Amazing Black Voices

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1. Ike Amadi

Actor | Trollhunters

Ike Amadi is known for his work on Trollhunters (2016), Halo 5: Guardians (2015) and Middle-Earth: Shadow of War (2017).

As Javik the Prothean (Mass Effect 3)

2. Carl Lumbly

Actor | Men of Honor

From stage to screen, Carl Lumbly is an actor respected for his steadfast talent, versatility and class. His prolific career includes over 50 credits in television, film and the theatre and extensive critical acclaim.

He portrayed CIA agent 'Marcus Dixon,' the gentle, mild-mannered field partner to ...

As J'onn J'onzz aka Martian Manhunter (Justice League; Justice League: Unlimited)

3. Keith David

Actor | They Live

Keith David was born Keith David Williams in New York City's Harlem district, and was raised in East Elmhurst, in the Queens section of the city. He is the son of Dolores (Dickenson), a New York Telephone manager, and Lester Williams, a payroll operations director. As a child, he realized he wanted...

As Goliath (Gargoyles TV series) and Spawn (Spawn TV series(1997-1999))

4. Dorian Harewood

Actor | Full Metal Jacket

Dorian Harewood was born on August 6, 1950 in Dayton, Ohio, USA as Willie Dorian Harewood. He is an actor, known for Full Metal Jacket (1987), Space Jam (1996) and Assault on Precinct 13 (2005). He has been married to Nancy Harewood since February 14, 1979. They have two children.

As J'onn J'onzz aka Martian Manhunter (The Batman (2004)), Ender (Megas XLR), Prime Minister N'Mani (Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance), Shadow King (X-Men Legends), Barbarian (Diablo III) and Dan Riley (Batman: The Animated Series (1992))

5. Jonathan Adams

Actor | Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

"This fall, Jonathan Adams stars opposite Lacey Chabert in the Hallmark Channel film "The Sweetest Christmas".

Audiences will recognize Jonathan as "Chuck Larabee", the neighbor/cohort of Tim Allen, on "Last Man Standing", the ABC Series that he appeared for the past four seasons.

Prior to that he ...

As Tyrael (Diablo III)

6. Erik Dellums

Actor | Homicide: Life on the Street

Erik was born in the San Francisco bay area and moved to Washington D.C. in his teens. He graduated from Brown University in 1986 and has since worked in LA, NY and Washington D.C.

As Three Dog (Fallout 3) and Nazir (TES V: Skyrim)

7. Terrence 'T.C.' Carson

Actor | Final Destination 2

T.C. Carson was born and raised in Chicago. He was always encouraged by his family to pursue his dream of becoming a professional performer. He started by performing in many plays and musicals such as "The Wiz", "Dreamgirls" and "Ain't Misbehavin". His stage work earned him awards and credit.

As Kratos (God of War videogames), Othello (Unreal Turnament III), Antony Green (Saints Row IV)

8. Emerson Brooks

Actor | Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Emerson Brooks is an American Film, Television and Voice actor. He is currently (2017) starring in The Last Ship as Capt. Joseph Meylan on TNT. He has made appearances in major television shows including NCIS: LA, MacGyver, Lost, and 24. His film credits include Captain America, Terminator: ...

As all his characters in Fallout: New Vegas

9. Kevin Michael Richardson

Actor | Lilo & Stitch

Well-known, king-sized actor and voice artist Kevin Michael Richardson was born in Bronx, New York. He is, perhaps, mostly recognizable for his deep voice, which he uses in many of his works.

Richardson is a classically trained actor. He first gained recognition as one of only eight U.S. high school...

As Captain Gantu (Lilo & Stitch), Ego the Living Planet, Wolverine (Black Panther) John Stewart/Green Lantern and J'onn J'onzz aka Martian Manhunter (Young Justice)

10. Michael Clarke Duncan

Actor | The Green Mile

Michael Clarke Duncan was born on December 10, 1957 in Chicago, Illinois. Raised by his single mother, Jean, a house cleaner, on Chicago's South Side, Duncan grew up resisting drugs and alcohol, instead concentrating on school. He wanted to play football in high school, but his mother wouldn't let ...

