09.3 Il Burlesco & Picante

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1. The Decameron (1971)

R | 111 min | Comedy, Drama, History

An adaptation of nine stories from Boccaccio's "Decameron".

Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini | Stars: Franco Citti, Ninetto Davoli, Jovan Jovanovic, Vincenzo Amato

Votes: 8,181

2. Arabian Nights (1974)

NC-17 | 130 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Ancient Arabia. A youth is chosen by a beautiful slave girl to be her new master; she is kidnapped and they must search for each other. Stories are told within stories; love, travel and the whims of destiny.

Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini | Stars: Ninetto Davoli, Franco Citti, Franco Merli, Tessa Bouché

Votes: 6,016

3. What Every Frenchwoman Wants (1986)

95 min | Comedy

A teenager returns home to relax during his summer vacation; however, in a mansion full of women, he will have no other choice but to expand his education in a more titillating way.

Director: Gianfranco Mingozzi | Stars: Fabrice Josso, Claudine Auger, Bérangère Bonvoisin, Serena Grandi

Votes: 837

4. Il vizio di famiglia (1975)

90 min | Comedy

When Giacomo D'Amato is released from jail he is immediately employed by Magda, in a plot to secure her the heritage of the count. But there are other players in this game too, and Giacomo ... See full summary »

Director: Mariano Laurenti | Stars: Edwige Fenech, Renzo Montagnani, Juliette Mayniel, Nieves Navarro

Votes: 105

5. La vergine, il toro e il capricorno (1977)

92 min | Comedy

A gorgeous housewife who plots mischievous revenge against her philandering husband, a powerful businessman. Gioia (Fenech may be a stunner, but that doesn't stop her husband Gianni (... See full summary »

Director: Luciano Martino | Stars: Edwige Fenech, Alberto Lionello, Aldo Maccione, Olga Bisera

Votes: 196

6. Zucchero, miele e peperoncino (1980)

110 min | Comedy

Three episodes. First Valerio is mistaken for a notorious criminal. Very beautiful journalists succeed to bring him to her house for an exclusive interview. She tries to seduce him. Second.... See full summary »

Director: Sergio Martino | Stars: Pippo Franco, Edwige Fenech, Renato Pozzetto, Lino Banfi

Votes: 271

7. Il bisbetico domato (1980)

104 min | Comedy

A grouchy farmer, known around his small Italian town as being wonderful to his employees, but actively driving everyone else away, is in for a surprise when a beautiful girl from the city,... See full summary »

Directors: Franco Castellano, Giuseppe Moccia | Stars: Adriano Celentano, Ornella Muti, Edith Peters, Pippo Santonastaso

Votes: 5,597

8. Asso (1981)

Not Rated | 90 min | Comedy

Asso, THE best poker-player in town, was killed in his wedding night, because he won too much against a bad loser. In the 'final' game in heaven the clerk on duty also lost, so Asso can ... See full summary »

Directors: Franco Castellano, Giuseppe Moccia | Stars: Adriano Celentano, Edwige Fenech, Renato Salvatori, Sylva Koscina

Votes: 1,366

9. Segni particolari: bellissimo (1983)

95 min | Comedy

Mattia is a nice guy, famous writer, who is about to marry Rosalie. Mattia, the day before the wedding, goes to confession to the priest, and reveals that he is in love with another woman, younger, named Michela.

Directors: Franco Castellano, Giuseppe Moccia | Stars: Adriano Celentano, Federica Moro, Gianni Bonagura, Simona Mariani

Votes: 511

10. Lui è peggio di me (1985)

108 min | Comedy

Leonardo and Luciano are two forty-year bachelors and holders of a company that rents vintage cars. The solid friendship goes up in smoke when Leonardo falls in love with Giovanna.

Director: Enrico Oldoini | Stars: Adriano Celentano, Renato Pozzetto, Kelly Van der Velden, Sergio Renda

Votes: 635

11. Nessuno è perfetto (1981)

105 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Guerrino, a prematurely widowed businessman, falls in love with Chantal, a former paratrooper in the German army who changed sex a few years earlier.

