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So often when going through a tape we've saved a movie on we find some great gem of a film short that was shown before or after a movie... interesting Travel shorts, News Reels, Sport Shorts, Comedy Shorts, Dance Shorts, Music & Big Band Shorts, Instructional Shorts... and Animal Shorts starring a horse, dog or even a duck :) Have decided to start saving them because they are so fun!!

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1. Gym College (1955)

Approved | 8 min | Documentary, Short, Sport

In this Sportscope series entry, members of the Florida State University gymnastics team demonstrate their athletic skills.

Director: Howard Winner | Stars: Peter Roberts, Dick Gutting, Dick Ireland, Hartley Price

Votes: 44

2. Visiting Vera Cruz (1946)

Approved | 10 min | Documentary, Short, History

This Traveltalks entry looks at the people, customs, and landmarks in Vera Cruz, the main port city of Mexico.

Star: James A. FitzPatrick

Votes: 35

3. A Lady Fights Back (1944)

Approved | 10 min | Documentary, Short

The saga of the Normandie is recounted from her life as a luxury liner, the horrific fire that nearly destroyed her, and her resuscitation to join in the war effort

Star: John Nesbitt

Votes: 78

4. The Wonderful World of Tupperware (1965)

29 min | Short

Tupperware is the brand name of a series of plastic food storage products for the home. Tupperware is designed to keep food flavor and odor inside the container. The design of products goes... See full summary »

Director: George Yarbrough | Stars: Russ Blair, Anita Bryant, Johnny Desmond

Votes: 72

5. Calgary Stampede (1948)

Not Rated | 18 min | Documentary, Short, Western

The pageantry of Calgary's colorful celebration of its past, culminating with its world famous rodeo, is chronicled.

Director: Saul Elkins | Star: Art Gilmore

Votes: 124

6. The Screen Writer (1950)

10 min | Short, Documentary

This short focuses on the job of the screenwriter, who adapts a story into a screenplay. It is his screenplay that is transformed into the movie we see at theaters. An original story may ... See full summary »

Director: Jerry Webb | Stars: Charles Brackett, Franklyn Farnum, Wilton Graff, Raymond Largay

Votes: 36

7. 'Giant' Stars Are Off to Texas (1955)

1 min | Documentary, Short

Cast and crew members of "Giant" in a reunion about locations in Marfa, Texas. The narrator explains about the George Stevens'adaptation of Edna Ferber novel.

Stars: James Dean, Dennis Hopper, Mercedes McCambridge, George Stevens

Votes: 21

8. The Week End Mystery (1931)

17 min | Short, Mystery

During a rainstorm at a remote manor house, Richard Crayell plays host to several guests. At nine o'clock sharp, he excuses himself from the card table to take his medicine, promising to ... See full summary »

Director: Arthur Hurley | Stars: Donald Meek, John Hamilton, Jane Winton, Walter Petrie

Votes: 36

10. The Law and the Lab (1956)

Approved | 9 min | Short, Crime

Key players in the investigation of many crimes, but most importantly homicides, are the technicians. In this day and age, mobile laboratories are brought to the crime scene to do on the ... See full summary »

Director: Frances Dinsmoor | Star: Bob Hite

Votes: 33

11. Gus Arnheim and His Ambassador Hotel Orchestra (1927)

5 min | Short, Music, Musical

Sitting at the piano, Gus Arnheim leads his Ambassador Hotel Orchestra - totaling twelve band members - in two musical numbers. The music is up-tempo typical of the roaring twenties. The ... See full summary »

Stars: Gus Arnheim, Ambassador Hotel Orchestra, Russ Columbo

Votes: 10

12. King of the Islands (1936)

Approved | 20 min | Comedy, Romance, Musical

A shipwrecked sailor, originally from New York, is washed up on the shores of the tropical island of Wally-Wally. The natives of island welcome him with open arms. He immediately falls in ... See full summary »

Director: Ralph Staub | Stars: Wini Shaw, Warren Hymer, Edward McWade, George Beranger

Votes: 17

13. Okay Toots! (1935)

Approved | 18 min | Comedy, Short

Charley Chase, a stockbroker, gets rich by mistake, has parking trouble, then at home finds his wife Toots seeing a psychic who apparently causes husband and wife to switch bodies!