As Atlas (God of War II)

11. Greg Eagles

Actor | Metal Gear Solid

Greg Eagles is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has forged a career as an actor both in front of the cameras as well as in Voice Overs. He has acted in a number of television roles in such series as "The Shield" "The Riches" "NYPD Blue" and "The Sarah Conner Chronicles" And has recurred on ...

As The General (Saints Row 2)

12. Michael Dorn

Actor | Star Trek: First Contact

Michael Dorn was born on December 9, 1952 in Luling, Texas, USA as Michiel Dorn. He is an actor and director, known for Star Trek: First Contact (1996), Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) and Star Trek: Nemesis (2002).

As Mauro (Saints Row IV), Marcus (Fallout: New Vegas), Tassadar (Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty) and Gathathog Uvenk (Mass Effect 2)

13. Phil LaMarr

Actor | Pulp Fiction

A Los Angeles native, Phil is a graduate of Harvard-Westlake School, Yale University and The Groundlings Theater and is perhaps best known as one of the original cast members of MADtv (1995) and as Marvin in Pulp Fiction (1994).

In addition to numerous appearances on stages across the country, in ...

As John Stewart/Green Lantern (Justice League; Justice League: Unlimited), Lt T.T. Brown "Spider" (Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon) and Mr Sunshine (Saints Row 2)

14. Roger Cross

Actor | The Chronicles of Riddick

Roger Cross was born on October 19, 1969 in Christiana, Jamaica. He is an actor, known for The Chronicles of Riddick (2004), Continuum (2012) and The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008).

As Ulysses (Fallout: New Vegas)

15. James Lewis

Actor | Fallout 3

James Lewis was born and raised in Washington, D.C. After the death of his mother at the age of three, he went to live with his grandmother. Having been born with asthma that has plagued him throughout his life, and also having to see a speech pathologist for several years to correct a severe lisp,...

As Isran (The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard)

16. Kwasi Songui

Actor | 300

Kwasi Songui is known for his work on 300 (2006), The Day After Tomorrow (2004) and Brick Mansions (2014).

As Anto (Assassins Creed: Black Flag)

17. Dave Fennoy

Actor | The Walking Dead: The Game - Season 1

Dave Fennoy was born on January 20, 1952 in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA as David Henderson Fennoy II. He is an actor and producer, known for The Walking Dead: The Game - Season 1 (2012), Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (2008) and Batman: Arkham Knight (2015). He is married to Ilene Fennoy...

As Warlord Okeer (Mass Effect 2), Gabriel Tosh (Starcraft II:Wings of Liberty), Jed Masterson (Fallout: New Vegas) Jakiro (DOTA 2), Lee Everett (Walking Dead Videogame) and Josey (Lollipop Chainsaw)

18. Christopher Judge

Actor | Stargate SG-1

Douglas Christopher Judge was born and raised in Los Angeles, and is of African-American and Cherokee ancestry.

Judge always knew that he wanted to be an actor, wanting to invoke feelings in others that he was receiving from the shows. He realized quickly that sports would be the stepping stone to ...

As Magneto (X-Men Evolution)

19. James Earl Jones

Actor | Rogue One

James Earl Jones was born on January 17, 1931 in Arkabutla, Mississippi, USA. At an early age, he started to take dramatic lessons to calm himself down. It appeared to work as he has since starred in many films over a 40-year period, beginning with the Stanley Kubrick classic Dr. Strangelove or: ...

As Mufasa (Lion King) and Darth Vader (Star Wars Episodes IV, V, VI, III)

20. Dempsey Pappion

Actor | War of the Worlds

Dempsey Pappion was born on August 27, 1979 in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA. He is an actor and casting director, known for War of the Worlds (2005), La La Land (2016) and The Lorax (2012).

As Magnus, Nyx Assassin, Visage (DOTA 2)

21. David Scully

Actor | Halo

David Scully is an actor and writer, known for Halo (2001), Halo 2 (2004) and Halo 3 (2007).

As Sven, Dazzle, Morphling, Sand King (DOTA 2)

22. James Vincent Meredith

Actor | Boss

James Vincent Meredith was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He is an actor, known for Boss (2011), Empire (2015) and Chicago Justice (2017).

