New England Child Actors

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Up-and-coming young actors and actresses working in the New England area (no particular order).

1. Abigail Friend

Actress | Apples for Bullies

Abigail Friend is an actress and director, known for Apples for Bullies (2017), Or So the Story Goes: Happy Thoughts (2015) and Blindspot (2015).

2. Abby Rain Heiser

Actress | Silenced

Abby Rain Heiser is an actress and producer, known for Silenced (2018), Welcome to Grandpaville (2013) and Almost Mercy (2015).

3. Aaron Snyder

Actor | Residual

Aaron Snyder is an actor, known for Residual (2012), Soft Machinery and Father Like Son (2014).

4. Adam Freeman

Actor | Olive Kitteridge

Adam Freeman is an American film, stage, and voice actor who lives in the New England area. As a 9 year old, Adam was cast in the lead role of Young Dylan in a Boston area professional production of "A Child's Christmas in Wales." For his natural ability, he caught the eye of local theater critics,...

5. Addison LaFountain

Actress | Exeter

Addison has been working in the industry since she was just 9 months old. Addison started doing print work as a baby and acquired many jobs over the years for companies such as Summer infant, Toys -R-Us, TJ Max and Play-Dough. She has been featured in Magazines for clothing as well as toy ads. Her ...

6. Adrianna Morse

Actress | Clinger

Adrianna Morse is an actress, known for Clinger (2015) and Great Party, Marie (2013).

7. Aingea Venuto

Actress | The Way Way Back

Aingea Venuto is a professional artist from Boston, with experience both on stage and on screen as an actor, singer, dancer, model, voice-over artist, and musician. Aingea began performing when she was five years old, starting out in theatre camps and choruses. She then progressed into musical ...

8. Aidan McLaughlin

Actor | Bennight Brothers

Aidan McLaughlin is an actor, known for Bennight Brothers (2013), Haven (2010) and The Folklorist (2012).

9. Aidan Pine

Actor | Bennight Brothers

Aidan Pine is an actor, known for Bennight Brothers (2013), Sinners (2014) and Lungs (2013).

10. Alex Dhima

Actor | Red Circles

Alex Dhima is an actor, known for Red Circles (2011), Wishbone (2013) and Family Problems (2013).

11. Alexa Reddy

Actress | Before the Dawn

Alexa Reddy is an actress, known for Before the Dawn (2019), American Vernacular (2018) and The Good Samaritan (2017).

12. Alex Sutherland

Actress | Grooming

Alex Sutherland is an actress, known for Grooming (2014) and Chasing Life (2014).

13. Allison Bradshaw

Actress | Wishin' and Hopin'

Allison Bradshaw is an actress and producer, known for Wishin' and Hopin' (2014), Almost Mercy (2015) and Lungs (2013).

14. Alyssa Mae Walsh

Actress | Lipstick Dojo

Alyssa began acting professionally at the age of four, when she was cast by director Jason Reitman to play Chloe, Clark Gregg's daughter in the Paramount Pictures film Labor Day. Since then, she has acted in several films - including Year By the Sea with Karen Allen - and has appeared in ...

15. Ashley Lanzoni

Actress | Limbus

Ashley is a singer, dancer and actress. She has acted in films, many national and world-wide commercials, as well as, Regional and Community theater shows. She also tours with 'The Friends of Broadway' as a singer/dancer all over New England at large venues such as Six Flags, Disney Orlando, ...

16. Ashley Jermaine

Actress | So in Love

Ashley Jermaine is represented by Click Models Boston, Philly and NYC and Los Angeles. Ashley holds a dual resume' listing acting and modeling credits which include print for CoverGirl Cosmetics, Seventeen Magazine and Teen Vogue. Ashley has several film credits with work spanning from Boston, to ...

17. Audrey Larson

Actress | Countdown

Audrey Larson is a young filmmaker and actress. She wrote, produced, and directed the short film Camping Trip (2016), which won a national gold medal at the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, an audience award at the Cine Las Americas International Film Festival, and was nominated for the Female ...