Directors: Charley Chase, William H. Terhune | Stars: Charley Chase, Jeanie Roberts, Constance Bergen, Ferdinand Munier

Votes: 48

14. Visiting St. Louis (1944)

Approved | 9 min | Documentary, Short

This Traveltalks visit to St. Louis starts with a brief historical overview, stops at some architectural landmarks, touches on the importance of the Mississippi River to the city, and finally visits the Saint Louis Zoo in Forest Park.

Director: James A. FitzPatrick | Stars: James A. FitzPatrick, George P. Vierheller

Votes: 31

15. My Country 'Tis of Thee (1950)

Approved | 19 min | Documentary, Short, Biography

A panoramic view of American history from the Pilgrims to 1950 utilizing archival footage.

Stars: Marvin Miller, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Chester W. Nimitz, George S. Patton

Votes: 111

16. Glimpses of Florida (1941)

Approved | 10 min | Documentary, Short

Traveltalks short takes the viewer to several popular destinations in Florida including Miami, Hialeah, the Everglades, Cypress Gardens, and Silver Springs.

Director: James A. FitzPatrick | Stars: James A. FitzPatrick, Miss Allen, Ross Allen

Votes: 81

17. Teenagers on Trial (1955)

Approved | 19 min | Documentary, Short, Crime

A look at the dangers and possible causes of gangs and teenage delinquency including over-crowded and under-funded schools with few after-school activities and over-worked parents who have little time to spend with their children.

Star: Bob Hite

Votes: 119

18. La Cucaracha (1934)

Approved | 20 min | Short, Comedy, Musical

Señor Martinez, a famous theater owner, visits a local café in Mexico because of its reputation for good food and to audition the famous dancer who performs there. Martinez tells the café ... See full summary »

Director: Lloyd Corrigan | Stars: Steffi Duna, Don Alvarado, Paul Porcasi, Eduardo Durant

Votes: 220

19. Rambling 'Round Radio Row #6 (1933)

9 min | Short, Comedy, Music

Host Harry Rose mixes a "cocktail" of musical acts.

Director: Jerry Wald | Stars: Jerry Wald, Harry Rose, Don Carney, Lew Conrad

Votes: 24

20. Season in Tyrol (1969)

G | 19 min | Documentary, Short, Sport

This short film is a four season look at the active life in the Tyrol region of Austria, where the locals live by centuries of tradition. In the winter, many people flock to the area to ... See full summary »

Director: Kurt Jetmar | Stars: Efrem Zimbalist Jr., The Gay Tyrolese, The Boys Choir of Wilten

Votes: 32

21. Winning Your Wings (1942)

Approved | 18 min | Short, History, War

Inspirational short film designed to encourage recruits for the American Army Air Forces.

Directors: John Huston, Owen Crump | Stars: James Stewart, Jean Ames, Leah Baird, Don DeFore

Votes: 239

22. The Hoaxters (1952)

Approved | 36 min | Short, Documentary

So called snake oil salesmen at carnivals are often used as the symbols of hoaxters. There are much more globally sinister hoaxters in the form of world leaders of totalitarian regimes, ... See full summary »

Stars: Marilyn Erskine, Howard Keel, George Murphy, Walter Pidgeon

Votes: 109

23. Scenic Oregon (1943)

9 min | Documentary, Short

This Traveltalks entry takes the viewer to Oregon, focusing on natural and man-made attractions including Bonneville Dam, Celilo Falls, and salmon fishing along the Columbia River; unique sculptures on a farm near Bend; and Crater Lake.

Star: James A. FitzPatrick

Votes: 45

24. The Red Shadow (I) (1932)

18 min | Drama, Musical, Mystery

General Bierbeau sends his weakling son, Pierre, to French Morocco to fight Arab insurgents (the "Riffs") in the hopes that this will toughen him up. He soon becomes the Riffs' leader and ... See full summary »

Director: Roy Mack | Stars: Alexander Gray, Bernice Claire, Max Stamm, Gracie Worth

Votes: 64

25. Manhattan Monkey Business (1935)

20 min | Comedy, Short

When Charley can't pay his bill at a restaurant, he is forced to become a waiter.

Directors: Charley Chase, Harold Law | Stars: Charley Chase, James Finlayson, Joyce Compton, Gertrude Astor

Votes: 34

26. Week End in Hollywood (1947)

11 min | Documentary, Short

This travelogue promoting Hollywood tourism offers brief looks at several of the town's landmarks as well as quick glimpses of stars and their homes.