As "Prophet" Lawrence Barnes (Crysis 3)

23. Duane R. Shepard Sr.

Actor | American Crime Story

Duane R. Shepard Sr. is known for his work on American Crime Story (2016), Batman: Return to Arkham (2016) and The Soul Man (2012).

As Aaron Cash (Batman: Arkham Asylum)

24. Gregory Alan Williams

Actor | Remember the Titans

Gregory Alan Williams was born on June 12, 1956 in Des Moines, Iowa, USA. He is an actor and writer, known for Remember the Titans (2000).

As all his characters in Fallout: New Vegas

25. John Eric Bentley

Actor | Resident Evil: Extinction

John Eric Bentley was born on August 31, 1969. He is known for his work on Resident Evil: Extinction (2007), Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) and Independence Day: Resurgence (2016).

As Neil (Fallout: New Vegas)

26. Khary Payton

Actor | The Walking Dead

Khary Payton was born on May 16, 1972 in Augusta, Georgia, USA. He is an actor, known for The Walking Dead (2010), Teen Titans Go! (2013) and The Last Push (2012). He is married to Stacy Reed Payton. They have two children.

As Kaldur'ahm/Aqualad (Young Justice), Doomsday (Injustice: Gods Among Us), Blade / Eric Brooks (Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (2009)) Azrael (Batman: Arkham City) and Warden Joseph (Batman: Arkham Origins)

27. Gwen McGee

Actress | New Jersey Drive

Gwen McGee is an actress and director, known for New Jersey Drive (1995), Coach Carter (2005) and Malevolent (2002). She has been married to Anthony Coleman since June 10, 1988.

As Jane (Fallout: New Vegas)

28. Michael Wright

Actor | The Principal

Michael Wright was born on April 30, 1956 in New York City, New York, USA. He is an actor, known for The Principal (1987), Lionheart (1990) and V (1984). He was previously married to Mitzie Lau.

As Black Mask

29. Alex Désert

Actor | Swingers

"Born and raised in New York City, the acting bug hit a young Alex Desert early, with two incidents forever changing his trajectory. First, while perusing the audio section of the Donell Public Library, our young hero happened upon a record which would forever impact him - Paul Williams' soundtrack...

As Nick Fury (Wolverine & the X-Men)

30. Tim Russ

Actor | Spaceballs

Timothy Darrell Russ was born on June 22, 1956, in Washington, D.C., to Air Force officer Walt and his wife Josephine. He and his younger siblings Michael and Angela grew up on several military bases, including Niagara Falls, Elmendorf (Alaska) AFB, Omaha, Taiwan, Philippines and Turkey. During ...

As Keeper Zathrian (Dragon Age: Origins)

31. Tone Loc

Actor | Heat

Tone Loc was born on March 3, 1966 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Anthony Terrell Smith.

As Tek (Titan A.E.)

32. Coolie Ranx

Actor | Grand Theft Auto IV

Coolie Ranx is an actor, known for Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) and The In Crowd (2000).

As Jacob Hughes "Little Jacob" (GTA IV)

33. Devin Richards

Grand Theft Auto V

Devin Richards is known for his work on Grand Theft Auto V (2013), Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) and Live from Lincoln Center (1976).

As Dwayne Forge (GTA IV)

34. Marsha Thomason

Actress | White Collar

Marsha Thomason was born and raised in Manchester, England. Her love for acting began after watching the musical "Bugsy Malone". Soon after, aged 12, she joined Oldham Theatre Workshop, where she performed many diverse stage plays, including "Our Day Out" by Willy Russell and "Peace" by Aristophanes...

As Diana Burnwood (Hitman: Absolution)

35. Dawnn Lewis

Actress | A Different World

Dawnn Lewis was born August 13, 1961. She is remembered mostly from her role as Jaleesa Vinson on A Different World (1987). Dawnn composed the theme song with Bill Cosby and Stu Gardner that was used for the series. She left the show in 1992 to join the cast of Hangin' with Mr. Cooper (1992) as ...

As Storm (X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse)

36. Cree Summer

Actress | Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Cree Summer was born on July 7, 1969 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Cree Summer Francks. She is known for her work on Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001), Clifford the Big Red Dog (2000) and The Care Bears Movie (1985). She is married to Angelo Pullens. They have two children.

