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Recopilation of movies about LGBT.

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1. Odem (2010)

8 min | Short, Drama, Mystery

A fragile ballerina like young girl awake in a complete white room. A deep and sharp voice cut through the silence. At the end of the room is a mirror placed. In this mirror she can see her... See full summary »

Directors: Maria Habekost, Andreas Melcher | Stars: Sibylla Brouër, Werner Deutsch

2. Wish Me Away (2011)

Not Rated | 120 min | Documentary, Biography, Music

66 Metascore

After a lifetime of hiding, Chely Wright becomes the first commercial country music singer to come out as gay, shattering cultural stereotypes within Nashville, her conservative heartland ... See full summary »

Directors: Bobbie Birleffi, Beverly Kopf | Stars: Chely Wright, Jennifer Archer, Howard Bragman, Tony Brown

Votes: 319 | Gross: $0.02M

3. August (III) (2011)

Not Rated | 99 min | Drama, Romance

August tells the story of two former lovers, Troy and Jonathan, who reunite after a long ago painful breakup. After spending several years in Spain, Troy returns to Los Angeles and decides ... See full summary »

Director: Eldar Rapaport | Stars: Murray Bartlett, Edward Conna, Adrian Gonzalez, Daniel Dugan

Votes: 1,536

4. Daughters of Lesbos (1968)

Not Rated | 64 min | Drama

Exploitative look at a secret lesbian club.

Director: Peter Woodcock | Stars: Geri Miller, Linda Boyce, Jo Sweet, Jackie Richards

Votes: 99

6. Let My People Go! (2011)

Not Rated | 96 min | Comedy, Romance

37 Metascore

At Passover, Reuben, a French-Jewish man living in Finland with his Nordic boyfriend, finds himself back in Paris with his zany family after a lovers' quarrel.

Director: Mikael Buch | Stars: Nicolas Maury, Carmen Maura, Jean-François Stévenin, Amira Casar

Votes: 540 | Gross: $0.02M

7. Desperados

Comedy | Announced

Three women head to Mexico to set right a situation.

Director: Betty Thomas

8. Frauensee (2012)

Not Rated | 85 min | Drama

A glorious weekend in the waning days of summer. The protagonist, Rosa, is a guardian of the lakes in the magical hinterland north of Berlin and she is a professional fisher. Her lover, ... See full summary »

Director: Zoltan Paul | Stars: Nele Rosetz, Therese Hämer, Lea Draeger, Constanze Wächter

Votes: 186

9. The Flemish Vampire (2007)

100 min | Horror

Frank, a vet, discovers that his daughter has a lesbian relationship. When he tries to confront her rehearsal of a play named "The Flemish Vampire" something unexpected happens.

Director: R. Kan Albay | Stars: Chahid Abdessalami, Nele Allaert, Jamal Boujouh, Yuri D. Brown

Votes: 35

11. The Truth About Gay Sex (2001 TV Special)

51 min | Documentary

Part documentary, part primer, this film attempts to answer all of those burning questions... it offers sex advice, medical tips, and even some etiquette along with a rolling glossary across the bottom of the screen.

Director: Kristiene Clarke

Votes: 6

12. Anything Once (1969)

X | 78 min | Drama

A lesbian actress in a Broadway play sets her sights for her two beautiful co-stars.

Director: Graham Place | Stars: Ann Wells, Tony Gianelli, Elizabeth Cole, Louis Waldon

Votes: 19

13. Heat (1972)

R | 102 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

"Heat" is a parody of "Sunset Boulevard." Joey Davis, an unemployed ex-child actor, uses sex to get his landlady, Lydia, to reduce his rent, and then tries to exert his influence on Sally ... See full summary »

Director: Paul Morrissey | Stars: Joe Dallesandro, Sylvia Miles, Andrea Feldman, Pat Ast

Votes: 1,525

14. The Gift (II) (2003)

62 min | Documentary

Controversial documentary about gay men purposely contracting the AIDS virus.

