Guyism's Top 66 Most Underrated Women of 2011

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Now that you’ve seen and digested the 66 women who we believe to be the most overrated for 2011, it’s time to bring to light some women we feel are vastly under-appreciated. Remember how last year we said that Yvonne Strahovski, Chelsea Staub (now Kane), Jessica Szohr, and Selena Gomez were underrated and needed more attention? Apparently you heard us as these ladies seem to be finally getting more love. (And who are we to argue with The Biebs?) Unfortunately a lot of the ladies we tried to help out in 2010 didn’t get more attention, and well, we give up. We’ve moved on. But hey we tried. Perhaps, just maybe, on some of them we were just… wrong. But we didn’t give up on all of them, as you will see. Even though a majority of these women didn’t make it on to the various sexy lady lists of Maxim, FHM, and AskMen, if we were to make our own world’s hottest, sexiest, or most desirable list these ladies would be in line for serious consideration. Perhaps next year, with this little bit of assistance from us, this sexy batch of women will get the recognition that they deserve.

*Note: Not My List or Opinions

1. Bridget Moynahan

Actress | I, Robot

Bridget Moynahan was born on April 28, 1971 in Binghamton, New York, USA as Kathryn Bridget Moynahan. She is an actress, known for I, Robot (2004), Lord of War (2005) and Battle Los Angeles (2011). She has been married to Andrew Frankel since October 17, 2015.

66 Bridget Moynahan (2010 Rank: 46)

We pretty much feel obligated to have Bridget on this list every year because, frankly, we think that in her own way she’s every bit as sexy as the mother of Tom Brady’s other child. Many forget that Bridget was also a model before heading into the acting biz. Perhaps had she stuck to that line of work we wouldn’t be relying on the success of Battle: Los Angeles to remind men everywhere of her unrecognized hotness.

2. Carla Gugino

Actress | Watchmen

Carla Gugino was born in Sarasota, Florida, to Carl Gugino, an orthodontist. She is of Italian (father) and English-Irish (mother) ancestry. Gugino moved with her mother to Paradise, California, when Carla was just five years old. During her childhood, they moved many times within the state. But ...

65 Carla Gugino (2010 Rank: 27)

What does a girl have to do to be viewed as a sexpot these days? Whatever it is, Carla apparently isn’t doing it so here she is again on this list. Perhaps not enough people have seen her performances in movies like Sin City and are clouded by her roles in kiddie movies like SpyKids and Race to Witch Mountain. Whatever the reason, at age 39 she’s still bringing it like women almost half her age. The clock’s a-tickin’ though…

3. Heather Morris

Soundtrack | Glee: The 3D Concert Movie

Heather Morris was born on February 1, 1987 in Thousand Oaks, California, USA as Heather Elizabeth Morris. She is an actress, known for Glee: The 3D Concert Movie (2011), Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012) and Spring Breakers (2012). She has been married to Taylor Hubbell since May 16, 2015. They ...

64 Heather Morris (2010 Rank: Unranked)

No, we don’t watch Glee. And yes, we are not real thrilled with Dianna Agron and especially Lea Michelle, but the show isn’t totally devoid of women we like as 24 year-old Heather is definitely someone we can get behind. Perhaps that’s because she isn’t always out self-promoting. That or we just think she’s sexier than the other two. One of those things.

4. Sarah Shahi

Actress | Bullet to the Head

Sarah Shahi was born Aahoo Jahansouz in Euless, Texas, to an Iranian father and Spanish mother. She is a former NFL cheerleader and a descendant of a 19th-century Persian Shah. She attended Trinity High School and Dallas Southern Methodist University, studied opera and majored in English. As a ...

63 Sarah Shahi (2010 Rank: 15)

The 31 year-old former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader finally landed a regular role starring in the legal drama Fairly Legal on USA Network (which might explain her #24 ranking on Maxim’s Hot 100, the first time she’s been on the list since 2006), but even so, we’re hoping for even more exposure this year and look forward to the day Sarah lands a lead role in a movie so a wider audience can discover just how sexy this woman is.

5. Aly Michalka

Actress | Easy A

Aly Michalka was born in Torrance, California, to Carrie (Begley), a musician, and Mark Michalka, who owns a contracting company. She has German, as well as English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh, ancestry. Aly began acting at the age of five in stage productions by churches her family attended ...

62 Aly Michalka (2010 Rank: 28)

If we had written this three or four months ago there’s a very good chance that Aly would have appeared at or near the top of this list. Thankfully, some Hollywood exec, even if it was at the CW, finally figured out that 22 year-old Aly is just dripping with sex appeal. Maybe next year she’ll take her rightful place on more than one of the lists of sexiest women in the world (Maxim: #66). And if not, then guess what list she WILL be on again in 2012?

6. Selita Ebanks

Actress | Runaway

Selita Ebanks is best known for appearing in the 2007 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition and for her work as a Victoria's Secrets lingerie model. She appeared in six Victoria's Secret fashion Shows from 2005 to 2010 and was a Victoria's Secret Angel from 2005 to 2009. She has worked also as an ...

61 Selita Ebanks (2010 Rank: Unranked)

28 year-old Selita is rarely the first name mentioned when discussing Victoria’s Secret supermodels. Heck, she’s rarely the second, third, or fourth name mentioned. Perhaps it’s because she doesn’t appear quite as often as some of the others, but when it comes to the beauty these women possess Selita is right there near the top of the class.

7. Claire Danes

Actress | My So-Called Life

New Yorker Claire Catherine Danes was born in Manhattan, the daughter of Carla (Hall), a day-care provider and artist, and Christopher Danes, a computer consultant and photographer. She has an older brother, Asa. Her paternal grandfather, Gibson Andrew Danes, was a Dean of the Yale School of Art ...

