Lost Movies From 1930

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US movies from 1930 (second year of the "pre-code" era of 1929-1934) which are listed as lost on IMDB. Many of these films have user ratings and reviews. The mere existence of reviews didn't cause a film to be excluded from this list. Some reviews could be from people who saw the film before it was lost. On the other hand, some reviews seem based not on actually having seen the movie, but on something the reviewer has read elsewhere, or that the reviewer does/doesn't like an actor/the director, doesn't like old movies, or whatever, and wants to chime in based on that. And frankly, some reviews I have read come across as fabrications ("I had an exclusive showing of this otherwise lost film in the home of a private collector").

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1. The Voice from the Sky (1929)


A crazed scientist calling himself The Voice from the Sky broadcasts his voice all across the globe, and threatens to suspend all energy in the earth's atmosphere and turn day into night ... See full summary »

Director: Ben F. Wilson | Stars: Hal Taliaferro, Neva Gerber, Robert Walker, J.P. Lockney

2. No, No, Nanette (1930)

98 min | Comedy, Musical

A bible publisher is falling in love with a chorus girl and finds himself backing a Broadway show.

Director: Clarence G. Badger | Stars: Bernice Claire, Alexander Gray, Lucien Littlefield, Louise Fazenda

Votes: 14

3. Second Choice (1930)

67 min | Drama, Romance

Drama of thwarted love and marriage.

Director: Howard Bretherton | Stars: Dolores Costello, Chester Morris, Jack Mulhall, Edna Murphy

5. Call of the Circus (1930)

60 min | Drama, Romance

A retired circus clown, Herbert Rawlinson, finds love entering his life when he marries a member of the circus troupe, Ethel Clayton and the adoption of an orphaned circus girl, Joan Wyndham... See full summary »

Director: Frank O'Connor | Stars: Francis X. Bushman, Ethel Clayton, Joan Wyndham, William C. Kirby

6. The Rampant Age (1930)

60 min | Drama

Wealthy playboy Sandy Benton falls for pretty but decidedly less wealthy neighbor Doris Lawrence. She rebuffs his attentions, but scheming golddigger Estelle has her own plans for Sandy. ... See full summary »

Director: Phil Rosen | Stars: James Murray, Merna Kennedy, Eddie Borden, Margaret Quimby

Votes: 14

7. The Climax (1930)

65 min | Thriller

Young Italian girl wants to become a great opera singer.

Director: Renaud Hoffman | Stars: Jean Hersholt, Kathryn Crawford, LeRoy Mason, John Reinhardt

8. Screen Snapshots Series 9, No. 11 (1930)

9 min | Short

Eddie Lambert leads the tour; Douglas Fairbanks Jr., and Joan Crawford return from their honeymoon trip; Carl Laemmle, Jr. welcomes Paul Whiteman to Hollywood; Edward Everett shows off his ... See full summary »

Director: Ralph Staub | Stars: Eddie Lambert, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Joan Crawford, Carl Laemmle Jr.

Votes: 58

11. The Other Tomorrow (1930)

65 min | Romance, Drama

The Other Tomorrow is a lost 1930 American Pre-Code film, directed by Lloyd Bacon and produced by First National Pictures, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. The love-triangle drama, from a story... See full summary »

Director: Lloyd Bacon | Stars: Billie Dove, Kenneth Thomson, Grant Withers, Frank Sheridan

12. Hello Sister (1930)

80 min | Drama

Olive Borden plays a modern jazz maiden who is forced to be good for six months or lose out on her grandfather's inheritance.

Director: Walter Lang | Stars: Olive Borden, Lloyd Hughes, George Fawcett, Bodil Rosing

Votes: 6

13. The Big Party (1930)

Passed | Comedy, Musical, Romance

Kitty Collins and Flo Jenkins, a couple of jazz-age cuties with bobbed-hair and rolled-stockings, go in search of good-times and whoopee-making. The party they find also includes some ... See full summary »

Director: John G. Blystone | Stars: Sue Carol, Dixie Lee, Walter Catlett, Frank Albertson

Votes: 6

15. An Elastic Affair (1930)

10 min | Short, Comedy

A short sketch featuring winners of the 'Film Weekly' acting scholarship.

