Female Romantic Leads of Hallmark (2016-2018)

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A list of current female romantic leading ladies who do multiple movies for Hallmark. To make the list, the actress received at least one romantic lead for a Hallmark movie each year from 2016 to 2018.

There are some honorable mentions at the end of the list. Honorable mentions go to those who have been leading ladies for a lot of Hallmark movies (9-23 movies), but just not enough recent romantic leads to make the official list.

All the actresses on this list are very talented, with many successful roles and recognitions in their field. They are beautiful, warm, genuine, good people with big eyes that suck you in and smiles that light up the room. They can make you cry. But most of all, they remind you of what it feels like to fall in love.

About the order

I placed Candace first on the list in recognition for her contribution to Hallmark and Lori first among the honorable mentions for the same reason. Following those two, I ordered the list according to who has the most female romantic lead roles 2016-2018 with Hallmark. When there was a tie, their position was based on total lifetime romantic roles with Hallmark; and beyond that, personal preference.

Leave a comment if you think I left someone or their movie out. Or, just leave a comment about ... uh ... whatever.

1. Candace Cameron Bure

Actress | Full House

Candace Helaine Cameron Bure was the youngest of four children, born in Panorama City, Los Angeles, California to Robert and Barbara Cameron. Following in the footsteps of her older brother Kirk Cameron, (who played Mike Seaver for 7 seasons on the hit show Growing Pains (1985)), Candace decided to...

Where would Hallmark be without Candace in 2018? She does several primetime specials a year. She is helping with Hallmark's Christmas radio station. All the while providing lead roles for Hallmark movies. I love to watch her because her smile is infectious, besides the fact that she is very good in her roles.

Candace's first lead role for Hallmark was in 2008. Over her time with Hallmark her roles have been evenly divided between romantic leads and amateur detective. But from 2016-2018 she has only done one romantic movie a year. This is about half the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries she has done for the same time period.

Romantic Leads (3 @ 2016-18; 10 total) * A Shoe Addict's Christmas (2018) - premieres 11-25-2018 * Switched for Christmas (2017) - my favorite because she has two romantic roles (twins) * Journey Back to Christmas (2016) - Candace plays a time traveling nurse/wife who longs to return to her beloved soldier/husband. This is her at her best! * A Christmas Detour (2015) * Just the Way You Are (2015) * Christmas Under Wraps (2014) - Candace plays a doctor who takes a job in a town with a secret; you catch on quickly what the secret is but it's great to see our actress play a character who is a genuinely good person (that's her "type") * Let It Snow (2013) * Puppy Love (2012) * The Heart of Christmas (2011) * Moonlight & Mistletoe (2008) - Candace's first movie for Hallmark; she plays against the "type" we've enjoyed over the past five years. Her character is hard (doesn't smile much, stern expressions), angry, a broken relationships with her dad, and dislikes Christmas; a must watch to understand Candice's full range of talent

Amateur Detective Roles * Aurora Teagarden Mysteries (2015-2018, 9 movies)

2. Lacey Chabert

Actress | Mean Girls

Lacey Nicole Chabert was born in Purvis, Mississippi, to Julie (Johnson) and Tony Chabert, a representative for an oil company. She is of Cajun (French), Italian, English, and Scottish ancestry. Chabert started in drama and music performances in and around her hometown in Mississippi from an early ...

Lacey's first lead role for Hallmark was in 2014. Over the previous three years, Lacey is Hallmark's leading lady of romance, with more romantic leads (8) than any other actress, twice that of most of the actresses on this list. When Lacey looks up into the camera with her big hazel eyes and dazzling smile, everyone in the audience responds with the words, "I do." When she confesses her love it seems so genuine, seeming to come from deep within her. She has the ability to make you want her to love and be loved. I really don't understand how she does it. She's physically attractive by most standards, but she makes you ignore that and love her for other reasons. She amazes me. Lacey has done some primetime specials for Hallmark events in 2018 and is beginning a new mystery movies series in 2019.