Director: Louise Hogarth | Star: Doug Hitzel

Votes: 190

15. By Hook or by Crook (2001)

98 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

47 Metascore

By Hook or by Crook chronicles the tale of two unlikely friends who commit petty crimes as they search for a path to understanding themselves and the outside world. Silas Howard plays Shy (... See full summary »

Directors: Harry Dodge, Silas Howard | Stars: Silas Howard, Harry Dodge, Stanya Kahn, Carina Gia

Votes: 242 | Gross: $0.00M

16. The Trials of Oscar Wilde (1960)

PG | 123 min | Biography, Drama, History

At the height of his fame, Oscar Wilde angers the Marquis of Queensberry by having what is (correctly) believed to be a romantic relationship with Queensberry's son Lord Alfred Douglas ("... See full summary »

Director: Ken Hughes | Stars: Peter Finch, Yvonne Mitchell, James Mason, Nigel Patrick

Votes: 656

17. Hei yan quan (2006)

115 min | Drama, Romance

78 Metascore

A day laborer is badly beaten, and a young man nurses him back to health.

Director: Ming-liang Tsai | Stars: Kang-sheng Lee, Shiang-chyi Chen, Norman Atun, Pearlly Chua

Votes: 1,715 | Gross: $0.02M

18. Lipstikka (2011)

90 min | Drama, Thriller

Two women reunite in London, where they go over the details of a life-changing event which occurred when they were teenagers in Jerusalem.

Director: Jonathan Sagall | Stars: Clara Khoury, Nataly Attiya, Daniel Caltagirone, Moran Rosenblatt

Votes: 147

19. Tierra madre (2010)

Not Rated | 62 min | Drama

The true story of a woman on the Mexican border determined to raise her children with her female partner.

Director: Dylan Verrechia | Stars: Aidée González, Rosalba Valenzuela, Yesenia Espinoza, Raúl Rodriguez Rodriguez

Votes: 89

20. Three Veils (2011)

117 min | Drama

Three Veils is the story of three young Muslim women whose lives unexpectedly intersect as they deal with issues of sexuality, tradition, and identity. To the outside world, they seem to be... See full summary »

Director: Rolla Selbak | Stars: Sheetal Sheth, Angela Zahra, Mercedes Mason, Madline Tabar

Votes: 211

21. Tremble & Spark (2009)

Short, Crime, Drama

In a depraved and forgotten pocket of Philadelphia, a ruby-lipped beauty is brutally strangled. But this Kewpie doll is just another stiff Jane in a city so deep in dirty deals and sordid ... See full summary »

Director: Kelly Burkhardt | Stars: Cathy DeBuono, Jessica Graham, Shaun Paul Costello, Heather Coutts

Votes: 36

22. Naked As We Came (2012)

Not Rated | 87 min | Drama

Love, loss and hope are tumultuously explored amidst a tranquil backdrop and asks us all the question: What is your dream?

Director: Richard LeMay | Stars: Ben Weaver, Karmine Alers, S. Lue McWilliams, Ryan Vigilant

Votes: 1,297

23. The Adored (2012)

Not Rated | 91 min | Drama, Mystery, Romance

Photographer Francesca builds Maia's confidence while having to control her own obsessive and sexual desires towards Maia. As they spend more time together, Maia becomes the object of her obsession and things slowly spiral out of control.

Directors: Carl Medland, Amarjeet Singh | Stars: Laura Martin-Simpson, Ione Butler, Jake Maskall, Caroline Burns Cooke

Votes: 105

24. The Fox (1967)

R | 110 min | Drama

Based on D.H. Lawrence's novella about two young women - sickly, chattering Jill Banford and quiet, strong Ellen March - who are trying, hopelessly, to run a chicken farm in Canada. A ... See full summary »

Director: Mark Rydell | Stars: Keir Dullea, Sandy Dennis, Anne Heywood, Glynne Morris

Votes: 847

25. From the Edge of the City (1998)

Unrated | 94 min | Crime, Drama

47 Metascore

A group of Pontian Greek immigrant teenage dreamers dwelling marginalised in the notorious and lustreless wild suburbia, witness the city's repulsive face and an unrelenting world defined by prostitution, drugs, and inevitably, loss.

