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01-01-2019 To 07-01-2019

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1. Escape Room (I) (2019)

PG-13 | 99 min | Action, Adventure, Horror

48 Metascore

Six strangers find themselves in a maze of deadly mystery rooms and must use their wits to survive.

Director: Adam Robitel | Stars: Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Jay Ellis, Tyler Labine

Votes: 91,171 | Gross: $57.01M

2. Great Great Great (2017)

80 min | Drama, Romance

A young couple's decision to get engaged threatens to break them apart.

Director: Adam Garnet Jones | Stars: Sarah Kolasky, Dan Beirne, Richard Clarkin, Meredith Cheesbrough

Votes: 163

3. Mojin: The Worm Valley (2018)

110 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Following in the footsteps of blockbuster MOJIN: THE LOST LEGEND and based on the bestselling novel series, MOJIN: THE WORM VALLEY once again finds legendary tomb explorer Hu Bayi on a ... See full summary »

Director: Xing Fei | Stars: Hang Cai, Xuan Gu, Heng Yu, Taishen Cheng

Votes: 337 | Gross: $0.10M

4. The Nun (1966)

GP | 140 min | Drama

Suzanne is forced against her will to take vows as a nun and three mothers superior treat her in radically different ways. Suzanne's virtue brings disaster to everyone in this faithful adaptation of a bitter attack on religious abuses.

Director: Jacques Rivette | Stars: Anna Karina, Liselotte Pulver, Micheline Presle, Francine Bergé

Votes: 2,380 | Gross: $0.03M

5. Bumblebee (I) (2018)

PG-13 | 114 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

66 Metascore

On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee finds refuge in a junkyard in a small California beach town. On the cusp of turning 18 and trying to find her place in the world, Charlie Watson discovers Bumblebee, battle-scarred and broken.

Director: Travis Knight | Stars: Hailee Steinfeld, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., John Cena, Jason Drucker

Votes: 142,452 | Gross: $127.20M

6. Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

PG | 130 min | Animation, Comedy, Family

66 Metascore

A few decades after her original visit, Mary Poppins, the magical nanny, returns to help the Banks siblings and Michael's children through a difficult time in their lives.

Director: Rob Marshall | Stars: Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Whishaw, Emily Mortimer

Votes: 78,575 | Gross: $171.96M

7. The Mule (2018)

R | 116 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

58 Metascore

A ninety-year-old horticulturist and Korean War veteran turns drug mule for a Mexican cartel.

Director: Clint Eastwood | Stars: Clint Eastwood, Patrick L. Reyes, Cesar De León, Gustavo Muñoz

Votes: 117,021 | Gross: $103.80M

8. Lady Tiger (2019)

130 min | Documentary

Abraham, the planter comes from Jaffna to his ancestral home in central Kerala unaware of the unpleasant things waiting for him. On the night of his arrival, he dies under mysterious ... See full summary »

Stars: Dr. Ambi, Kozhikode Jayraj, Manisha Koirala, K.P.A.C. Lalitha

Votes: 20

9. I Am Banni (2019)

130 min | Drama

"I Am Banni" is a Hindi feature film Produced by Mr. Anil Garg along with Rahul and Gaurav Garg of RG Movies production and Directed by Nitin Chaudhary and K.K. Makwana. Promoting the ... See full summary »

Directors: Nitin Chaudhary, K.K. Makwana | Stars: Gaurav Garg, Amanda Rosario, Vikas Shrivastav, Vikas Shrivastav

10. Fortuner (2019)

131 min | Drama, Family, Romance

Partha, a good-for-nothing man, falls for Anusha and lies to her about owning a restaurant. When they get married, his dishonesty is exposed which ruins their relationship.

Directors: Manjunath J. Anivaarya, Jayram Srinivas | Stars: Diganth, Sonu Gowda, Swathi Sharma, Bala Rajwadi

Votes: 142

11. Aduva Gombe (2019)


Madhava (Sachari Vijay) lost his parents at the age of one and since then has been living with his elder sister Rukmini (Sudha Belawadi), who is married to Kishen (Anant Nag), a coffee planter.