60 Claire Danes (2010 Rank: 30)

32 year-old Claire reappears on this list because we feel that strongly about her sex appeal far outweighing the amount of recognition she receives. That being said, with just one movie and one TV miniseries on her resume over the past two-plus years we’re starting to understand the reasons for her going unrecognized. The next 12 months will decide whether she’s still relevant or just a fond memory.

8. Amanda Righetti

Actress | Captain America: The First Avenger

Amanda Elizabeth Righetti is a Utah-born, Nevada-raised actor/producer and Best Actress Award winner by the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival. Righetti began her career at 14, as a young model, but made waves as the trust-fund squandering, world-traveling black sheep, "Hailey...

59 Amanda Righetti (2010 Rank: 32)

Roles on The Mentalist, North Shore, The O.C. and the reboot of Friday the 13th apparently didn’t get the public’s attention as Amanda is still being left off all the sexiest women in the world lists. We dare you to go watch the movie Angel Blade (warning: old, bad movie, use fast forward, very relevant to your interests) and then come back and tell us she shouldn’t be on every one of those lists.

9. Arielle Kebbel

Actress | The Grudge 2

Arielle Kebbel was born in Winter Park, Florida. Her mother, Sheri, is a talent manager and owns a production company. She has German ancestry on her father's side, and German and English heritage on her mother's side. Kebbel graduated from Crenshaw School in Winter Garden. She was a contestant at ...

58 Arielle Kebbel (2010 Rank: 62)

26 year-old Arielle still hasn’t gotten the attention we think she deserves. We were hoping more mainstream roles would head her way last year and perhaps her current gig on the TV show Life Unexpected is just the ticket she needs to take her career to the next level and get men everywhere to recognize her for the beauty that she is.

10. Ana Hickmann

Self | Prova de Amor

Ana Hickmann was born on March 1, 1981 in Santa Cruz do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil as Ana Lúcia Hickmann Corrêa. She has been married to Alexandre Belo Côrrea since February 14, 1998. They have one child.

57 Ana Hickmann (2010 Rank: Unranked)

When it comes to being a sexy model from Brazil it’s pretty easy to get lost in the shuffle. That being said, 30 year-old Ana really deserves more attention because there hasn’t been a photo shoot in which she’s appeared that she didn’t melt the camera with her beauty. Also of note, she was once listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as “The model with the longest legs” so she’s got that going for her as well.

11. Rashida Jones

Actress | Parks and Recreation

Rashida Jones was born in Los Angeles, California, the younger daughter of media mogul, producer, and musician Quincy Jones and actress Peggy Lipton. She has an older sister, Kidada Jones, and five half-siblings by her father's other relationships. Her father is African-American and her mother is ...

56 Rashida Jones (2010 Rank: Unranked)

Quincy Jones’ 35 year-old daughter has carved out quite a career for herself and now finds herself a part of the superb comedy Parks and Recreation after a stint on The Office. Perhaps getting back on TV on regular basis will be just what it takes for the men of the world to notice just how sexy Quincy’s daughter has turned out.

12. Gretchen Mol

Actress | 3:10 to Yuma

Gretchen Mol was born November 8, 1972, in Deep River, Connecticut, the daughter of a school principal and his artist wife. Deep River is a small community located on the Chester Bowles Highway (Rt. 9), nine miles northwest of Old Saybrook (home of the legendary Katharine Hepburn), within commuting ...

55 Gretchen Mol (2010 Rank: Unranked)

At one point in her career Gretchen Mol seemed destined for superstardom. She had the face, the body, the style, but then things kind of slowed down for her. Now the 38 year-old is back, appearing on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and we’re putting her on this list as a sort of a lifetime achievement award for hotness. Nice to have you back, Gretchen.

13. Adrianne Palicki

Actress | G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Adrianne Palicki was born on May 6, 1983 in Toledo, Ohio, to Nancy (French) and Jeffrey Palicki. Her father is of Polish and Hungarian descent, and her mother is of English and German ancestry. Adrianne graduated from Whitmer High School. She did not take the stage in her first play until she was a...

54 Adrianne Palicki (2010 Rank: 38)

Oh, if only NBC had picked up Wonder Woman Adrianne could finally have gotten her due as a hottie in her own right, instead of being one of the other girls who appeared on Friday Night Lights with Minka Kelly. We and every comic book geek in the world are still holding out hope that Adrianne’s foray into super-heroism manages to get picked up by another network.

14. Rooney Mara

Actress | The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Actress and philanthropist Rooney Mara was born on April 17, 1985 in Bedford, New York. She made her screen debut in the slasher film Urban Legends: Bloody Mary (2005), went on to have a supporting role in the independent coming-of-age drama Tanner Hall (2009), and has since starred in the horror ...

53 Rooney Mara (2010 Rank: Unranked)

The great-granddaughter of both the Pittsburgh Steelers founder and the New York Giants founder first garnered our attention in the reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street and piqued our curiosity even more with her role in The Social Network but it’s Rooney’s upcoming coming starring role as the the title character in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo that we expect to put the men everywhere on notice.

15. Katie Cassidy

Actress | A Nightmare on Elm Street

Katie Cassidy was born Katherine Evelyn Anita Cassidy on November 25, 1986, in Los Angeles, California. Her father, David Cassidy, was a pop star in the 1970s. Her mother, Sherry Williams, was a high fashion model in the early 1970s. Sherry left her career to concentrate on raising her 3 daughters,...

