Монгольский джаз

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2. Scared Straight! (1978)

96 min | Crime, Documentary

The filmed depiction of a program where convicts tell troubled kids about the horrors of prison life.

Director: Arnold Shapiro | Stars: Peter Falk, Mickie Cold, Doug Cronin, Carlo Gallo

Votes: 689

3. Bill and Coo (1948)

Approved | 61 min | Musical, Family, Fantasy

The feathered residents of Chirpendale are terrorized by an evil black crow by the name of "The Black Menace". But to the citizen's rescue comes a brave young taxi puller named Bill!

Director: Dean Riesner | Stars: Burton's Birds, Jimmy the Crow, George Burton, Elizabeth Walters

Votes: 196

4. Bloodtide (1982)

R | 82 min | Adventure, Horror

An adventurer hunting for treasure in Greece accidentally frees a monster that forces local villagers to sacrifice virgins.

Director: Richard Jefferies | Stars: James Earl Jones, José Ferrer, Lila Kedrova, Mary Louise Weller

Votes: 1,001

5. Rafferty (1980 TV Movie)

210 min | Drama

The story of the trial of the trade Union boss Jack Rafferty. With great force and astute critical insight, corruption and crime are exposed, accompanying the advancement of Western leaders to power.

Director: Semyon Aranovich | Stars: Oleg Borisov, Evgeniya Simonova, Larisa Malevannaya, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan

Votes: 93

7. Staraya, staraya skazka (1968)

90 min | Family, Fantasy

A young puppeteer tells a story about a soldier who falls in love with a rude princess. Based on fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen.

Director: Nadezhda Kosheverova | Stars: Oleg Dal, Marina Neyolova, Vladimir Etush, Georgiy Vitsin

Votes: 332

8. Antonina obernulas (2008)

101 min | Drama

Antonina realizes that her entire life was a fake.

Director: Grigori G. Nikulin | Stars: Era Ziganshina, Sergey Dreyden, Marina Solopchenko, Aleksandr Bargman

Votes: 20

9. The Cement Garden (1993)

Not Rated | 101 min | Drama

Four children try to hold things together and play a family in their isolated prefab house after the death of their parents. As they begin to deteriorate mentally, they hide their mom's festering corpse in a makeshift concrete sarcophagus.

Director: Andrew Birkin | Stars: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Andrew Robertson, Alice Coulthard, Ned Birkin

Votes: 4,067 | Gross: $0.32M

11. Krepkiy oreshek (1968)

78 min | Comedy, Romance, War

During World War II, two Soviet soldiers - man and woman - accidentally falls down on the Nazi camp.

Director: Teodor Vulfovich | Stars: Nadezhda Rumyantseva, Vitali Solomin, Pavel Vinnik, Yuriy Sorokin

Votes: 136

12. Legenda o knyagine Olge (1984)

170 min | Drama, History

The film is a poetic adaptation of a series of stories (oral and written) about Princess Olga of Kievan Rus at the start of the 11th century.

Director: Yuri Ilyenko | Stars: Lyudmila Yefimenko, Les Serdyuk, Ivan Ivanov, Konstantin Stepankov

Votes: 83

13. Lyogkaya zhizn (1964)

90 min | Comedy

A chemist by training, Alexandr Bochkin manages a Moscow dry-cleaning operation, but lives a very comfortable life, taking orders on the side for his speculative "private enterprise," run ... See full summary »

Director: Venyamin Dorman | Stars: Yuriy Yakovlev, Faina Ranevskaya, Nadezhda Rumyantseva, Ninel Myshkova

Votes: 143

14. Lyudi i manekeny (1975– )


The story of the taxi driver who likes to talk about the racy tastes and commodity shortage.

Stars: Arkady Raykin, Sergey Druzyak, Olga Malozyomnova

Votes: 77

15. Melodii beloy nochi (1977)

97 min | Drama

A Russian composer and Japanese pianist enter a relationship strained by their geographic and cultural boundaries.

Directors: Kiyoshi Nishimura, Sergey Solovev | Stars: Komaki Kurihara, Yuriy Solomin, Aleksandr Zbruev, Sergey Polezhaev

Votes: 95

16. Myortvye dushi (1984– )

388 min | Comedy, Drama, History

Pavel Chichikov arrives to a small provincial town with a devious scheme in mind: he plans to enter high society by acquiring dead souls - the recently deceased serfs who are still "alive" on paper.

