A comprehensive list of Portuguese films

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1. Saída do Pessoal Operário da Fábrica Confiança (1896)

1 min | Documentary, Short

A large number of workers, mostly young women, leave by the front door of their work place at lunch time. The building has an impressive colonnaded facade, and is located at 181, Santa ... See full summary »

Director: Aurélio da Paz dos Reis

Votes: 89

2. Frei Bonifácio (1918)


To shorten the way, Bonifácio Mendes a small-minded muleteer decides to cross the Mafra cover.

Director: George Pallu | Stars: Maria das Neves, Duarte Silva, António Vale

4. Barbanegra (1920)


Between the elegant areas of Cascais and Lisbon, Barbanegra a dangerous delinquent acts under the identity of the insinuating Marquis de Serpa.

Director: George Pallu | Stars: María Campos, José Cardoso, Maria de Oliveira, Manuel Dos Santos Oliveira

5. Amor de Perdição (1921)

184 min | Drama, Family, Romance

Simão loves Teresa whose father wants her to marry cousin Baltazar instead. The two lovers meet secretly; Baltazar pays a thug to kill his rival, and Simão is badly wounded. Teresa is ... See full summary »

Director: George Pallu | Stars: Pato Moniz, António Pinheiro, Brunilde Júdice, Irene Grave

Votes: 7

6. Quando o Amor Fala (1921)


An interesting comedy (of Ads), in "unpretentious production".

Director: George Pallu | Stars: María Campos, Maria de Oliveira, Rafael Marques, Duarte Silva

7. Os Fidalgos da Casa Mourisca (1921)


The amorous sacrifices of the daughter of Tomé da Póvoa, Berta, with the gentleman Jorge and, in parallel, the warm connection of the other son of Dom Luis, Maurício, with dedicated cousin Gabriela.

Director: George Pallu | Stars: Erico Braga, Aurora Celeste, Salvador Costa, Adelina Fernandes

8. O Destino (1922)


Traveling by car to Sintra, a mysterious lady, arriving in Lisbon by ship, is the victim of an accident.

Director: George Pallu | Stars: Palmira Bastos, Maria Emília Castelo Branco, Maria Clementina, Henrique de Albuquerque

9. Os Faroleiros (1922)

72 min | Drama

In a community of fishermen, a love triangle stands out, whose conflict culminates in a lighthouse isolated from the coast.

Director: Maurice Mariaud | Stars: Maurice Mariaud, A. Castro Neves, Castro Neves, Abegaida De Almeida

Votes: 34

10. O Primo Basílio (1923)


Luísa, three years ago, Jorge's wife, who is about to leave on a mission to the Alentejo, is aware of the arrival of his cousin Basilio, after a long stay in Brazil, where he seems to have made a fortune.

Director: George Pallu | Stars: Amélia Rey Colaço, Raul de Carvalho, António Duarte, Arthur Duarte

11. Cláudia (1923)

74 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

Modern version of the Cinderella story.

Director: George Pallu | Stars: Francine Mussey, Erico Braga, Emilia D'Oliveira, Júlio Cunha

12. Mulheres da Beira (1923)

74 min | Drama, Romance

Ana doesn't care for the pure love André devotes her, and turns her heart towards a noble man that is just lightly interested in her. Ana will experience the agony of being abandoned, and must contemplate the reclusion of a nun's life.

Directors: Rino Lupo, George Pallu | Stars: Brunilde Júdice, António Pinheiro, Mário Santos, Rafael Marques

Votes: 17

13. Lucros... Ilícitos (1923)

82 min | Comedy, Drama

Frankly, the Jewish banker Carlos Gold manages to transform into his criminal instrument a certain adventurer, who had tried to steal it after losing, in a gambling house, all the money he had.

Director: George Pallu | Stars: Francine Mussey, António Pinheiro, Mario Pedro, Júlio Cunha

14. Tinoco em Bolandas (1924)


The hilarious domestic hardships of Duarte Tinoco, a married man but of free heart.

Director: António Pinheiro | Stars: Rafael Alves, Maria Clementina, Maria Olguim, George Pallu

15. O Fado (1924)

21 min | Drama, Short, Musical

Life and loves of Severa, a popular Fado-singer.

Director: Maurice Mariaud | Stars: Eduardo Brazão, Sarah Cunha, Emilia D'Oliveira, Raul de Carvalho

Votes: 5

16. Tragédia de Amor (1924)


The ordeal of Maria das Dores, a young woman who, to escape the ill-treatment of her drunken father, to the misery and horror of an equivocal situation, runs away from home.

Director: António Pinheiro | Star: António Pinheiro

17. As Pupilas do Senhor Reitor (1924)

127 min | Drama

The distinctive loves of Margarida and Clara, the distinct morals of Pedro and Daniel, the goodness of João Semana.