18. Ava Sophia

Actress | Sweetie

Ava Sophia is an actress, known for Sweetie (2008).

19. Avery Markle

Actress | Countdown

Avery Markle is an actress, known for Countdown (2013), The Folklorist (2012) and Confessions of a Teenage Critic (2010).

20. Isabella Cohen

Actress | Episode 50

Isabella Cohen has starred in multiple films and worked on projects with notable producers like Scott Westerfeld (Uglies, Pretties) and a shoot with Warner Brothers. Isabella is an alumni of Young Actors Space, Margie Haber, and Lee Strasberg just to name a few . She also received her BFA from USC ...

21. Bobby Bryan

Actor | The Judge

Bobby Bryan is an actor, known for The Judge (2014).

22. Brendan Meehan

Defending Jacob

Brendan Meehan first signed with Model Club, Inc. in Boston, MA at the age of 14 months and has been modeling and acting ever since. He has performed in a number of commercials and student films as well as booked modeling jobs for companies such as Hasbro and Disney. Brendan landed his first ...

23. Brianna Denski

Actress | Wonder Park

Brianna is the leading voice in Paramount's animated feature film WONDER PARK, has done commercials for Lysol and Nickelodeon, portrayed Jackie Durham in the Lifetime movie WISHIN' AND HOPIN'. been seen on the TV series MOMSTERS and has done a variety of musical theater.

Brianna was born with a love...

24. Brianna Quinn

Actress | Permanent

Brianna Quinn is an actress, known for Permanent (2014), This Is How It Starts (2016) and Welcome to Grandpaville (2013).

25. Brittany Blades

Actress | Broken Hearts Beat

Brittany Taylor Blades was born in Vero Beach, Florida on June 3rd, 1996. Brittany first started acting at a young age of 10, and has gained a numerous amount of acting experience over the past years. She started out on her YouTube channel "LittleBRiT30" by uploading skits for fun, but then really ...

26. Casey Monteiro

Castle Rock

Casey is an accomplished actor both on-camera and on-stage. She ventured into film and commercial work in 2012 and since then, has landed leading, supporting, featured and background roles in numerous projects from independent films to Hollywood backed productions. She is well versed in all mediums...

27. Cassidy Alla

Actress | Pretty Undead

Cassidy Alla is an actress, known for Pretty Undead (2012), Chop Chicks (2011) and American Experience (1987).

28. Charlie Tacker

Actor | Castle Rock

Charlie Tacker is 18 years old and has been acting for over 11 years. Charlie got his start working on small student films. Before long, he graduated to independent films, quickly becoming a favorite of directors in the New England area with his talent and strong work ethic. He play's Finn in Andy ...

29. Chris Siems

Actor | Love, Erupted

Chris Siems is an actor, known for Love, Erupted (2014).

30. Christian Goodwin

Actor | Milwood

Christian Goodwin is an American Actor. At the age of 12 he won his first award at the Cinerockom Film Festival in Beverly Hills, CA for Best Young Actor in a feature film. He has also starred in several Independent films as well as crossing over to episodic television. Two of his films that he ...

31. Claire Candela

Grown Ups

Claire began acting at age 4, being the youngest of 3 girls she did not want to be left in the dust. Claire has done Film, TV, commercials, and Theatre. She originated the role of "Ivonka" in the multi-award winning musical ONCE. Her latest role was that of "Sarah Summers" in the American Repertory...

32. Cody Pettola

Actor | The Judge

Cody Pettola is an actor, known for The Judge (2014).

33. Colbi Gannett

Actress | The New Mutants

Colbi Gannett has been acting since she was 4 years old. She's best know for her roles in HBO's Olive Kitteridge (2014), alongside Academy Award winning actress Frances McDormand, her lead role as Iggy in the Toronto International Film Festival award winning feature, Skin (2018), based on the Oscar...

