Top 20 Stephen Chow Movies

by KenHashibe | created - 12 Apr 2014 | updated - 12 Apr 2014 | Public

It's safe to say that I've seen quite a few Stephen Chow movies. Since I love his movies so much, I had to make a list, but I couldn't simple choose only 10 of his films to endorse, so I made a Top 20. I found this list hard to make without repeating myself and you can probably see why. Hope you enjoy and if there are any you would recommend that aren't on this list, please leave a comment.

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1. Kung Fu Hustle (2004)

R | 99 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

78 Metascore

In Shanghai, China in the 1940s, a wannabe gangster aspires to join the notorious "Axe Gang" while residents of a housing complex exhibit extraordinary powers in defending their turf.

Director: Stephen Chow | Stars: Stephen Chow, Wah Yuen, Qiu Yuen, Siu-Lung Leung

Votes: 114,294 | Gross: $17.11M

I'm not choosing this movie because it's Stephen Chow most well known movie world wide, or because it's the highest grossing Hong Kong movie of 2004, but because it's a fantastic movie. It's not the funniest, but it's still funny, has terrific action, performances, and a great affecting story.

2. Shaolin Soccer (2001)

PG | 87 min | Action, Comedy, Fantasy

68 Metascore

A young Shaolin follower reunites with his discouraged brothers to form a soccer team using their martial art skills to their advantage.

Director: Stephen Chow | Stars: Stephen Chow, Wei Zhao, Yat-Fei Wong, Man-Tat Ng

Votes: 67,461 | Gross: $0.49M

If you haven't seen Shaolin Soccer, then you should watch it....immediately! It's hilarious, dramatic, has a great characters, great action, and a great story. Pretty much everything you can ask for from a great movie.

3. Dou sing (1990)

101 min | Action, Comedy

A man discovers that his dumb, lovable nephew can see through objects and decides to unleash him into the world of gambling.

Directors: Jeffrey Lau, Corey Yuen | Stars: Stephen Chow, Man-Tat Ng, Man Cheung, Sandra Kwan Yue Ng

Votes: 1,807

The movie that made Stephen Chow a superstar and it's easy to see why.

4. Sai yau gei: Yut gwong bou haap (1995)

87 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

Fantasy adventure about the arrival of Buddhism in China. When the Goddess of Happiness tosses the Longevity Monk and his disciples out of heaven (because the Monkey King tried to attain ... See full summary »

Director: Jeffrey Lau | Stars: Stephen Chow, Man-Tat Ng, Kar-Ying Law, Kit Ying Lam

Votes: 5,221

This epic pair of films is both hilarious and affecting with a performance from Stephen Chow as the Joker (not the Joker you may be thinking of) and the Monkey King (BTW I'm counting both parts as one movie).

5. Hei kek ji wong (1999)

89 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A bar girl hires a struggling actor to give her acting lessons so that she can feign a greater interest in her customers. The longer they work together, the more they find they have in common.

Directors: Stephen Chow, Lik-Chi Lee | Stars: Stephen Chow, Karen Mok, Cecilia Cheung, Man-Tat Ng

Votes: 5,475

One of Stephen Chow's funniest movies with well done drama. The movie deals with extras in movies and how important they really are, which I find very interesting.

6. To hok wai lung (1991)

Not Rated | 100 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

A SWAT team leader is going undercover at a high school to retrieve a stolen gun for his captain.

Director: Gordon Chan | Stars: Stephen Chow, Man-Tat Ng, Man Cheung, Dennis Chan

Votes: 2,911

A classic Stephen Chow movie for reasons that I can't state without repeating myself.

7. Sik san (1996)

95 min | Action, Comedy, Fantasy

The most renowned and feared chef in the world loses his title of God of Cookery because of his pompous attitude. Humbled, he sets out to reclaim his title.

Directors: Stephen Chow, Lik-Chi Lee | Stars: Stephen Chow, Karen Mok, Nancy Sit, Man-Tat Ng

Votes: 7,378

A funny movie that's actually affecting and has some good drama (!), something Stephen Chow would get better at overtime.

8. Gwok chaan Ling Ling Chat (1994)

Not Rated | 84 min | Action, Comedy, Thriller

An incompetent 007-wannabe is sent to locate a stolen dinosaur skull.

Directors: Stephen Chow, Lik-Chi Lee | Stars: Stephen Chow, Anita Yuen, Kar-Ying Law, Pauline Chan

Votes: 4,519

Stephen Chow's parody of James Bond is extremely silly and has one of Stephen Chow's best performances as Ling Ling Chat (translates to 007)

9. Poh wai ji wong (1994)

100 min | Action, Comedy, Romance

Ho Kam-An is a love struck dim-sum delivery boy who falls for a beautiful judo student. After being humiliated by her boyfriend, Ho Kam-An goes out and seeks the services of an aging ... See full summary »

Director: Lik-Chi Lee | Stars: Stephen Chow, Christy Chung, Man-Tat Ng, Philip Chan

Votes: 2,091

If I were to make a Top 10 Funniest Stephen Chow movies, this would more than likely end up at #1. This movie also has a good feel-good ending.

10. Ga li la jiao (1990)

101 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

Two best friends and cop partners become the subject of a beautiful news reporter's documentary. The two soon find themselves competing for screen time as well as the love of the reporter while after a murderous arms dealer.