Director: Maurice Mariaud | Stars: Maria de Oliveira, Maria Helena, Arthur Duarte, Vasco de Gondomar

19. O Táxi 9297 (1927)

80 min | Crime, Thriller

The story of this film is based on actual facts, the murder of actress Maria Alves, and the investigation that ensued, covered by Reinaldo Ferreira himself. Ferreira also wrote a novel based on the same facts.

Director: Reinaldo Ferreira | Stars: Maria Emília Castelo Branco, Alves da Costa, Alexandre Amores, Fernanda Alves da Costa

Votes: 20

20. Fátima Milagrosa (1928)

159 min | Drama, Family

Aninhas (Aida Lupo), a paralyzed girl, asks for a miracle from the saint of her devotion, Our Lady of Lourdes, at the chapel of Penha (Guimarães), but her prayer is not heard - She turns ... See full summary »

Director: Rino Lupo | Stars: Rafael Alves, Carlos Azevedo, Beatriz Costa, Maria Judice da Costa

21. José do Telhado (1929)

177 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

During a period of social turmoil, when the police was blocked by the civil war between conservative and liberal monarchists, a gang leader became popular, as he started distributing to the poor what he robbed from the rich.

Director: Rino Lupo | Stars: Carlos Azedo, Julieta Palmeiro, Maria Emília Castelo Branco, Luís Magalhães

23. A Dança dos Paroxismos (1929)

46 min

A surreal short film in which a young man embarks on a journey through villages and the countryside.

Director: Jorge Brum do Canto | Stars: Machado Correia, Jorge Brum do Canto, Maria Do Carmo, Maria Emília Vilas

Votes: 82

24. Lisboa (1930)

88 min | Comedy

Caleidoscope of documentary-like scenes and re-enacted episodes of a day in the life of a large port town - Lisbon, from the old district around Saint George's Castle down to the docks and ... See full summary »

Director: José Leitão de Barros | Stars: Adelina Abranches, Chaby Pinheiro, Alves da Cunha, Estevão Amarante

Votes: 41

25. Maria do Mar (1930)

94 min | Drama, Romance

Falacha is the captain of a fishing boat of Nazaré who lost part of his men in a shipwreck. Among them was the husband of Aunt Aurélia, who holds Falacha responsible for this tragedy. A few... See full summary »

Director: José Leitão de Barros | Stars: Rosa María, Oliveira Martins, Adelina Abranches, Alves da Cunha

Votes: 59

26. A Portuguesa de Nápoles (1931)

Biography, Drama

Naples, 1799. During the reign of Ferdinand IV, which consubstantiated the tyranny of the Bourbons and the British, the Portuguese Leonor da Fonseca Pimentel (1752-1799) became suspect to the henchmen of the Junta de Estado.

Director: Henrique Costa | Stars: Heloisa Clara, Maria do Ceu Foz, António Pinheiro, Barreto Poeira

27. A Severa (1931)

110 min | Drama

The (too brief) life, the (ardent) loves and the (too early) death of Maria Severa Onofirana (1820-1846), better known as "A Severa", a beautiful gypsy who, besides being a prostitute, sang... See full summary »

Director: José Leitão de Barros | Stars: Dina Teresa, António Luis Lopes, Antonio Lavradio, Ribeiro Lopes

Votes: 50

28. A Canção de Lisboa (1933)

85 min | Comedy, Musical

After flunking in medical school, the young and bohemian Vasco need to trick his aunts, the main financers of his studies, preventing them to know that he is not a doctor.

Director: José Cottinelli Telmo | Stars: Vasco Santana, Beatriz Costa, António Silva, Teresa Gomes

Votes: 1,125

29. Gado Bravo (1934)

115 min | Comedy, Romance

A love triangle set in Lisbon between German singer Nina, bullfighter Garrido and local girl Branca.

Directors: António Lopes Ribeiro, Max Nosseck | Stars: Nita Brandao, Olly Gebauer, Mariana Alves, Raul de Carvalho

Votes: 18

30. As Pupilas do Senhor Reitor (1935)

102 min | Drama, Romance

Adaptation of a novel by Júlio Dinis, depicting the romantic and rustic life in Portugal, circa 1863.

Director: José Leitão de Barros | Stars: Joaquim Almada, Maria Matos, António Silva, Leonor d'Eça

Votes: 46

31. Bocage (1936)

124 min | Biography, Drama, Romance

Bocage is a former navy officer, a cultured gentleman, a passionate man, and a poet. He lived in the second half of the 18th century, and he goes through a number of relationships, writing ... See full summary »

Director: José Leitão de Barros | Stars: Raul de Carvalho, Maria Albertina, Silvestre Alegrim, Carlos Alves

Votes: 8

32. O Trevo de Quatro Folhas (1936)

110 min | Comedy, Musical

José Maria, whom they always confuse with someone, ends up convincing himself that he is like everyone else, enjoying the pleasure of getting settled in the lives of others.

