Cinema's 100 Most Wanted

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100 of the most sought after (and if not, they should be) lost or partially lost films. I don't want people coming on here and chiding me for choosing to be concerned about this, so please don't. Some have at least 5 IMDb votes, so please report any findings to

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2. Hiawatha (1903)

15 min | Short, Adventure, Drama

20 scenes: The birth, life, marriage and death of Hiawatha.

Director: Joe Rosenthal

3. Kit Carson (1903)

21 min | Short, Western

Kit Carson is captured by Indians and tied to a tree in the Indian village. An Indian maiden helps him make his escape.

Director: Wallace McCutcheon

4. Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1905)

Short, Crime, Drama

The millionaire's child is kidnapped. Sherlock Holmes after many thrilling adventures and narrow escapes rescues the child.

Director: J. Stuart Blackton | Stars: Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson, H. Kyrle Bellew, J. Barney Sherry

Votes: 19

5. The Story of the Kelly Gang (1906)

70 min | Biography, Crime, Drama

True story of notorious Australian outlaw Ned Kelly (1855-80).

Director: Charles Tait | Stars: Elizabeth Tait, John Tait, Norman Campbell, Bella Cola

Votes: 443

6. The Fairylogue and Radio-Plays (1908)

120 min | Fantasy, Adventure

L. Frank Baum would appear in a white suit and present his live actors, slide shows and films as a live travelogue presentation of his popular fantasies. Highlights include Dorothy being ... See full summary »

Directors: Francis Boggs, Otis Turner | Stars: L. Frank Baum, Frank Burns, George E. Wilson, Wallace Illington

Votes: 24

7. The Music Master (1908)


What is more miserable than love-blighted life? For the heart that truly loves can never forget. Such is the sad fate of the hero of this Biograph story. Herr Von Mitzel, a disciple of ... See full summary »

Director: Wallace McCutcheon | Star: D.W. Griffith

8. In Old California (1910)

17 min | Short, Drama, History

An historical dramatization of a Spanish woman during the reign of Spanish and Mexican owned California in the early 19th century.

Director: D.W. Griffith | Stars: Frank Powell, Arthur V. Johnson, Marion Leonard, Henry B. Walthall

Votes: 35

9. A Victim of the Mormons (1911)

Short, Drama

A Mormon missionary seduces and kidnaps an attractive young woman, forcing her to accompany him to Utah to become one of his wives.

Director: August Blom | Stars: Valdemar Psilander, Clara Pontoppidan, Henry Seemann, Carlo Wieth

Votes: 11

10. Saved from the Titanic (1912)

10 min | Short, Drama

A young woman tells her parents and fiance (in flashback) about the recent sinking of the Titanic and her experiences as a passenger during the disaster. Her intended marriage now faces a ... See full summary »

Director: Étienne Arnaud | Stars: Dorothy Gibson, Alec B. Francis, Julia Stuart, John G. Adolfi

Votes: 55

11. The Werewolf (1913)

18 min | Short, Adventure, Drama

An old Indian legend tells of the supposed ability of persons who have been turned into wolves through magic power to assume human form at will for purposes of vengeance.

Director: Henry MacRae | Stars: Clarence Burton, Marie Walcamp, Phyllis Gordon, Lule Warrenton

Votes: 19

13. My Official Wife (1914)


Helene Marie, on the run from the Russian police in St. Petersburg, plots to kill the Czar.

Director: James Young | Stars: Clara Kimball Young, Harry T. Morey, Earle Williams, L. Rogers Lytton

Votes: 12

14. Her Friend the Bandit (1914)

16 min | Short, Comedy

Lost Charles Chaplin's comedy film about her friend.

Director: Mack Sennett | Stars: Charles Chaplin, Mabel Normand, Charles Murray, Glen Cavender

Votes: 170

18. The Escape (1914)

70 min | Drama

A dramatic comparison between the mating habits of animals and the way humans choose their own partners.