Stars: Walter Lantz, Sid Grauman, Freddie Fisher, Bob Hope

Votes: 39

27. Kingdom of the Saguenay (1964)

9 min | Documentary, Short

Québec City is seen as the gateway of the St. Lawrence and the gateway to the lesser known Kingdom of the Saguenay. Long before the pilgrims arrived in North America, French explorer ... See full summary »

Director: Douglas Sinclair | Star: Joel Aldred

Votes: 58

28. Strange Testament (1941)

Passed | 11 min | Short

Story of Julian Poydras, whose encounter with a girl at Mardi Gras had a profound effect on his later life.

Director: Sammy Lee | Stars: Edward Ashley, Ava Gardner, Dorothy Morris, John Nesbitt

Votes: 25

29. Traffic with the Devil (1946)

Approved | 19 min | Short, Drama

This "Theater of Life" series short looks at traffic problems in Los Angeles, California, as described and experienced by Sgt. Charles Reineke, a traffic enforcement officer with the Los Angeles Police Department.

Director: Gunther von Fritsch | Stars: Charles Reineke, Ben Hall, Ralph Montgomery, Jason Robards Sr.

Votes: 129

30. The Wall Street Mystery (1931)

17 min | Short, Comedy, Mystery

The apparent murder of two stockbrokers is solved in quick fashion by Dr. Crabtree.

Director: Arthur Hurley | Stars: Donald Meek, John Hamilton, Frances Dale, Hobart Cavanaugh

Votes: 93

31. Mills Blue Rhythm Band (1934)

11 min | Short, Music

Musical and dance acts perform, first at a night club, then at a "rent party."

Director: Roy Mack | Stars: Mills Blue Rhythm Band, Sally Gooding, Fredi Washington, Hamtree Harrington

Votes: 43

32. Spreadin' the Jam (1945)

Approved | 10 min | Short, Musical

A young woman who is unable to pay her rent gets some unexpected help from her fellow tenants who organize a rent party complete with rousing swing music and lots of dancing.

Director: Charles Walters | Stars: Jan Clayton, Ben Lessy, Helen Boyce, Les Brown

Votes: 57

33. The Wishing Stone (1935)

10 min | Short, Comedy, Musical

A commercial passenger jet has gone missing on its flight from Mexico to New York. In reality, the plane did crash, but everyone aboard is physically unhurt. One of the passengers, musician ... See full summary »

Director: Roy Mack | Stars: Dave Apollon, Paul Perry, Zeni Vatori

Votes: 16

34. Hollywood Wonderland (1947)

Approved | 16 min | Short, Musical

Tour guides take visitors on a promotional guide of Warner Brothers' studios.

Director: Jack Scholl | Stars: Robert Arthur, John Carroll, Cliff Edwards, Fritz Feld

Votes: 80

35. Around the World in California (1947)

Approved | 10 min | Short, Documentary

This Traveltalks tour concentrates on Southern California and visits locations that resemble the geography, architecture, and culture of various spots around the globe.

Stars: James A. FitzPatrick, Leo Carrillo, Hans Ort

Votes: 63

36. Musical Merry-Go-Round #3 (1948)

Approved | 11 min | Short, Music

Radio personality Martin Block interviews Ray Noble and Buddy Clark and introduces a few performances by Clark singing with Ray Noble and His Orchestra.

Director: Jack Scholl | Stars: Martin Block, Ray Noble, Ray Noble and His Orchestra, Buddy Clark

Votes: 45

37. The Old South (1940)

11 min | Documentary, Short, History

Chronicle of the importance of cotton to the economy and culture of the American South.

Director: Fred Zinnemann | Stars: George Lynn, Frank Whitbeck

Votes: 105

38. Aqua Antics (1942)

Approved | 8 min | Short, Sport

Members of the California Water Bugs club demonstrate new ways to get thrills when water skiing.

