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Children's Film Foundation (CFF) [gb]

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1. Bush Christmas (1947)

Passed | 80 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

In Australia, five children pursue horse thieves through the mountains.

Director: Ralph Smart | Stars: Chips Rafferty, John Fernside, Stan Tolhurst, Pat Penny

Votes: 361

3. The Case of the Missing Scene (1951)

50 min | Crime, Drama, Family

"Aufnahme 63 fehlt!" ist ein Kinderkrimi, der ganz in der Tradition des klassischen britischen Kinderfilms gestaltet wurde. Ein Kamerateam macht von einem Versteck aus Aufnahmen seltener ... See full summary »

Director: Don Chaffey | Stars: Ivor Bowyer, Susanne Gibbs, Stephen Bourne, Noel Johnson

Votes: 19

4. To the Rescue (1952)

25 min | Short, Family

The villain steals a poodle but is caught after a chase.

Directors: Jacques B. Brunius, Ronald Weyman | Stars: Fella Edmonds, Richard Massingham, Jacques B. Brunius, John Ruddock

Votes: 18

7. A Good Pull-Up (1953)

17 min | Short, Family

A handyman gets into trouble at a café.

Director: Don Chaffey | Stars: Peter Butterworth, John Levitt, Humphrey Kent, Kurt Wagener

8. Skid Kids (1953)

65 min | Drama, Family

Swanky Clarke (Barry MacGregor) and his gang of chums take on a gang of bike thieves with the help of the local police.

Director: Don Chaffey | Stars: Barry MacGregor, Anthony Lang, Angela Monk, Pauline Black

Votes: 38

9. Heights of Danger (1953)

60 min | Drama

Produced by Howard Thomas for the British Pathe Documentary Unit in 1953. A big garage profiteer seeks to sabotage a British father and his children's chances of winning an Alpine motor car... See full summary »

Director: Peter Bradford | Stars: Basil Appleby, Freda Bamford, Wilfred Downing, Annette Cabot

Votes: 6

10. Johnny on the Run (1953)

68 min | Adventure

A superb early work by illustrious British director Lewis Gilbert (Alfie, You Only Live Twice) which follows orphaned Polish refugee Janek, who runs into trouble in the shape of two ... See full summary »

Director: Lewis Gilbert | Stars: Eugeniusz Chylek, Sydney Tafler, Michael Balfour, Edna Wynn

Votes: 41

11. The Dog and the Diamonds (1953)

54 min | Drama, Family

Children's drama. A gang of children can't have any pets of their own so they organise a "zoo" with various animals behind an old manor house. Unfortunately the manor house is the hideout ... See full summary »

Director: Ralph Thomas | Stars: Kathleen Harrison, George Coulouris, Geoffrey Sumner, Brian Oulton

Votes: 15

13. Adventure in the Hopfields (1954)

60 min | Adventure, Family

A little girl accidentally breaks her mother's favourite ornament and goes hop-picking to replace it.

Director: John Guillermin | Stars: Mandy Miller, Hilda Fenemore, Russell Waters, Harold Lang

Votes: 86

16. The Flying Eye (1955)

53 min | Comedy, Family

Colonel Audacious is an inventor and with the help of his young assistant, Barnstuffer, he invents a model aeroplane with a TV camera attached that can then fly around revealing all sorts ... See full summary »

Director: William C. Hammond | Stars: David Hannaford, Julia Lockwood, Harcourt Williams, Ivan Craig

Votes: 20

17. The Secret of the Forest (1956)

61 min | Adventure, Family

A forester's two children, Knight and Day, become friends with two spoiled rich kids, Terrington and Cox, when the latter two come to the woods for a visit. The quartet gets involved with a... See full summary »

Director: Darcy Conyers | Stars: Kit Terrington, Jacqueline Cox, Barry Knight, Diana Day

Votes: 14

19. Peril for the Guy (1956)

55 min | Family

A group of children attempt to bring to book a gang of oil men intent on stealing valuable invention.