Director: D.W. Griffith | Stars: Donald Crisp, F.A. Turner, Robert Harron, Blanche Sweet

Votes: 14

19. The Golem (1915)

60 min | Horror

In this version of the golem legend, the golem, a clay statue brought to life by Rabbi Loew in 16th century Prague to save the Jews from the ongoing brutal persecution by the city's rulers,... See full summary »

Directors: Henrik Galeen, Paul Wegener | Stars: Paul Wegener, Henrik Galeen, Lyda Salmonova, Rudolf Blümner

Votes: 937

20. Last Night of the Barbary Coast (1913)

10 min | Documentary, Short

This film -- now lost -- supposedly showed the last night of the depraved Barbary Coast section of San Francisco, although the neighborhood wasn't fully cleaned up by police and city ... See full summary »

Directors: Sol Lesser, Hal Mohr

21. The Fall of a Nation (1916)


Three acts and a prologue. Act 1: A nation falls. Act 2: The heel of the conqueror. Act 3: The uprising two years later.

Director: Thomas Dixon Jr. | Stars: Lorraine Huling, Percy Standing, Arthur Shirley, Flora Macdonald

Votes: 29

22. A Daughter of the Gods (1916)

180 min | Drama

A sultan agrees to help an wicked witch destroy a mysterious young lady, if the witch will bring his young son back from the dead with magic.

Director: Herbert Brenon | Stars: Annette Kellerman, William E. Shay, Hal De Forest, Marcelle Hontabat

Votes: 24

23. El apóstol (1917)

70 min | Animation, Comedy, Drama

Argentinian President Yrigoyen burns Buenos Aires using Jupiter's thunderbolts.

Director: Quirino Cristiani

Votes: 27

24. Cleopatra (1917)

125 min | Biography, Drama, History

The story of Cleopatra, the fabulous queen of Egypt, and the epic romances between her and the greatest men of Rome, Julius Caesar and Antony.

Director: J. Gordon Edwards | Stars: Theda Bara, Fritz Leiber, Thurston Hall, Alan Roscoe

Votes: 271

25. Imokawa Mukuzô genkan-ban no maki (1917)

5 min | Animation, Short

lost film.

Director: Hekoten Shimokawa

Votes: 5

26. The Great Love (1918)

70 min | Drama, War

An idealistic young American during World War I, itching to fight the Germans and not wanting to wait until the U. S. joined the war, journeys to Canada and enlists in the British army. He ... See full summary »

Director: D.W. Griffith | Stars: George Fawcett, Lillian Gish, Robert Harron, Gloria Hope

Votes: 22

27. The First Men in the Moon (1919)

50 min | Fantasy

The inventor of a space sphere flies to the moon and is marooned by a crooked financier.

Directors: Bruce Gordon, J.L.V. Leigh | Stars: Bruce Gordon, Heather Thatcher, Hector Abbas, Lionel d'Aragon

Votes: 27

28. The Ghost of Slumber Mountain (1918)

Not Rated | 16 min | Animation, Short, Fantasy

In a dream Uncle Jack looks through a magic telescope owned by the ghost of a hermit and sees what life was like millions of years ago, including a battle between prehistoric monsters.

Director: Willis H. O'Brien | Stars: Herbert M. Dawley, Willis H. O'Brien

Votes: 159 | Gross: $0.10M

29. Auction of Souls (1919)

80 min | Drama, History, Romance

Aurora Mardiganian, a young and beautiful Armenian girl, lives with her parents in the Turkish city of Havpoul. Her father, a prosperous merchant, was preparing to send her to the West to ... See full summary »

Director: Oscar Apfel | Stars: Aurora Mardiganian, Irving Cummings, Anna Q. Nilsson, Henry Morgenthau

Votes: 882

30. The Grim Game (1919)

71 min | Adventure, Drama

Jailed unjustly for a murder he did not commit, a young man uses his amazing powers of escape to free himself and pursue the actual killers, who hold his fiancée captive.