52 Katie Cassidy (2010 Rank: 52)

24 year-old Katie also appears on this list for a second year in a row. She did Melrose Place, Gossip Girl, and is set to appear in a romantic comedy with Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester, none of which are shows that any self-respecting man would ever admit to watching. Therefore it is our duty to remind the males of the world of her existence and hope that some day we’ll get to see her in a role that properly shows off her her sexy skills.

16. Zoë Kravitz

Actress | Mad Max: Fury Road

Zoe Isabella Kravitz, the daughter of singer/actor Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, was born on December 1, 1988 in Los Angeles, California. She is of half African-American (from her father's mother and her mother's father) and half Ashkenazi Jewish (from her father's father and her mother's ...

51 Zoe Kravitz (2010 Rank: Unranked)

Who would have guessed that the daughter of Lisa Bonet (oh, and Lenny Kravitz) would turn out to be sexy? WE WOULD! And we haven’t been disappointed. Now that the 22 year-old Zoe has turned her role on the TV series Californication into roles on the big screen like X-Men: First Class, we expect everyone else to enjoy this sexy celebrity offspring as much as we do.

17. Rebecca Mader

Actress | The Devil Wears Prada

Rebecca Mader was born on April 24, 1977 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England as Rebecca Leigh Mader. She is an actress and writer, known for The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Iron Man 3 (2013) and Once Upon a Time (2011). She has been married to Marcus Kayne since November 23, 2016. She was ...

50 Rebecca Mader (2010 Rank: Unranked)

Evangeline Lilly may be the one Lost girl everyone lusts after the most (with good reason), but 34 year-old Rebecca is also quite worthy of our attention as this photo of her in a bikini will attest. Plus what can we say, we have a soft spot for redheads with British accents.

18. Gabrielle Union

Actress | Bring It On

Gabrielle Union was born on October 29, 1972, in Omaha, Nebraska, to Theresa (Glass), who managed a phone company, and Sylvester E. Union, a military sergeant and business executive. When she was eight, her family moved to Pleasanton, California, where she grew up and attended high school. There, ...

49 Gabrielle Union (2010 Rank: Unranked)

38 year-old Gabrielle has been wowing us for years with her looks and her acting, but for some reason is rarely mentioned when it comes to the sexiest actresses working today. That’s an error we’d like to correct today. Now if we could just do something about her not having appeared in a movie since 2008.

19. Jessica Lowndes

Actress | A Mother's Nightmare

Jessica Lowndes was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1988. She studied at the Pacific Academy in Surrey. Jessica is an actress and an aspiring Singer. She has written 4 known songs: "Never Lonely", "Break", "Fly Away" and "Goodbye". This last one was heard in an episode of the series ...

48 Jessica Lowndes (2010 Rank: Unranked)

Last year we had a different Jessica from the TV show 90210 on this list (Jessica Stroup) and we’re here to admit that we may have chosen the wrong one. Now we’re convinced that this is the Jessica from that show that is destined to light up our screens for many years to come. And at just 22 years of age she has more than enough time to make that happen.

20. Lyndsy Fonseca

Actress | Kick-Ass

Lyndsy Marie Fonseca was born in Oakland, California, and was raised first in Alameda and then Moraga, California. Lyndsy competed in the International Modeling & Talent Association, where she was recognized as the second runner-up for "Young Miss Dancer of the Year" and was the first runner-up for...

47 Lyndsy Fonseca (2010 Rank: Unranked)

24 year-old Lyndsy made a few waves with her appearance in the movie Kick-Ass, and alerted the world to her existence on Desperate Housewives, but it’s her starring role in the CW TV series Nikita that really got our attention. Now if she can just parlay that into a feature film or a role on a more watched TV station then the rest of the men of the world can see what they’ve been missing.

21. Cintia Dicker

Actress | Belíssima

Tall (5'10"), gorgeous, and shapely redhead stunner Cintia Dicker was born on December 6, 1986 in Campo Bom, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. She's of German descent. The striking blue-eyed beauty was discovered by a modeling agent in a local mall. Best known as a swimsuit model for Sports Illustrated ...

46 Cintia Dicker (2010 Rank: 22)

Finally, people are starting to notice this sexy redhead from Brazil. As we mentioned previously, it’s hard to differentiate yourself as a Brazilian model when there are literally dozens of them, all sexy, but the three-year veteran of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and current Victoria’s Secret model most definitely has what it takes.

22. Kat Dennings

Actress | Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Kat Dennings was born Katherine Victoria Litwack in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, to Ellen (Schatz), a speech therapist and poet, and Gerald Litwack, a molecular pharmacologist. She is the youngest of five children. Her family is of Russian Jewish descent. Kat was predominantly ...

45 Kat Dennings (2010 Rank: Unranked)

Despite a rather full resume of recent films, including The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Big Momma’s House 2, The House Bunny, and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, it’s this summer’s appearance in Thor that finally put the world on notice. Hopefully that role mixed with Kat’s starring in the upcoming CBS television series Two Broke Girls will be the catalysts for getting this 24 year-old stunner the attention she deserves.

23. Piper Perabo

Actress | Coyote Ugly

Piper Perabo is an is a Golden Globe nominated, film, and stage TV actor. Born in Dallas, Texas, and raised in New Jersey, she graduated summa cum Laude from Ohio University. In 2000 she was cast in a breakout role in Coyote Ugly. Since then she has been seen in such films as Christopher Nolan's "...

44 Piper Perabo (2010 Rank: Unranked)

Ever since we saw Piper play Violet Sanford in Coyote Ugly we’ve been smitten. Unfortunately we haven’t seen much of her since, but thanks to her Golden Globe nomination for her role on the TV show Covert Affairs the rest of the world is about to be reminded of what we’ve liked about her since 2000.

24. Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Actress | 10 Cloverfield Lane

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is an actress known for her versatile work in a variety of film and television projects. Possibly most known for her role as Ramona Flowers in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010), she has also starred in critically acclaimed independent films such as Smashed (2012), for which...

43 Mary Elizabeth Winstead (2010 Rank: 16)

We’re not sure why this gorgeous 26 year-old from North Carolina hasn’t garnered more attention from the men of the world. We’d hoped her role in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World would refresh their memories, but maybe once they see her play Mary Todd Lincoln in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter she’ll finally get the love she deserves.

25. Alison Brie

Actress | The Lego Movie

Alison Brie was born in Hollywood, California, to Joanne (Brenner), who worked at a non-profit child care agency, and Charles Terry Schermerhorn, a musician and entertainment reporter. Her mother is Jewish and her father has Scottish, Dutch, English, German, and Norwegian ancestry. Brie grew up in ...

42 Alison Brie (2010 Rank: 63)

How 27 year-old Alison only appeared on one sexiest women list this year (Maxim at #49) is a puzzle. Granted it’s an improvement over last year’s #99 ranking, mostly due to her appearances on Community we’re sure, but it’s our position that Alison is just one sexy movie role away from correcting all the oversights of the people who voted for those lists. Let’s hope she gets it.

26. Summer Glau

Actress | Serenity

Summer is a native of San Antonio, Texas. She's been a ballerina most of her life. Her debut was in various commercials and a guest appearance on the WB's Angel (1999). She has gone on to star on the TV series Firefly (2002) as well as its follow-up movie Serenity (2005) and the TV series ...

41 Summer Glau (2010 Rank: 44)

Apparently the Brits are the only ones that see what we see in The Cape’s lead actress as they ranked her at #37 on FHM’s list, while us ugly Americans ignored her completely (much like her TV show). And that’s why 29 year-old Summer is back for another tour of duty on our list today.

27. Lucy Hale

Actress | Scream 4

Lucy Hale is an American actress and singer. She was born Karen Lucille Hale in Memphis, Tennessee, to Julia (Caperton) Knight and John Preston Hale. She started out as a singer, appearing on American Juniors (2003) in a search for band members. She successfully won her place in the band. The group...

40 Lucy Hale (2010 Rank: 39)

As we feared in 2010, appearing on ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars hasn’t done much to raise the profile of this star on the rise. Luckily Lucy’s only 21 years-old, has natural beauty on her side, and a role in Scream 4 under her belt. Well, two out of three ain’t bad.

28. Layla Rumi

Actress | Under the Silver Lake

Layla Rumi was born on January 26, 1984 in London, England. She is an actress and producer, known for Under the Silver Lake (2018). She was previously married to Steve Covino.

39 Layla Kayleigh (2010 Rank: Unranked)

There are a lot of beautiful women who host insipid television shows, but rare few transcend the shows they are on and still make us pay attention regardless of the topic. 27 year-old Brit Layla is one of those women.

29. Elsa Hosk

Actress | Burning Bright

Elsa Hosk is best know for her work as a Guess model and a Victoria's Secret lingerie model. She has been modeling for Victoria's Secret since 2011 and became a Victoria's Secret Angel in April 2015. Hosk had been modeling part-time in her native Sweden since she was 14. She chose to move to New ...

38 Elsa Hosk (2010 Rank: Unranked)

Elsa turned heads this year with a couple of sexy photo shoots for Guess and at the tender young age of 22 this Swedish model is going to continue doing just that for many more years to come if we have anything to say about it (sadly, we don’t).

30. Brenda Song

Actress | The Social Network

Brenda Song was born in Carmichael, California. Her father is Hmong and her mother is Thai-American. Brenda, her parents, and her younger brothers Timmy and Nathan now live in a suburb of Los Angeles.

Brenda was named an All-American Scholar in ninth grade and holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

She ...

37 Brenda Song (2010 Rank: Unranked)

We’ve been keeping an eye on this 23 year-old veteran of Disney TV shows for awhile now, waiting for her to get that breakout role that exposes her for the hot little number that she is. Her small part in The Social Network was a start, but until Brenda completely breaks free from Disney, we’ll have to wait a little bit longer. And wait we will.

31. Diane Kruger

Actress | Inglourious Basterds

Diane Kruger was born Diane Heidkrüger in Algermissen, near Hildesheim, Germany, to Maria-Theresa, a bank employee, and Hans-Heinrich Heidkrüger, a computer specialist. She studied ballet with the Royal Ballet in London before an injury ended her career. She returned to Germany and became a top ...

Diane Kruger (2010 Rank: Unranked)

The 34 year-old Kruger made it clear in the movie Inglourious Basterds that she was an actress on the rise and one we needed to pay attention to, but maybe it will be her role in the upcoming National Treasure 3 that will finally alert men everywhere that this German beauty makes any movie she’s in a must-see event.

32. Aimee Teegarden

Actress | Friday Night Lights

Aimee Richelle Teegarden, born October 10, 1989, is an American actress, model and producer. She starred as Julie Taylor in the NBC drama Friday Night Lights (2006) from 2006 to 2011. In 2011, she co-starred with Dennis Quaid in Martin Guigui's thriller Beneath the Darkness (2011). Later she plays ...

35 Aimee Teegarden (2010 Rank: 37)

As was the case last year, we’re still beating the drum for the third sexy lady to make Friday Night Lights a one-time must-see event. (Seriously, did the casting directors hit a jackpot on that show or what?) Still only 21 years-old Aimee landed a starring role in the Disney movie Prom and a supporting role in Scream 4 this year so all signs are pointing up for this underrated beauty.