Director: Pasquale Festa Campanile | Stars: Ornella Muti, Renato Pozzetto, Felice Andreasi, Massimo Boldi

Votes: 180

12. La patata bollente (1979)

99 min | Comedy

A factory worker known for his tough attitude and for fighting for workers' rights starts losing credibility when friends and co-workers see him helping a young gay man.

Director: Steno | Stars: Renato Pozzetto, Edwige Fenech, Massimo Ranieri, Mario Scarpetta

Votes: 427

13. Il sapore del grano (1986)

93 min | Drama

Lorenzo, a handsome first-year professor in an isolated Italian village, falls under the spell of his most beguiling pupil, a dark-haired, starry-eyed 12-year-old named Duilio. As Lorenzo's... See full summary »

Director: Gianni Da Campo | Stars: Lorenzo Lena, Marco Mestriner, Alba Mottura, Egidio Termine

Votes: 325

14. Acapulco, prima spiaggia... a sinistra (1983)

88 min | Comedy

Gigi and Andrea go to their favorite beach site to scope the field for babes. Their wild antics and schemes to "beccare" or get with woman is nothing but side splitting hilarity

Director: Sergio Martino | Stars: Gigi Sammarchi, Andrea Roncato, Simona Marchini, Gegia

Votes: 211

29. Erótica (1979)

82 min | Drama, Thriller

Two man commit a robbery. One is caught and the other runaway. He ends his escape in a lonely and deserted beach when he meets a beautiful woman named Erotica. They both start a passionate ... See full summary »

Director: Emilio Fernández | Stars: Jorge Rivero, Rebeca Silva, Jaime Moreno, Emilio Fernández

Votes: 66

30. Bellas de noche (1975)

98 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Boxer Germán Bronco Torres loses his license, and works as bouncer at the cabaret El Pirulí, where he falls for the waitress Carmen, and befriends of the pimp El Vaselinas, who lost a bet ... See full summary »

Director: Miguel M. Delgado | Stars: Jorge Rivero, Sasha Montenegro, Carmen Salinas, Eduardo de la Peña

Votes: 43

32. Noches de cabaret (1978)

105 min | Comedy, Drama, Musical

After a life of suffering and lies, three women decide to find some peace and love in a cabaret.

Director: Rafael Portillo | Stars: Jorge Rivero, Sasha Montenegro, Carmen Salinas, Eduardo de la Peña

Votes: 20

39. Autopsia de un fantasma (1968)

106 min | Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi

Satan offers a weary ghost a chance for redemption through true love.

Director: Ismael Rodríguez | Stars: Basil Rathbone, John Carradine, Amadee Chabot, Cameron Mitchell

Votes: 81

40. Hermelinda linda (1984)

92 min | Action, Comedy, Drama

Live action feature based on the Mexican comic about the exploits of a witch living in the outskirts of 'Bondojia', when a ruthless small time politician tries to steal their land to buid ... See full summary »

Director: Julio Aldama | Stars: Evita Muñoz 'Chachita', Julio Aldama, Rubi Re, María Cardinal

Votes: 26

42. El día de los albañiles: Los maistros del amor (1984)

90 min | Comedy

At the local construction site, love and drama go hand in hand. Action, comedy, drama and sex are all in the mix in this very sexy/comedy starring some of the icons of this "sexy era" of the Mexican cinema.

Director: Adolfo Martínez Solares | Stars: Alfonso Zayas, Angélica Chain, Luis de Alba, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez

Votes: 47

46. La mesa que más aplauda (2006 Video)

Not Rated | Comedy

Berenice, a beautiful woman that works in Las Vegas, accidentally gets to a humble town and meets the owner of a restaurant called Lupita's. The men in this town are leaving because there ... See full summary »

Stars: José Luis Carreño, Sergio Corona, Eric del Castillo, Maribel Fernández

Votes: 11

47. Los verduleros II (1987)


Roberto and Juan are back and this time they become cops. They have to deal with killers, mad bombers, and a ruthless punk gang in this sexy/funny comedy of our favorite Verduleros.

Director: Adolfo Martínez Solares | Stars: Alfonso Zayas, Lina Santos, Yirah Aparicio, Roberto Ballesteros

Votes: 22

51. Las lobas (1986)

82 min | Comedy