As Executor Selendis (Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty) and Magma (X-Men Legends)

37. Kimberly Brooks

Actress | Mass Effect 3

"Born and raised in Southern California, Kimberly Brooks is an industry proven voiceover dynamo, gaining recognition for her performances on many respected animated shows and interactive video games. In addition to having one of the more sought after commercial voices, Kimberly is also known for ...

As Ashley Williams (ME trillogy) and Barbara Gordon aka Oracul (Batman: Arkham Asylum; Arkham City)

38. Robert Wisdom

Actor | The Dark Knight Rises

Robert Wisdom graces each of his diverse screen roles with a powerful, profound and cool presence-- from his commercial hits to his bold and proactive performances in a variety of new features. He starred on HBO's The Wire, generating wide critical praise. Wisdom appeared in The Hawk is Dying at ...

As Jonas Sawimbi

39. Michael Mack

Actor | Star Trek: Generations

Michael Mack is an actor and producer, known for Star Trek: Generations (1994), Ladder 49 (2004) and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2006).

As Male Redguards (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)

40. Hakeem Kae-Kazim

Actor | 24

Actor Hakeem Kae-Kazim, classically trained in the UK at the highly regarded Bristol Old Vic and soon after graduation was invited to join the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Hakeem's list of impressive credits include Pirates of the Caribbean III, Lost, Cane with Jimmy Smits, Law & Order: SVU with ...

41. Adam Lazarre-White

Actor | The Gift

Adam grew up in New York City, graduated from The Fieldston School went on to graduate from Harvard University. Known early as an actor for Living Single, Will & Grace, The Parkers, and as "Flynn" in the EMMY winning mini-series, The Temptations, Adam was nominated for an NAACP Image Award as '...

As Jacob Taylor (Mass Effect 2;3)

42. Michael Jai White

Actor | Black Dynamite

Michael Jai White is an American actor and martial artist who has appeared in numerous films and television series. He is the first African American to portray a major comic book superhero in a major motion picture, having starred as Al Simmons, the protagonist in the 1997 film Spawn. White ...

As Doomsday (Justice League: Unlimited)

43. Idris Elba

Actor | Beasts of No Nation

An only child, Idrissa Akuna Elba was born and raised in London, England. His father, Winston, is from Sierra Leone and worked at Ford Dagenham; his mother, Eve, is from Ghana and had a clerical duty. Idris attended school in Canning Town, where he first became involved in acting, before he dropped...

As Truck

44. Gary Anthony Sturgis

Actor | Virtuosity

Gary Anthony Sturgis is a New Orleans born actor/writer/director best-known for his portrayal of the villain in two of Tyler Perry's biggest hit films, "Diary of A Mad Black Woman" (as Jamison Jackson) and "Daddy's Little Girls" (as Joseph Woods). He also co-starred opposite Terrence Howard in "...

As Fantom Virus (Scooby-Doo & the Cyber-Chase)

45. Ice Cube

Soundtrack | Friday

Ice Cube was born in South Central Los Angeles, to Doris (Benjamin), a custodian and hospital clerk, and Hosea Jackson, a UCLA groundskeeper. He first came to public notice as a singer and songwriter with the controversial and influential band N.W.A. His compositions with that group included many ...

As Joseph Bowman

46. Lester Speight

Actor | Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Lester Speight is a film and television actor best known for his portrayal of Terry Tate: Office Linebacker in a series of Reebok commercials that first aired during Super Bowl XXXVII in 2003. The spots feature Speight, a former All-American Football player himself, as a linebacker charged with the...

As Augustus Cole (Gears of War videogames)

47. Terry Crews

Actor | Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Terry Crews was born in Flint, Michigan, to Patricia and Terry Crews, Sr. He earned an Art Excellence Scholarship to attend Western Michigan University and also earned a full-ride athletic scholarship to play football. Crews was an All-Conference defensive end, and was a major contributor on the ...

As Benjamin King (Saints Row IV)

48. Babs Olusanmokun

Actor | Black Mirror

Babs Olusanmokun is an actor. Working in film and on stage, he is known for Black Mirror (2017), The Defenders (2017), The Night Of (2016) and Roots (2016). Born in Lagos/Nigeria, he is multilingual, fluent in English, Portuguese, French and Yoruba. He is a third degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black ...