Director: Dorai Bhagwan | Stars: Sudha Belawadi, Disha Krishnaiah, Rishita Malnad, Anant Nag

12. Maanik (2019)

Drama, Fantasy, Romance

A confused youngster, who falls in love with many girls, struggles hard to change his ill fate.

Director: Martyn | Stars: Ma ka Pa Anand, Yogi Babu, Suza Kumar, Manobala

Votes: 10

16. Ajay Passayyadu (2019)

122 min | Drama

Ajay is a happy-go-lucky spoil brat. Ajay gets into rivalry with Vikram who is his opponent in college. Ajay falls for Vikram's sister, Nandini, who reciprocates his love. Misunderstandings... See full summary »

Director: Prem Bhagirath | Stars: Ambika, Sivannarayana

18. Goyenda Tatar (2019)

92 min | Adventure

A bunch of adventurous kids and detective Tatar are dragged into a mysterious kidnapping case. They are helped by an ex-dacoit, Suleiman, in solving the case.

Director: Srikanta Galui | Stars: Debapriya Basu, Joybrata Das, Rajatabha Dutta, Adhiraj Ganguly

Votes: 26

19. Bijoya (2019)

145 min | Drama

Bijoya' is the sequel to Kaushik Ganguly National award-winning film 'Bishorjon'. Padma is now married to Ganesh Mondal. An emergency situation brings Padma and Ganesh Mondal to Kolkata ... See full summary »

Director: Kaushik Ganguly | Stars: Jaya Ahsan, Abir Chatterjee, Kaushik Ganguly, Lama Halder

Votes: 394

20. Ishqaa (2019)

127 min | Thriller

Ishqaa is the story of Rajveer, Seerat and Virat's love triangle, in which Rajveer is the one suffering from split personality disorder. How his character creates unwanted trouble for the ... See full summary »

Director: Nav Bajwa | Stars: Nav Bajwa, Payal Rajput, Aman Singh Deep, Karamjit Anmol

Votes: 20

21. Sohalla (2019)


Girish, a well-to-do engineer, is happily married to the love of his life, Vidya. The couple also have a talented young daughter. Unfortunately, things don't really work out between Girish ... See full summary »

Director: Gajendra Ahire | Stars: Bharat Ganeshpure, Vikram Gokhale, Lokesh Gupte, Mohan Joshi

Votes: 19

22. Dulla Vaily (2019)

133 min | Action, Crime, Drama

A corrupt landowner terrorizes the local villagers, when a man decides to stand up for them all.

Director: Devi Sharma | Stars: Guggu Gill, Yograj Singh, Gurvar Cheema, Aakanksha Sareen

Votes: 23

23. Salt Bridge (2017)

100 min | Drama

When a family man, in a bid to revive childhood bondage, befriends a married woman from within the migrant society which resists, he must come clean without affecting the relationships.

Director: Abhijit Deonath | Stars: Rajeev Khandelwal, Chelsie Preston Crayford, Usha Jadhav, Kaushik Das

Votes: 72

25. Thapadya

Drama | Announced

Devdutta is happy making a career in folk art and theatre. While doing so, he also meets the love of his life who shares similar interests. However, things take a turn when he receives a ... See full summary »

Director: Ajit Baburao Shirole | Stars: Abhinay Sawant, Sonali Gaikwad, Mohan Joshi, Manasi Musale

26. Ranarangam (2019)

Not Rated | 138 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Deva (Sharwanand) is a powerful gangster from Visakhapatnam who moves to Spain to put his past behind him. But what happens when he realises he can't shake off his enemies no matter where he goes?