33. Kelly Carlson

Actress | The Marine

Originally from Bloomington, Minnesota, Kelly attended school in Richfield, Minnesota at the Academy of Holy Angels. She is the daughter of a hair dresser mother and a late father who was a high school football coach. Kelly went on to start acting in theater before making the step into screen ...

34 Kelly Carlson (2010 Rank: 6)

Unfortunately Kelly hasn’t exactly been keeping busy since her four episode stint on Melrose Place following the conclusion of Nip/Tuck in 2010. And that’s too bad, because she is the epitome of underrated. Someone get this woman a featured role in a movie (preferably one that requires her to wear a bikini). Please.

34. Kimberly J. Walsh

Actress | Underemployed

Kimberly J. Walsh is an actress, known for Underemployed (2012), Bar Room Hero (2011) and Suicidal Sammy (2009).

33 Kimberley Walsh (2010 Rank: Unranked)

It’s hard to shine when you’re in a singing group with one of the sexiest women in the world (just ask the woman we had listed at #50 in 2010), but now that her group Girls Aloud has been disbanded and Kimberley has become a presenter on a music talk-show, is doing some modeling, and singing in solo and collaborative projects we expect her to soon create her own sexy spotlight.

35. Lily Collins

Actress | The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Lily Jane Collins was born in Guildford, Surrey, England. Her father is English musician Phil Collins, while her mother, Jill Tavelman, who is from Los Angeles, California, was president of the Beverly Hills Women's Club for three terms. Lily moved with her mother to LA at the age of five, after ...

32 Lily Collins (2010 Rank: 57)

Lily appeared on our list last year and the 22 year-old daughter of singer Phil Collins is back because now that she’s shed her Nickelodeon past for several juicier roles in movies coming out this year and next, we expect her career to take off like we’d hoped in 2010. And once that happens, men the world over will officially see what we’ve been carrying on about for over a year.

36. Autumn Reeser

Actress | Sully

Autumn Reeser is an American actress born in Southern California to Kim and Tom Reeser. She and her younger sister, Melissa, were raised in Carlsbad and Oceanside in a home that valued and respected the arts. Melissa became a prolific writer/poet and Autumn performed in numerous musicals with the ...

31 Autumn Reeser (2010 Rank: 12)

After not appearing on Maxim, FHM and Askmen’s Hot Lists in 2010, Autumn finally garnered a #86 ranking on Maxim in 2011. Progress? Yes. Enough progress? Not even close. Perhaps not enough men out there watch Autumn on her TV show No Ordinary Family. Maybe her appearance in the movie The Big Bang, coming out this year, will finally get their attention.

37. Nina Dobrev

Actress | The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Nina Dobrev is a Bulgarian-Canadian actress. Her best known television roles are as Mia Jones in Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001), and Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce on The Vampire Diaries (2009). Her film work includes The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012), Let's Be Cops (2014), The Final...

30 Nina Dobrev (2010 Rank: 5)

22 years-old. Great bikini body. On a show about vampires. Ah, yes, that’s why she doesn’t get mentioned on any of these sexiest women lists on various men’s sites. Men don’t know who she is. At least that’s the only explanation I can come up with. She’s got three movies set to come out in 2011 and 2012 so that may be just about to change.

38. Jaimie Alexander

Actress | Thor

Jaimie Alexander was born in Greenville, South Carolina, but moved with her family to Grapevine, Texas, when she was four years old. She took theatre classes in grade school as a hobby but was kicked out in high school because she could not sing, and so she took up sports instead. At age 17 she ...

29 Jaimie Alexander (2010 Rank: Unranked)

Apparently the only people who watched 27 year-old Jaimie play the role of “Jessi” on the ABC Family television show Kyle XY were limited to the folks over at Maxim (ranked #41), but anyone who saw her in this year’s Thor knows that was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the number of men that are going to be drooling over this sexy lady from Greenville, South Carolina.

39. Elsa Pataky

Actress | Furious 6

Elsa Pataky was born Elsa Lafuente Medianu in Madrid, Spain. Her mother, Cristina Pataky Medianu, is a publicist of Romanian and Hungarian ancestry, and her father, José Francisco Lafuente, is a Spanish biochemist. She attended the Universidad de San Pablo CEU where she studied journalism and began...

28 Elsa Pataky (2010 Rank: 3)

We keep holding out hope that this Spanish stunner gets her big break the same way Sofia Vergara did and lands a juicy TV or movie role. She easily is just as sexy as Sofia was at the same age, that much we know, but roles like playing a police officer in Fast Five are simply not taking full advantage of everything Elsa has to offer.

40. Eva Green

Actress | Casino Royale

French actress and model Eva Gaëlle Green was born on July 6, 1980, in Paris, France. Her father, Walter Green, is a dentist who appeared in the 1966 film Au Hasard Balthazar (1966). Her mother, Marlène Jobert, is an actress turned children's book writer. Eva's mother was born in Algeria, of ...

27 Eva Green (2010 Rank: Unranked)

30 year-old French actress and model Eva Green is perhaps best known for her numerous nude scenes in the movie, The Dreamers. Despite that spectacular entry on her resume, many of us still aren’t familiar with her. Perhaps her upcoming role in the Tim Burton film, Dark Shadows, will give her the “exposure” she truly deserves.

41. Camilla Belle

Actress | Practical Magic

Belle was born as Camilla Belle Routh in Los Angeles, California, to Deborah, a fashion designer, and Jack Wesley Routh, who composed country music and owns a construction company. Her mother is Brazilian and her father, who is from Kingman, Kansas, has English, German, and French ancestry. Camilla...