Romantic Leads (8 @ 2016-18; 12 total) * Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe (2018) * All of My Heart: The Wedding (2018) - her strongest performance for Hallmark * Love on Safari (2018) - Lacey helps her character be both strong and soft * My Secret Valentine (2018) * The Sweetest Christmas (2017) - she performs admirably against her entire cast: her romantic lead, supporting cast, kids, and antagonist; each evoke a memorable scene * All of My Heart: Inn Love (2017) * Moonlight in Vermont (2017) - my favorite, there really is no question that the male lead loves her, but will she love him * A Wish For Christmas (2016) * A Christmas Melody (2015) * Family for Christmas (2015) - Nominated for a Joey Award (Young Actress) * All of My Heart (2015) - Lacey demonstrates her ability to banter and stand up for herself, their "oppositeness" makes their love sweeter, the movie that blossomed into three * A Royal Christmas (2014) - common girl becomes princess; Lacey's portrayal accurately brings charm and humility

Amateur Detective Role * The Crossword Mysteries - new mystery movie series beginning in 2019

3. Danica McKellar

Actress | Young Justice

Together with her younger sister, Crystal McKellar, she began acting at a young age in her mother's dance studio. In 1982 the family moved to Los Angeles and a few years later she appeared in her first commercial. A few guest appearances in The Twilight Zone (1985) was followed by her breakthrough ...

Danica's first lead role for Hallmark was in 2015. She is third among leading romantic roles (7) in the past six years. What's impressed as unique to Danica is her ability to subtly change her expressions. With the slightest of facial and eye movements she shows doubts, asks questions, or say I am lost in love. I've seen her do it over and over again in her roles. She can do all the other things; carry a scene, deliver dialog, and catch the heart of a leading man. It also appears that Hallmark has her lined up to be a mystery movies series, beginning in 2019.

Romantic Leads (7 @ 2016-18; 8 total) * Christmas in Grand Valley (2018) - premiere 11-22-2018 * Love in Design (2018) * Very, Very Valentine (2018) - my favorite; a take on Cyrano de Bergerac that includes a mysterious masquerade ball and a best friend who would like to be more than a best friend * Coming Home for Christmas (2017) * Campfire Kiss (2017) - two single parents fall in love at camp; warm, inspiring kid scenes * My Christmas Dream (2016) - her best role as a romantic lead * Wedding Bells (2016) * Crown for Christmas (2015) - I love everything about Danica in this movie

Amateur Detective Role * The Matchmaker Mysteries - a new mystery movie series coming to Hallmark in 2019

4. Taylor Cole

Actress | Dumbbells

Born and raised in Arlington, Texas, Taylor Cole had a fulfilling high school experience. Proving to be a gifted athlete, she played on her high school's volleyball team and traveled around the country with the Junior Olympics squad.

Her stunning good looks also allowed her to travel around the ...

Full disclosure -- Taylor was my first Hallmark crush. Now, I fall in love during every Hallmark movie. But as a Hallmark movie says, "A first love is a forever kind of love" (Francis Figgins, "Love Struck Cafe," 2017).

Taylor's first leading role occurred in 2016 when she burst onto the Hallmark channel with three movies. She is the consummate romantic lead with a hundred different little ways to communicate "I like/love/want/committed to you" and "Do you like/love me." I love her ability to display a wide range of human emotions convincingly and effortlessly. She reminds me of Olivia De Havilland in her romantic roles. (I'll deny it, if you say I am crushing.) Hallmark must agree with my assessment because they have given her romantic leads (7) over the past three years tying her for second among other actress.

She most often plays the professional who needs to loosen up, not work so much, and make room for what's important in life. Her roles often give her some really nice clothes to wear. (She used to be a model, which makes her fun for costume department to dress up.) She has played against type once for Hallmark.

