Your Choice to Rule "Game of Thrones"?

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Every GoT fan has formed a decided opinion on the optimal combination of qualities, mostly strength, fitness and the strong claim, required to be the best ruler. Likewise, they have increasingly given thought to how aspiring ruler candidates measure up to those standards.

Tywin Lannister, the Hand to three Kings offers some insights into what makes a good ruler to Tommen on Game of Thrones. He cites wisdom, temperament, strength, dedication, intellect, justness, holiness and piousness among the traits that make rulers great. He highlights a willingness to heed counsel as being the most important trait. Tywin also stressed the importance of birthright and the duty of each family member to advance the position of their House.

Which current, former or potential ruling character* would have been your choice to rule "Game of Thrones"?* limited to Kings, Queens, claimants, great house heads, next in the line of succession, large tribal chieftains, regents or other viable aspirants

SPOILER ALERT: Intended for viewers current through the 2019 season, as poll reveals depicted or discussed Game of Thrones (2011) Westeros ruler or aspirants through end of calendar 2019.

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