Great Posters (Mostly Horror)

by Carlos_1984 | created - 03 Aug 2019 | updated - 2 months ago | Public
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1. The 13th Friday (2017)

95 min | Horror, Thriller

Thrill seeking friends return to the place of the most terrifying killer.

Director: Justin Price | Stars: Lisa May, Deanna Grace Congo, Jose Zuniga, Antonio Villarreal

Votes: 1,191

2. The Other Side of the Mirror (2016)

102 min | Drama, Fantasy, History

In 1905, a teenage Alice has just moved to the Pacific Northwest. She follows a mysterious man down a rabbit hole, leading her into Wonderland, a dark and curious world inhabited by ... See full summary »

Director: Zach Hamer | Stars: Adrien Gamache, Nathan Hamer, Trey Hatch, Selena Tibert

Votes: 1,356

3. All Alone (2011)

90 min | Thriller

An over-populated, concrete-filled Los Angeles drives Maggie into fear and isolation. On the edge, her cries for change are neglected by her husband Ben. When she turns to her dysfunctional... See full summary »

Director: Jon Cellini | Stars: Mandy Levin, Suzy Cote, Brice Williams, David Haydn-Jones

Votes: 234

4. Alarmed (2014)

90 min | Horror, Thriller

Trapped aboard the family yacht, Samantha lives out her personal Hell, night after night, answering to the cruel and painful demands of the ship's alarm system. Taking a journey into the ... See full summary »

Director: Matt Lofgren | Stars: Jennifer Stuckert, Olivia Aaron, Heidi Brigman, Griffin Daley

Votes: 302

5. Paranormal Captivity (2012)

Not Rated | 108 min | Horror, Thriller

After the death of her husband, a penniless woman moves into the home of her Uncle. Strange things begin to occur. Is the house haunted or is it something more?

Director: John Orrichio | Stars: Caitlyn Fletcher, Roberto Lombardi, Edward X. Young, Jerry Ross

Votes: 193

6. Theatre of Fear (2014)

Not Rated | 90 min | Horror

The Moreau Family travel around the UK putting on an underground variety show for an adult audience. But behind the curtain there is something more sinister going on than simple entertainment.

Director: Andrew Jones | Stars: Jared Morgan, Lee Bane, Nathan Head, Sam Harding

Votes: 517

7. Valley of the Witch (2014)

90 min | Horror

Dormant spirits have been re-awakened in the Welsh village of Cwmgwrach. Can anyone stop the manifestation of ancient evil? Or is the village fated to pay for it's dark history?

Director: Andrew Jones | Stars: Rachel Howells, Lee Bane, Alison Lenihan, Jared Morgan

Votes: 341

8. A Haunting at the Rectory (2015)

Not Rated | 88 min | Drama, Horror

A Reverend and his wife discover their new home has a deadly secret.

Director: Andrew Jones | Stars: Lee Bane, Suzie Frances Garton, Tom Bonington, Sarah-Louise Tyler

Votes: 590

9. The Last House on Cemetery Lane (2015)

Not Rated | 82 min | Horror

A screenwriter staying in an old manor house in West Wales discovers that it's haunted by malevolent spirits.

Director: Andrew Jones | Stars: Vivien Bridson, Tessa Wood, Lee Bane, Georgina Blackledge

Votes: 1,147

10. Poltergeist Activity (2015)

Not Rated | 84 min | Horror

A father and daughter encounter unexplainable occurrences and frightening visions in their new home.

Director: Andrew Jones | Stars: Lee Bane, Natalie Martins, Jared Morgan, Judith Haley

Votes: 559

11. The Curse of Robert the Doll (2016)

Not Rated | 79 min | Horror

A cash strapped student who starts working the night shift at a Museum suspects that one of the exhibits, a creepy vintage doll named Robert, is alive and wreaking havoc after hours.

Director: Andrew Jones | Stars: Suzie Frances Garton, Nigel Barber, Chris Bell, Lee Bane

Votes: 773

12. Robert (2015)

Not Rated | 90 min | Horror

In this chilling story based on real life events a family experience terrifying supernatural occurrences when their son acquires a vintage doll called Robert.

Director: Andrew Jones | Stars: Suzie Frances Garton, Lee Bane, Flynn Allen, Judith Haley

Votes: 1,930

13. The Revenge of Robert the Doll (2018)

Not Rated | 80 min | Horror

Infamous killer doll Robert does battle with Hitler's henchmen aboard a train in Nazi Germany.

Director: Andrew Jones | Stars: Lee Bane, Harriet Rees, Judith Haley, Eloise Juryeff

Votes: 574

14. Robert and the Toymaker (2017)

Not Rated | 84 min | Horror

In Germany, 1941, the Nazis pursue a Toymaker who has acquired a mystical book which gives life to inanimate objects.

Director: Andrew Jones | Stars: Lee Bane, Erick Hayden, Jo Weil, Nathan Head

Votes: 622

15. Robert Reborn (2019)

Not Rated | 85 min | Horror

In 1951 USSR, infamous killer doll Robert battles Stalin's henchmen on board a plane.