Director: James Hill | Stars: Christopher Warbey, Frazer Hines, Ali Allen, Katherine Kath

Votes: 17

20. One Wish Too Many (1956)

56 min | Family, Comedy, Fantasy

A young boy finds a magic marble that grants him any wish he wants. One day he wishes for a giant steam-roller, and it starts to trash London.

Director: John Durst | Stars: Anthony Richmond, Rosalind Gourgey, John Pike, Terry Cooke

Votes: 27

21. Circus Friends (1956)

63 min | Family, Drama

When Marlow's circus comes to town they find that the field they usually use is not available because they didn't pay the farmer last year. They have to promise most of their equipment to ... See full summary »

Director: Gerald Thomas | Stars: Alan Coleshill, Carol White, David Tilley, Pat Belcher

22. Treasure at the Mill (1957)

60 min | Family

Fourteen-year-old John Adams lives alone with his mother, who works as a cleaning lady for a living. It's holiday time now. John shares his free time between two activities, helping Mr. ... See full summary »

Director: Max Anderson | Stars: Richard Palmer, John Ruddock, Hilda Fenemore, Harry Pettit Jr.

Votes: 14

23. Five Clues to Fortune (1957)

129 min | Crime, Drama

A treasure has been hidden at Woburn Abbey at the time of the Dissolution of the Monasteries. When the sale of the present-day estate is threatened three children find this treasure by ... See full synopsis »

Director: Joe Mendoza | Stars: John Rogers, Roberta Paterson, Peter Godsell, David Hemmings

Votes: 12

24. Five on a Treasure Island (1957)

122 min | Adventure, Family

An Enid Blyton adventure about four young cousins on an island off the Dorset coast in England where a shipwreck attracts the attention of greedy men who might put our heroes in danger.

Director: Gerald Landau | Stars: Rel Grainer, Richard Palmer, Gillian Harrison, John Bailey

Votes: 62

26. The Carringford School Mystery (1958)

134 min | Family

The exciting adventures of five children who set out to vindicate a school friend wrongly accused of theft from the local museum.

Director: William C. Hammond | Stars: Gerald Case, Eric Corrie, Derek Freeman, Richard James

Votes: 6

27. Soapbox Derby (1958)

64 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

Children's drama. A children's gang in London called The Battersea Bats decide to build a car and enter it in a soapbox derby. A rival gang The Victoria Victors hear about the car and set ... See full summary »

Director: Darcy Conyers | Stars: Michael Crawford, Keith Davis, Roy Townsend, Alan Coleshill

Votes: 41

28. Skinny and Fatty (1958)

51 min | Drama, Family

Two young Japanese schoolboys, one skinny and poor, one fat and well-to-do, become unlikely friends.

Director: N. Terao | Stars: Y. Kataoka, H. Sha

Votes: 112

29. The Kid from Canada (1957)

57 min | Family

A Canadian boy visits cousins in Scotland; his attitude first causes antagonism with Scottish youngsters, but disappears when the lad comes to the aid to an injured shepherd.

Director: Kay Mander | Stars: Christopher Braden, Bernard Braden, Bobby Stevenson, Elinor Laing

Votes: 23

30. The Salvage Gang (1958)

52 min | Family, Adventure

Whilst building a rabbit hutch, a group of children break Dad's saw. Needing to replace it, the children do odd jobs all across London.

Director: John Krish | Stars: Ali Allen, Mandy Harper, Frazer Hines, Christopher Warbey

Votes: 52

31. The Adventures of Hal 5 (1958)

59 min | Family, Adventure

A children's adventure. Hal V is a car owned (and loved) by the Hayward family and their children. Then a wicked garage owner tries to steal their beloved car to sell for lots of money, but... See full summary »

Director: Don Sharp | Stars: John Glyn-Jones, John Charlesworth, David Morrell, Edwin Richfield

Votes: 28

32. The Cat Gang (1959)

50 min | Family, Crime

The Cat Gang are a group of English children who like to hang around the local harbour even though the Customs Officers wish they'd go away. Then one day the gang spots somebody behaving ... See full summary »

Director: Darrell Catling | Stars: Francesca Annis, John Pike, Jeremy Bulloch, John Gabriel

Votes: 15

34. The Dawn Killer (1959)

107 min

Sheepdog Glen, accused of sheep killing on the Romney Marshes, is cleared by the efforts of his two youthful owners in time for the Sheepdog Trials.