26 Camilla Belle (2010 Rank: 1)

Our #1 most underrated woman of 2010 finally made it on to a couple of the hot lists, ranked #98 on both AskMen and Maxim’s lists. All that means is that here is still much work to be done. Luckily Camilla is just 24 years-old and is set to appear in four movies in 2011 and 2012 so perhaps next year the men of the world will finally discover this hidden gem.

42. Rachel Nichols

Actress | The Amityville Horror

Rachel Emily Nichols was born in Augusta, Maine, the daughter of Alison and James Nichols, a schoolteacher. She has English, French Canadian, German, Irish, Italian and Scottish ancestry. She attended and graduated from Cony High School in Augusta, where she competed in the high jump. She attended ...

25 Rachel Nichols (2010 Rank: 42)

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel… last year we hoped that your role in the new Conan the Barbarian movie would be the launching pad for your hidden hotness. Alas, the movie still hasn’t been released so we’re still waiting. If only this 31 year-old ginger would go back to modeling (screw Criminal Minds, not sexy enough) and properly remind the men of this world of the serious smokeshow potential she possesses.

43. Shay Mitchell

Actress | Pretty Little Liars

Shay Mitchell was born Shannon Mitchell in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to a Filipino mother and a father of Irish and Scottish descent. Even as a young child, she was interested in the performing arts, declaring to her parents that she would pursue such a career. Shay began dance lessons at the age ...

24 Shay Mitchell (2010 Rank: Unranked)

Since she’s pretty much only appeared on TV shows that girls and children watch you may not be familiar with this sexy 24 year-old Canadian. That being said, with two ladies from the show Pretty Little Liars (Lucy Hale being the other) appearing on this year’s underrated list men everywhere may want to bite the bullet and give the show a watch.

44. Emmanuelle Vaugier

Actress | Saw II

Emmanuelle Vaugier is a Canadian actress, singer, and model. She began acting in grade school, after she was cast as an understudy in a play and had to fill in when the lead actor became ill. She modeled in Japan for three years. She made her acting debut in the 1995 made-for-TV movie drama, A ...

23 Emmanuelle Vaugier (2010 Rank: 23)

Fans of hers were sad to see her roles on CSI: NY and Two and a Half Men come to an end, but we’re happy that the end result of her leaving is the fact that she’s now free to do movies and show off to the rest of the world just how sexy this 34 year-old Canadian really is. Maybe that and our efforts of last year are paying off as she finally made it on to one of the Hot Lists in 2011 (Maxim: #87).

45. Emma Stone

Actress | La La Land

Emily Jean "Emma" Stone was born in Scottsdale, Arizona, to Krista (Yeager), a homemaker, and Jeffrey Charles Stone, a contracting company founder and CEO. She is of Swedish (from her paternal grandfather), English, German, Scottish, and Irish descent. Stone began acting as a child as a member of ...

22 Emma Stone (2010 Rank: Unranked)

Emma made all three of the sexy lists we referenced in the introduction, but none had her ranked higher than 32nd. We don’t think that’s good enough. Maybe once The Amazing Spider-Man movie comes out in 2012 this will be properly rectified.

46. Elle Liberachi

Actress | Your Highness

Elle Liberachi was born on February 23, 1986 in London, England. She is an actress, known for Your Highness (2011).

21 Elle Liberachi (2010 Rank: Unranked)

We predict 2011 will be the year the rest of the world discovers what guys in England have known for a several years now, and that is the fact that Elle Liberachi is one of the sexiest models in the world that not many people know about… yet.

47. Alexis Dziena

Actress | When in Rome

Dziena studied theatre in New York at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where she wrote and acted in plays and was cast in her first role on television at the age of 17.

From 'E's' crazy, jealous girlfriend on HBO's Entourage to 'Lolita' parading around in the...

20 Alexis Dziena (2010 Rank: 11)

Alexis hasn’t exactly been busy in Hollywood the last couple of years. She’s appeared in only one movie, When in Rome, since her role on Entourage in 2009, which just makes no sense. Apparently not enough guys saw her in that (can’t say as I blame you) so once again we must remind you that 26 year-old Alexis appears fully nude in the movie Broken Flowers. (Come back when you’re done Googling.)

48. Renee Olstead

Actress | Still Standing

Born in Houston Texas, Renee Olstead has amassed over 9 seasons of television appearances as a regular on the hit CBS sitcom, Still Standing and ABC Family's The Secret Life of The American Teenager. Her latest starring role in the 2015 Universal Pictures / Blumhouse feature Unfriended, took the ...

19 Renee Olstead (2010 Rank: 8)

Apparently this 21 year-old actress and singer agreed with our assessment that she was highly underrated in 2010 as a whole mess of “leaked” pictures of the busty redhead hit the Internet this year showing off a few of the reasons why we think so highly of her. Watching the ABC Family show The Secret Life of the American Teenager just will never be the same, now will it?

49. Gemma Arterton

Actress | Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Gemma Christina Arterton was born in Gravesend, Kent, England, where she was raised. She is the daughter of Sally-Anne (Heap), a cleaner, and Barry J. Arterton, a welder. Her mother's cousin is singer-songwriter Eric Goulden.

Her parents divorced when she was age five, and Gemma subsequently lived ...

18 Gemma Arterton (2010 Rank: Unranked)

The 25 year-old former Bond Girl and Prince of Persia star was rumored to be in the running for the role Rosie Huntington-Whiteley ended up getting in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, but sadly didn’t get the role. If Gemma had gotten it perhaps she’d finally have gotten the recognition she deserves for her supreme sexiness.

50. Isabel Lucas

Actress | Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Isabel was born in Melbourne, Australia. Her father is Australian and her mother is Swiss. When she was age 6, her family moved to Switzerland for a year. They moved back to Melbourne for a while before moving to a very small mining town in the Northern Territory (population 1,000). Along with her ...

