2010 Official Sidewalk Selections

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1. Teenage Paparazzo (2010)

Not Rated | 94 min | Documentary

A documentary that examines the relationship between celebrity and society.

Director: Adrian Grenier | Stars: Med Abrous, Alec Baldwin, Nicholas Barber, Blair Berk

Votes: 2,079

Opening Night

2. Marwencol (2010)

Not Rated | 83 min | Documentary, Biography, Fantasy

82 Metascore

Documentary about Mark Hogancamp. After a vicious attack leaves him brain-damaged and broke, Mark seeks recovery in "Marwencol", a 1/6th scale World War II-era town he creates in his backyard. Inspired the movie Welcome to Marwen (2018)

Director: Jeff Malmberg | Stars: Mark Hogancamp, Emmanuel Nneji, Edda Hogancamp, Tom Neubauer

Votes: 3,619 | Gross: $0.11M

3. Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010)

R | 87 min | Documentary, Comedy, Crime

85 Metascore

Following the style of some of the world's most prolific street artists, an amateur filmmaker makes a foray into the art world.

Director: Banksy | Stars: Banksy, Mr. Brainwash, Space Invader, Debora Guetta

Votes: 66,768 | Gross: $3.29M

4. Night Catches Us (2010)

R | 90 min | Drama, Romance

65 Metascore

In 1976, complex political and emotional forces are set in motion when a young man returns to the race-torn Philadelphia neighborhood where he came of age during the Black Power movement.

Director: Tanya Hamilton | Stars: Anthony Mackie, Kerry Washington, Jamara Griffin, Sadiq Afif

Votes: 1,727 | Gross: $0.08M

5. The Disappearance of McKinley Nolan (2010)

Not Rated | 79 min | Documentary

Private McKinley Nolan vanished forty years ago in Vietnam on the Cambodian frontier. Some say he was captured, some say he was a traitor, some even say he was an American operative. The US... See full summary »

Director: Henry Corra

Votes: 41

6. Dogtooth (2009)

Not Rated | 97 min | Drama, Thriller

73 Metascore

A controlling, manipulative father locks his three adult offspring in a state of perpetual childhood by keeping them prisoner within the sprawling family compound.

Director: Yorgos Lanthimos | Stars: Christos Stergioglou, Michele Valley, Angeliki Papoulia, Christos Passalis

Votes: 97,245 | Gross: $0.11M

7. NY Export: Opus Jazz (2010)

46 min | Drama, Musical

In 1958, Jerome Robbins' "ballet in sneakers," became a smash hit and toured around the world. Shot on location in NYC with the New York City Ballet dancers, NY Export: Opus Jazz re-imagines the original ballet for a whole new generation.

Directors: Henry Joost, Jody Lee Lipes | Stars: Tiler Peck, Robbie Fairchild, Brittany Pollack, Alison Stroming

Votes: 103

8. Annabelle & Bear (2010)

100 min | Drama

The dramatic, tender story of a man who finds himself suddenly thrust into fatherhood, and the unexpected journey that leads him to discover the life-altering love found in the heart of his little girl.

Director: Amy S. Weber | Stars: Curt Massof, Olivia Walby, Ruby Harris, Jason Myres

Votes: 68

9. Pelada (2010)

Not Rated | 90 min | Documentary, Sport

Away from the bright lights and manicured fields, there's another side of soccer. Two players, twenty-five countries, one game.

Directors: Luke Boughen, Rebekah Fergusson, Gwendolyn Oxenham, Ryan White

Votes: 348

10. The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (2009)

R | 92 min | Horror

33 Metascore

A mad scientist kidnaps and mutilates a trio of tourists in order to reassemble them into a human centipede, created by stitching their mouths to each others' rectums.

Director: Tom Six | Stars: Dieter Laser, Ashley C. Williams, Ashlynn Yennie, Akihiro Kitamura

Votes: 80,182 | Gross: $0.18M

11. Mutant Girls Squad (2010)

Not Rated | 89 min | Action, Comedy, Fantasy

After a high-school girl discovers that she descends from a long line of mutants, she joins other mutants to battle anti-mutants. Ordinary humans that can't run fast get caught in the slaughter.

