English-subbed Czech/Slovak films

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Subs only when needed. Incomplete for shorts & animation shorts.

Processed up to 1991.

missing: Karel Plicka - Jaro na Podkarpatské Rusi aka Spring in Subcarpathian Ruthenia (1929) Cenek Zahradnícek & Vladimir Smejkal - Pribeh vojaka AKA Soldier's Story (1934) E.F. Burian & Cenek Zahradnícek - Procitnutí jara AKA Spring's Awaking (1936) Elmar Klos - Ctyri lide - jedna rec AKA Four People - One Language (1939) Karel Vachek - Malir Kamil Lhotak aka Painter Kamil Lhotak (1960) Elo Havetta - 34 Dnu Absolutniho Klidu aka 34 Days of Absolute Calm (1965) Jan Spata - Okamzik radosti aka Moment Of Joy (1965) Vlado Kubenko, Peter Mihalik, Dusan Trancik - Tryzna aka The Wake (1969) Ladislav Kudelka, Milan Cernak, Stefan Kamenicky, Ctibor Kovac - Cierne dni aka Black Days (1968) Otakar Krivánek - Den nás kazdodenný aka Our Daily Day (1969) Jan Spáta - Jdi za stestím AKA Go In Search of Happiness (1970) Eva Sadková - Romanetto (1970) Jirí Barta - Labyrinth of Darkness

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1. Stavitel chrámu (1920)

38 min | Short, Drama

A drama from Czechoslovakian directors Karl Degl and Antonín Novotný about a man who builds a cathedral.

Directors: Karl Degl, Antonín Novotný | Stars: Jakub Seifert, Rudolf Deyl, Karel Kolár, Eva Vrchlická

Votes: 35

2. Príchozí z temnot (1921)

60 min | Fantasy, Horror

Richard Bor brings his neighbor, the landowner Drazicky, an old book. The latter tries in vain to persuade his wife Dagmar to leave. In the book Drazicky finds the story of the Mystery of ... See full summary »

Director: Jan S. Kolár | Stars: Theodor Pistek, Anny Ondra, Josef Sváb-Malostranský, Karel Lamac

Votes: 49

5. Batalion (1927)

78 min | Drama

Dr. Frantisek Uher, is a well-respected member of Prague society, who discovers that his wife is cheating on him. He abandons his career and becomes a fixture of the Batalion, a well-known dive for the city's drunks and Lumpenproletariat.

Director: Premysl Prazský | Stars: Karel Hasler, Bronislava Livia, Vladimír Pospísil-Born, Karl Noll

Votes: 32

8. Evas Töchter (1928)

60 min | Drama

An unmarried showgirl takes a handsome companion with her on a vacation, to the distress of others.

Director: Karel Lamac | Stars: Anny Ondra, Wolfgang Zilzer, Steffie Vida, Theodor Pistek

Votes: 12

10. Erotikon (1929)

85 min | Drama, Romance

A young woman is seduced and abandoned by a man who was invited to stay at his home by her father in a stormy night. Noticing that she is pregnant, the girl decides to leave home and start a new life.

Director: Gustav Machatý | Stars: Karel Schleichert, Ita Rina, Olaf Fjord, Theodor Pistek

Votes: 406

14. Bezucelná procházka (1930)

9 min | Documentary, Short

A young man sets out for an aimless stroll by tram from the center to the outskirts of Prague.

Director: Alexander Hammid

Votes: 126

16. Tonka Sibenice (1930)

85 min | Drama

A prostitute in an act of pity is keeping chaste company with a condemned man through the night before he is to be hung.

Director: Karl Anton | Stars: Ita Rina, Vera Baranovskaya, Josef Rovenský, Antonie Nedosinská

Votes: 71

18. The Prague Castle (1931)

11 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Alexander Hammid

Votes: 40

21. Business Under Distress (1931)

89 min | Comedy

Finnicky efficiency expert is sent to straighten out business management problems at a jazz club, finds self being drawn into the swingin' scene.