(Max Payne 3)

As Male Orcs (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

50. Isaac C. Singleton Jr.

Actor | Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Isaac C. Singleton Jr. was born in Melbourne, Florida, USA. He is an actor and writer, known for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), Planet of the Apes (2001) and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (2012).

As Lurtz (Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth)

51. Kadeem Hardison

Actor | A Different World

Kadeem Hardison was born on July 24, 1965 in New York City, New York, USA. He is an actor and director, known for A Different World (1987), Drive (1997) and The Dark Party (2013). He was previously married to Chanté Moore.

Cole Freeman (Beyond Two Souls)

52. Joey Ansah

Actor | The Bourne Ultimatum

Joey Ansah was born in 1982 in Hammersmith, London, England, 2nd in line to an older brother, Ryan, 3 years his senior. He is of mixed ethnicity, with his mother Nicola, originating from Plymouth, Devon, England and his father Kofi, originally from Ghana, west Africa. Joey grew up and spent the ...

53. Young Maylay

Actor | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Young Maylay was born as Chris Bellard. He is an actor, known for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004), Dogstar: High School 2 (2018) and The Brodies (2014).

As Carl "C.J" Johnson (GTA: San Andreas)

54. MC Eiht

Soundtrack | Menace II Society

MC Eiht was born on May 22, 1967 in Compton, California, USA as Aaron Tylor.

As Lance "Ryder" Wilson (GTA: San Andreas)

55. Faizon Love

Actor | Friday

Faizon Love was born on June 14, 1968 in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba as Langston Faizon Santisima. He is an actor and writer, known for Friday (1995), Elf (2003) and Blue Crush (2002).

As Sean "Sweet" Johnson (GTA: San Andreas)

56. Salli Richardson-Whitfield

Actress | Eureka

Classy, graceful, & intelligent, Salli Elise Richardson was born November 23, 1967, in Chicago, Illinois. Salli's acting career was first nurtured in the theater and, ever since, she has been on a non-stop journey to success. Her first feature performance was in 1991 as "Denise" in Up Against the ...

As Elisa Maza (Gargoyles TV series)

57. Emmanuelle Chriqui

Actress | Wrong Turn

Emmanuelle Chriqui was born in Montreal, Quebec, to Moroccan Jewish immigrants, Liliane (Benisty) and Albert Chriqui. Her family moved to Toronto when she was two years old. At the age of 10, Chriqui appeared in a McDonald's commercial. She moved to Vancouver, guest-starring in series such as Are ...

As Cheetara (Thundercats)

58. Jennifer Jules Hart

Actress | Saints Row IV

Jennifer Jules Hart is an actress and writer, known for Saints Row IV (2013), Mirror's Edge: Catalyst (2016) and The Writer's Draft (2013).

As Shaundi 2 "Fun Shaundi" (Saints Row IV)

59. Gary Anthony Williams

Actor | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Gary Anthony Williams was born on March 14, 1966 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He is an actor and writer, known for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016), Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 (2012) and Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004). He is married to Leslie. They ...

As General Varpfield (Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty; Heart of the Swarm)

60. Keith Randolph Smith

Actor | Grand Theft Auto V

Keith Randolph Smith is an actor, known for Grand Theft Auto V (2013), Malcolm X (1992) and Grand Theft Auto IV (2008).

As Clayton "Clay" Simmons (GTA V)

61. James Mathis III

Actor | Avengers Assemble

James Mathis III was born on November 28, 1974 in Brooklyn, New York, USA. He is known for his work on Avengers Assemble (2013), Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (2004) and The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010).

As King (Sleeping Dogs)

62. Gerald C. Rivers

Actor | Wreck-It Ralph

Gerald C. Rivers, grew up in Compton, California. Studied at the Sheenway Theatre Arts Repertory in Los Angeles, Earned an Associates of Arts Degree in Theatre Arts from Los Angles City College, where he also served two terms as the ASO President and was a 3-time National Gold Medalist in Dramatic ...

As Jackson "Jax" Briggs (Mortal Kombat 2011)

63. Tristan D. Lalla

White House Down

Tristan D. Lalla was born on February 3, 1984 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada as Tristan Durand Lalla. He is an actor, known for White House Down (2013), Brick Mansions (2014) and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Freedom Cry (2013).