34. Danny Corbo

Actor | American Hustle

Born in Rhode Island, Danny has an identical twin brother Sonny and an older brother Frankie. The boys can first be seen on an episode of Man v. Food: Providence (2011) with Adam Richman, from the summer of 2011. Their first role came at age five, playing Danny Rosenfeld in American Hustle (2013) -...

35. Dante Colonero

Actor | Gavin Steele in: Web of Intrigue

Dante Colonero is an actor, known for Gavin Steele in: Web of Intrigue (2013).

36. David Anthony Durante

Moonrise Kingdom

David Anthony Durante is a professional young actor and model, who started acting at the age of five and has since appeared in over twenty films, television shows, and commercials, in both featured and principal roles. He broke into the business when his sister who performed in pageants received a ...

37. Deirdre Robins

Actress | Friction

Deirdre Robins is an actress, known for Friction (2016), Family Problems (2013) and Infectious.

38. Devin Henry

Kevin Can Wait

Devin Henry is an actor, known for Kevin Can Wait (2016), Abe (2019) and Alternate Ground (2021).

39. Ellis Gage

Actor | Chasing Life

Ellis Gage is an actor, known for Chasing Life (2014), The Earth Rejects Him (2011) and Kevin Pollack's Zooming the Movies (2020).

41. Emmanuel Royal

Actor | Illusory

Emmanuel Royal is an actor, known for Illusory (2021), The Devil and the Vagabond (2013) and Two Minutes (2021).

42. Ethan Boucher

Actor | Silenced

Ethan Boucher is an actor, known for Silenced (2018), Deep of the Sea (2018) and Outside (2017).

43. Eva Senerchia

Actress | Tumbledown

Eva Senerchia was born on February 5, 2003 in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. She is an actress, known for Tumbledown (2015), Black Beauty (2015) and Almost Mercy (2015).

44. Gavin Monteiro

Defending Jacob

Gavin ventured into on-camera acting during the summer of 2013 when he had the opportunity to work as a background actor on the set of The Equalizer. Since then, he's taken on bigger roles in educational videos, commercials, PSAs, and corporate works while continuing to enjoy background and ...

45. Gianni Colonero

Actor | Gavin Steele in: Web of Intrigue

Gianni Colonero is an actor, known for Gavin Steele in: Web of Intrigue (2013).

46. Gracie Marie Bradley

Actress | Beauty

Gracie Marie Bradley is best known for her role as "Beauty" in the film "Beauty." She has also appeared in series including Freeform's "Grown-ish" and CBS's "NCIS: Los Angeles." Gracie began performing at a young age and has also modeled. Her many interests include leaning sign language, reading ...

47. Grady Oberton

Actor | Mannies

Grady Oberton is an actor, known for Mannies (2018), Loud Places (2017) and Captain K9 (2018).

48. Haley Pine

Actress | Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall

Haley Pine is an Award Winning Actress & Filmmaker born and raised in Rhode Island. She attends NYU Tisch where she is pursuing her BFA in Drama with a concentration in Meisner and also minoring in Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology. She began acting on stage at the age 6 and several ...

49. Hannah Coppolelli

Actress | Rhyme Therapy

Hannah Coppolelli is an actress from Rhode Island. She began acting when she was ten years old with the Rhode Island Youth Theatre. She has been in six of their productions. She recently began working in film were she has held principal , featured , and background roles. She has received education ...

50. Hunter Wilichoski

Knight and Day

Born in Boston, Massachusetts. Hunter started acting and modeling at age 7. His first speaking role was in the movie Locked In which was filmed in Boston. He enjoys filming commercials. Hunter is entering his sophomore year in high school. When he is not on set, Hunter plays football, basketball ...

51. Isabella Abreu

Actress | Justice Is Mind

Isabella Abreu was born on May 1, 2002 in Connecticut, USA. She is an actress, known for Justice Is Mind (2013), The Volunteer (2013) and The Characters Life (2014).

52. Izabella Latessa

Actress | Permanent

Izabella Latessa is an actress and director, known for Permanent (2014), Sisters and Kødé (2020).