Stars: Aleksandr Trofimov, Aleksandr Kalyagin, Yuriy Bogatyryov, Larisa Udovichenko

Votes: 195

17. Myortvyy sezon (1968)

138 min | Adventure, Drama

Soviet spy Ladeynikov learns that in one of the pharmaceutical centers in a small resort town works a former German war criminal Dr. Hass, who is finishing the creation of a deadly chemical... See full summary »

Director: Savva Kulish | Stars: Donatas Banionis, Rolan Bykov, Sergei Kurilov, Gennadiy Yukhtin

Votes: 270

19. Nachalo (1970)

PG | 91 min | Drama, Romance

A film-in-film story set in a provincial town in Russia. Pasha (Churikova) is an amateur actress who plays a witch at a local club, but her dream is to play Joan of Arc. In a strike of luck... See full summary »

Director: Gleb Panfilov | Stars: Inna Churikova, Valentina Telichkina, Tatyana Stepanova, Leonid Kuravlyov

Votes: 682

20. Stakan vody (1979 TV Movie)

136 min | Comedy, History, Romance

The beginning of the XVIII century. England (already Great Britain) is waging a long and ruinous war with France for the Spanish inheritance. The English court, formally in the hands of ... See full summary »

Directors: M. Filimonova, Yuli Karasik | Stars: Kirill Lavrov, Natalya Belokhvostikova, Alla Demidova, Svetlana Smirnova

Votes: 159

21. Staryy novyy god (1981)

138 min | Comedy

Two men, sharing the same first name and living in the same building but each with different background and attitude to life, have to rethink their views in the midst of crowded winter holiday celebration.

Directors: Naum Ardashnikov, Oleg Efremov | Stars: Vyacheslav Nevinnyy, Pyotr Shcherbakov, Aleksandr Kalyagin, Kseniya Minina

Votes: 316

22. Sto dney posle detstva (1975)

94 min | Drama, Romance

A group of Russian teenagers spend their summer at a summer camp. Mitia falls in love and gets so occupied with his own problems that he forgets the others.

Director: Sergey Solovev | Stars: Boris Tokarev, Tatyana Drubich, Irina Malysheva, Yuri Agilin

Votes: 614

23. The Arrows of Robin Hood (1976)

78 min | Action, Adventure, History

With a traditional archery contest, the winner wins a silver arrow with gold lace and gold feathers. Even Robin Hood, although unrecognizable, takes part in this competition. As more and ... See full summary »

Director: Sergey Tarasov | Stars: Regina Razuma, Boris Khmelnitskiy, Vija Artmane, Eduards Pavuls

Votes: 145

24. Queen of the Gypsies (1976)

101 min | Drama, Musical, Romance

Rada, a beautiful and very proud gipsy girl is used to steal men's hearts and monk them. Zobar is a horse thief who's heart is stolen by Rada and his mind is bewitched. He is ready to give up his freedom but not his pride.

Director: Emil Loteanu | Stars: Grigore Grigoriu, Svetlana Toma, Barasbi Mulayev, Ion Sandri Scurea

Votes: 1,319

25. TASS upolnomochen zayavit... (1984– )

700 min | Adventure

A spy is sent to Moscow. The task of the KGB is to neutralize him and thus prevent a revolt in a fictional state of Nagonia.

Stars: Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Yuriy Solomin, Nikolay Zasukhin, Aleksey Petrenko

Votes: 268

26. Kader (2006)

103 min | Drama

Bekir is in love with Ugur, who loves Zagor who loves to commit crimes.

Director: Zeki Demirkubuz | Stars: Ufuk Bayraktar, Vildan Atasever, Engin Akyürek, Müge Ulusoy

Votes: 9,362

27. Fiziki (1989 TV Movie)

100 min | Drama, Mystery

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Director: Oleg Ryabokon | Stars: Valeri Doronin, Ivan Volkov

Votes: 22

28. Fontan (1988)

100 min | Comedy

Moscow. A typical Russian family. They decide to take home Maya's father: an aborigine who lives in the desert and has never seen any modern comfort, neither speaks the language. Once ... See full summary »

Director: Yuri Mamin | Stars: Asankul Kuttubayev, Sergey Dreyden, Shanna Kerimtayeva, Viktor Mikhaylov

Votes: 275

29. Priklyucheniya Toma Soyera i Geklberri Finna (1982 TV Movie)

PG | 225 min | Adventure, Family

The screen version of the most famous novel by American writer Mark Twain "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer". Without a book about the adventures of Tom and his friends Huckleberry Finn and ... See full summary »

Director: Stanislav Govorukhin | Stars: Fyodor Stukov, Vladislav Galkin, Mariya Mironova, Rolan Bykov

Votes: 302

30. Khronika pikiruyushchego bombardirovshchika (1968)

78 min | War

Film about the week-days of front aviation in the years of Great Patriotic war.