Director: Donald Taylor | Stars: Jeremy Bulloch, Sally Bulloch, Suzan Farmer, David Markham

35. Mystery in the Mine (1959)

127 min | Family, Mystery

Jane and Tom set out on an adventure in which they must keep the corrupt Grimblatt from locating the K-13 fuel for his evil space mirror.

Director: James Hill | Stars: Ingrid Cardon, Stewart Guidotti, Howard Greene, Peter Copley

Votes: 19

36. Rockets in the Dunes (1960)

65 min | Family

Children who use a beach in Devon for racing sand yacht's discover the Army is taking over their beach for training. The children try to gather support from the local community to save ... See full summary »

Director: William C. Hammond | Stars: Richard Adam, Anthony Bryant, Fiona Davie, Stewart Guidotti

37. Caught in the Net (1960)

64 min | Family

Bob Ketley is a young boy whose older brother is a research scientist working with fish. He helps catch criminals who are poaching salmon by dropping dynamite into the river.

Director: John Haggerty | Stars: Jeremy Bulloch, Joanna Horlock, James Luck, Anthony Parker

38. The Young Jacobites (1960)

139 min | Adventure

Two children on holiday on The Isle of Skye, Scotland, go back in time and help Bonnie Prince Charlie escape from Scotland to France.

Director: John Reeve | Stars: Francesca Annis, Jeremy Bulloch, Frazer Hines, John Pike

Votes: 25

41. The Monster of Highgate Ponds (1961)

59 min | Animation, Family, Fantasy

A group of children befriend a monster.

Director: Alberto Cavalcanti | Stars: Rachel Clay, Michael Wade, Terry Raven, Ronald Howard

Votes: 51

42. Hunted in Holland (1961)

61 min | Adventure, Crime, Family

Tim (Sean Scully) comes over to Amsterdam to visit his penfriend Piet (Jacques Verbrugge). An Englishman operating as a tourist guide is a diamond-smuggler and the boys along with Piet's sister Annike (Sandra Spurr), foil his plans in a boat chase.

Director: Derek Williams | Stars: Sean Scully, Jacques Verbrugge, Sandra Spurr, Walter Randall

Votes: 29

44. Bungala Boys (1961)

58 min | Family

When a child nearly drowns his friends decide to start a local lifesaving and surf rescue club. They first have to raise the money for a surf boat but there's some prize money at a local ... See full summary »

Director: Jim Jeffrey | Stars: Peter Couldwell, Alan Dearth, Terry Bentley, Julie Youatt

Votes: 16

47. Masters of Venus (1962)

112 min | Family, Sci-Fi

A spaceship from Earth lands on the planet Venus, and encounters a race of beings that the crew begins to suspect are descended from the lost city of Atlantis.

Director: Ernest Morris | Stars: Norman Wooland, Mandy Harper, Robin Stewart, Robin Hunter

Votes: 31

48. They Found a Cave (1962)

61 min | Adventure, Drama, Family

Four well-to-do kids are sent to their aunts rural Tasmanian farm following the death of their parents. There they meet Tas, the son of the aunts housekeeper and farmworker, and together ... See full summary »

Director: Andrew Steane | Stars: Beryl Meekin, Mervyn Wiss, Barbara Manning, Anne Davis

Votes: 16

49. Wings of Mystery (1963)

55 min | Family

Sheffield, England: someone in the steelworks is selling details of a new alloy to a foreign agent. The children lead to his capture with the help of a prize pigeon.

Director: Gilbert Gunn | Stars: Judy Geeson, Hennie Scott, Patrick Jordan, Francesca Bertorelli

Votes: 13

50. The Rescue Squad (1963)

54 min | Family