Romantic Leads (7 @ 2016-18; 7 total) * Falling For You (2018) - I wrote a review about this movie as Hallmark and Taylor play against type, which doesn't really work * One Winter Weekend (2018) - be amazed at her beautiful dress for the party; she expertly takes us on the romance rollercoaster journey of opposites attack, attract, stumble, and reunite. * Christmas Festival of Ice (2017) - her only Hallmark movie I haven't seen yet * The Art of Us (2017) - it's hard for me to pick a favorite, but this would be it; a beautiful story of a art professor who finds her way back to being an artist * Christmas in Homestead (2016) - Taylor plays an actress who is willing to sacrifice her love because she doesn't want to be a source trouble for the male romantic lead * My Summer Prince (2016) - Taylor gets a "wow" dress at the end! all courtesy of the best line: "meet your fairy godmother" * Appetite for Love (2016) - early in the movie Taylor has a scene that makes me laugh out loud; it is so funny, because she creates slapstick-like contrast between her situation and her appearance, poise, and grace; listen to her voice inflections and delivery and watch her timing and mannerism as she shoos the cows and lures them with candy; okay, Taylor can do comedy

5. Jill Wagner

Actress | Splinter

With a passionate work ethic, versatile prowess, and an insatiable sense of humor and charm, Jill Wagner is the American Girl who's established herself as a widely-recognizable actress and television personality. Her diverse body of work combined with a rapidly growing fan base has demonstrated her...

Jill's first lead role for Hallmark was in 2015. She has become my second favorite romantic lead at Hallmark. Her number of leading romantic roles (5) in the past three years places her among the top six romantic lead actresses at Hallmark. Even when cast as a serious, professional type, Jill manages to bring a bit of playfulness and sass to her characters. She is the only one on this list that I say you should watch all of her romantic roles.

Romantic Leads (5 @ 2016-18; 6 total) * Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa (2018) - premieres 11-18-2018 * Pearl in Paradise (2018) - I love the way the ending happens; against type Jill plays as an Indiana Jones type role and does a wonderful job; I would like to see her character go on another adventure in a future movie * Karen Kingsbury's Maggie's Christmas Miracle (2017) - her only role so far as a mom * A Harvest Wedding (2017) - my favorite * Christmas Cookies (2016) * Autumn Dreams (2015) - her best as a romantic lead

6. Alexa PenaVega

Actress | Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams

Alexa Ellesse PenaVega was born Alexa Ellesse Vega on August 27, 1988 in Ocala, Florida and raised in Los Angeles, California to Gina Denise Rue, a former model & Baruch Jairo Vega, a photographer. She is known for her role as Carmen Cortez in the Spy Kids series and Shilo Wallace in the film Repo!...

Alexa's first leading role for Hallmark was in 2016, since then she's had the lead role in 2 movies a year. She's made a few with her husband as the male romantic lead. Alexa is one of two non-caucasian ladies on the list (her father is Columbian). She doesn't seem to be mentioned often as a top romantic lead for Hallmark. Her number of romantic leading roles (5) in the past three years places her among the top six actresses at Hallmark. I feel she is underrated and deserves a lot more recognition for her talents. I'd also like to mention that she missed being the youngest member of the list by three months.

Romantic Leads (5 @ 2016-18; 5 total) * Christmas Made to Order (2018) * Love at Sea (2018) - I wanted to like this movie; the script and plot details just didn't work; Alexa and Carlos had some good scenes (individual and together), but when you made it into a whole, it fell flat; 90% of the reviews agree; Alexa played opposite her husband, Carlos; their real-life son, Ocean, makes his acting debut as well (Tyler) * Enchanted Christmas (2017) - a must watch for the dancing; she plays a single mom and professional; the supporting cast (the daughter and grandfather) contribute good scenes; according to "White Christmas" the best things happen when your dancing and this is true for our romantic leads; the dancing shines (Alexa and Carlos competed against each other on "Dancing with the Stars," one of the instructors from the competition had a part in the movie); I don't think any other Hallmark romantic leads can do the Salsa; Alexa played opposite her husband * Destination Wedding (2017) - Alexa steals the show; her best performance as a romantic lead * Ms. Matched (2016) - my favorite of her movies; more conflict than usual in a Hallmark movie due to their differences; but they begin to understand each others' perspective, which makes way for love; eventually they both understand the wedding they are planning together is their own