Director: Chianca de Garcia | Stars: Nascimento Fernandes, Beatriz Costa, Procópio Ferreira, Mafalda Evandauns

34. Maria Papoila (I) (1937)

105 min | Comedy

A humble country girl moves to the city to work as a maid, eventually finding love and adventure.

Director: José Leitão de Barros | Stars: Mirita Casimiro, António Silva, Eduardo Fernandes, Alves da Costa

Votes: 59

35. A Canção da Terra (1938)

115 min | Drama

In Porto Santo, a small island next to Madeira the drought rages and Gonçalves, a local farmer, tries to overcome the catastrophe, with the help of Bastiana, whom he dearly loves. João ... See full summary »

Director: Jorge Brum do Canto | Stars: Elsa Rumina, Barreto Poeira, Óscar de Lemos, João Manuel

Votes: 47

36. A Rosa do Adro (1938)

92 min | Drama, History, Romance

The ill-conceived loves of Rosa, a modest seamstress, and Fernando a doctor, leaving in the shadow the fateful passion of António (a liberal) for the young woman.

Director: Chianca de Garcia | Stars: Maria Lalande, Elsa Rumina, Oliveira Martins, Tomás de Macedo

Votes: 7

37. Os Fidalgos da Casa Mourisca (1938)

117 min | Drama

The amorous sacrifices of the daughter of Tomé da Póvoa, Berta, with the gentleman Jorge and, simultaneously, the warm connection of the other son of D. Luís, Maurício, with the devoted cousin Gabriela.

Director: Arthur Duarte | Stars: Silvestre Alegrim, Henrique Campos, Teresa Casal, María Castelar

38. Varanda dos Rouxinóis (1939)

102 min | Comedy, Romance

Madalena and Eduardo are in love, but their future is at risk when he accepts to follow a competitive cycling career, and she rejects to be a stage actress. He will be acclaimed during the ... See full summary »

Director: José Leitão de Barros | Stars: Oliveira Martins, Madalena Sotto, Noé de Almeida, Maria Matos

Votes: 9

39. Aldeia da Roupa Branca (1939)

92 min | Comedy

The story of how Gracinda, a young washerwoman, tries to revitalize her decadent business with the help of Chico, for whom she's in love, and her uncle, who has a fiery rivalry with Quitéria, owner of another laundry business.

Director: Chianca de Garcia | Stars: Beatriz Costa, Manuel Santos Carvalho, José Amaro, Óscar de Lemos

Votes: 271

40. Feitiço do Império (1940)

146 min | Drama

Francisco Morais emigrated to the United States but keeps a strong

Director: António Lopes Ribeiro | Stars: Luís de Campos, Isabel Tovar, Alves da Cunha, Emilia D'Oliveira

Votes: 11

41. João Ratão (1940)

98 min | Drama

João Ratão is a Portuguese soldier in the Flandres battle-front,

Director: Jorge Brum do Canto | Stars: Óscar de Lemos, Maria Domingas, António Silva, Manuel Santos Carvalho

Votes: 46

42. The Tyrannical Father (1941)

114 min | Comedy

Francisco, salesman in a shoe store, is totally in love with Tatão, which sells perfume in the same street. But he is an amateur theater actor, as she hates theater and is a fan of cinema. Will this unlikely love endure?

Director: António Lopes Ribeiro | Stars: Vasco Santana, Francisco Ribeiro, Leonor Maia, Barroso Lopes

Votes: 586

43. The Courtyard of the Ballads (1942)

121 min | Comedy, Musical

This classic of Portuguese cinema depicts the friendships and rivalries of the inhabitants of a square in downtown Lisbon, where exists a spirit of familiarity between neighbors.

Director: Francisco Ribeiro | Stars: Maria das Neves, Vasco Santana, António Silva, Laura Alves

Votes: 1,000

44. Ala-Arriba! (1942)

94 min | Drama, Romance

In a village of poor fishermen in the North of Portugal, João Moço and Julha fall in love. Unfortunately they belong to two different fisher castes and the community as well as their respective families condemn their love...

Director: José Leitão de Barros | Stars: Ilidio Rocha Silvestre, Elsa Bea-Flor, João Moço, Nicolau

Votes: 76

46. Aniki Bóbó (1942)

71 min | Drama, Family

The story takes place in the old streets of Porto and by the banks of the Douro River. A gang of very young kids has just accepted a new member, Carlitos, a shy boy who has "played it tough... See full summary »

Director: Manoel de Oliveira | Stars: Nascimento Fernandes, Vital dos Santos, António Palma, Armando Pedro

Votes: 1,376