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1. Air Band or How I Hated Being Bobby Manelli's Blonde Headed Friend (2005)

28 min | Short, Comedy

Friendship, Rivalry, and Rock-n-roll all set in the late 80's. Darren struggles to get out of the shadow of his very popular friend, Bobby Manelli, instead of only being known as 'his blonde headed friend'.

Director: Darrell C. Hazelrig | Stars: Brittaney Beddingfield, Christopher Bell, Bobby Bowen, Meghan Choat

Votes: 27

2. My Wallet (2006)

8 min | Short, Comedy

In the tradition of Bugs & Daffy comes the live action, My Wallet. In a quiet neighborhood a dude with a gun is loose. It won't be quiet for long.

Director: Richard Gonzales | Stars: Reed Diamond, J.D. Mata, Geryd Gonzales, Gavyn Gonzales

Votes: 23

3. Wipe Out! (2008)

15 min | Short, Comedy

What happens when Hank and Isabella swing on down to Boogie Beach? What sort of wacky antics will Hot Dog get himself into this time? And why is an FBI Agent lurking around their teenage ... See full summary »

Director: Ryan Suits | Stars: Shauna Mulligan, Anthony Pellechio, Jeff Washko, Maria Papaleo

Votes: 20

4. American Piety (2008)

25 min | Short, Comedy

A self-absorbed man gets hit by a car, goes to purgatory, and has to choose a religion to get back to Earth.

Director: Steven Karageanes | Stars: Michael G. Welch, Megan Grober, Michael Naltner, Saurin Choksi

Votes: 24

5. Biscuits (2011)

Short, Comedy

A comedy about a man trying to enjoy his morning coffee with biscuits, but gets interrupted by a hot shot business man who keeps on stealing his biscuits. He takes on the challenge to a duel of honour by who can eat the most biscuits.

Director: Gabriel M. Bauer | Stars: Michiel de Jong, Hugo Konings

Votes: 35

6. Jimmy's House of Hugs (2004)

6 min | Comedy, Short

Welcome to Jimmy's House of Hugs where women come for hugs and comfort. Meet Jimmy, his employees, and clients, as Jimmy explains how his business came to be and how it meets the needs of women.

Director: Julia Radochia | Stars: Anne Allaire, Eric Casaccio, Alfred DiMaio, P.J. Marino

Votes: 53

7. I Just Want to Eat My Sandwich (2007)

7 min | Short, Comedy

Susan is a busy QA tester trying to eat her lunch at her desk, but she keeps getting interrupted by her co-workers. What's a gal to do when she can't get a bite in edgewise?

Director: Julia Radochia | Stars: Rachael Lillis, Jonathan J. Donahue, Michael Patrick Sullivan, Penny Benson

Votes: 48

8. The Heirloom Incident (2008)

Short, Comedy

Having lost his wife's family heirloom and certain that if it is not found by the time his mother-in-law arrives he will lose his wife, Eric posts an ad in the paper, recruiting help with digging through the snow in his race against time.

Director: Mark Cartier | Stars: Caleb Fricke, Ava Lange, David Moffett, Chuck Deeter

Votes: 11

10. Fetch (2004)

8 min | Short, Comedy

Father, son, and family dog embark on an ice fishing expedition. The ice, however, proves too thick to break. The family works to break the ice of the lake, as well as the ice of their ... See full synopsis »

Director: David May | Stars: James Conway, Tanner London

Votes: 39

11. A Very Special Episode (2009)

11 min | Short, Comedy

On July 20, 1985 ABC aired a 'very special episode' of the sitcom, "Too Close For Comfort" entitled: "For Every Man, There's Two Women." In 2006, stories began to surface on the Internet of... See full summary »

Director: Ethan James Duff | Stars: Richard Bekins, Fred Berman, Shonali Bhowmik, Benjamin Cantor

Votes: 6

12. Go Time! (2005)

Short, Comedy

Go Time! revolves mainly around our two heroes Lance and Bruce who find themselves in a risky situation with no back up - but that doesn't stop them from jumping into a situation where they... See full summary »

Director: The McQuaid Brothers | Stars: Loring Murtha, Rob Brock, James FitzGerald, Layla Rose

Votes: 16

13. Peace (2005)

TV-PG | 17 min | Short, Comedy

"Peace" is a brutal comedy that tells the story of Howard and Betty as they struggle through Howard's attempt to preserve his sanity in the golden years.