7. Nikki Deloach

Actress | Love & Other Drugs

Nikki Deloach was born on September 9, 1979 in Waycross, Georgia, USA as Ashlee Nicole DeLoach. Nikki is an actress and producer, known for Love & Other Drugs (2010), The House Bunny (2008) and Longshot (2001). Nikki has been married to Ryan Goodell since September 5, 2009. They have two ...

Nikki's first lead role for Hallmark was in 2015. Nikki is very talented, knows her craft, and wants to perform at her best for every role. When she talks about her roles in interviews she says more than just "she meets an ex-boyfriend." (I've included a few quotes concerning her roles below.) Instead, she immerses herself fully into her characters and brings all their complexities to life. She doesn't make mistakes or let her performance fall flat for a single scene. She maintains her infectious smile and adoring eyes through scene after scene. She is never just reading a script or going through the motions.

Romantic Leads (4 @ 2016-18; 5 total) * Reunited at Christmas (2018) - premiere 11-21-2018 * Truly, Madly, Sweetly (2018) - Nikki's words: "But not only did she get her heart broken, but she kind of had everything she had worked for taken away from her. She lost everything. ... I totally related to this character and her sense of, “All right, I’m gonna brush myself off and I’m gonna go at it again.” ... there’s gonna be times when you’re gonna fall down and things aren’t going to go the way you wanted it to go or the way you imagined it. But ... you learn along the way, and ... you collect yourself and move forward." * The Perfect Catch (2017) - my favorite and possibly her best performance as a romantic lead * A Dream of Christmas (2016) - Nikki's words: " I very much understood her journey and the questions she was asking herself. ... This life thing is really hard sometimes ... especially when you feel like you’ve made all the right decisions, worked the hardest, been a good human and life is just not swinging in your favor." * Christmas Land (2015)

8. Rachael Leigh Cook

Actress | She's All That

Minneapolis native Rachael Leigh Cook began her career as a model at the tender age of 10, gracing Milk-Bone(R) boxes and Target(R) ads nationwide in the USA. She also appeared in a now-famous (in the USA) anti-drug TV spot in which, armed with a frying pan, she bashed her way through a kitchen to ...

Discovered that I left Rachel off the list. I will add and update comments to reflect this fact.

Romantic Leads (4 @ 2016-18; 4 total) * Frozen in Love (2018) * Summer in Love (2017) * Autumn in the Vineyard (2017) * Summer Love (2016)

9. Autumn Reeser

Actress | Sully

Autumn Reeser saw her breakout role in 2005, as the quirky-cute and socially awkward Taylor Townsend on the final two seasons of popular Fox drama series "The O.C." In addition to leading the cast in numerous romantic comedies for Hallmark, she is also known for her roles as firecracker junior ...

Autumn's first lead role for Hallmark was in 2012 and has had a lead role in one movie a year since 2014. She is a versatile actress who doesn't seem to have a "type." As a romantic lead she has played the professional, the ranch hand, the single parent, the clueless yuppie, the caregiver, and the heiress.

Romantic Leads (3 @2016-18; 7 total) * Season for Love (2018) - Autumn plays a single mom who re-evaluates her life and priorities after losing her job; her performance high quality; but, what's nice about this movie is that all the relationships are positive and appropriately prioritized, no competing exes or antagonistic bosses; the conflict comes from her inner struggle to understand what's best for everyone she loves and their financial needs; also, she has nice boots (hey, somebody put effort into that) * A Bramble House Christmas (2017) - nominated for a Leo Award (supporting actress) * Valentine Ever After (2016) * A Country Wedding (2015) - my favorite; nominated for a Director's Guild Award (directorial achievement) * I Do, I Do, I Do (2015) * Midnight Masquerade (2014) * Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade (2012)

10. Alicia Witt

Actress | Dune

Actor/singer songwriter Alicia Witt has had a nearly three-decade long career, starting with her film debut, in 1984, as "Alia" in David Lynch's science fiction classic, Dune (1984).