As Adewale (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag)

64. Seychelle Gabriel

Actress | The Last Airbender

As though being tapped to portray the young Eva Mendes in Frank Miller's The Spirit wasn't enough to jump start her career, Seychelle Gabriel has gone on to several great roles in many high-profile projects. Born in Burbank, Calif., Gabriel embarked upon a performing arts career at a very early age...

As Asami Sato (Avatar The Legend of Korra)

65. Mara Junot

Actress | Far Cry 5

Mara Junot is a seasoned African-American voice-over specialist with over a decade of experience, providing the 3-dimensional sound that resonates for Fortune 500 companies around the globe. From video games to television commercials and animation, Mara's vocal versatility as a "voiceover ...

As Anna Correa (The Walking Dead Videogame)

66. Merle Dandridge

Actress | Greenleaf

Merle was born in Okinawa, Japan to a mother of Korean and Japanese descent and an African-American father serving in the U.S. Air Force. After graduating high school in Papillion, Nebraska, she attended the Theatre Conservatory at Roosevelt University in Chicago on a full-ride scholarship and ...

As Marlene (Last of Us) and Alyx Vance (Half Life 2)

67. Sumalee Montano

Actress | 10 Cloverfield Lane

Sumalee Montano was born on August 3, 1972 in Columbus, Ohio, USA. She is an actress, known for 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016), Transformers Prime (2010) and Veep (2012). She has been married to Craig Zimmerman since June 18, 2011.

68. Helen Koya

Actress | Helix

Helen Koya is an actress, known for Helix (2014), Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (2013) and Making the Band (2011).

As Patience Gibbs (Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag)

69. David Harewood

Actor | Blood Diamond

David Harewood was born on December 8, 1965 in Birmingham, England. He is an actor, known for Blood Diamond (2006), The Merchant of Venice (2004) and Homeland (2011). He has been married to Kirsty Handy since February 26, 2013. They have two children.

As Quinton Coleman (Battlefield 3)

70. Postell Pringle

Actor | Grand Theft Auto IV

Postell Pringle is known for his work on Grand Theft Auto IV (2008), Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned (2009) and Law & Order (1990).

As Trey Stewart "Playboy X" (GTA IV)

71. Arif S. Kinchen

Actor | Sparks

Arif S. Kinchen, an actor and acclaimed voice over artist, made his acting debut at 16-years-old in the American film classic "House Party," starring Kid 'n' Play. Bitten by the acting bug, the Los Angeles native went on to land the starring role in the New Line Cinema short film, "The Jacket," ...

As Black Baron (Anarchy Reigns) & Pierce Washington (Saints Row IV)

73. Sy Smith

Soundtrack | High Fidelity

Sy Smith was born in New York City, New York, USA. She is known for her work on High Fidelity (2000), How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003) and Ally McBeal (1997). She has been married to Shawn Carter Peterson since July 11, 2010.

As Aisha (Saints Row 2)

74. Erica Luttrell

Actress | Salvation

Erica Luttrell was born on March 20, 1982 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as Erica Shukrani Luttrell. She is an actress, known for Salvation (2017), Lost Girl (2010) and Steven Universe (2013).

As Human Female (Mystical) (Dragon Age: Origins) and Female Witch Doctor (Diablo III)

75. Danielle Nicolet

Actress | Central Intelligence

Raised in a working-class Ohio town, Danielle Nicolet moved with her family to southern California to train in gymnastics. She competed through her teenage years, but finally admitted that acting was her dream. She has always played unpredictable characters, whether they be dramatic or comedic. ...

As Shaundi I (Saints Row IV)

76. Kim Howard

Actress | Grand Theft Auto IV

Kim Howard is an actress, known for Grand Theft Auto IV (2008), Grand Theft Auto V (2013) and Celebrity Deathmatch (1998).

As Kiki Jenkins (GTA IV)

77. Chad L. Coleman

Actor | Left 4 Dead 2

Delivered a fantastic performance of a reformed street 'hitter' on the HBO show 'The Wire' from Series 3 to Series 5 with varied screen time. The character reflected the possibility of reformed criminals into positive characters of society; as with Coleman's character starting a boxing gym for the ...