Director: Irvin Willat | Stars: Harry Houdini, Thomas Jefferson, Ann Forrest, Augustus Phillips

Votes: 214

31. Emerald of Death (1919)

54 min | Drama

Thomas von Weerth lives as the last descendant of an aristocratic family in the decayed castle. He is fascinated by the picture, 'The Boy in Blue', which shows the so-called Death Emerald.

Director: F.W. Murnau | Stars: Ernst Hofmann, Blandine Ebinger, Margit Barnay, Karl Platen

Votes: 28

32. The Miracle Man (1919)

Not Rated | 80 min | Drama

A gang of crooks evade the police by moving their operations to a small town. There the gang's leader encounters a faith healer and uses him to scam gullible public of funds for a supposed ... See full summary »

Director: George Loane Tucker | Stars: Lon Chaney, Betty Compson, Joseph J. Dowling, J.M. Dumont

Votes: 129 | Gross: $3.00M

33. The Devil's Passkey (1920)

130 min | Drama

The wife of an American playwright in Paris becomes ensnared in the seductive wiles of an American Army officer, but her devotion to her husband convinces the officer to try to extricate ... See full summary »

Director: Erich von Stroheim | Stars: Sam De Grasse, Una Trevelyn, Clyde Fillmore, Maude George

34. Treasure Island (1920)

76 min | Adventure

Young Jim Hawkins is caught up with the pirate Long John Silver in search of the buried treasure of the buccaneer Captain Flint, in this adaptation of the classic novel by Robert Louis ... See full summary »

Director: Maurice Tourneur | Stars: Shirley Mason, Josie Melville, Al W. Filson, Wilton Taylor

Votes: 16

35. Remodeling Her Husband (1920)

50 min | Comedy

After she marries Jack Valentine, Janie Wakefield ( Dorothy Gish ) discovers that her husband's reputation as a flirt is well deserved when she sees him riding in a taxi with a strange ... See full summary »

Directors: Lillian Gish, D.W. Griffith | Stars: Dorothy Gish, James Rennie, Marie Burke, Downing Clarke

Votes: 18

36. Dracula's Death (1921)

65 min | Horror, Thriller

A girl has frightening visions after visiting an insane asylum where one of the inmates claims to be Drakula and she can not be sure whether they were a nightmare or real.

Director: Károly Lajthay | Stars: James Ard, Paul Askonas, Carl Goetz, Károly Hatvani

Votes: 52

37. Humor Risk (1921)

20 min | Comedy, Short

This silent short saw the Marx Bros. teamed for the first time prior to their move to features. The film had only one public screening. Groucho later claimed that it was not very good.

Director: Richard Smith | Stars: Mildred Davis, Chico Marx, Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx

Votes: 71

38. Dangerous Lies (1921)

60 min | Drama

A widow's husband returns after her second marriage, and dies while assaulting her.

Director: Paul Powell | Stars: David Powell, Mary Glynne, Minna Grey, Warburton Gamble

Votes: 24

39. The Power of Love (1922)


Because of his financial trouble, Don Almeda (Noah Beery) promises his daughter, Maria (Barbara Bedford), to Don Alvarez (Albert Prisco). But Maria does not love Don Alvarez, and, in fact, ... See full summary »

Directors: Nat G. Deverich, Harry K. Fairall | Stars: Elliot Sparling, Barbara Bedford, Noah Beery, Aileen Manning

Votes: 46

40. Adam's Rib (1923)


Michael Ramsay only has time for gathering his fortune in wheat. His wife seeks comfort elsewhere and, to avoid a scandal, her daughter Matilda assumes her mother's guilt. Ramsay nearly goes broke but gets rich again; his wife returns.