Directors: Noboru Iguchi, Yoshihiro Nishimura, Tak Sakaguchi | Stars: Asami, Tak Sakaguchi, Naoto Takenaka, Yoshihiro Nishimura

Votes: 1,928

12. Lifted (2010)

PG-13 | 108 min | Drama

13 year old Henry Matthews struggles with life after his reservist father is deployed to Afghanistan. With the help of a local pastor, the boy decides to take part in a local singing contest.

Director: Lexi Alexander | Stars: Nicki Aycox, Uriah Shelton, Dash Mihok, Thad Mickler

Votes: 1,698

13. Americatown (2011)

77 min | Adventure, Comedy

35 Metascore

Godspeed, and welcome to Americatown.

Director: Kenneth Price | Stars: Jonathan Guggenheim, Corbitt Howard, Jon Stafford, Barbara Weetman

Votes: 13

14. Mars (I) (2010)

Not Rated | 90 min | Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi

The discovery of life on Mars places a robotic expedition and a manned mission in a race to the Red Planet. On the way we discover that love - biological, spiritual, and even mechanical - can flourish in all kinds of ways.

Director: Geoff Marslett | Stars: Mark Duplass, Zoë Simpson Dean, Paul Gordon, Cynthia Watros

Votes: 408

15. Beijing Taxi (2010)

Not Rated | 78 min | Documentary

Three taxi drivers connect a morphing cityscape and a lyrical journey through Beijing as the city undergoes a profound transformational arch.

Director: Miao Wang

Votes: 76

16. Audrey the Trainwreck (2010)

Not Rated | 85 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

59 Metascore

The story of two people caught in the routines of work and circles of friends. The days begin with an alarm and ends with the fading sound of a television. Ron Hogan, a 28 year old ATM ... See full summary »

Director: Frank V. Ross | Stars: Nathan Adloff, Anthony J. Baker, Tim Baker, Denise Blank

Votes: 87

17. Monica & David (2009)

Not Rated | 68 min | Documentary

Explores the marriage of a young couple with Down syndrome, and the family who strives to support their needs.

Director: Alexandra Codina

Votes: 413

18. Make Believe (2010)

Not Rated | 88 min | Documentary

59 Metascore

Six of the world's best young magicians battle for the title of Teen World Champion.

Director: Clay Tweel | Stars: Ed Alonzo, Albert M. Belmont Jr., Gay Blackstone, Eugene Burger

Votes: 483

19. Gabi on the Roof in July (2010)

Unrated | 101 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

58 Metascore

An ambitious painter on the verge of a big break confronts his moral decay when his idealist, hell-raising, younger sister comes to stay with him in New York City for the summer.

Director: Lawrence Michael Levine | Stars: Sophia Takal, Lawrence Michael Levine, Brooke Bloom, Louis Cancelmi

Votes: 426

20. American Jihadist (2010)

Not Rated | 68 min | Documentary, Biography, History

What makes a man willing to kill and die for God?

Director: Mark Claywell | Stars: Isa Abdullah Ali, Fawaz Gerges, Daveed Gartenstein Ross, Nate Butler

Votes: 67

21. Wah Do Dem (2009)

TV-MA | 76 min | Adventure, Comedy, Drama

54 Metascore

Max lives in Brooklyn. He enjoys playing soccer, skateboarding, and drinking with his friends at local bars. Last summer he and his girlfriend, Willow, won a free cruise to Jamaica but two ... See full summary »

Directors: Ben Chace, Sam Fleischner | Stars: Kevin Bewersdorf, Sean Bones, Carl Bradshaw, Mark Gibbs

Votes: 366

22. Wheedle's Groove (2009 Video)

Not Rated | 87 min | Documentary, History, Music

In 1972, a thriving Seattle soul music scene was on the verge of national recognition. In 1975, almost suddenly, the scene died and was quickly forgotten by the changing city. In 2001, ... See full summary »

Director: Jennifer Maas | Stars: Mark Arm, Kenny G, Benjamin Gibbard, Quincy Jones

Votes: 54

23. The Parking Lot Movie (2010)

PG | 74 min | Documentary

63 Metascore

Hailed as the "most feel-good film" of the South by Southwest Film Festival 2010, The Parking Lot Movie follows a select group of artistic and overeducated parking lot attendants as they wage war against the people who park in their lot.