Director: Andrew Jones | Stars: Dennis Farrin, David Lenik, Lee Bane, Rahel Kapsaski

Votes: 418

16. The Legend of Halloween Jack (2018)

Not Rated | 90 min | Horror, Thriller

On Halloween night, a serial killer returns from the dead to take revenge on the vigilantes who put him to death one year earlier.

Director: Andrew Jones | Stars: Jason Gregg, Megan Lockhurst, Jamie Knox, Harriet Rees

Votes: 785

17. Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection (2012)

R | 86 min | Horror

The deceased have risen with the instinct to feed on the living as a family is trapped during a zombie apocalypse. Wales. Based on George A. Romero's classic "Night of the Living Dead".

Director: James Plumb | Stars: Sule Rimi, Kathy Saxondale, Lee Bane, Terry Victor

Votes: 1,463

18. The Amityville Asylum (2013)

88 min | Horror

Lisa Templeton begins a new job as a cleaner at High Hopes Hospital, a mental institution in Amityville, Long Island. Initially delighted to get the job, Lisa soon realises that all is not as it seems.

Director: Andrew Jones | Stars: Sophia Del Pizzo, Lee Bane, Jared Morgan, Eileen Daly

Votes: 1,358

19. Cabin 28 (2017)

Not Rated | 83 min | Horror

Based on one of the most infamous unsolved murder cases in American history, this film follows a family who are terrorized at an isolated cabin by mysterious assailants.

Director: Andrew Jones | Stars: Brendee Green, Derek Nelson, Terri Dwyer, Lee Bane

Votes: 1,106

20. Kingdom Come (2014)

Not Rated | 97 min | Horror

A group of strangers who wake up in what appears to be an abandoned building, unable to remember how they got there, find themselves haunted by strange visions and are forced to face all the wrongs they have done in their lives.

Director: Greg A. Sager | Stars: Ry Barrett, Camille Hollett-French, William Foley, Jason Martorino

Votes: 1,296

21. Ouija Summoning (2015)

90 min | Horror

A beautiful woman is haunted by an evil spirit after an innocent game of Ouija board goes horribly wrong.

Director: Marwan Mokbel | Stars: Tara Shayne, Marty Dew, Kristen Hagen, Thomas Garner

Votes: 449

22. The Caretaker (I) (2016)

TV-14 | 80 min | Horror, Thriller

A young woman returns home to care for her gravely ill grandmother, only to begin sleepwalking, envisioning spirits and uncovering dark secrets in her family's past.

Director: Jeff Prugh | Stars: Meegan Warner, Sondra Blake, Sean Martini, Chanel Celaya

Votes: 779

23. The Ouija Experiment (2011)

Not Rated | 92 min | Horror

Film student Brandon and four friends play with a Ouija board, unwittingly opening a portal to the spirit world and a drowned girl's deadly mystery.

Directors: Israel Luna, Josey Wells | Stars: Justin Armstrong, Belmarie Huynh, Swisyzinna, Carson Underwood

Votes: 3,297

24. The Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre of Death (2014)

Not Rated | 86 min | Horror

A group of unsuspecting theatre goers are trapped, after a ravenous spirit is resurrected and released from a Ouija board.

Director: Israel Luna | Stars: Justin Armstrong, Gerald Crum, Sally Greenland, Ty Larson

Votes: 1,841

25. Ouija House (2018)

95 min | Horror, Thriller

A girl takes her friends to a house with a dark past for a research project. They unwittingly summon an evil entity with plans of its own who makes the house part of its sinister game.

Director: Ben Demaree | Stars: Mischa Barton, Tara Reid, Carly Schroeder, Dee Wallace

Votes: 1,119

26. Curse of the Nun (2019)

80 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

A damaged young woman is looking forward to moving to a beautiful new home, but the spirit of a deranged nun wants her to stay right where she is.

Director: Aaron Mirtes | Stars: Lacy Hartselle, Rae Hunt, Kate Kilcoyne, Michael T. Flynn

Votes: 1,014

27. The Ouija Exorcism (2015)

Unrated | 87 min | Horror

In 1985, a celebrated exorcist trapped a horrific demon inside a ouija board. Thinking the board to be a game, his son played without obeying the rules, and let the demon loose. In order to... See full summary »

Director: Nick Slatkin | Stars: J. Damian Anastasio, Brittney Bertier, Cameron Bigelow, Jay Brothers

Votes: 519

28. Ouija Seance: The Final Game (2018 TV Movie)

81 min | Horror

Sarah and her friends decide to spend the weekend at an old villa Sarah mysteriously inherited. After finding a Ouija Board in the attic, Sarah and her friends unknowingly awaken an evil ... See full summary »

Director: Andrea Mugnaini | Stars: Alan Cappelli Goetz, Andrea Fachinetti, Holly Louise Mumford, Gianfranco Quero

Votes: 417

29. Unhinged (II) (2017)

R | 93 min | Horror

Four American best friends decide to take the back roads travelling to a wedding in England, on their way a deadly secret forces the girls to be stranded in the woods, where they discover a house occupied by Miss Perkins.