Director: Mike Doto | Stars: Kurtwood Smith, Nancy Lenehan, Barbara French, Suanne Spoke

Votes: 51

14. The Amazing Trousers (2007)

TV-G | 12 min | Short, Comedy

The Amazing Trousers is a comic and Gothic tale, set in Edwardian England. The story follows Henry, a meek loser who agrees to buy a pair of red trousers from a mysterious wheel-chair bound... See full summary »

Director: William Felix Clark | Stars: David Bamber, Alice Eve, Kris Marshall

Votes: 75

15. World of Wrestling (2007)

Short, Comedy

The heroes and villains from the Golden Age of British wrestling must grapple against the odds to make it home safely from a night out on the tiles on-board a red double-decker bus.

Director: Ben Gregor | Stars: Jonathan Ryland, Mackenzie Crook, Stewart Wright, Patrick Baladi

Votes: 63

16. Phobias (2006)

TV-PG | 8 min | Short, Comedy

A fantastical tale of an evil receptionist wtih the power to make fears, reality. In this strange arena, scissors fly, beards grow and dances erupt as she reduces the patients to emotional ... See full summary »

Directors: Bert, Bertie | Stars: Andrew Buckley, Isobel Hurll, Paul Kaye, Kiki Kendrick

Votes: 44

17. Kind of a Blur (2005)

TV-MA | 9 min | Short, Comedy

When two lovers reunite after a party in the mountains, his murky recollection of their night leads to an embarrassing dilemma.

Director: Jon Goldman | Stars: Sandra Oh, John Wright

Votes: 36

18. Stingray (2006)

TV-PG | 13 min | Short, Comedy

Struggling writer Kurt has just lost another book pitch. After vividly reliving the experience he visits his local Aquatic Pet shop to buy a new fish. Here he runs into a pretty young woman... See full summary »

Director: Neil Chordia | Stars: Mathew Horne, Lucy Punch, Dominic West, Kate Isitt

Votes: 51

19. Manscaping (2009)

TV-MA | 17 min | Short, Comedy

William: a Los Angeles stud, Jimmy: a fun-loving Miami boy and Farrell: a hard-working Kansas man all reached an important moment in their lives...Manscaping. Each man chooses the best ... See full summary »

Director: Shanra Kehl | Stars: Diane Chambers, David Glasser, Samantha Gutstadt, Benjamin Hart

Votes: 9

20. The Quiet Assassin (2005)

TV-MA | 15 min | Short, Comedy

Jimmy Law was a loser, a nobody, abused by the system, by his wife, and by his obnoxious boss. But his life is about to change...forever. A chance discovery propels Law into a whole new ... See full summary »

Director: Alex Hardcastle | Stars: Lauren Cohan, Jack Dee, Simon Greenall, Anna Savva

Votes: 51

21. Orion Slave Girls Must Die!!! (2007)

TV-PG | 24 min | Short, Comedy

This is the voyage of Jules and Matt, best friends whose lives are devoted to Star Trek...and devoid of girls. When Matt falls for Stacey, an alluring sorority girl, he ashamedly hides his ... See full summary »

Director: Eric Kallevig | Stars: Nicholas Downs, Matt Jones, Hilary Holmes, Blake Armstrong

Votes: 35

22. A Little Light (2006)

TV-MA | 22 min | Short, Comedy, Fantasy

A Los Angeles Parking Enforcer falls for a beautiful bartender in the midst of a strange phenomenon where random people around the world are being sucked into the sky.