Director: Cecil B. DeMille | Stars: Milton Sills, Elliott Dexter, Theodore Kosloff, Anna Q. Nilsson

Votes: 50 | Gross: $0.25M

41. Hollywood (1923)


Angela comes to Hollywood with only two things: Her dream to become a movie star, and Grandpa. She leaves an Aunt, a brother, Grandma, and her longtime boyfriend back in Centerville. ... See full summary »

Director: James Cruze | Stars: Hope Drown, Luke Cosgrave, George K. Arthur, Ruby Lafayette

Votes: 22 | Gross: $0.31M

42. Love, Life and Laughter (1923)

Drama, Romance

A chorus girl, who dreams of being a music-hall star, falls for an impoverished author.

Director: George Pearson | Stars: Betty Balfour, Harry Jonas, Frank Stanmore, Annie Esmond

43. Human Wreckage (1923)

80 min | Crime, Thriller, Drama

An attorney's wife is determined to fight the evils of addictive substances.

Directors: John Griffith Wray, Dorothy Davenport | Stars: Dorothy Davenport, James Kirkwood, Bessie Love, George Hackathorne

Votes: 9

44. The Courtship of Myles Standish (1923)

90 min | Drama, History

A dramatization of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem 'The Courtship of Miles Standish,' this is the story of the Pilgrims who fled religious persecution in England and came to America ... See full summary »

Director: Frederick Sullivan | Stars: Charles Ray, Enid Bennett, E. Alyn Warren, Joseph J. Dowling

Votes: 12

45. Who Is the Man? (1924)

60 min | Drama

In Paris an addicted artist takes the blame for his married sister's lover.

Director: Walter Summers | Stars: Isobel Elsom, Langhorn Burton, Lewis Dayton, John Gielgud

Votes: 9

46. Greed (1924)

Not Rated | 140 min | Drama, Thriller, Western

The sudden fortune won from a lottery fans such destructive greed that it ruins the lives of the three people involved.

Director: Erich von Stroheim | Stars: Gibson Gowland, Zasu Pitts, Jean Hersholt, Dale Fuller

Votes: 7,848 | Gross: $0.16M

Released on VHS in edited form. Originally 9 hours.

48. That Royle Girl (1925)

Passed | 114 min | Comedy, Drama

Joan Royle, beautiful but naive model who came from the slums, falls for Fred Ketlar, the leader of a dance band. When Fred's estranged wife Adele is murdered, Fred is arrested and ... See full summary »

Director: D.W. Griffith | Stars: Carol Dempster, W.C. Fields, James Kirkwood, Harrison Ford

Votes: 8

49. The Dark Angel (1925)

80 min | Drama

The Dark Angel tells the story of three childhood friends, two male, one female. When the woman chooses one of the men to marry, the other, jealous, sends his rival off into a dangerous situation during wartime.

Director: George Fitzmaurice | Stars: Ronald Colman, Vilma Bánky, Wyndham Standing, Frank Elliott

Votes: 15 | Gross: $0.17M

50. The House Without a Key (1926)

Passed | 210 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

A Pathe serial in ten chapters of two-reels each: Dan Winterslip, a wealthy man in Honolulu, has not spoken to his brother, who owns a hotel next to Winterslip's estate, in over twenty ... See full summary »

Director: Spencer Gordon Bennet | Stars: Allene Ray, Walter Miller, E.H. Calvert, Betty Caldwell

Votes: 15

51. The Great Gatsby (1926)

Passed | 80 min | Drama

Nick Carraway, a young Midwesterner now living on Long Island, finds himself fascinated by the mysterious past and lavish lifestyle of his neighbour, the nouveau riche Jay Gatsby. He is ... See full summary »

Director: Herbert Brenon | Stars: Warner Baxter, Lois Wilson, Neil Hamilton, Georgia Hale

52. The Mountain Eagle (1926)

57 min | Romance, Thriller

In the Kentucky hills, a store keeper tries to win the love of an innocent schoolteacher. She runs away and seeks refuge with a hermit.

Director: Alfred Hitchcock | Stars: Bernhard Goetzke, Nita Naldi, Malcolm Keen, John Hamilton