53. Jennifer Small

Actress | Permanent

Jennifer Small is an actress, known for Permanent (2014), Silence (2015) and The Folklorist (2012).

54. Jimmy Flynn

Grown Ups

Jimmy Flynn was born on July 28, 1998. He is known for Grown Ups (2010), Grown Ups 2 (2013) and Drive-in Horrorshow (2009).

55. John Fumia

Actor | The Folklorist

John Fumia is an actor, known for The Folklorist (2012) and Welcome to Grandpaville (2013).

56. Jonah Coppolelli

Actor | Agent Toby Barks

Jonah Coppolelli is an 18 year old actor from Rhode Island. He has been acting since he was eight years old. He began acting in Theatre when he was very young and quickly moved into film work. He as a strong film background were he has had principal, featured and background roles. He also has ...

57. Jordan Bradbury

Self | Dogs vs. Cats

Jordan Lynn Bradbury was born in Lowell, Massachusetts. Her mother is a pediatric nurse and father is a journalist and part time actor, who is also heavily involved in the Martial Arts world. Jordan has studied dance her entire life, while also practicing martial arts. Her first moment in front of ...

58. Jordan Puzzo

Actor | Moonrise Kingdom

Jordan Puzzo is an actor, known for Moonrise Kingdom (2012), Funeral Kings (2012) and Exceptional.

59. Josette Oberton

Irrational Man

Josette Oberton is an actress, known for Irrational Man (2015), Year by the Sea (2016) and Pod (2015).

60. Judy Nadel

Actress | Bennight Brothers

Judy Nadel is an actress, known for Bennight Brothers (2013), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999) and Olive Kitteridge (2014).

61. Juliana Starkey

Actress | Olive Kitteridge

Juliana Starkey is an actress, known for Olive Kitteridge (2014), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015) and Before I Leave (2017).

62. Julianne Freeman

Actress | Twelve

Julianne Freeman is an actress, known for Twelve (2008), The Joneses (2011) and Blurring (2008).

63. Kallie Tabor

Actress | Dexter: New Blood

Kallie Tabor was born on February 21, 1996 in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. She is an actress, known for Dexter: New Blood (2021), Bride Wars (2009) and Defending Jacob (2020).

64. Kat Manchester

Actress | Our Time

Kat Manchester is known for Our Time (2022), Insatiable (2018) and CandyLand: A Web Series (2012).

65. Katie Iacomini

Actress | A Drop of Water

Katie Iacomini was born in Boston, MA. She has an older sister and a beloved German Shepherd named Bella. At the age of 4 she began with print work for Hasbro and Aqualeisure and at the age of 6 booked her first commercial. She has done background work on a number of feature films. In June of 2013 ...

66. Kailyn Kaluna

Actress | Broken Chains

Kailyn Kaluna is an actress, known for Broken Chains (2017), Welcome to Grandpaville (2013) and Dateline NBC (1992).

67. Kayla Schechter

Actress | Countdown

Kayla Schechter is an actress, known for Countdown (2013).

68. Keenan Bassma

Actor | Chop Chicks

Keenan Bassma is an actor, known for Chop Chicks (2011).

69. Kirsten Bornkessel

Actress | The City of Children

Kirsten Bornkessel is a native from New England who made her first appearance as a guest in one episode on the Season 2 PBS show FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman (2006) when she was 5 years old. Since then, she pursued local theater opportunities with her biggest role as Dorothy in Wizard of Oz. She ...

70. Kobi Polisky

Actor | Permanent

Kobi Polisky is an actor, known for Permanent (2014), Trust No 1 (2019) and American Woman (2018).

71. Kyra Robins

Actress | Infectious

Kyra Robins is an actress, known for Infectious, Welcome to Grandpaville (2013) and Confessions of a Teenage Critic (2010).

72. Lauren Weintraub

Actress | Une vie de chat

Lauren Weintraub is an actress, known for A Cat in Paris (2010), Wasteland (2015) and Violet (2014).