Director: Ben Zlotucha | Stars: Paul Hungerford, Marisa Petroro, Jon Southwell, Alan Thicke

Votes: 39

23. Validation (2007)

16 min | Short, Comedy, Romance

A fable about a parking attendant who gives his customers REAL validation -- dispensing both free parking and free compliments.

Director: Kurt Kuenne | Stars: T.J. Thyne, Vicki Davis, Dave Kuhr, Pam Cook

Votes: 4,299

24. Spanish Walk (2010)

12 min | Short, Action, Comedy

The stubborn and egocentric police agent Peter, has but one week to convert dressage horse Jacques into the mighty stallion he once road into combat.

Director: Ruben Bults | Stars: Antonie Kamerling, Ton Pompert, Helge Slikker, Peter Timmer

Votes: 28

25. The Plan (IV) (2012)

20 min | Short, Action, Drama

When Peter Radley wakes up in a warehouse, tied up to a chair and blindfolded, the thought of being abducted for a ransom is the only plausible explanation in his frightened mind. Things ... See full summary »

Directors: Amanda Grillini, Mirko Grillini | Stars: Evie Cooper, Kaushik Das, Anthony Edwards, Amanda Grillini

Votes: 8

26. Invisible X (2012)

13 min | Short, Drama, Thriller

X struggles with the undeniable truth of losing his longtime girlfriend the night of a wild costume party.

Director: Ryan Garretson | Stars: Nick Paglino, Marjorie LeWit, Lawrence Jansen, Carolina Bartczak

Votes: 16

27. Edgar Allan Poe's the Raven (2011)

11 min | Short, Drama, Thriller

December 1959: Poe, a young writer, has locked himself inside his seedy Hollywood motel room. Astray in his projected memories, he gets a visit from a dark bird named, 'Nevermore.'

Directors: Christopher Saphire, Don Thiel | Stars: Anna Healy, Christopher Saphire

Votes: 32

28. Ouija (I) (2012)

12 min | Short, Drama, Horror

After being encouraged by her friends Sarah and Angela, teenager Deanne, plays Ouija to contact the spirit of her recently deceased boyfriend, Tom. Deanne will soon find out that there is ... See full summary »

Director: John Berardo | Stars: James Berardo, Caitlin Bower, Maxwell Hamilton, Will Lowell

Votes: 56

29. Jet (2013)

8 min | Short, Mystery

Jet is an unfortunate man whose best-laid plans are foiled by a little girl. Caught up in the middle of a disturbing crime, will he be able to save the little girl's life, and his own, or will his decisions destroy them both?

Director: Jordan Daniel Chesney | Stars: Mark Scarboro, Rachel St. Gelais, Tom Scott, Brett Gentile

Votes: 51

30. Spare Change (II) (2010)

13 min | Short, Drama

A light-hearted, urban fable about a homeless man's attempt to connect to the busy world around him.

Director: Aaron Greer | Stars: Hugh Blewett, Jeff Fitzsimmons, Marti Gobel, John Kishline

Votes: 13

31. Vanessa Rising (2009)

12 min | Short, Drama

A depressed woman's symptoms manifest into debilitating extremes.

Director: E. Charlton-Trujillo | Stars: Aaron Michael Reilly, Rebekah Voss, Suzanne Bracken, Erin Anne MacDonald

Votes: 20

32. Real-Life Mallory (2010)

27 min | Short, Drama

Re-diagnosed with an illness, this time at a terminal stage, Mallory decides to regain control of her life. At a "goodbye" dinner party, her closest friends are not as accepting of her decision as she is, making for an intense evening.

Director: R.L. Maynard | Stars: Briana Pozner, Sean LeeRoy, Mike Mizwicki, Elspeth Turner

Votes: 11

33. Out of Time (IV) (2011)

8 min | Short, Drama