17 Isabel Lucas (2010 Rank: 7)

We thought that after her appearance in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen this gorgeous 26 year-old from Australia would be the next big thing. That didn’t happen. In fact Isabel went so unnoticed that she didn’t make any of the sexiest women in the world lists in 2011. Maybe her role in the upcoming reboot of the movie Red Dawn will do the trick.

51. Rachael Taylor

Actress | Transformers

Rachael Taylor grew up in Tasmania, Australia, with her parents Nigel and Christine Taylor. She began modelling during her teens, working for the Skye-Jilly International agency. She competed for Miss Teen Tasmania, as well as the Miss Universe/Miss World state finals. She moved to Sydney to ...

16 Rachael Taylor (2010 Rank: 4)

We still say that Rachael Taylor was sexier in Transformers than Megan Fox. Call us delusional (and you will), but who has a better movie career now? Okay, weak argument. Although we are quite interested to see how men feel about Rachael versus Megan once the reboot of the Charlie’s Angels TV series hits the airwaves.

52. Jarah Mariano

Actress | Minority Report

Jarah Mariano was born as Jarah-Evelyn Makalapua Mariano. She is an actress, known for Minority Report (2002), Rescue Me (2004) and The Girl from Monday (2005).

15 Jarah Mariano (2010 Rank: Unranked)

For some reason, when men think of sexy bikini and lingerie models, 26 year-old Jarah’s name rarely enters their mind. And that’s a mistake. All the proof you need is seeing her spreads in the 2008 and 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues or any of her work for Victoria’s Secret to know exactly what we’re talking about.

53. Ophelia Lovibond

Actress | Guardians of the Galaxy

Ophelia Lucy Lovibond is an English actress. She grew up in Shepherd's Bush, London, in a single-parent family. She was a scholarship student at Latymer Upper School. She also attended the Young Blood theatre company, a drama club for youth, in Hammersmith. She attended the University of Sussex to ...

14 Ophelia Lovibond (2010 Rank: Unranked)

If you haven’t seen Mr. Popper’s Penguins (and really why would you have) then you missed out on the highlight of the movie, this beautiful 25 year-old from London. We’re just hoping that movie executives saw what we saw and there’s a whole lot more Lovibond to come.

54. Emily Blunt

Actress | Edge of Tomorrow

Emily Olivia Leah Blunt is a British actress known for her roles in The Devil Wears Prada (2006), The Young Victoria (2009), Edge of Tomorrow (2014), and The Girl on the Train (2016), among many others.

Blunt was born on February 23, 1983, in Roehampton, South West London, England, the second of ...

13 Emily Blunt (2010 Rank: Unranked)

Blunt hasn’t played very many what we would call “sexy” roles in her film career. There have been flashes of her potential to be sure, but as a result the 28 year-old Brit is rarely mentioned when it comes to the sexiest celebrity females in the world. It’s an oversight we’d like to correct.

55. Ana de la Reguera

Actress | Nacho Libre

Ana de la Reguera grew up in the tropical state of Veracruz, on the Gulf Coast of Mexico. She began her performance arts studies in the Cultural Institute of Veracruz, then left for Televisa's Center for Artistic Education (CEA) and TV Aztecas' artistic institute (CEFAC) in Mexico City, later ...

12 Ana de la Reguera (2010 Rank: Unranked)

Last year we had a foreign actress on this list that we thought was going to hit it big here in the States (Kaya Scodelario) at some point so we thought we’d follow suit and do it again this year with Ana as our choice only this year’s its one that’s already been on a TV show here (Eastbound & Down). Get ready to see a lot more of her.

56. Jennifer Lawrence

Actress | The Hunger Games

Was the highest-paid actress in the world in 2015 and 2016. With her films grossing over $5.5 billion worldwide, Jennifer Lawrence is often cited as the most successful actor of her generation. She is also thus far the only person born in the 1990s to have won an acting Oscar.

Jennifer Shrader ...

11 Jennifer Lawrence (2010 Rank: Unranked)

20 year-old Jennifer is a relatively new player on the Hollywood scene, but she’s been a very successful one so far. That being said, when it comes to the discussion of the sexiest women in Hollywood not enough men seem to know who she is. Perhaps it’s the roles she’s played, but anyone who has seen her off the set knows that she’s going to be topping one of these sexiest women lists before her career is over.

57. Maggie Grace

Actress | Taken

Maggie currently stars as "Althea" on the popular AMC series "Fear the Walking Dead". She is most often recognized from the hit series "Lost" , "Californication" on Showtime, and the "Taken" and "Twilight" franchises. Maggie has also starred on Broadway in William Inge's Pulitzer Prize-winning "...

10 Maggie Grace (2010 Rank: Unranked)

If you haven’t seen the movies Knight and Day or Faster recently you may have forgotten that Maggie was also on Lost for three years. You also may have forgotten just how sexy Maggie is, which is a shame. Luckily (?) she’s set to appear in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn so she won’t be a forgotten hottie much longer.

58. Kate Beckinsale

Actress | Underworld: Evolution

Kate Beckinsale was born on 26 July 1973 in England, and has resided in London for most of her life. Her mother is Judy Loe, who has appeared in a number of British dramas and sitcoms and continues to work as an actress, predominantly in British television productions. Her father was Richard ...

9 Kate Beckinsale (2010 Rank: Unranked)

When we rated the 100 sexiest actresses working in America today, we provided a poll for the readers to select who they thought was the sexiest and they chose Kate. Good choice. So why is it that the woman our readers voted as the sexiest actress only appeared on one hot list (AskMen: #14) in 2011? Can you say, “Underrated?” I knew you could.

