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2. Päämaja (1970)

88 min | Drama, History, War

June 1944. The attention of the world is focused on Normandy, but the change of the tide can be felt in Finland also. Rumours of preparations of a massive Soviet attack in the Karelian ... See full summary »

Director: Matti Kassila | Stars: Joel Rinne, Jussi Jurkka, Tamara Lund, Kapo Manto

Votes: 188

3. Castle of Pot (1970)

89 min | Comedy, Drama

Teenager Erik returns from Paris to Finland in a rowboat and is accosted by a gang of youths in the countryside. He walks to Helsinki, returns to his parents' home and his old high school ... See full summary »

Director: Sakari Rimminen | Stars: Meri Oravisto, Erik Uddström, Ritva Laatto, Raiku Kemppi

Votes: 66

7. Song of the Bloodred Flower (1971)

92 min | Drama

A glib log driver, Olavi, keeps sowing his wild oats. When the time comes for him to settle down he finds it difficult to trust anyone in view of his fickle past.

Director: Mikko Niskanen | Stars: Pertti Melasniemi, Marjukka Arasola, Aune Hurme-Virtanen, Anna-Maija Kokkinen

Votes: 75

8. When the Heavens Fell (1972)

100 min | Drama

A psyhiotherapist's life is wrecked when her private life is exposed in a sensation magazine.

Director: Risto Jarva | Stars: Eeva-Maija Haukinen, Erkki Pajala, Heikki Hämäläinen, Matti Kassila

Votes: 165

9. Olympian Holiday (1976)

113 min | Comedy, Romance

A shy Finn boards a wrong plane and ends up on a beach holiday instead of skiing.

Director: Risto Jarva | Stars: Antti Litja, Tuula Nyman, Eija Pokkinen, Jukka Sipilä

Votes: 329

10. A Shot in the Factory (1973)

79 min | Drama

The events surrounding a factory in a small town are gone through in documentary style.

Director: Erkko Kivikoski | Stars: Urpo Poikolainen, Aarne Hakulinen, Pentti Viljakainen, Artturi Haikonen

Votes: 103

11. Sheep Eaters (1972)

96 min | Comedy, Drama

Valtteri and Sepe, two ordinary white-collar guys from southern Finland drive up north to implement a plan they've been hatching for months. Because they simply love the taste of lamb, ... See full summary »

Director: Seppo Huunonen | Stars: Leo Lastumäki, Heikki Kinnunen, Pentti Auer, Elina Hoffrén

Votes: 321

12. The Mommila Murders (1973)

76 min | Biography, Drama, History

The last day of Alfred Kordelin.

Director: Jotaarkka Pennanen | Stars: Reino Kalliolahti, Hannu Kahakorpi, Eero Kosteikko, Mikko Majanlahti

Votes: 73

13. The Earth Is a Sinful Song (1973)

R | 108 min | Drama

An earthy, naturalistically erotic and blood-soaked tale of young Martta's ill-fated affair with Oula, a womanizing reindeer herdsman in the Finnish Lapland of the late 1940s. When the 19-... See full summary »

Director: Rauni Mollberg | Stars: Maritta Viitamäki, Pauli Jauhojärvi, Aimo Saukko, Milja Hiltunen

Votes: 685

14. I Want to Love, Peter (1972)

94 min | Drama, Romance

Sanna, a middle-aged widow, has moved from Finland to Sweden with her two children. She starts a correspondence with doctor Peter Mackus, who is married and with two children. Their meeting... See full summary »

Director: Matti Kassila | Stars: Tea Ista, Paul Osipow, Riitta Elstelä, Gustav Wiklund

Votes: 70

18. The Hair (1974)

104 min | Comedy, Crime

A middle-aged man becomes deeply involved with the affairs and criminal connections of a mysterious girl.

Director: Seppo Huunonen | Stars: Mikko Majanlahti, Arja Virtanen, Pauli Virtanen, Eeki Mantere

Votes: 116

20. Home for Christmas (1975)

89 min | Drama

Construction worker Urho Suomalainen, his factory-worker wife Sirkka, and their two school-age children dream about getting away from their cramped rental apartment and moving to a house of... See full summary »

Director: Jaakko Pakkasvirta | Stars: Paavo Pentikäinen, Irma Martinkauppi, Kaisa Martinkauppi, Jari Erkkilä

Votes: 72

22. SuperCool

Comedy | Post-production

Lifelong friends Neil and Gilbert's undeniable bond is tested to the limits when Neil makes a magical wish that comes true. With the assistance of Neil's charismatic neighbor, Jimmy, and Gilbert's wild ideas, Neil endures one epic night.

