porcelain Anniversary (1975) and The Big Delirium (1975). He died on August 31, 1975 in Moissac.

Died in a car crash in Moissac, France.

1955-1975 (20 years old)

81. Nida Blanca

Actress | Magdusa ka!

Dorothy Acueza Jones was born Jan 6 1936, the only child of Inocencia Acueza and American national John William Jones II. She finished high school at the Adamson University and took up Pre-law at the University of Sto Tomas (UST). She has a daughter, Kay Torres, by estranged husband Victorino ...

Stabbed to death in a parking lot, probably by a professional hitman. The prime suspect was her husband, American actor Rod Strunk, who later took his own life.

1936-2001 (65 years old)

82. Clara Blandick

Actress | The Wizard of Oz

Clara Blandick was an American actress born as Clara Dickey and born aboard an American ship off the coast of Hong Kong on June 4, 1880. Little is known about her early life until she became an actress. Although she appeared in 118 films, she was primarily a stage actress. She began her film career...

Overdosed on sleeping pills, and suffocated in a plastic bag, due to physical pain and going blind.

1876-1962 (85 years old)

83. Holbrook Blinn

Actor | McTeague

American stage actor and director who made numerous silent film appearances. Blinn was born and raised in San Francisco and attended nearby Stanford University. But his stage career had begun years before, when he made his acting debut at age six. Following his education, he resumed acting, ...

Died after falling off a horse near his home in Croton-on-Hudson, New York.

1872-1928 (56 years old)

84. Adele Blood

Actress | The Devil's Toy

Adele Blood was born on April 23, 1886 in San Francisco, California, USA. She was an actress, known for The Devil's Toy (1916) and The Riddle: Woman (1920). She was married to Edward S. Davis and Isaac Waddell Hope. She died on September 13, 1936 in Harrison, New York, USA.

Shot herself in her home, after experiencing financial problems.

1886-1936 (50 years old)

85. John Boncore

Actor | The Last Rites of Ransom Pride

John Boncore was born on January 7, 1952 in Buffalo, New York, USA. He was an actor, known for The Last Rites of Ransom Pride (2010), Men in Trees (2006) and Alice, I Think (2006). He died on March 12, 2013 in Chase, British Columbia, Canada.

Died after falling down the stairs in his home on the Adams Lake Indian Band, Canada.

1952-2013 (61 years old)

86. John Bowers

Actor | Lorna Doone

Began working in films from 1916, becoming a a star within five years of his debut. His frequent co-star was was Marguerite de la Motte, whom he later married. The advent of sound effectively ended his career. Shortly after attending a party, the distraught 50-year-old Bowers committed suicide by ...

Drowned, possibly intentionally, off the shore of Santa Monica. Bowers had sailed out to where Henry Hathaway was filming Souls at Sea, hoping for a part. He never returned alive, and his body was found at the beach.

1885-1936 (50 years old)

87. Charles Boyer

Actor | Gaslight

Charles Boyer studied philosophy before he went to the theater where he gave his debut in 1920. Although he had at first no intentions to pursue a career at the movies (his first movie was L'homme du large (1920) by Marcel L'Herbier) he used his chance in Hollywood after several filming stations ...

Overdosed on the drug Seconal at a friend's house in Scottsdale, Arizona, two days after the death of his wife, actress Pat Paterson.

1899-1978 (78 years old)

88. James Bradbury Jr.

Actor | The Last of the Duanes

James Bradbury Jr. was born on October 5, 1894 in New York City, New York, USA. He was an actor, known for The Last of the Duanes (1930), Song of the Eagle (1933) and Gorilla Ship (1932). He died on January 21, 1936 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Committed suicide.

1894-1936 (41 years old)

89. Jonathan Brandis

Actor | Seaquest DSV

Born in Danbury, Connecticut, USA, to Greg and Mary, Jonathan Brandis began his career at age 5, acting in television commercials. He appeared in small parts in several films and TV shows before his first starring role in the 1990 film The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter (1990). He starred ...

Hanged himself in the hallway of his apartment building in Los Angeles. Brandis had been depressed about his waning career.

1976-2003 (27 years old)

90. Lilya Brik

Director | Steklyannyy glaz

Lily Brik, one of Russian and Soviet culture's most enigmatic women who was admired by many important men, was known for her wit and beauty and helped many talented people to become famous.

She was born Lilya Urievna Kagan, in 1891, in Moscow, Russia, into a Jewish family of a lawyer and a music ...

Committed suicide while terminally ill.