Director: Sudheer Varma | Stars: Sharwanand, Mahesh Achanta, Kajal Aggarwal, Ajay

Votes: 466

27. The Loser Takes It All (2018– )

25 min | Comedy, Game-Show, Music

For the 50th anniversary the Sion Festival in Switzerland pays homage to the great Duos with an original contest open to violinists and pianists aged between 8 and 88 regardless of ... See full summary »

Stars: Konstantin Bogino, Itamar Golan, Aleksey Igudesman, Janine Jansen

28. Where Demons Hide (2019)

64 min | Drama, Thriller

The life of a young psychiatrist with a confining medical condition changes when he meets a girl that means more to him than the pills. This sets off an unravelling chain of events fueled by vengeance and manipulation to acquire justice.

Director: Alexander James Gilbert | Stars: Bobby Bulloch, Simon Hooson, Sarah Jane Duncan, Michaela Longden

29. The Weekend Warriors

Not Rated | Comedy | Announced

A group of college misfits get together and party like there is no tomorrow, the only problem is they graduated 10 years ago and have work on Monday.

Director: Myster DL | Stars: Sticky Fingaz, George Carroll, David Jackson Jr., Myster DL

30. Highlighters (2019)

79 min | Crime

Disgraced detective Hal Graves falls into a dangerous situation when he tries to help his estranged daughter out of trouble.

Director: Sean Cranston | Stars: Michael F. Hayes, Stephen Croce, Vinnie Velez, Jamie Mazur

Votes: 17

31. Underwood (2019)

93 min | Mystery, Thriller

A decades old murder comes to light as an unknowing author uncovers a dark mystery while on a retreat. Haunted by a victim's ghost, she now must find the killers identity through her dreams before the killer finds her first.

Director: John McLoughlin | Stars: Michelle McCurry, William Grefé, Jesse Hollenbach, Fernando Rio

Votes: 47

32. Lost in Terra Dimension

Sci-Fi | Announced

Two sisters get trapped into a different dimension and dreamworld by ruthless dictator Dom-X. With the help of Telda the fairy warrior, and other guides, the sisters will find their way out.

Directors: Lizelle Gutierrez, Kat Lehto | Stars: Kat Lehto, Lizelle Gutierrez, John Moamar, Zoey Grayce

33. Zeroes (2018)

104 min | Comedy

When best friends, Ray and Kenneth, drunkenly foil a robbery, Philadelphia becomes abuzz with the antics of these local heroes.

Director: Charles Smith | Stars: Jacklyn Adelene, Steve Annan, Kayla Anthony, Ashley Blankenship

Votes: 70

34. Crocodylus (2017)

TV-MA | 100 min | Horror, Sci-Fi

A dark secret is unearthed by a local farmer. Local Paleontologists reveal its the remains of a prehistoric monster Crocodylus. It's trible seal has been broken unleashing terror upon the local towns people.

Director: Myles Erfurth | Stars: Antoni Corone, Roberto Escobar, Courtney Dlugos, Noa Lindberg

Votes: 101

35. Serial (Bad) Weddings 2 (2019)

99 min | Comedy, Drama

Claude and Marie Verneuil face a new crisis. The four spouses of their daughters, David, Rachid, Chao and Charles decided to leave France for various reasons. Here they are imagining their lives elsewhere.

Director: Philippe de Chauveron | Stars: Christian Clavier, Chantal Lauby, Ary Abittan, Medi Sadoun

Votes: 6,244

36. The Victorians (2020)


Unsuspecting tourists take over Amsterdam's coffee shops and bars, while an ensemble of broken royal rogues lie in wait.

Director: Dwight A. Gabbert | Stars: Ali Rodney, Stephen Underwood, Samuel White, Jordan Maycock

37. Confirmation 101 (2019)

23 min | Short, Drama

Villa Mane tells stories about being a camera man in ATL music industry. He also explains how he almost lost it all from a overbearing drug addiction.

Director: Villa Mane | Stars: Villa Mane, Trice Robinson

Votes: 5

38. The Demonologist (2019)

100 min | Crime, Fantasy, Horror

Detective Damien Seryph investigates a string of murders that connects to a group trying to bring forth the 4 King Demons of Hell. Damien's past connects him to those involved and will force him to become "The Demonologist".

