Amiga 500 Games I Used To Play

by MrDude_o_o | created - 03 Jan 2013 | updated - 03 Jan 2013 | Public
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1. Mortal Kombat II (1993 Video Game)

M | Action

When emperor Shao Kahn invokes a Mortal Kombat tournament rematch, Raiden gathers his Earthrealm warriors and takes them into Outworld.

Stars: Richard Divizio, Ho-Sung Pak, Carlos Pesina, Daniel Pesina

Votes: 1,824

2. Mortal Kombat (1992 Video Game)

M | Action, Fantasy

Seven martial artists from Earth must battle in sorcerer Shang Tsung's super secret tournament.

Stars: Daniel Pesina, Richard Divizio, Carlos Pesina, Ho-Sung Pak

Votes: 2,400

3. Turrican II: The Final Fight (1991 Video Game)

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Action-packed sequel featuring more platforming, sci-fi mayhem.

Votes: 47

4. Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (1991 Video Game)

T | Action, Fantasy

Choose one out of eight playable characters and engage your opponents in one-on-one close quarter street combat in a series of best-two-out-of-three matches.

Stars: Johnpaul Williams, Eri Nakamura

Votes: 1,094

5. Final Fight (1989 Video Game)

T | Action, Adventure, Crime

Metro City is the most dangerous place in the world. Mayor Mike Haggar's daughter:"Jessica" is kidnapped by the Mad Gear gang. So it's up to Haggar, Cody, and Guy to rescue her.

Votes: 240

6. Alien³ (1992 Video Game)

Unrated | Action, Adventure, Horror

Alien³ is a side-scrolling action game based on the 1992 David Fincher movie. You assume the role of Ripley who arrives at the prison planet of Fury 161 and finds the planet infested by ... See full summary »

Votes: 87

7. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (I) (1991 Video Game)

Unrated | Action, Sci-Fi

A video game based on Terminator 2 (1991).

Votes: 1,485

10. Cannon Fodder (1993 Video Game)


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Director: Jon Hare

Votes: 82

11. Jurassic Park (I) (1993 Video Game)

Not Rated | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Video game of the mega hit movie.

Votes: 271

12. Narc (1988 Video Game)

Not Rated | Action, Crime, Thriller

Side-scrolling shooter in which you blow away as many drug-dealing slimeballs as you can.

Votes: 51

13. Cool Spot (1993 Video Game)

Action, Adventure, Family

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Director: David Perry

Votes: 47

14. Zool (1992 Video Game)

Unrated | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

A gremlin Ninja of the Nth Dimension is forced to land on Earth and pass seven lands in order to gain ninja ranking.

Votes: 31

15. Theme Park (1994 Video Game)

Action, Comedy, Family

Build your own wondrous Theme Park and fill it with thrilling rides to make it the most fun in the world.

Votes: 174

16. Flashback: The Quest for Identity (1992 Video Game)

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

The year is 2142. After escaping from a sinister facility, Conrad B. Hart awakes in the middle of a jungle, with no memory of who he is or why people are trying to kill him.

Director: Paul Cuisset

Votes: 195

17. Alien Breed (1991 Video Game)

Action, Sci-Fi

Year 2191, the whole galaxy stands unwittingly on the brink of war, with an uneasy peace barely maintained by the Inter-Planetary Corps (IPC), a peace-keeping force founded to police the ... See full synopsis »

Star: Lynette Reade

Votes: 19

20. Gremlins (1985 Video Game)

Not Rated | Fantasy

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Director: Brian Howarth

Votes: 53

21. The Addams Family (1992 Video Game)

Unrated | Adventure, Family, Fantasy

The Addams Family's crooked lawyer, Tully Alfford, has kidnapped members of the family and turned their friendly spooks and monsters against them. As Gomez, you must defeat evil and save your family! It won't be easy!

Votes: 97

22. Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf (1992 Video Game)

Not Rated | Action, Adventure

A chopper-based war game set after the first Gulf War.

Director: Carl Mey | Stars: Kenneth Hurley, Walter Stein, Lesley Mansford, Jeff Coopwood

Votes: 97

23. The Secret of Monkey Island (1990 Video Game)

E | Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Young pirate wanna-be Guybrush Threepwood sets out to pass the Three Trials, woo the governess Elaine Marley, reach the fabled Monkey Island and vanquish the nefarious ghost pirate LeChuck.

Directors: Craig Derrick, Ron Gilbert | Stars: Dominic Armato, Earl Boen, Alexandra Boyd, Leilani Jones

Votes: 2,153

24. Batman (1989 Video Game)

Not Rated | Action, Adventure, Crime

Loosely based on the film Batman (1989), you play as Batman and fight through multiple levels of enemies and bosses, culminating in a showdown with the Joker in the bell tower of Gotham Cathedral.

Director: Keiichi Suzuki

Votes: 271

25. Turrican III: Payment Day (1994 Video Game)

Not Rated | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Third entry in the futuristic action-adventure series.

Director: Julian Eggebrecht

Votes: 24

26. Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (1993 Video Game)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Third, and final, Shinobi game released on the Genesis featuring Joe Musashi once again taking on the evil Zeed empire.

Director: Takeshi Matsuhashi

Votes: 53

27. Stardust (1993 Video Game)

Action, Sci-Fi

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Votes: 5

28. Double Dragon (1987 Video Game)

Unrated | Action

Martial arts siblings Billy and Jimmy Lee must battle a tough gang known as the Black Warriors in order to rescue Billy's girlfriend, Marian.

Directors: Yoshihisa Kishimoto, Shinichi Saitou

Votes: 896

29. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989 Video Game)

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are stars in the arcade with this big four player game that is loaded with action, adventure, and fun! The evil Shredder is at it again! This time he ... See full summary »

Directors: H. Ohyama, H. Toyoda

Votes: 927

30. RoboCop (1988 Video Game)

Unrated | Action, Crime, Sci-Fi

Side-scrolling platformer/shooter starring the tin can cop himself.

Votes: 141