73. Liam Murphy

Actor | Countdown

Liam Murphy is an actor, known for Countdown (2013).

74. Lily Gavin

Actor | Little Women

Lily Gavin is an actor, known for Little Women (2019) and Seduction Theory (2014).

75. Maayan Ziv-Kreger

Actress | Countdown

Maayan Ziv-Kreger is an American actress known for her role as Tori in the short film "Countdown". Maayan enjoys painting, drawing, and acting. She has performed in school productions of "The King and I", "Peter Pan", and "The Little Mermaid", and also sings as part of a chorus. Maayan has trained ...

76. Mackenzie Hawe

Casting_department | Grown Ups 2

Mackenzie Hawe was born in Boston, Ma. She loved to perform from a young age and at the age of four joined a local theatre group and continued performing in plays thru high school, acting in over 30. Her first movie audition was for Sean Penn's daughter in Mystic River. She didn't get the role but ...

77. Madeline O'Brien

Actress | Gone Baby Gone

Madeline O'Brien is an actress, known for Gone Baby Gone (2007), The Legend of Lucy Keyes (2006) and Blessid (2015).

78. Matt Keilty

Actor | Countdown

Matt Keilty is an actor, known for Countdown (2013), Wallace Seeks Solace (2013) and The Folklorist (2012).

79. Matthew Clermont

Actor | Wishin' and Hopin'

Matthew Clermont is an actor, known for Wishin' and Hopin' (2014), Escape from Raritan Prep (2013) and Welcome to Grandpaville (2013).

80. Meredith Prunty

Actress | Chop Chicks

Meredith Prunty was first introduced to the world of acting in her role as "Abigail" in a theater production of "Huckleberry Finn" and was so determined after that experience to become an actress that she convinced her mother to let her pursue her dream. Acting in every opportunity that came her way...

81. Micah Fowler

Actor | Labor Day

Micah Fowler is thrilled to be part of the amazing cast and crew of the ABC Network Television show, " Speechless" as the role of JJ DiMeo. He was recently named to the "Forbes 30 Under 30, class of 2018", which acknowledges the inspiring work of young entrepreneurs and game changers today. Micah ...

82. Michaelah Noelle Nunes

Actress | Caped Crusader: The Dark Hours

Michaelah Noelle Nunes is an actress, known for Caped Crusader: The Dark Hours (2014), Practice Makes Perfect (2015) and The Trees Have Eyes (2020).

83. Noah Tully Sanderson

Actor | Permanent

Noah was born in Boston Massachusetts along with his twin sister Madeline in 1998. He was interested in acting early but being a shy kid, did not express his interest until later years. In second grade he had a worksheet to fill out about yourself and what you wanted to be. Usually kids write ...

84. Nekhebet Kum Juch

Actress | Before Mars

Nekhebet made her on screen debut as Kim, a cynical student stirring up trouble in Maya Forbes' "Infinitely Polar Bear" starring Mark Ruffalo which was executive produced by JJ Abrams for SPC. She and her identical twin sister then starred in Sundance hit & NYT Critics Pick "Seoul Searching" ...

85. Nicole Sarmiento

Actress | Dystopia: Capitol City

Nicole Stephanie (born March 12, 2004) better known by her stage name NickyGem. She is an American Actor, Model, Dancer, and Singer. She was raised in Massachusetts by a family of Photographers. She began her public career at her 1 year old like a printing and fashion model. Since an early age she ...

86. Olivia Cohen

Actress | Episode 50

Olivia Cohen has starred in multiple feature films and has worked on projects with producers such as Scott Westerfeld (Uglies, Pretties), James Franco, Warner Brothers, and CNN. Olivia has trained and studied acting at The Anthony Meindl Actor's Workshop, Magie Habor Studio, UCB Improv Studio, and ...

87. Rachel Arianna

Actress | Lies I Told My Little Sister

Rachel Arianna is an actress, known for Lies I Told My Little Sister (2014), Hushed (2018) and Beyond Belief (2012).