Witt was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, to Diane (Pietro), a high school teacher, and Robert Witt, a photographer ...

Discovered that I left Alicia off the list. I will add and update comments to reflect this fact.

Romantic Leads (3 @ 2016-18; 7 total) * Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane (2018) * The Mistletoe Inn (2017) - movie nominated for a Leo Award (Best Supporting Actress), * Christmas List (2016) - movie won a Young Artists Award (Best Supporting Young Actor), * I'm Not Ready For Christmas (2015) * Christmas At Cartwright's (2014) * A Very Merry Mix-Up (2013) * Backyard Wedding (2010)

11. Erin Krakow

Actress | When Calls the Heart

Erin Krakow was born on September 5, 1984 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. She is an actress and producer, known for When Calls the Heart (2014), Army Wives (2007) and A Cookie Cutter Christmas (2014).

Erin probably spends more time each year on set with her Hallmark TV episodes than on the set of Hallmark movies. I'd like to see her in more movies, but every actor has a limited amount of time. The last three years her romantic lead roles have been for the same character. I am curious to see where Erin and Hallmark go next.

Romantic Leads (3 @ 2016-18; 5 total) * Marrying Father Christmas (2018) * Engaging Father Christmas (2017) * Finding Father Christmas (2016) * A Cookie Cutter Christmas (2014) - this movie showcases her strengths * Chance at Romance (2013) - the movie is about a photographer who has lost his way. It doesn't reach its potential, but Erin went through several photo shoots for this movie and her resulting photographs are reason enough to watch

TV Series * When Calls The Heart (2014-2019, 54 episodes)

12. Lindy Booth

Actress | Dawn of the Dead

Lindy Booth was born on April 2, 1979, in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. She played "Riley Grant" on the Disney Channel series, The Famous Jett Jackson (1998) (and "Agent Hawk" in the show-within-a-show, "Silverstone"). Other credits include guest-starring as different characters in two different ...

Lindy's first lead role for Hallmark was in 2011. Recently she has returned to Hallmark as a romantic lead in time to make the list. One of the things that I have noticed about Lindy is that she brings "spunk" to her characters. She shoots straight, doesn't back down, and doesn't just accept what comes. I know that's part of the role/script she was given. She just knows how to make it convincing, like she is naturally that way in real life. Her last two roles have been as cowgirls which fits her "shooting straight" style.

Romantic Leads (3 @ 2016-18; 5 total) * Under the Autumn Moon (2018) - her performance displays all her strengths; I kept finding myself saying, "Lindy is sooo cute," while watching this movie * Rocky Mountain Christmas (2017) * Sound of Christmas (2016) - my favorite * The Twelve Trees of Christmas (2015) * Christmas Magic (2011)

13. Jessica Lowndes

Actress | A Mother's Nightmare

Jessica Lowndes was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1988. She studied at the Pacific Academy in Surrey. Jessica is an actress and an aspiring Singer. She has written 4 known songs: "Never Lonely", "Break", "Fly Away" and "Goodbye". This last one was heard in an episode of the series ...

Jessica is the youngest of Hallmark's romantic leading ladies on my list. Her performances have given me hope regarding a new generation of Hallmark leading ladies. Jessica's first leading role for Hallmark was in 2015 and she has had a leading role in one movie a year for Hallmark since. I hope she and Hallmark will do more movies together. Her talents provide an opportunity to explore new dimensions in character development and storytelling for romantic leading ladies at Hallmark. Jessica also has a beautiful singing voice which she gets to demonstrate from time to time.