Director: Constantine Giannaris | Stars: Stathis Papadopoulos, Costas Kotsianidis, Panayiotis Hartomatzidis, Dimitris Papoulidis

Votes: 1,148

27. Leave It on the Floor (2011)

Not Rated | 105 min | Comedy, Drama, Musical

Set in the ballroom world originally memorialized by the documentary Paris Is Burning, Leave It on the Floor is an original musical set in the scene in Los Angeles 2011.

Director: Sheldon Larry | Stars: Ephraim Sykes, Andre Myers, Phillip Evelyn, Barbie-Q

Votes: 360

28. Dear Diary: The Story of Two Women in Love (2000 Video)

Not Rated | 85 min | Drama

Recovering from a breakup, rock singer Kate falls in love with her computer teacher Bonnie. Kate goes through a maze of emotional highs and lows, and throughout it all, Kate's manager, Mary... See full summary »

Director: Karl Petry | Stars: Jo-Ann Barton, Mary De Michele, Deana Demko, Lou Pennacchio

Votes: 5

30. Monique (1970)

X | 88 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Monique is a vivacious French au pair girl who not only looks after the children, but also sexually satisfies the parents.

Director: John Bown | Stars: David Sumner, Joan Alcorn, Sibylla Kay, Nicola Bown

Votes: 84

31. L.I.E. (2001)

R | 97 min | Crime, Drama

73 Metascore

A 15-year-old Long Island boy loses everything and everyone he knows, soon becoming involved in a relationship with a much older man.

Director: Michael Cuesta | Stars: Brian Cox, Paul Dano, Bruce Altman, Billy Kay

Votes: 8,980 | Gross: $1.14M

32. Forbidden Science (2009– )

TV-MA | 30 min | Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

Forbidden Science is a unique blend of noir science fiction and erotic programming combining intelligent scripts, attractive characters with great production value. Set in the near future, ... See full summary »

Stars: Vanessa Broze, Joanne Alderson, Levi Freeman, Noelle DuBois

Votes: 506

33. Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss (1998)

R | 92 min | Comedy, Romance

Billy is a gay fine-arts photographer who falls in love with straight coffee-shop waiter Gabriel.

Director: Tommy O'Haver | Stars: Sean Hayes, Brad Rowe, Armando Valdes-Kennedy, Mr. Dan

Votes: 3,401 | Gross: $2.02M

34. Full Speed (1996)

85 min | Drama, Romance

A brief extract of four kids' lives somewhere in France. Quentin, who won a writers contest and now pays more attention to his career as an author than to his friends, beautiful Julie, his ... See full summary »

Director: Gaël Morel | Stars: Élodie Bouchez, Stéphane Rideau, Pascal Cervo, Meziane Bardadi

Votes: 753

35. Humpday (2009)

R | 94 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

74 Metascore

Two guys take their bromance to another level when they participate in an art film project.

Director: Lynn Shelton | Stars: Mark Duplass, Joshua Leonard, Alycia Delmore, Lynn Shelton

Votes: 5,006 | Gross: $0.41M

36. Naked Boys Singing! (2007)

Not Rated | 95 min | Comedy, Musical

Musical Review of gay experiences as told through song, stage choreography and full male nudity.

Directors: Robert Schrock, Troy Christian | Stars: Andrew Blake Ames, Jason Currie, Jaymes Hodges, Joseph Keane

Votes: 672 | Gross: $0.03M

37. Newcastle (2008)

Unrated | 107 min | Drama

Tragedy befalls one of three brothers while on an outback surfing outing with friends.

Director: Dan Castle | Stars: Lachlan Buchanan, Xavier Samuel, Reshad Strik, Kirk Jenkins

Votes: 1,456

38. Don't Tell Anyone (1998)

Unrated | 120 min | Comedy, Drama

Based on the alleged autobiography of gay peruvian talk show host Jaime Bailey. Joaquin, a young man from the high class of Lima, deals with problems concerning his sexual identity as a ... See full summary »

Director: Francisco J. Lombardi | Stars: Santiago Magill, Christian Meier, Lucía Jiménez, Giovanni Ciccia

Votes: 1,329

39. Sorority Boys (2002)

R | 93 min | Comedy

25 Metascore

Three rowdy college students are kicked out of their dorm and dress up in drag to live in the DOG house, where the girls deemed unattractive live.