59. Beau Garrett

Actress | 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Hired by GUESS! in the late 1990s as one of their new, fresh faces, Beau Jesse Garrett was born in Beverly Hills, California and grew up in Topanga Canyon. She was discovered, as many are, by a scout who saw her in a local shopping mall. She has one sister. Recently, she has played a quite sensual ...

8 Beau Garrett (2010 Rank: Unranked)

28 year-old Beau has only really been acting in Hollywood since 2006, but her role in Tron: Legacy certainly got our attention. Add in the fact that she is also now a spokesmodel for Revlon along with Halle Berry, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Connelly and Jessica Alba, and you can see what direction this lovely lady’s career is heading.

60. Olga Kurylenko

Actress | Oblivion

Olga Kurylenko, a Ukrainian-born actress and model, went from sharing a cramped flat with her aunt, uncle, grandparents and cousin to starring as a Bond girl opposite Daniel Craig.

She was born Olga Konstantinovna Kurylenko on November 14, 1979, in Berdyansk, Ukraine, Soviet Union. Her mother, ...

7 Olga Kurylenko (2010 Rank: 2)

FHM ranked Olga the 66th most sexy woman in the world this year. That’s nice, but she really deserves more. As in we’d really like to see her get another sexy role like the one she played in Quantum of Solace. She reportedly is going to be in six movies in 2011 and 2012. Let’s hope one of them is actually a movie we’d pay to see.

61. Marion Cotillard

Actress | La môme

Academy Award-winning actress Marion Cotillard was born on September 30, 1975 in Paris. Cotillard is the daughter of Jean-Claude Cotillard, an actor, playwright and director, and Niseema Theillaud, an actress and drama teacher. Her father's family is Breton.

Raised in Orléans, France, she made her ...

6 Marion Cotillard (2010 Rank: Unranked)

This 35 year-old French actress is highly decorated for her acting skill. Now we’d like to honor her for being the sexy lady she also is. How a sexy French babe like Marion can appear in American films and go relatively unnoticed when it comes to people selecting the sexiest female celebrities year after year is one of life’s many mysteries.

62. Jamie Chung

Actress | Big Hero 6

Jamie Chung was born and raised in California, the daughter of Korean parents. She studied Economics at the University of California, Riverside. Chung's break came in 2004, when she was working in a sports bar. MTV held auditions for Real World (1992) there, she tried out, and was successful, ...

5 Jamie Chung (2010 Rank: Unranked)

Our choice as the sexiest actress working in Hollywood today, Jamie is on the verge of breaking out and breaking in to the minds and hearts of men the world over. Roles in this year’s The Hangover Part II and Sucker Punch are just the tip of the iceberg for this 28 year-old former reality TV star, as the people at ShoWest no doubt agree after giving her and her female cast mates of Sorority Row the Female Stars of Tomorrow Award in 2009.

63. Ciara

Actress | That's My Boy

Ciara was born in Austin, Texas October 25, 1985. She is the only child of Carlton and Jackie Harris. Due to her father being in the United States Army, she grew up on army bases in Germany, New York, Utah, California, Arizona, and Nevada. During her teens, Ciara and her family settled in Atlanta. ...

4 Ciara (2010 Rank: Unranked)

We don’t know if it’s connections, or musical tastes, but for some reason Ciara is rarely mentioned when discussing sexy female celebrities. Anyone that’s seen one of this 25 year-old singer’s concerts (or even just seen pictures of them) knows that is a terrible oversight by men everywhere.

64. Odette Annable

Actress | Cloverfield

Odette Annable was born Odette Juliette Yustman on 10 May, 1985, in Los Angeles, California. Her mother, Lydia Yustman née Nodarse, is Cuban, and her father, Victor Oscar Yustman, was born in Bogotá, Colombia, of French and Italian descent. Odette started her career with a minor role in the movie ...

3 Odette Annable (2010 Rank: Unranked)

A year ago she was known as Odette Yustman (the name most people know her by), now it’s Annable. Why? Because she got married to a guy with the last name Annable. Simple, right? But the name change isn’t helping 26 year-old Odette in the recognition department so we thought we’d do her a favor and remind everyone that though she may have a new name, she’s still just as sexy as ever.

65. Taylor Cole

Actress | Dumbbells

Born and raised in Arlington, Texas, Taylor Cole had a fulfilling high school experience. Proving to be a gifted athlete, she played on her high school's volleyball team and traveled around the country with the Junior Olympics squad.

Her stunning good looks also allowed her to travel around the ...

2 Taylor Cole (2010 Rank: Unranked)

This 27 year-old former model from Texas is our pick for becoming the next It Girl, even though we’re not sure what that means. If the definition of an It Girl is a woman who is so sexy that she blows your mind just about time you see her, then, yes, Taylor’s our choice. Now someone get this woman a Megan Fox-Transformers-type role pronto, please.

66. Amanda Seyfried

Actress | Les Misérables

Amanda Seyfried was born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania, to Ann (Sander), an occupational therapist, and Jack Seyfried, a pharmacist. She is of German, and some English and Scottish, ancestry. She began modeling when she was eleven, and acted in high school productions as well as taking ...

1 Amanda Seyfried (2010 Rank: Unranked)

If you don’t have HBO or aren’t a big fan of quirky movies you may not be real familiar with this 25 year-old blonde from the acting hotbed of Allentown, Pennsylvania. We, however, have been fans of Amanda’s since she appeared in Mean Girls starring our favorite convict Lindsay Lohan, the polar opposite of Amanda when it comes to a career trajectory.

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