Director: Alfred Hitchcock | Stars: Cyril Butcher, Aileen Despard

Votes: 98

18. The Furies (1930)

69 min | Mystery

Fifi Sands, whose husband is constantly unfaithful, is prevented from obtaining a divorce by Bedlow, her husband's lawyer. At a dinner party given by Smith, a columnist, she announces that ... See full summary »

Director: Alan Crosland | Stars: Lois Wilson, H.B. Warner, Theodore von Eltz, Natalie Moorhead

19. Her Golden Calf (1930)

Passed | 69 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

This Fox comedy with music takes a Hollywood look at Bohemian life as it is lived by artists and models in NYC's Greenwich Village. A lot of it is set against the Village's annual "... See full summary »

Director: Millard Webb | Stars: Jack Mulhall, Sue Carol, El Brendel, Marjorie White

Votes: 9

20. Hold Everything (1930)

74 min | Comedy, Musical

A man is mistaken for a champion fighter.

Director: Roy Del Ruth | Stars: Joe E. Brown, Winnie Lightner, Georges Carpentier, Sally O'Neil

Votes: 11

21. The Swellhead (1930)

Passed | 70 min | Romance, Sport

A young fighter, Bill Hickey, achieves success through the help and support of his friends and, once he does, he gets a big case of 'swellhead.' And then he loses his friends, loses his ... See full summary »

Director: James Flood | Stars: James Gleason, Johnnie Walker, Marion Shilling, Natalie Kingston

22. The Jade Box (1930)

Passed | 220 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

When Martin Morgan steals the Jade Box his friend John Lamar had purchased in the Orient, the latter is kidnapped by members of an Eastenn cult. When the cult members discover that Lamar no... See full summary »

Director: Ray Taylor | Stars: Louise Lorraine, Jack Perrin, Monroe Salisbury, Francis Ford

24. Hide-Out (1930)

59 min | Drama

A bootlegger on the run from the law hides out on a college campus. He disguises himself as a student, and soon becomes the school's star athlete and most popular man on campus.

Director: Reginald Barker | Stars: James Murray, Kathryn Crawford, Carl Stockdale, Lee Moran

Votes: 6

25. Cock o' the Walk (1930)

Passed | Drama, Music, Romance

Carlos Lopez is a handsome Argentine sportsman. Many women love him and he toys with them all. His days are filled with romance and intrigue and he manages to get himself feared and hated ... See full summary »

Directors: Walter Lang, Roy William Neill | Stars: Joseph Schildkraut, Myrna Loy, Philip Sleeman, Edward Peil Sr.

Votes: 6

26. The Cheyenne Kid (1930)


Buck Allen, The Cheyenne Kid, has been accused of holding up the payroll car of the Cody Dam Construction Company, and is being pursued by U.S. Marshal Utah Kane and Sheriff Hank Bates but ... See full summary »

Director: Jacques Jaccard | Stars: Jay Wilsey, Joan Jaccard, Yakima Canutt, Jack Mower

27. Dumbbells in Ermine (1930)

Passed | 70 min | Comedy, Romance

The story of a fighter's romance with a small-town girl.

Director: John G. Adolfi | Stars: Robert Armstrong, James Gleason, Barbara Kent, Claude Gillingwater

Votes: 6

28. The Big Fight (1930)

Passed | Action, Drama, Romance

Based on the David Belasco stage production of the Max Marcin play in which heavyweight-champion Jack Dempsey played the role of the fighter, Tiger: This "behind-the-scenes look of a ... See full summary »

Director: Walter Lang | Stars: Lola Lane, Ralph Ince, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Stepin Fetchit

Votes: 6

29. Bride of the Regiment (1930)

79 min | Musical, Romance

Filmed operetta in technicolor based on hit play/book that opened on Broadway in 1922 and ran 232 performances.

Director: John Francis Dillon | Stars: Vivienne Segal, Allan Prior, Walter Pidgeon, Louise Fazenda

Votes: 12

30. Courage (1930)

73 min | Drama

Film version of stage hit about mother love.

Director: Archie Mayo | Stars: Belle Bennett, Marian Nixon, Rex Bell, Richard Tucker

31. Ridin' Law (1930)

Passed | 63 min | Action, Drama, Romance

Remade in 1939 by Harry S. Webb as "Riders of the Sage" with Bob Steele, Claire Rochelle and Carleton Young taking the roles played here, with the role names changed, by Jack Perrin, Renee ... See full summary »

Director: Harry S. Webb | Stars: Jack Perrin, Starlight the Horse, Renee Borden, Yakima Canutt

32. The Song of the Flame (1930)

96 min | Musical, Romance

This was a screen version of the 1925 operetta by Oscar Hammerstein II, Otto Harbach, Herbert Stohart, and George Gershwin. The story of the movie is about a peasant who is known as "The ... See full summary »

Director: Alan Crosland | Stars: Alexander Gray, Bernice Claire, Noah Beery, Alice Gentle

Votes: 10

33. The Lightning Express (1930)

Passed | 220 min | Action, Crime, Western

A railroad needs to cross the land belonging to a young woman. Her crooked guardian tries to cheat her so he can get the right-of-way.