Director: Wallace Wolodarsky | Stars: Barry Watson, Harland Williams, Michael Rosenbaum, Melissa Sagemiller

Votes: 12,730 | Gross: $10.20M

41. En tu ausencia (2008)

Not Rated | 95 min | Drama

A fatherless boy whose fixation on a mysterious stranger leads him blindly into a tragedy that is to mark him for life.

Director: Iván Noel | Stars: Francisco Alfonsin, Pedro Salido Saborido, Gonzalo Sánchez Salas, Anabel Azuar

Votes: 755

42. In the Eye of the Hurricane (1971)

100 min | Romance, Thriller

Ruth and Michel separate after Ruth finds another man, Paul. Ruth and Paul go to her sunny, idyllic beach side villa to spend summer. They are having a great time together, and then things ... See full summary »

Director: José María Forqué | Stars: Analía Gadé, Jean Sorel, Rosanna Yanni, Tony Kendall

Votes: 203

43. As You Want Me (1997)

Not Rated | 100 min | Drama, Comedy

Pasquale is a policeman in Roma. During a roundup he meets Desideria. He/she is a transsexual, living together with other two trans , Gaia and Gioia. But overall Desideria is an old friend ... See full summary »

Director: Carmine Amoroso | Stars: Enrico Lo Verso, Vincent Cassel, Monica Bellucci, Francesco Casale

Votes: 192

44. Out in the Silence (2009)

Not Rated | 56 min | Documentary, Comedy, Family

The announcement of filmmaker Joe Wilson's wedding to another man ignites a firestorm of controversy in his small hometown and a plea for help from the mother of a gay teen being tormented at school.

Directors: Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson | Stars: C.J. Bills, Diane Granley, Linda Henderson, Roxanne Hitchcock

Votes: 442

45. Du er ikke alene (1978)

Unrated | 90 min | Drama, Romance

Two precocious boys explore their sexuality at boarding school.

Directors: Ernst Johansen, Lasse Nielsen | Stars: Anders Agensø, Peter Bjerg, Ove Sprogøe, Elin Reimer

Votes: 3,496

46. Secrets of a Small Town (2006– )


The mysterious murder of a teenage girl and the disappearance of her sister shake up a small town.

Stars: Angie Harmon, Leighton Meester, Whitney Able, John L. Adams

Votes: 71

47. Web of Seduction (1999)

R | 95 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

In this erotic tale of suspense, seduction, and murder, a cleaning woman finds herself working for two wives who are wealthy, idle, and ignored by their husbands. The maid persuades the two... See full summary »

Director: Blain Brown | Stars: Lauren Hays, Eric Acsell, Tracy Ryan, Stephan Camus

Votes: 232

48. Melissa P. (2005)

100 min | Drama

An adolescent girl, living with her mother and her grandmother, will have her first sexual experiences in a heavy and excessive way.

Director: Luca Guadagnino | Stars: María Valverde, Letizia Ciampa, Primo Reggiani, Fabrizia Sacchi

Votes: 5,260

49. La belle équipe (1936)

101 min | Drama

Those five are unemployed penniless workers. Together they win 100,000 Francs with the national lottery. Instead of sharing the money, they buy a ruin and build an open-air cafe. But ... See full summary »

Director: Julien Duvivier | Stars: Jean Gabin, Charles Vanel, Raymond Aimos, Viviane Romance

Votes: 714

51. Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride (2009)

PG-13 | 87 min | Documentary, Biography, History

Before the 30th anniversary, Vancouver's Gay Pride Parade director examines relevance of Pride celebrations internationally. He travels to places where Pride is steeped in protest to ... See full summary »

Director: Bob Christie | Star: Ken Coolen

Votes: 111

52. 2by4 (1998)

90 min | Drama, Romance