1891-1978 (87 years old)

91. Vlastimil Brodský

Actor | Jakob, der Lügner

Vlastimil Brodský was born on December 15, 1920 in Hrusov, Ostrava, Czechoslovakia. He was an actor, known for Jacob the Liar (1974), Autumn Spring (2001) and A Night at Karlstein (1974). He was married to Jana Brejchová and Bozena Brodská. He died on April 20, 2002 in Slunecna, Czech Republic.

Committed suicide.

1920-2002 (81 years old)

92. Herman Brood

Soundtrack | Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Herman Brood was born on November 5, 1946 in Zwolle, Overijssel, Netherlands. He was married to Xandra Jansen. He died on July 11, 2001 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.

Jumped from the roof of the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam, Netherlands, having struggled with drug addiction and serious medical problems caused by drug use.

1946-2001 (54 years old)

93. Tyler Brooke

Actor | Poor Little Rich Girl

Tyler Brooke was born on June 6, 1886 in New York City, New York, USA as Victor Hugo de Biere. He was an actor, known for Poor Little Rich Girl (1936), Playboy of Paris (1930) and Madam Satan (1930). He was married to Myrtle Laurine Neil, Laruna Wolcott and Elizabeth Bauland. He died on March 2, ...

Took his own life by carbon monoxide poisoning.

1886-1943 (56 years old)

94. Barry Brown

Actor | Bad Company

Barry Brown was born on April 19, 1951 in San Jose, California, USA as Donald Barry Brown. He was an actor, known for Bad Company (1972), Piranha (1978) and Daisy Miller (1974). He died on June 27, 1978 in Silver Lake, California.

Shot himself. Brown grew up in a dysfunctional family, surrounded by crime, alcoholism and drug abuse. His sister Marilyn Brown also killed herself.

1951-1978 (27 years old)

95. Marilyn Brown

Actress | The Amorous Adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

Pretty and charming brunette actress Marilyn Louise Brown was born on March 9, 1953 in San Jose, California. Her parents were Donald Bernard Brown and Vivian Brown. Marilyn was of mixed Engish, Irish, Sicilian, and Scottish descent. Her father named her after his favorite actress Marilyn Monroe. ...

Jumped to her death off a Los Angeles freeway overpass, after struggling for years with drug abuse and alcoholism.

1953-1997 (44 years old)

96. Julia Buencamino

Actress | Inang yaya

Julia Buencamino was born as Julia Louise Buencamino. She was an actress, known for Mother Nanny (2006), Sandalang bahay (2005) and Oh My G! (2015). She died on July 7, 2015 in Quezon City, Philippines.

Hanged herself in the bathroom of her home.

1999-2015 (15 years old)

97. Arturo García Buhr

Actor | Los chicos crecen

Arturo García Buhr was born on December 16, 1905 in Dolores, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was an actor and director, known for The Kids Grow Up (1942), Mi mujer, la sueca y yo (1967) and ¿Vendrás a media noche? (1950). He was married to Aída Olivier. He died on October 4, 1995 in ...

Committed suicide.

1905-1995 (89 years old)

98. Eugen Burg

Director | Der wird geheiratet

Eugen Burg was born on January 6, 1871 in Berlin, Germany as Eugen Hirschburg. He was an actor and director, known for Der wird geheiratet (1921), The Hound of the Baskervilles (1915) and Alles aus Gefälligkeit (1916). He was married to Emmy Raabe-Burg. He died on November 15, 1944 in ...

Died in the Theresienstadt concentration camp.

1871-1944 (73 years old)

99. Neil Burstyn

Writer | The Monkees

Neil Burstyn was born on July 17, 1939 in New York, USA as Neil Bernstein. He is known for his work on The Monkees (1966), Panic in Year Zero (1962) and The Young Savages (1961). He was married to Ellen Burstyn. He died on November 1, 1978 in Nassau, New York.

Jumped to his death from his apartment in Manhattan, after struggling with schizophrenia.

1939-1978 (39 years old)

100. Leonid Bykov

Actor | V boy idut odni 'stariki'

Leonid Bykov was born on December 12, 1928 in Znamenskoye, Donetsk Oblast, Ukrainian SSR, USSR as Leonid Fyodorovich Bykov. He was an actor and director, known for Only Old Men Are Going to Battle (1974), Little Hare (1965) and Fitil. Vypusk 11 (1963). He died on April 11, 1979 in Kiev Oblast, ...

Died in a car accident near Kiev, Soviet Union, in today's Ukraine.

1928-1979 (50 years old)

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