88. Richard Meehan

Actor | True Detective

Rich grew up on Cape Cod in Eastern Massachusetts. Richard was introduced to acting during 2009 as an extra. His first speaking roles were the next year, in "My Hometown" and playing the young Brandon Routh in "Missing William." At the age of 17, Rich moved to L.A. to pursue his career full-time. ...

89. Robbie Reid

Actor | Permanent

Robbie Reid is an actor, known for Permanent (2014), Gilgamesh (2014) and God Help the Girl (2014).

90. Robert Capron

Actor | Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Robert began his acting career when he was eight years old by enrolling in an after school drama program sponsored by Trinity Repertory Company. Later that year he landed a role as Turkey Boy in Trinity's production of A Christmas Carol. Since that time Robert has performed a variety of roles on ...

91. Rylee Landry

Actress | Spin the Plate

Rylee is a young American Actress and Stage Performer, born December 2004. Known for Spin the Plate (2017), NBC's the Slap (2015) and Infectious Prelude (2014). As a competitive dancer, she enjoys being in the spot light and apart of musical theater productions. Since the early age of 8, she has ...

92. Salvatore Santone

Actor | Four Single Fathers

Salvatore Santone was born on July 7, 1999 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. He is an actor, known for Four Single Fathers (2009), Brotherhood (2006) and Ordinary Man (2012).

93. Sammy Silverwatch

Actor | The Fear of 13

Sammy Silverwatch began his career with a print job and Regional TV commercial at age 4, a Hollywood feature film and an Indy Short film at age 5, and a National TV commercial and Web-series at age 6. He can be seen on TV commercial spots for Titleist, Trusted, Hasbro,, and ...

94. Seamus Sullivan

Writer | Titus and Dronicus

Seamus Sullivan is a writer and producer, known for Titus and Dronicus (2016), Confab (2012) and WRNG in Studio City (2013).

95. Shay Martin

Director | Countdown

Shay Martin is a dedicated young actress and Producer/Director residing in Massachusetts. Shay Co-Produced/Directed Fountain of Youth Productions' debut short film, Countdown (2013) and FYP's following film Drawing Inspiration (2015). Shay's film credits include the role of the babysitter in ...

96. Sima Kasten

Actress | Bennight Brothers

Previous roles include Boston Children's Theater's "The Homework Machine", "Fame", and the 5th anniversary production of "The Velveteen Rabbit", as well as Rebecca Gibbs in "Our Town" (Moonstruck Theater - DASH nomination for Best Youth Actor/Actress in a Play), Star-To-Be in "Annie" (New Player's ...

97. Skylar Burke

Actress | Noah

Skylar is a natural born performer, singing and dancing her whole life. Her first performances began in dance recitals since the age of 3, a solo song in her 1st grade play, and performing in several dance competitions. When she was 9 years old, Skylar found her love of acting. She took the stage ...

98. Skyler Wright

Actress | Dexter: New Blood

Skyler Wright is an actress first known for her role as Tye Sheridan's girlfriend in The Forger (2014). Born in Atlanta, GA, Skyler moved as a young child to Nantucket, MA where she grew up on the stages of the island's strong community theatre scene. In 2010, she was cast to share the stage with ...

99. Sonny Corbo

Actor | American Hustle

Born in Rhode Island, Sonny has an identical twin brother Danny and an older brother Frankie. The boys can first be seen on an episode of Man v. Food: Providence (2011) with Adam Richman, from the summer of 2011. Their first role came at age five, playing Danny Rosenfeld in American Hustle (2013) -...

100. Sydney K Penny

Actress | Before/During/After

Sydney K Penny is a critically acclaimed actress in film and theatre. She played the anxiety-ridden Lead in the Best Picture winner at the Boston International Film Festival ("Demi Pointe") and the endearing, but broken, child prodigy Quincy in the world premiere of "The Shape She Makes." This ...

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