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Ukrainian Movies

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1. Dyke pole (2018)

120 min | Adventure, Comedy, Drama

Herman Korolyov, 33, is getting by, working a meaningless executive job in a big city. One day he gets a strange call and learns that his older brother has mysteriously disappeared. Herman ... See full summary »

Director: Yaroslav Lodygin | Stars: Aleksey Gorbunov, Georgiy Povolotskiy, Vladimir Yamnenko, Oleg Moskalenko

Votes: 210

2. Mavka. The Forest Song

Animation, Comedy, Fantasy | Pre-production

Mavka - a soul of the Forest - faces an impossible choice between love and her duty as guardian to the Heart of the Forest, when she falls in love with a human - the talented young musician... See full summary »

Director: Oleksandra Ruban

3. U311 Cherkasy (2019)


The crew of Ukranian sweeper "Cherkasi" is resisting seizure of the vessel by Russian army in Crimea in 2014.

Director: Timur Yashchenko | Stars: Evgeny Avdeenko, Vitalina Bibliv, Serhiy Detyuk, Orest Garda

Votes: 15

4. Ivan the Powerful (2013)


"Ivan the Poweful" is a film telling an outstanding life story of Ivan Firtsak who was born in June, 1899 in a Ukrainian village Bilky, Irshava district in Zakarpattia Oblast. At the age of... See full summary »

Directors: Viktor Andrienko, Igor Pismennyy | Stars: Dmytro Khaladgi, Ivanna Sakhno, Vasyl Virastyuk, Viktor Andrienko

Votes: 264

5. Brama (2017)

107 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Inside the Chornobyl exclusion zone Grandma Prisa, the family matriarch, consorts with water nymphs, eats a diet filled with hallucinogenic mushrooms, and claims to have personally stabbed ... See full summary »

Director: Volodymyr Tykhyy | Stars: Vitalina Bibliv, Yaroslav Fedorchuk, Dmytro Iaroshenko, Dmytro Tuboltsev

Votes: 152

6. Foxter & Max (2018)

Adventure, Family, Fantasy

An artistic, frustrated pre-teen discovers that the graffiti dog he painted with a found can of what he thought was spray-paint, has come to life in the form of an ultra-intelligent ... See full summary »

Director: Anatoliy Mateshko | Stars: Roman Halaimov, Bohdan Kozii, Vladislav Mamchur, Anastasia Mateshko

7. The Bobot (2018)

100 min | Adventure, Family, Sci-Fi

12-year-old dreamer Vlad accidentally gets caught in a conflict between two alien forces. Together with an electric transformer box The Bobot, a brave girl and an eccentric scientist he has to save the world from a global catastrophe.

Director: Max Ksjonda | Stars: Viktor Grigoriev, Taras Shevchenko, Volodymyr Rashuk, Ivanna Borodai

Votes: 72

8. Inseparable (2013– )

200 min | Action, Drama, Romance

This is an account of love and loss, bravery and supernatural stoicism in the face of unbeatable odds.

Stars: Elena Kolesnichenko, Mariya Poezzhaeva, Yuriy Borisov, Evgeniya Loza

Votes: 338

10. The Secret Diary of Symon Petliura (2018)

123 min | Biography, History

The Secret Diary of Simon Petliura takes an unprecedented look at the short-lived Ukrainian People's Republic, which declared an independent Ukraine in 1918, and the later assassination of ... See full summary »

Director: Oles Yanchuk | Stars: Bogdan Benyuk, Mykola Butkovskyi, Serhiy Frolov, Serhiy Kucherenko

Votes: 28

11. Misto, v yakomu ne khodyat groshi (2018)

91 min | Drama

A great reckoning in a small town. A town without a name. A town not on the map. A town with its own rules. A town without access from the outside. A town with secrets not available even to... See full summary »

Director: Ganna Tretiak | Stars: Karyna Melnychenko, Ihor Ciszkewycz, Andriy Tsyshkevych, Sergiy Shvydkyi

Votes: 10

12. Black Cossack (2018)

102 min | Fantasy

A tale of a mystical helping hand to a woman who lost her husband in a battlefield.

Director: Wladyslav Chabanjuk | Stars: Mariyka Jalova, Dmitriy Kapranov, Vasyl Seredenko, Naomi Uman

Votes: 12

14. Volcano (2018)

104 min | Comedy, Drama

After several strange coincidences, Lukas, translator, who works for OSCE, strands in the southern Ukrainian town of Beryslaw. As involuntary guest of his strange host Vova, Lukas is ... See full summary »

Director: Roman Bondarchuk | Stars: Serhiy Stepansky, Viktor Zhdanov

Votes: 206

15. Just Sex, Nothing Personal (2018)


When Serhiy asks his girlfriend to marry him, he is met with a sound rebuff and an unflattering critique of his poor performance in bed. Broken-hearted and with his world almost falling ... See full summary »

Director: Olga Ryashina | Stars: Andrey Danilko, Roman Lutskyi, Natalya Mazur, Angelika Nikolaeva