Director: Blackie Shou Liang Ko | Stars: Stephen Chow, Jacky Cheung, Ann Bridgewater, Eric Tsang

Votes: 788

The pairing of Stephen Chow and Jacky Cheung is fantastic and makes for a hilarious buddy cop comedy with great action from Blackie Ko.

11. Tang Bohu dian Qiuxiang (1993)

102 min | Comedy, Romance

A scholar in search of true love. Disguising himself as a houseboy, he indentures himself to a rich family in order to pursue the ravishing servant girl who has stolen his heart.

Director: Lik-Chi Lee | Stars: Stephen Chow, Li Gong, Pak-Cheung Chan, Fai-Hung Chan

Votes: 3,732

A creative movie with a hilarious setup and great fight scenes. Also starring Gordon Liu with facial hair.

12. Mo jong yuen So Hat-Yi (1992)

TV-14 | 101 min | Action, Comedy, Drama

The spoilt son of a millionaire finds the love of his life, but she will only accept him if he proves himself as a kung-fu master. He enters and wins the "Kung-Fu Scholar" tournament, ... See full summary »

Director: Gordon Chan | Stars: Stephen Chow, Man Cheung, Man-Tat Ng, Norman Chu

Votes: 2,860

Same for Royal Tramp, but has an easier to follow story and a great theme song.

13. Lu ding ji (1992)

R | 106 min | Action, Comedy

The story of Wilson Bond, a pimp who after saving Chan, the leader of the Heaven and Earth society, a revolutionary group, is made a member. After a botched first assignment for the group, ... See full summary »

Director: Jing Wong | Stars: Stephen Chow, Man Cheung, Chingmy Yau, Sandra Kwan Yue Ng

Votes: 2,784

A very strange Stephen Chow movie with a terrific cast and cool action scenes.

14. Dai lap mat tam 008 (1996)

89 min | Action, Comedy, Fantasy

A wild and hilariously anachronistic tale of an imperial guard of the Forbidden City who has no martial arts abilities but a talent for making futuristic machines and must save the kidnapped emperor.

Directors: Stephen Chow, Vincent Kok | Stars: Stephen Chow, Carina Lau, Carman Lee, Tat-Ming Cheung

Votes: 3,073

Great performances and a funny story (you'll probably hear this throughout the entire list), though the second half may be slightly lesser than the first.

15. Chai gong (1993)

89 min | Comedy, Fantasy

Internationally proclaimed comic genius Stephen Chow must change the lives of radiant prostitute Maggie Cheung Man-yuk, filthy beggar Anthony Wong, and a killer in this heavenly comedy directed by masterful new wave filmmaker Johnnie To.

Directors: Siu-Tung Ching, Johnnie To | Stars: Stephen Chow, Maggie Cheung, Man-Tat Ng, Anita Mui

Votes: 1,171

This movie is funny and even has a good story and bizarre performances from Maggie Cheung and Anthony Wong.

16. Jing gu jyun ga (1991)

110 min | Comedy, Romance

A trickster-for-hire, known as the Tricky Expert, is hired to ruin the lives of a father and son by making them think that he's a part of the family.

Director: Jing Wong | Stars: Stephen Chow, Andy Lau, Rosamund Kwan, Chingmy Yau

Votes: 1,826

The pairing of Stephen Chow and Andy Lau is unsurprisingly great and leads to many funny setups.

17. Dou hap II: Seung Hoi taam dou sing (1991)

116 min | Action, Comedy, Fantasy

This film focuses on the disciple of the God of Gamblers, Chow Sing Cho, also known as the "Saint of Gamblers". A group of people with telekinetic powers matching his attack him and his ... See full summary »

Director: Jing Wong | Stars: Stephen Chow, Li Gong, Ray Lui, Man-Tat Ng

Votes: 1,690

Though time travel is an element in this film, they don't do anything mind boggling, but that's fine because the movie is really funny and has a well-paced story.

18. Wui wan ye (1995)

R | 86 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

A cast of new faces and old favorites to take on ghostbusting in a film full of both laughs and thrills.

Director: Jeffrey Lau | Stars: Stephen Chow, Karen Mok, Ka-Yan Leung, Yi-fei Huang

Votes: 1,654

Stephen Chow plays a mentally retarded ghost hunter. 'Nuff said.

19. All's Well Ends Well (1992)

Not Rated | 100 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A romantic Chinese New Year comedy about the three Shang brothers. Eldest brother Shang Moon is a philandering businessman who treats his hideous yet hard-working wife like dirt. Middle ... See full summary »

Director: Clifton Ko | Stars: Leslie Cheung, Stephen Chow, Raymond Bak-Ming Wong, Maggie Cheung

Votes: 1,577

Very funny Stephen Chow movie with terrific performances from the cast, some of which are bizarre considering who they are.

20. To hok wai lung 3: Lung gwoh gai nin (1993)

89 min | Comedy, Crime, Mystery

Stephen Chow is back as police officer Chow Sing Sing. This time, he is sent to investigate the murder of millionaire Million Wong, to whom Chow has an uncanny resemblance, by posing as Wong himself.

Director: Jing Wong | Stars: Stephen Chow, Anita Mui, Man Cheung, Pak-Cheung Chan

Votes: 1,310

Fight Back to School 3 is maybe the funniest of the Fight Back to School trilogy (not the best, though) and probably has one of the funniest climaxes to any movie ever.

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