Director: Dan Allen | Stars: Kate Lister, Lucy-Jane Quinlan, Becca Hirani, Lorena Andrea

Votes: 1,381

30. House on Elm Lake (2017)

96 min | Horror

A couple and their young daughter move into a lake house that remained unsold due to the brutal, ritualistic murder of a family years ago. Soon, they realize that a dormant evil has ... See full summary »

Director: James Klass | Stars: Becca Hirani, Andrew Hollingworth, Faye Goodwin, Lorena Andrea

Votes: 1,288

31. Mummy Reborn (2019)

80 min | Adventure, Horror

A group of teens face an ancient enemy of the past when they wake a powerful Mummy from its tomb in an attempt to steal his cursed amulet.

Director: Dan Allen | Stars: Tiffany-Ellen Robinson, Victor Toth, Chris Kaye, Will Dodd

Votes: 626

32. Pet Graveyard (2019)

100 min | Adventure, Fantasy, Horror

A group of teens are tormented by the Grim Reaper and his pet after undergoing an experiment that allows them to revisit the dead.

Director: Rebecca Matthews | Stars: Rita Di Tuccio, Georgina Jane, Mike Kelson, Andrew Hollingworth

Votes: 1,286

33. The Bell Witch Haunting (2013)

Not Rated | 91 min | Biography, Horror

The Robertson County Sheriff's Department released found footage of what was thought at first to be a murder suicide, is now believed to be the return of a centuries old demon responsible for America's most famous paranormal event.

Director: Glenn Miller | Stars: Marissa Lynne Johnson, Laura Alexandra Ramos, Cat Alter, Natalie Burtney

Votes: 1,749

34. Cannibal (2006 Video)

89 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

An internet advertisement placed by a man with a cannibalistic obsession brings yields a willing victim to serve up his own flesh in this dramatic account of the crime that shocked the world.

Director: Marian Dora | Stars: Carsten Frank, Victor Brandl, Tobias Sickert, Joachim Sigl

Votes: 1,417

35. Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes (2011 Video)

R | 91 min | Horror

In the tradition of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, found footage documents the real life exorcisms of Anneliese Michel, history's most notorious victim of demonic possession.

Director: Jude Gerard Prest | Stars: Yaz Canli, Kai Cofer, Christopher Karl Johnson, Nikki Muller

Votes: 846

36. Invoked (2015)

R | 85 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

A group of young people went on a abandoned hostel in Sligo, Ireland. After they play a really creepy game, all of them disappear.

Directors: Humberto Rosa, Thairon Mendes | Stars: Ciara Rose Burke, Lyn Lorken, Patrick Murphy, Craig Grainger

Votes: 686

37. Heidi (I) (2014)

97 min | Horror

After discovering a mysterious doll in an attic, two high school friends are increasingly plagued by a series of disturbing and unexplained events.

Director: Daniel Ray | Stars: Samuel Brian, Joei Fulco, Joey Bell, Eva Falana

Votes: 658

38. No Tell Motel (2013)

Not Rated | 84 min | Horror

Dirty little secrets are exposed when five friends become stranded at an abandoned motel haunted by a dark secret of its own.

Director: Brett Donowho | Stars: Chalie Howes, Johnny Hawkes, Andrew MacFarlane, Angel McCord

Votes: 1,726

39. Judas Ghost (2013)

75 min | Fantasy, Horror

A team of professional ghost finders are trapped in an old village hall. The haunting they set out to investigate turns out to be far worse than they anticipated. Who will survive and what will be left of their souls?

Director: Simon Pearce | Stars: Martin Delaney, Lucy Cudden, Simon Merrells, Alexander Perkins

Votes: 610

40. The Invoking (2013)

Unrated | 82 min | Horror, Thriller

Group of friends to try provoking spirit at house they scare horrible things don't not see it.

Director: Jeremy Berg | Stars: Trin Miller, Brandon Anthony, Andi Norris, Josh Truax

Votes: 1,154

41. The Invoking 2 (2015 Video)

Not Rated | 83 min | Horror

Bear witness as hapless victims experience the unspeakable terror of confronting demonic forces, murderous poltergeists and other evil entities that are dead set on claiming their souls.

Directors: Jamie Root, Jamie DeWolf, Jay Holben, Corey Norman, Adam O'Brien, Patrick Rea | Stars: Asher Kennedy, Iara Mandyn, Will Urbina, Will McMichael

Votes: 467

42. The Invoking: Paranormal Dimensions (2016 Video)

74 min | Horror

Hundreds of disturbing paranormal events occur every year. Most of these terrifying encounters go unreported - until now. Enter the disturbing world of Invoking 3: Paranormal Dimensions ... See full summary »

Directors: Lee Matthews, Ruben Rodriguez | Stars: Johnathan Brugal, Garrett Marchbank, John Kyle Sutton, MJ Gazali

Votes: 1,583

43. Invoking 4 (2017)

75 min | Horror