Votes: 117

16. When the Trees Fall (2018)

88 min | Drama

The story of a five year old little rebellious girl Vitka with her teenage cousin Larysa and her boyfriend, the young criminal Scar unfolds in a Ukrainian provincial setting. Larysa finds ... See full summary »

Director: Marysia Nikitiuk | Stars: Eugen Grigoriev, Sofia Halaimova, Vadym Kovaliov, Aelita Nazarenko

Votes: 402

17. Trubach (2014)

Not Rated | 80 min | Family, Musical

Kolya Shevchenko is a young trumpeter in children's' brass orchestra " Berezil". He brilliantly plays, but also tries to write his own music which attracts attention of a famous band's ... See full summary »

Director: Anatoliy Mateshko | Stars: Aleksey Gorbunov, Nonna Grishaeva, Olesya Gurakovskaya, Volodymyr Horyanskiy

Votes: 37

18. December tale or S.Mykolay's Adventures (2018)

90 min | Comedy

The film tells about the adventures of eight-year-old Artem, whose family just moved from a big city to the old house in the Carpathians. On the eve of St. Nicholas Day, Saint Nicholas ... See full summary »

Director: Semyon Gorov | Stars: Aram Arzumanyan, Grigoriy Bokovenko, Ivanna Borodai, Przemyslaw Cypryanski

Votes: 13

19. Kazka pro hroshi (2018)

Not Rated | 100 min | Fantasy

A simple-minded Ukrainian worker Levko inherits his uncle's flourishing mill business. The sudden and unexpected fortune consequently reveals Levko's furious crave for money. He starts with... See full summary »

Director: Olesya Morgunets | Stars: Nikolay Boklan, Yuriy Dyak, Andrey Isaenko, Kateryna Kachan

Votes: 9

20. Legends of Carpathians (2018)

92 min | Action, Adventure, History

As Carpathian legend has it, Oleksa Dovbush was a heroic outlaw with excellent fighting skills and a gift to predict the future. He was left an orphan as a small boy after a local lord ... See full summary »

Director: Serg Skobun | Stars: Valeriy Kharchyshyn, Sergiy Akhrimenko, Nadiia Bokaturo, Anatoli Chumachenko

Votes: 35

21. Producer (2019)

Adventure, Comedy, Crime

Road trip comedy about a presumptuous young producer who has to deliver lots of money in cash to a film set. As he encounters many obstacles on his way, both hilarious and life-threatening,... See full summary »

Director: Serge Vane | Stars: Darya Astafeva, Viktor Andrienko, Oleksii Durniev, Andre Tan

Votes: 23

22. Hutsulka Ksenya (2019)

90 min | Musical

1939. A young Ukrainian-American man Yaro comes to the Carpathian Mountains, because his father left him a fortune under the condition that he would marry a Ukrainian girl. There Yaro meets a Hutsul girl Ksenya and has to rethink his plan.

Director: Olena Demyanenko | Stars: Varvara Lushchyk, Maksym Lozynskyj, Olivier Bonjour, Mariya Chuprynenko

Votes: 124

23. The Rising Hawk

135 min | Action, Drama, History | Post-production

The year is 1241. The Mongol horde lead by cruel khan Burunda moves west, destroying everything in its path. Reaching the Carpathian mountains, the troops camp right below. However, at ... See full summary »

Directors: Akhtem Seitablaev, John Wynn | Stars: Alison Doody, Robert Patrick, Tommy Flanagan, Poppy Drayton

25. The Three of Us

14 min | Short, Adventure, History | Post-production

A Red Army convoy transporting a large amount of cash is apparently ambushed by anarchists led by Makhno. In a twist of betrayal, the Red Army set up the attack to eliminate the anarchists.... See full summary »

Director: Ivan Kravchyshyn | Stars: Alina Kovalenko, Roman Yasinovsky, Artemy Egorov, Ievgen Pidnebesnyy

26. Morena (2018)

Mystery, Romance, Thriller

A girl named Anya and her boyfriend Yurko come to visit Anya's parents in a small mountain village, where they encounter a young witch Ivanka, whom the people call Morena. Ivanka liked ... See full summary »

Director: Serhiy Alyoshechkin

27. Willy-nilly Hero (2019)

85 min | Adventure, History | Pre-production

The Ukrainian batiar (Lviv's subculture) from Lviv falls in love with the daughter of a Polish noble. To save her he joins the Polish uprising against Austria in Lviv in 1848. In the result he becomes a hero of the revolution.

Directors: Aleksandr Alyoshechkin, Vyacheslav Alyoshechkin

28. Myth (II) (2018)

63 min | Documentary, Biography

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Directors: Leonid Kanter, Ivan Yasniy | Star: Orest Slipak

Votes: 43

29. 20/20 Deserted Country (2018)

70 min | Fantasy

Ukrainian Mockumentary about a Canadian film director arrived to the biggest European country and discovered that everyone had left.

Director: Korney Gritsyuk | Star: Boris Abramov

Votes: 12

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