Director: Teppo Airaksinen | Stars: Jake Short, Miles J. Harvey, Damon Wayans Jr., Madison Davenport

24. Peruna

Comedy | Pre-production

Comedy about a start-up entrepreneur who tries to import potato to Finland in the 17th century.

Director: Joona Tena

29. La Vie de Bohème (1992)

Not Rated | 103 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Three struggling artists try to make passable livings in Paris despite knock backs and tragedies.

Director: Aki Kaurismäki | Stars: Matti Pellonpää, Evelyne Didi, André Wilms, Kari Väänänen

Votes: 4,374

30. Vääpeli Körmy ja vetenalaiset vehkeet (1991)

87 min | Comedy

Soldiers of the third squad get their holidays denied so they devise a great plan. The discovery of the plan leads the headquarters to start an operation called Shhh.

Director: Ere Kokkonen | Stars: Heikki Kinnunen, Pentti Siimes, Tom Pöysti, Vesa Vierikko

Votes: 555

32. Zombie and the Ghost Train (1991)

88 min | Comedy, Drama, Music

Antti "Zombie" Autiomaa does two things well: play the bass guitar and drink. After several months' sleeping on the streets of Istanbul, he returns to Helsinki where he's called into the ... See full summary »

Director: Mika Kaurismäki | Stars: Silu Seppälä, Marjo Leinonen, Matti Pellonpää, Vieno Saaristo

Votes: 901

33. Naisen logiikka (1999)

70 min | Comedy

A sketch comedy loosely tied together by the idea of comparing "female" and "male" logic.

Director: Spede Pasanen | Stars: Hannele Lauri, Spede Pasanen, Simo Salminen, Riitta Väisänen

Votes: 158

34. Uuno Turhapuro herra Helsingin herra (1991)

94 min | Comedy

Uuno is working as campaign manager of a president candidate but accidentally Uuno himself becomes the president of Finland.

Director: Ere Kokkonen | Stars: Vesa-Matti Loiri, Tapio Hämäläinen, Marjatta Raita, Marita Nordberg

Votes: 735

36. Rölli - hirmuisia kertomuksia (1991)

82 min | Comedy, Family, Fantasy

Trollforest is in grave danger, so Rölli the Troll must unite with a Forest Fairy to save their home.

Director: Olli Soinio | Stars: Allan Tuppurainen, Sari Mällinen, Rolf Labbart, Jussi Lampi

Votes: 321

40. Häpy endkö? Eli kuinka Uuno Turhapuro sai niin kauniin ja rikkaan vaimon (1977)

84 min | Comedy

A prequel to the other Uuno Turhapuro movies that tells the story of how Uuno found his wife and got her to marry him.

Director: Ere Kokkonen | Stars: Vesa-Matti Loiri, Marjatta Raita, Ritva Valkama, Tapio Hämäläinen

Votes: 710

41. Pretty Good for a Human (1977)

132 min | Comedy, Drama, History

Rhapsodic story from a small Finnish town in the 1920s. The wounds of the civil war in 1918 are not yet fully healed. The current ban legislation on alcohol triggers a diligently moon-shining.

Director: Rauni Mollberg | Stars: Olavi Ahonen, Lauri Arajuuri, Ossi Aronen, Esko Hannula

Votes: 171

42. The Last Lumbercamp (1977)

128 min | Comedy, Drama

The life and death of Vikke Nilo, a lumberjack from the good old times.

Director: Edvin Laine | Stars: Jyrki Kovaleff, Olavi Ahonen, Leni Katajakoski, Torsti Kovaleff

Votes: 61

43. The Year of the Hare (1977)

129 min | Comedy, Drama

Young advertising executive Vatanen suddenly quits his job and his whole life in Helsinki, and decides to spend a while in the Finnish wilderness. A wounded hare hit by a car becomes his ... See full summary »

Director: Risto Jarva | Stars: Antti Litja, Kauko Helovirta, Markku Huhtamo, Paavo Hukkinen

Votes: 1,113

44. An Unknown Friend (1978)

90 min | Crime, Thriller

The cold and ruthless Bruno is married to Karen. Together they seek out poor and defenseless people offering them life insurance policies. Bruna and Karen make sure that it pays off.

Director: Lars G. Thelestam | Stars: Kate O'Mara, Bruno O'Ya, Åke Lindman, Anne Marie Pohtamo

Votes: 84

49. Two Forces (1979)

81 min | Drama, War

A small finnish village gets occupied by the soviets in the fall of 1939. The villagers end up working together with the occupants, especially since the soviets have among them finnish speaking propaganda people.

Directors: Pirjo Honkasalo, Pekka Lehto | Stars: Marja-Leena Kouki, Vesa Repo, Adolf Hitler, Pekka Lehto

Votes: 54

50. Natalia (1979)