Romantic Leads (3 @ 2016-18; 4 total) * Christmas at Pemberley Manor (2018) - I really like her strong character portrayal and her banter with comedic timing; be amazed at her complexity while putting table clothes on the tables while talking to the mayor -- going through the scripted conversation, spreading/gathering/tossing the cloth, little hand, head, and eye gestures (some about what she is doing, some about what she is hearing, some about what she is saying) -- she makes it look easy and all in one take * Magical Christmas Ornament (2017) - her best performance so far as a romantic lead who starts broken on the inside but finds healing; that's one of her strengths, convincingly drawing us into her character's brokenness and pain as well as her healing, hope, and love; which is one of the reasons I look forward to her future Hallmark portrayals * A December Bride (2016) - Everything works in this movie. But most of all, Jessica makes the most of her glances, face expressions, voice inflections (she says "I love you" three times in a row, each with different inflections) and body mannerisms (when to lean forward and when to look up at her male lead). * Merry Matrimony (2015)

14. Ashley Williams

Actress | How I Met Your Mother

Ashley Williams was born on November 12, 1978 in Westchester County, New York, USA as Ashley Churchill Williams. She is an actress and director, known for How I Met Your Mother (2005), The Jim Gaffigan Show (2015) and Something Borrowed (2011). She has been married to Neal Dodson since May 29, 2011...

Ashley's first lead role for Hallmark was in 2015 and she has had a leading role each year since. Ashley brings a lot of energy to her roles, whether her role calls for rallying a town for causes or being endearing with children.

Romantic Leads (3 @ 2016-18; 4 total) * Northern Lights of Christmas (2018) - Premiere 12-15-2018 * Christmas In Evergreen (2017) - on my must watch Christmas list, her performance makes it worthwhile; fan reaction was such that they made a follow-up movie for 2018 where she has a supporting role * Love on a Limb (2016) - it is so nice to watch Ashley's character get excited about a cause * October Kiss (2015) - my favorite role for her; shows all her strengths, you cheer for her love, you get swept up by her enthusiasm, and say "Aww" at her endearing "cute kid" scenes

15. Emilie Ullerup

Actress | JPod

Emilie Ullerup-Petersen was born in Denmark, where her father Ove Ullerup-Petersen, a Jurist and Diplomat and a decorated Ambassador of Denmark in Vietnam, held the title of Lord Chamberlain for the Danish Royal Family.

It was always been her ambition to become an actress. When she graduated from ...

Discovered that I left Emilie off the list. I will add and update comments to reflect this fact.

Romantic Leads (3 @ 2016-18; 3 total) * Christmas Bells Are Ringing (2018) * With Love Christmas (2017) * Hearts of Christmas (2016)

Supporting Movie Roles * Signed, Sealed, Delivered (2016-2017, 4 Movies)

TV Series * Chesapeake Shores (2016-2018, 29 Episodes)

16. Fiona Gubelmann

Actress | Blades of Glory

A native of Southern California, Fiona Gubelmann was raised in San Diego and then moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA, where she studied Theater. While at UCLA, she met her husband, actor Alex Weed.

Fiona is best known as the female lead on FX's critically acclaimed Wilfred (2011) and has appeared ...

Fiona is one of the newest members of this list, having her first leading role in 2016. She's currently has a series role on FOX that is immensely popular, but I hope Hallmark and her can continue doing movies together. Fiona can play a lot of diverse roles very well. But the main reason I hope she does more movies is because she brings a quirkiness or goofiness to all her Hallmark characters that is also genuine and transparent (meaning doesn't care that she is different). It's tough to convey that to an audience and Hallmark should keep someone with her skillset around.

Romantic Leads (3 @ 2016-18; 3 total) * Royally Ever After (2018) - Her portrayal of someone who doesn't fit and different from others makes this princess movie work * Christmas Next Door (2017) - she demonstrates why she is a good romantic female lead; watch her roll her eyes! Best line: "And you don't even write romance novels." "I'd rather live one." * Tulips in Spring (2016) - Fiona convinces you to love everything she does (especially tulips); also the movie won an award for directing

17. Julie Gonzalo

Actress | A Cinderella Story

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Gonzalo moved to Miami, Florida when she was 8 years old.