Director: J.M. Stelly | Stars: Brian Krause, Dane Rhodes, Manon Pages, Kate Tumanova

Votes: 619

39. Real Cases of Shadow People: The Sarah McCormick Story (2019)

Not Rated | 107 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Three students went missing in October 2018. Sarah McCormick, Kyle Miller, Joseph Moore. Authorities have now come forward with the information that video surveillance was found inside of ... See full summary »

Directors: Joseph Mazzaferro, Joseph Thomas | Stars: Lisa Arcaro, Mara Darrow, Michael Kenneth Fahr, Scott Geiter

Votes: 637

40. Believe (II) (2019)

109 min | Drama

A journey of love and finding ones true self in a time of crisis.

Director: Paul Cox

Votes: 5

41. Hello, Are You There? (2019)

70 min | Drama

The Lambert family purchased a new telephone in 1909. Eighty years later and after the recent passing of Tim Lambert's father, he moves in with his widowed mother and discovers a special family heirloom.

Director: Michael Jason Allen | Stars: Samantha M. Shaw, Buddy Campbell, Rhett Ashley Crosby, John Charles Dickson

Votes: 7

42. Teddy Bears Live Forever (2019)

90 min | Drama

April is a young faded ''It girl'' suffering in exile from multiple personality disorder brought on by a freakish UFO Cult. She decides that the most rotten of her six personalities must lose her virginity to stop her bizarre flashbacks.

Director: Fabrizio Federico | Star: Noor Lawson

43. The Stranger (II) (2019)

54 min | Drama

A young girl befriends a homeless man who is in search of the family he lost years ago. Krista sees the good in everybody and has the heart big enough to share the love of God with everyone she meets.

Director: Marc Allen | Stars: Jessica Bell, Marvin E. West, Maddie Kimrey, Marc Allen

44. Tiger Within (2020)

98 min | Drama

A story featuring an unlikely friendship between a homeless teen and a Holocaust survivor, sparking larger questions of fear, forgiveness, healing and world peace, starring multiple Emmy Award-winning actor, Ed Asner.

Director: Rafal Zielinski | Stars: Edward Asner, Luke Eisner, Taylor Nichols, Diego Josef

Votes: 9

45. Running Naked (2020)

92 min | Comedy, Drama

Feel good comedy drama following two friends' journey through life changing events. Cancer survivors Ben and Mark's friendship is tested when a piece of news forces them to change their perspectives. Love, friendship and streaking.

Director: Victor Buhler | Stars: Tamzin Merchant, Matthew McNulty, Andrew Gower, Rakhee Thakrar

Votes: 152

46. Hood Dreamz

96 min | Drama | Post-production

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Director: Alvin Gray | Stars: Marlena Neal, Nelson Irizarry, Delano Rankin, Tiffany Chambers

47. Queens of the Pole


Queens Of The Pole is a cinematic tell-all documentary about five successful exotic dancers with a detailed look at the cost to be paid.

Director: Marcus Lucas

49. Sunday (IV)


It is Sunday and filmmaker Drew Lee Temple is looking, to sell his feature film, 'Sunday' in Hollywood. Justin (Justin Phillip) is traveling from Kansas in an effort to film the actual ... See full summary »

Director: Drew Lee Temple | Stars: Lara Pictet, Justin Phillip, Michael Linowitz, Joe Chambrello

50. Diego (I)

12 min | Short, Drama | Completed

Tired from his amateur acting career, Diego is seeking RAV officer Lisa's help to move to Berlin. This encounter changes Lisa's way of dealing with her abusive husband.

Director: Ankit Anand | Stars: Sandro Stocker, Silvan Buess, Skel Osmani, Sabine Fehr

52. The Doctor's Monster (2020)

73 min | Sci-Fi

A reclusive doctor, desperate to help his dying daughter, attempts the ultimate experiment, bring a dead body back to life! His experiment seems to be a success but when the monster gets ... See full summary »

Director: Rick Jenkins | Stars: Zack Zublena, Benjamin Schnau, Liana Mendoza, Terrance Wentz

Votes: 39