Director: Louis Lewyn | Stars: Pete Smith, Pete Peterson, Bob Butts, Windy McDonald

Votes: 35

39. Three on a Rope (1938)

Approved | 10 min | Documentary, Short

This short looks at the sport of rock climbing. A team of three men ascend a rock wall on Southern California's Tahquitz Rock (also known as Lily Rock) above Idyllwild. The various climbing... See full summary »

Director: Willard Van der Veer | Stars: Pete Smith, Arthur Johnson, William Rice, James Smith

Votes: 42

40. A Movable Scene (1970 TV Movie)

22 min | Documentary

The hippie community, comprised primarily of young adults originally from middle or upper middle class families, was borne out of a rebellion against establishment. One other binding force ... See full summary »

Director: William Templeton | Stars: Robert Mitchum, C. Mason Harvey, J. Thomas Ungerleider, Samuel Gershon

Votes: 81

41. Flowers of Darkness (1972)

22 min | Documentary, Short

This short films traces the history of opium and examines contemporary heroin trade and addiction in the United States.

Director: William Templeton | Stars: Paul Newman, Vernon Hann, Jack Hurst, Sherman N. Kieffer

Votes: 97

42. Hollywood Without Make-Up (1963)

Not Rated | 50 min | Documentary

Ken Murray shares three decades of personal home movies of dozens of Hollywood stars. Not only does he share his own, but home movies from several celebrity friends, as well.

Directors: Rudy Behlmer, Loring d'Usseau, Ken Murray | Stars: Ken Murray, Eddie Albert, June Allyson, George K. Arthur

Votes: 258

43. Little Pioneer (1937)

19 min | Adventure, Short, Musical

In 1880 South Africa, young Betsy has an adventure involving Zulu Tribesmen, Dutch Settlers, The Vortrekkers, and her older brother's romance of Katie Snee.

Director: Bobby Connolly | Stars: Sybil Jason, Jane Wyman, Carlyle Moore Jr., Frederick Vogeding

Votes: 39

44. From the Four Corners (1942)

15 min | Drama, Short

Members of three Commonwealth armies, an Aussie, a Canadian, and a New Zealander meet actor Leslie Howard who buys them a beer and makes them understand why they're fighting.

Director: Anthony Havelock-Allan | Stars: J. Johnston, W. Atkinson, R. Gilbert, Leslie Howard

Votes: 89

45. Every Sunday (1936)

Approved | 11 min | Short, Comedy, Music

Two teenage girls lend their fantastic singing voices to the cause when the city council threatens to replace the orchestra led by one girl's grandfather as the regular entertainment at the Sunday concert-in-the-park series.

Director: Felix E. Feist | Stars: Judy Garland, Deanna Durbin, Jack Lindquist, Clem Bevans

Votes: 422

46. Monumental Utah (1944)

Approved | 9 min | Documentary, Short

Travelogue in the MGM TravelTalks series, filmed at Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.

Director: James A. FitzPatrick | Stars: Mormon Tabernacle Choir, James A. FitzPatrick

Votes: 29

47. The King of the Duplicators (1968)

12 min | Documentary, Short

This M-G-M short film highlights the work of master makeup artist William Tuttle, the head of M-G-M's makeup department for over 30 years. It shows how he makes casts of actors' faces allowing him to make prostheses for character makeup.

Stars: William Tuttle, Wayne Thomas, Charles H. Schram

Votes: 74

48. Aqua Babes (1956)

Approved | 8 min | Short, Sport

Having received her training at the Royal Academy of Physical Education in Stockholm, Lissa Bengston now teaches swimming in California. She teaches children as young as three and four in a... See full summary »

Director: Ernest Corts | Stars: Harry Wismer, Lissa Bengston

Votes: 16

49. Rambling 'Round Radio Row #5 (1933)

9 min | Short, Music

The Happines Boys Billy Jones and Earnie Hare are invited to a party, but separate themselves from the rest of the guests, so they can not be urged to perform. However, they are watching ... See full summary »

Director: Jerry Wald | Stars: Jerry Wald, The Funnyboners, Billy Jones, Ernie Hare

Votes: 17

50. That Justice Be Done (1945)

Approved | 10 min | Documentary, Short, War

One of the last of the films made under the direction of the War Activities Committee. It is a 10 minute documentary produced under the supervision of Ray Kellogg (I)who, at the time, was a... See full summary »

Director: George Stevens | Stars: Adolf Hitler, Robert Jackson, Harry S. Truman, Irving Pichel

Votes: 103

51. Electrical Power (1938)

Approved | 10 min | Documentary, Short