Director: Meghan Eckman | Stars: Patrick Baran, John Beers, Chris Farina, Tyler Magill

Votes: 2,000

24. Until the Light Takes Us (2008)

Not Rated | 93 min | Documentary, Music

54 Metascore

Interviews and news footage explore the rise of black metal music in Norway in the 1990s, including artists who were involved in suicide, murder and arson.

Directors: Aaron Aites, Audrey Ewell | Stars: Fenriz, Varg Vikernes, Euronymous, Hellhammer

Votes: 6,344 | Gross: $0.12M

25. Phillip the Fossil (2010)

73 min | Drama

43 Metascore

Centering around an aging party animal chasing the endless summer, Phillip The Fossil is an uncompromising and raw, portrait of everyday people who struggle in all their blemished glory for a life of meaning.

Director: Garth Donovan | Stars: Brian Hasenfus, Angela Pagliarulo, J.R. Killigrew, Nick Dellaroca

Votes: 46

26. Trans Francisco (2010)

54 min | Documentary

Trans Francisco is an intensely authentic revelation of life as a male to female transsexual. It introduces us to several trans women and through their stories we better understand their needs, their goals and their complex lives.

Director: Glenn Davis | Stars: Alexandra Cruz, Kitty Kastro, Kayla, Bridgette Woods

Votes: 8

27. Forever's Gonna Start Tonight (2009)

54 min | Documentary, Biography, History

The film profiles Vicki Marlane, a 76-year old HIV+, transgender drag entertainer who's been performing for over 50 years. It chronicles Vicki's life from Minnesota farm boy to carnival worker to gay icon.

Director: Michelle Lawler

Votes: 10

28. I Killed My Mother (2009)

Not Rated | 96 min | Drama, Romance

77 Metascore

A semi-autobiographical story about Hubert as a young homosexual at odds with his mother.

Director: Xavier Dolan | Stars: Anne Dorval, Xavier Dolan, François Arnaud, Suzanne Clément

Votes: 30,137

29. A Marine Story (2010)

Not Rated | 98 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

51 Metascore

An ex-marine returns to her hometown after Iraq and helps a 20 year old woman, who is otherwise facing prison, prepare for military boot camp.

Director: Ned Farr | Stars: Dreya Weber, Paris P. Pickard, Anthony Michael Jones, Christine Mourad

Votes: 2,358

30. Blackmail Boys (2010)

Unrated | 69 min | Romance, Thriller

A sweet and sexually explicit love story becomes an exhilarating extortion tale for two boys, Aaron, and Sam, who plot to blackmail a prominent religious figure.

Directors: Bernard Shumanski, Richard Shumanski | Stars: Nathan Adloff, Joe Swanberg, Taylor Reed, Tamara Fana

Votes: 212

31. Redemption Road (2010)

PG-13 | 95 min | Drama

44 Metascore

Two men embark on a music-steeped journey through the American South.

Director: Mario Van Peebles | Stars: Tom Skerritt, Taryn Manning, Michael Clarke Duncan, Luke Perry

Votes: 567 | Gross: $0.03M

32. Ready, Set, Bag! (2008)

PG | 80 min | Documentary

8 State champions from across the U.S. working to win the National Best Bagger competition in Las Vegas.

Directors: Alex D. da Silva, Justine Jacob | Stars: Brian Bay, Roger Chen, Craig Good, Ryan Hamilton

Votes: 85

33. Brotherhood (2009)

R | 97 min | Drama, Romance

68 Metascore

Former Danish servicemen Lars and Jimmy are thrown together while training in a neo-Nazi group. Moving from hostility through to friendship and finally passion, events take a darker turn when it's discovered.

Director: Nicolo Donato | Stars: Thure Lindhardt, David Dencik, Nicolas Bro, Morten Holst

Votes: 3,306 | Gross: $0.02M

34. Harvest (2011)

Not Rated | 88 min | Drama, Romance

A drama that tracks the relationship between two young apprentices working on an agricultural complex south of Berlin.