Director: Henry MacRae | Stars: Lane Chandler, Louise Lorraine, Al Ferguson, Greta Granstedt

34. Rough Waters (1930)

53 min | Drama

A police dog helps to track down two payroll robbers.

Director: John Daumery | Stars: Lane Chandler, Rin Tin Tin, Jobyna Ralston, Edmund Breese

35. The Last Hour (1930)

77 min | Comedy, Crime, Sci-Fi

A crooked prince uses a death ray to force down airships and steal their cargo.

Director: Walter Forde | Stars: Stewart Rome, Richard Cooper, Kathleen Vaughan, Alexander Field

39. Worldly Goods (1930)

71 min | Drama

A businessman who has devoted his whole life to obtaining money and power finds that he can't buy the one thing he craves: love.

Director: Phil Rosen | Stars: James Kirkwood, Merna Kennedy, Ferdinand Schumann-Heink, Shannon Day

Votes: 15

40. Easy Street (1930)


Con artists try to trick an old man out of his life savings.

Director: Oscar Micheaux | Stars: William A. Clayton Jr., Willor Lee Guilford, Richard B. Harrison, Alice B. Russell

41. Night Work (1930)

Passed | 93 min | Comedy, Music, Romance

Willie, as an assistant window-dresser, is the lowest man on the totem pole at a department store. To add insult-to-injury Willie is also the store's designated 'Fired Man."; when a ... See full summary »

Director: Russell Mack | Stars: Eddie Quillan, Sally Starr, Frances Upton, Tom Keene

Votes: 43

42. Sons of the Saddle (1930)

76 min | Musical, Western

Jim Brandon, foreman of the Wind River Ranch owned by Martin Stavnow is in love with "Ronnie", the owner's daughter. Jim is unaware that Harvey, a young cowhand that Jim protects like a ... See full summary »

Director: Harry Joe Brown | Stars: Ken Maynard, Doris Hill, Joseph W. Girard, Carroll Nye

43. Terry of the 'Times' (1930)

Passed | 200 min | Action, Mystery

Terry Macy (Reed Howes), the son of a newspaper's founder, is assigned to investigate a mysterious warning signed '30' (newspaper term for 'The End)that has been sent to a local politician.... See full summary »

Director: Robert F. Hill | Stars: Reed Howes, Lotus Thompson, Sheldon Lewis, John Oscar

44. Canyon Hawks (1930)

57 min | Western

Cattleman Benson finds Mildred and her brother George living in one of his cabins and their sheep are on his land. Attracted to Mildred, he not only lets her stay, he deeds part of his land... See full summary »

Directors: Alan James, J.P. McGowan | Stars: Yakima Canutt, Renee Borden, Buzz Barton, Robert Walker

Votes: 9

48. The Way of All Men (1930)

Passed | 69 min | Action, Drama, Romance

A variety of broad-painted and unlikely characters are trapped in an underground café when a Mississippi River levee breaks and causes flood havoc above and below.

Director: Frank Lloyd | Stars: Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Dorothy Revier, Robert Edeson, Anders Randolf

49. What a Widow! (1930)

88 min | Romance, Comedy

A young woman's elderly husband dies and leaves her $5 million. She travels to Paris and becomes part of the "Continental" set and is pursued by a rich playboy and a lawyer who works for her.

Directors: Allan Dwan, Dudley Murphy, James Seymour | Stars: Gloria Swanson, Owen Moore, Lew Cody, Margaret Livingston

Votes: 12

51. Caste (1930)

70 min | Drama

The daughter of a Cockney drunkard marries a young aristocrat who is presumed killed in action (in WWI). When she gets the news she goes to stay with her aristocratic in-laws.

Directors: Campbell Gullan, Michael Powell | Stars: Hermione Baddeley, Nora Swinburne, Alan Napier, Sebastian Shaw

Votes: 7