Directors: Martin Fric, Karel Lamac | Stars: Vlasta Burian, Meda Valentová, Otto Rubík, Marie Grossová

Votes: 134

22. Ze soboty na nedeli (1931)

69 min | Drama

Mána is a young secretary. One evening she and her roommate accompany two wealthy older gentlemen to dinner. After one of them offers money to her she realizes his intentions and flees from... See full summary »

Director: Gustav Machatý | Stars: Ladislav H. Struna, Magda Maderova, Jirina Sejbalová, Karel Jicínský

Votes: 101

23. Anton Spelec, ostrostrelec (1932)

85 min | Comedy

True, Anton Spelec (Vlasta Burian) is by trade a producer of musical instruments, but in his heart and soul he is a sharp-shooter. In a little provincial town arrangements are being made ... See full summary »

Director: Martin Fric | Stars: Vlasta Burian, Ruzena Slemrová, Jaroslav Marvan, Theodor Pistek

Votes: 191

24. Burleska (1932)

3 min | Short

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Director: Jan Kucera

Votes: 20

29. Ecstasy (1933)

TV-MA | 82 min | Drama, Romance

Eva has just gotten married to an older gentleman, but discovers that he is obsessed with order in his life and doesn't have much room for passion. She becomes despondent and leaves him, ... See full summary »

Director: Gustav Machatý | Stars: Hedy Lamarr, Aribert Mog, Zvonimir Rogoz, Leopold Kramer

Votes: 1,636

31. The Inspector General (1933)

Approved | 71 min | Comedy

Vlasta Burian appears in a town of Czarist Russia impersonating an Inspector General, and he is entertained lavishly by the local political-hacks and peasants seeking his favor for whatever... See full summary »

Director: Martin Fric | Stars: Vlasta Burian, Jaroslav Marvan, Václav Trégl, Josef Vosalík

Votes: 82

33. Zivot je pes (1933)

84 min | Comedy

Young music composer Viktor Honzl in vain looks for work. He is prevented from committing suicide by a technician of the gasworks who shortly beforehand has disconnected his gas due to past... See full summary »

Director: Martin Fric | Stars: Hugo Haas, Theodor Pistek, Adina Mandlová, Svetla Svozilová

Votes: 59

34. Workers, Let's Go (1934)

Approved | 71 min | Adventure, Comedy, Romance

A Milk-Cannery baron, Jakub Simonides, is broken by the Canned Milk-Trust and, in his wanderings with a worker, Filip Kornet, he discovers he still owns a half-finished apartment-house. ... See full summary »

Director: Martin Fric | Stars: George Voskovec, Jan Werich, Helena Busová, Josef Skrivan

Votes: 146

37. Atom vecnosti (1934)

6 min | Short, Drama, Romance

The film depicts a love story between a man and a woman which unfolds in simple sequences. The man seduces the woman and she follows him, entranced. Both draw out an ace of hearts from a ... See full summary »

Director: Cenek Zahradnícek

38. At zije neboztík (1935)

86 min | Comedy

Wealthy and ill Petr Kornel (Karel Hasler) is not pleased with the carousing lifestyle of his nephew. He stops supporting him financially and demands that he change his name. Out of ... See full summary »

Director: Martin Fric | Stars: Hugo Haas, Adina Mandlová, Karel Hasler, Milada Gampeová

Votes: 77

46. Skeleton on Horseback (1937)

78 min | Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

"The White Sickness", a leprosy-like disease, ravages the world during a war.

Director: Hugo Haas | Stars: Hugo Haas, Bedrich Karen, Zdenek Stepánek, Václav Vydra

Votes: 197

47. Virginity (1937)

83 min | Drama

Young and stunningly beautiful Hana is thrown into the street after her mother catches her stepfather sexually harassing Hana. She finds a new job at a café where she becomes the object of ... See full summary »

Director: Otakar Vávra | Stars: Lída Baarová, Jaroslava Skorkovská, Frantisek Kreuzmann, Ladislav Bohác

Votes: 61