78. Janet Hubert

Actress | The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Janet Louise Hubert was born in Chicago, IL. She is best known for playing the sassy, witty, outgoing, protective mom on the hit TV sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990).

Janet Hubert spent most of her childhood growing up in Momence, IL. That changed when she won a scholarship to Julliard ...

79. Yasha Jackson

Actress | Black Mirror

Yasha Jackson is an actress, known for Black Mirror (2011), Grand Theft Auto V (2013) and Little Boxes (2016).

80. Youree Dell Harris

Actress | Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Youree Dell Harris was born on August 12, 1962 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Youree Dell Cleomili Harris. She was an actress, known for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002), Becoming Psychic (2010) and Hotline (2014). She died on July 26, 2016 in Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

81. Yolanda Whittaker

Actress | Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit

Yo-Yo (born Yolanda Whittaker) has been among the most sophisticated and unpredictable female MCs around. She doesn't take an overtly feminist tack but urges young women to show sexual restraint and use their minds as well as their bodies.

Her introduction to the hip-hop game came with an appearance...

As Kendl Johnson (GTA: San Andreas)

82. Brianna Colette

Actress | Grand Theft Auto V

Brianna Colette is known for her work on Grand Theft Auto V (2013).

83. Earl Alexander

Actor | Left 4 Dead

Earl Alexander is an actor, known for Left 4 Dead (2008), Saw (2009) and The Suffering (2004).

84. CCH Pounder

Actress | The Shield

CCH Pounder (the CCH standing for Carol Christine Hilaria, her birth name). As can be said of other similarly styled actresses such as Alfre Woodard and Cicely Tyson, most of Pounder's characters are enriched with these same positive attributes and it is a testament to this actress' abilities that ...

As Amanda Waller (Batman: Arkham Origins)

85. Rochelle Aytes

Actress | Trick 'r Treat

Rochelle Aytes was born in New York City. She attended LaGuardia High School and graduated with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Dance from SUNY Purchase College Conservatory for Dance in 1998. She is best-known for her role in White Chicks (2004) as Denise Porter; her role in Left 4 Dead 2 (...

86. Masasa Moyo

Actress | Team America: World Police

Masasa was born in Canada to a Zimbabwean Father and an American Irish/German Mother. Even though she aspired to become an actress since childhood, she only began acting in college doing local theatre productions. She continues to do so presently in Los Angeles to sharpen her skills when not ...

As Candy (Batman: Arkham Origins)

87. Clifton Powell

Actor | Ray

Clifton Powell was born on March 16, 1956 in Washington, District of Columbia, USA. He is an actor and producer, known for Ray (2004), Rush Hour (1998) and Deep Rising (1998). He is married to Kimberly.

As Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris (GTA: San Andreas)

88. Michael B. Jordan

Actor | Creed

Michael B. Jordan, the middle of three children, was born in Santa Ana, California and raised in Newark, New Jersey. He is the son of Donna (Davis), a high school counselor, and Michael A. Jordan. His middle name Bakari means "noble promise" in Swahili. He is not related to basketball player ...

As Jace Stratton (Gears of War 3)

89. Rhasaan Orange

Actor | Days of Our Lives

Rhasaan Orange was born on August 25, 1975 in New York City, New York, USA. He is an actor, known for Days of Our Lives (1965), Mortal Kombat (2011) and Revenge (2011).

As Cyrax & Kintaro (Mortal Kombat 2011)

90. Ice-T

Actor | New Jack City

The legendary gangsta hip-hop emcee Ice-T was born Tracy Marrow on February 16, 1958, in Newark, New Jersey. He moved to Los Angeles, California, to live with his paternal aunt after the death of his father while he was in the sixth grade; his mother had died earlier when he was in the third grade....

As Aaron Griffin (Gears of War 3) & Madd Dogg (GTA: San Andreas)

91. Charlie Murphy

Actor | American Graffiti

Charlie Murphy is an actor, known for American Graffiti (1973), Cardiac Arrest (1980) and Lady of the House (1978).

92. Gerald 'Slink' Johnson

Actor | Grand Theft Auto V

Gerald 'Slink' Johnson is an actor and producer, known for Grand Theft Auto V (2013), Black Jesus (2014) and The Super Rumble Mixshow (2008).