Director: Benjamin Cantu | Stars: Lukas Steltner, Kai Michael Müller, Steven Baade, Florian Born

Votes: 2,203

35. Barbershop Punk (2010)

Not Rated | 84 min | Documentary, News

57 Metascore

Is "The Man" controlling the vertical, the horizontal and the channel you'll be on? In a privatized American Internet, is big business "Big Brother" or does the free market protect and ... See full summary »

Directors: Georgia Sugimura Archer, Kristin Armfield | Stars: Janeane Garofalo, Henry Rollins, Wes Armstrong, Jim Ladd

Votes: 73

36. Daddy Longlegs (2009)

TV-14 | 100 min | Comedy, Drama

74 Metascore

A father juggling his kids with the rest of his responsibilities is ultimately faced with the choice of being their father or their friend.

Directors: Benny Safdie, Josh Safdie | Stars: Ronald Bronstein, Alex Greenblatt, Sage Ranaldo, Frey Ranaldo

Votes: 2,479 | Gross: $0.02M

37. Evil Things (2009)

R | 86 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

On January 9, 2009, five college students left New York City for a weekend in the country. 48 hours later, all five students have simply vanished without a trace. There were no leads and no evidence - until now.

Director: Dominic Perez | Stars: Laurel Casillo, Morgan Hooper, Torrey Weiss, Ryan Maslyn

Votes: 1,923

38. The Happy Poet (2010)

Not Rated | 85 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

49 Metascore

A poet who starts a health-conscious food stand finds support from his friends, as well as a potential love match with one of his customers. But will unexpected complications jeopardize his dreams of a hot dog-free future?

Director: Paul Gordon | Stars: Paul Gordon, Jonny Mars, Chris Doubek, Liz Fisher

Votes: 272

39. Ballhawks (2010)

Not Rated | 73 min | Documentary, Sport

The story of the group of men who have been chasing baseballs and dreams just outside the ivy-covered walls of Wrigley Field, for the last one-hundred years.

Director: Mike Diedrich | Stars: Marilyn Buhrke, Rich Buhrke, Dave Davison, Butch Edmonson

Votes: 18

40. Cherry (I) (2010)

R | 99 min | Comedy, Drama

An Ivy League freshman gets an unexpected education when he falls for an older woman and her 14 year-old daughter develops a crush on him.

Director: Jeffrey Fine | Stars: Kyle Gallner, Laura Allen, Britt Robertson, Matt Walsh

Votes: 4,944 | Gross: $0.01M

41. Passenger Pigeons (2010)

107 min | Drama

Set among the coalfields of Eastern Kentucky, 'Passenger Pigeons' is a story about finding hope and beauty in the dark hills of Appalachia. The film quietly interweaves four separate story ... See full summary »

Director: Martha Stephens | Stars: Kentucker Audley, Will Casse, Karrie Crouse, Jim Johnstone

Votes: 56

42. On Coal River (2010)

Not Rated | 82 min | Documentary

Shot over a five year period, ON COAL RIVER follows the transformation of four remarkable individuals as they fight for the valley they love and for future generations making dramatic changes against all odds.

Directors: Francine Cavanaugh, Adams Wood | Stars: Judy Bonds, Debbie Jarrell, Maria Lambert, Bo Webb

Votes: 23

43. Surviving Hitler: A Love Story (2010)

66 min | Documentary

A Jewish teenager and an injured soldier join a doomed plot to kill Hitler. They face almost certain death, yet luck and love shine upon them as they outwit Nazi terror and become the first couple married in post-war Berlin.

Director: John Keith Wasson | Stars: Jutta Cords, Christopher Karl Johnson, Jim Tavaré

Votes: 250

44. Automorphosis (2009)

76 min | Documentary

Automorphosis explores the minds and hearts of an inspiring collection of eccentrics, visionaries, and just plain folks who have transformed their autos into artworks. On a humorous and ... See full summary »

Director: Harrod Blank | Stars: Doc Atomic, Steve Baker, José Benavides, Harrod Blank

Votes: 35

45. Raspberry Magic (2010)

Not Rated | 82 min | Comedy, Drama, Family