Director: Naum Birman | Stars: Gennady Sayfulin, Oleg Dal, Lev Vajnshtejn, Aleksandr Grave

Votes: 179

32. Tsygan (1980– )

345 min | Drama

A life story of a gypsy man Budulai in search for happiness and love who appears in a village and meets his son whom he'd never seen before. His son was brought up by a Russian woman who ... See full summary »

Stars: Klara Luchko, Mihai Volontir, Aleksei Nikulnikov, Olga Zhulina

Votes: 110

33. Clear Skies (1961)

Not Rated | 110 min | Romance, War, Drama

During the 1950s Sasha Lvova reminisces about the WW2 years when she fell in love with Soviet fighter pilot Aleksei Astakhov.

Director: Grigoriy Chukhray | Stars: Nina Drobysheva, Evgeniy Urbanskiy, Natalya Kuzmina, Vitaliy Konyaev

Votes: 281

35. 30 for 30 (2009– )

60 min | Documentary, Biography, History

ESPN Films' 30 for 30 is an unprecedented documentary series featuring today's finest storytellers from inside and outside of the sports world. What started as a celebration of ESPN's 30th ... See full summary »

Stars: Ice Cube, Chuck D, Dick Vitale, Brent Musburger

Votes: 3,621

36. Fully Flared (2007 Video)

89 min | Documentary, Sport

A skateboard film featuring the Lakai team filmed over the course of 4 years.

Directors: Ty Evans, Spike Jonze, Cory Weincheque | Stars: Brandon Biebel, Danny Brady, MikeMo Capaldi, Mike Carroll

Votes: 380

39. Shinya shokudô (2009– )


Shinya Shokudo is a tv series from Japan since 2009. It tells many stories about ordinary people eat in shinya shokudo, which means a restaurant at midnight. This small restaurant opens from 12 in the evening to 7 in the morning.

Stars: Kaoru Kobayashi, Mansaku Fuwa, Toshiki Ayata, Shôhei Uno

Votes: 427

41. Zoo (2005)

120 min | Horror

Hiroshi Ando aka "Zoo"

Synopsis.....This collection of shocking, unpredictable stories feature the first screen adaptation of the number one young author of his generation, Otsuichi. Working... See full synopsis »

Directors: Ryu Kaneda, Masaki Adachi, Hiroshi Ando, Komiya Masatetsu, Junpei Mizusaki | Stars: Patrick Harlan, Yui Ichikawa, Ryûnosuke Kamiki, Ryôko Kobayashi

Votes: 458

42. Hanyo (1960)

Not Rated | 109 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

A composer and his wife are thrown into turmoil when a housemaid becomes more than they bargained for.

Director: Ki-young Kim | Stars: Jin Kyu Kim, Jeung-nyeo Ju, Eun-shim Lee, Aeng-ran Eom

Votes: 2,405

43. Ninkyô Helper (2012)

134 min | Drama

Hikoichi Tsubasa is a mid-level yakuza boss who runs a loan shark business out of Tokyo's Roppongi District. Being a loan shark, Hikoichi has no issues using any means necessary to make the... See full summary »

Director: Hiroshi Nishitani | Stars: Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Tsuruko Hishinuma, Wataru Ichinose, Teruyuki Kagawa

Votes: 59

45. Daijiga umule pajinnal (1996)

115 min | Drama

About desires and lives of four characters in diverse circumstances. A poor novelist, a cheating wife, a mysophobic husband and a ticket girl.

Director: Sang-soo Hong | Stars: Eun-hee Bang, Eun-sook Cho, Eui-sung Kim, Eung-Kyung Lee

Votes: 690

46. Hu Du Men (1996)

87 min | Comedy, Drama

Cross the Hu-du-men - the demarcation between the back and front stage in Cantonese opera, and you leave yourself behind to absorb totally in your character. Lang Kim-sum is a charismatic ... See full summary »

Director: Kei Shu | Stars: Josephine Siao, Anita Yuen, Daniel Hiu Tung Chan, Waise Lee

Votes: 140

48. Summer (1986)

R | 99 min | Drama, Romance