MAGNIFICIENT SEVEN 2013 - European feature documentary film festival - Belgrade

by MagnificentSevenFestival | created - 20 Feb 2013 | updated - 14 Jan 2014 | Public

Magnificent7 is a tribute to the art of cinema, but it is also a tribute to the power of art itself. Two films point directly in that direction. “Searching for Sugar Man”, internationally the most successful documentary of 2012, is (also) about the fact that important art will always survive, whereas “Soundbreaker” is, as the title indicates, about an artist who seeks to break all rules to give us viewers and listeners an experience, we will never forget.

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1. Searching for Sugar Man (2012)

PG-13 | 86 min | Documentary, Biography, Music

79 Metascore

Two South Africans set out to discover what happened to their unlikely musical hero, the mysterious 1970s rock n roller, Rodriguez.

Director: Malik Bendjelloul | Stars: Rodriguez, Stephen 'Sugar' Segerman, Dennis Coffey, Mike Theodore

Votes: 55,553 | Gross: $3.97M

An exciting story about the search for evidence of one legend’s authenticity and a journey into the unknown. The dramatic composition of a suspenseful cinematic thriller is enriched by subtle yet profound layers, which are seamlessly interwoven into the narrative. SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN is a fascinating documentary about a miracle, a testimony to the power of poetry, a story about a prophet who found his place, a fairy tale about an outcast who is summoned back from nonexistence! The wonders of this story bear witness to the incredible connections between Africa and America.

2. Le thé ou l'électricité (2012)

93 min | Documentary, Drama

Tea or electricity tells the epic story of the implementation of electricity in a tiny isolated village enclosed in the middle of the Moroccan High Atlas.Over more than three years and ... See full summary »

Director: Jérôme Le Maire

Votes: 34

A unique anthropological study, a film that takes us atop Moroccan mountains, to a place where all roads end, in order to discover a world intact and unpolluted by modern technologies and the troubles that come in their trail. A world of simple human problems and relationships, a world that has existed in this place unchanged for much longer than its oldest inhabitants can remember. It is a safeguarded world, in harmony with the surrounding nature that is both wonderful and cruel at the same time. But then huge trucks, metal constructions, miles of cables, and howling machines come unannounced, bringing something without which contemporary civilization cannot be imagined– electricity.

3. Poslednata lineika na Sofia (2012)

75 min | Documentary

In a city where 13 ambulances struggle to serve 2 million people, Krassi, Mila and Plamen are our unlikely heroes: chain-smoking, filled with humour, relentlessly saving lives against all ... See full summary »

Director: Ilian Metev | Stars: Krassimir Yordanov, Mila Mikhailova, Plamen Slavkov

Votes: 333

Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital of two million people, is portrayed as an entangled labyrinth. There are only thirteen ambulance cars in the city, and it seems like just one cruises the streets, lost and forgotten. This is a story about a charismatic trio, the crew of this ambulance car, whose rescue missions are jeopardized by turbulent circumstances in which they take place. Nevertheless, their energy, sense of humor, compassion and dedication never leave the small space that they are forced to share every day. This well-organized trio, composed of one doctor, one nurse, and one young driver, conveys the weight and absurdity of the drama that happens around them through their tired faces that shine with the discreet glow of unnamed heroes.

4. Palme (2012)

103 min | Documentary, Biography

The life and times of Olof Palme, the prime minister of Sweden until his assassination in 1986.

Directors: Kristina Lindström, Maud Nycander | Stars: Olof Palme, Catharina Palme, Lisbet Palme, Richard Guston

Votes: 1,379

Olof Palme is one of the icons of the 20th century. He took part in various events, important Swedish as well as international conferences, and he had a significant presence in the media. TV and film particularly brought his charisma, eloquence and wit to the fore. Thanks to Palme, Sweden wielded great influence on important political developments in the world from the end of the sixties until Palme’s assassination in 1986. Brilliant at his public appearances, driven by fiery enthusiasm and visions of a better and more just world, he made a strong impact on both his supporters and opponents alike. While his fame extended beyond Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe, he also had enemies whose animosity towards him was just as intense as the admiration of his followers.

5. Soundbreaker (2012)

86 min | Documentary, Biography, Music

Finland's most daring musician, the accordionist, composer, performer Kimmo Pohjonen, revolutionizes the accordion and shatters traditional musical standards. Extraordinary sounds explode ... See full summary »

Director: Kimmo Koskela | Stars: Kimmo Pohjonen, Samuli Kosminen, Timo Kämäräinen, Sami Kuoppamäki

Votes: 82

A story about an accordion that is no longer an accordion. A story about an accordionist who decides to love the accordion, but only if he is not an accordionist. A story about sounds and music that are free from the shackles of the conventional and expected. A mighty clash of passion, noise, harmony, dissonance, shouts and sighs. The Finnish avant-garde artist Kimmo Pohjonen takes us on an exciting adventure in which he explores and creates unique compositions that make the world pulsate with the rhythm of his music. This extraordinary musician turns his powerful electric accordion into an instrument that reconciles seemingly incompatible musical genres. In his hands, this instrument becomes a peculiar object that takes many fascinating forms.

6. Hiver nomade (2012)

90 min | Documentary, History

77 Metascore

A 600 kilometre winter trek for 800 sheep, accompanied by 3 donkeys, 4 dogs and led by two shepherds, Pascal and Carole.

Director: Manuel von Stürler

Votes: 214

The magic of a primeval journey through white and snowy landscapes. A middle-aged Swiss man and a young French woman with a distinct red hat, walk six hundred kilometers, filled with passion and escorted by four dogs, three donkeys and eight hundred sheep. This exciting odyssey, reminiscent of ancient times, happens in one of the most developed parts of Europe – Switzerland. This thrilling adventure, filled with drama, beauty and warmth, unfolds in the rhythm of the unbridled motion of its charismatic protagonists. The film shows us genuine nomads who fight against winds and blizzards, who search for roads in wastelands, for grass under snow, for shelter at the edge of the woods, for fire. Simple yet poetic moments come together before our eyes to create an epic saga of eternal migrations and quests.

7. Soukromý vesmír (2012)

83 min | Documentary, Family, History

Covering a span of 35 years in the life of Honza, a man born 'on camera' in 1974.

Director: Helena Trestíková | Stars: Samuel Jirásek, Jan Kettner, Petr Kettner, Eva Kettnerová

Votes: 67

The first space flight. TV set and television as a fetish and a miracle. Socialism, enthusiasm, optimism. Beloved pop singer as a star and an icon. Flight to the moon. The demise of socialism. Great historical events and important family moments documented in a new way – on film. All these memorable images are carved into collective memory as a symbol of one era commonly referred to as the twentieth century. Within this broad study of one stretch of time, Helena Třeštíková situates a wonderful and warm chronicle of a regular Czech family, told as if it were about characters from Menzel or Forman’s famous films. This documentary depicts a small universe consisting of grumpy grandmothers, first teeth, living next to the city pool, first socialist car, birthdays, babies.