Her first acting role came when she was 20 and she made a few TV appearances during the early 2000s, as well as appearing in some high profile movies (including Freaky Friday (2003)) but her breakthrough role ...

Discovered that I left Julie off the list. I will add and update comments to reflect this fact.

Romantic Lead Roles (3 @ 2018-18; 3 total) * The Sweetest Heart (2018) * Falling For Vermont (2017) - this movie made me fall in love with her; she needs more roles with kids * Pumpkin Pie Wars (2016) - Her best at demonstrating she can be a romantic lead.

Hallmark Movies Now, but not produced by Hallmark * How to Train Your Husband or (How to Pick Your Second Husband First) (2018)

18. Lori Loughlin

Actress | Summerland

Lori Loughlin's an American actress who was born on July 28, 1964 in New York City. She was a junior lifeguard before becoming an actress. She began her career at 12 as a print model. During her early teens, she appeared in TV commercials & was frequently seen in national print ads. At 15, she was ...

Lori is the oldest of Hallmark's romantic leading ladies on our list, proving that age doesn't matter when it comes to romance. After watching 2018's four Garage Sale Mysteries movies, who isn't envious of her on-screen husband, Jason.

Lori's first lead role for Hallmark was in 2010. She currently is the busiest she's ever been at Hallmark with 11 TV episodes and 5 lead movie roles each year in 2017 and 2018! Lori's regular movie lead role is an amateur detective in the Garage Sale Mysteries. Lori was the romantic lead for a movie in 2018 and 2016; therefore an honorable mention.

Romantic Leads (2 @ 2016-18; 4 total) * Homegrown Christmas (2018) - premieres 12-8-2018 * Every Christmas Has a Story (2016) - Lori's daughter has her acting debut in this movie as Mia * Northpole: Open for Christmas (2015) - The story is more about her character's inner struggle than her romance with the male lead; regardless, Lori portrays both convincingly * A Soldier's Love Story (2010)

Amateur Detective Roles * Garage Sale Mysteries (2013-2018, 15 movies)

TV Series * When Calls The Heart (2014-2019, 52 episodes)

19. Catherine Bell

Actress | Bruce Almighty

Catherine was born in London, but she moved to California with her Iranian mother at the age of two. Her mother still acts as her personal assistant. As a girl, she acted in various TV advertisements. She went to UCLA to study biology/ pre-medicine, but she dropped out to become a model in Japan. ...

Catherines first lead role for Hallmark was in 2008 as the "good witch," a role she continues to this day. She has received romantic lead roles the past two years. She had no romantic lead roles in 2016, therefore an honorable mention.

Romantic Leads (3 @ 2017-18; 3 total) * A Summer to Remember (2018) - an outstanding performance * Christmas in the Air (2017) * Home for Christmas Day (2017)

The Good Witch TV Series (2015-2018, 46 episodes)

The Good Witch Mysteries (2008-2014, 7 movies)

20. Alison Sweeney

Actress | Days of Our Lives

Alison Sweeney was born on September 19, 1976 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Alison Jane Sweeney. She is an actress and producer, known for Days of Our Lives (1965), Murder, She Baked: A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery (2015) and A Cow Walks Into a Bar (2004). She has been married to David Alan ...

Alison's first lead role was in 2013. Recently she has split her movie roles between a romantic lead and an amateur detective. I hope she is able to take movie roles in the future, but since she didn't work with Hallmark in 2018 and has a new series with Hallmark in 2019, we'll have to wait and see. Allison had romantic leads in 2017 and 2016, but not 2018; therefore an honorable mention.

Romantic Leads (2 @ 2016-18; 4 total) * Christmas at Holly Lodge (2017) - my favorite with her as a romantic lead * The Irresistible Blueberry Farm (2016) * Love on the Air (2015) * Second Chances (2013)

Amateur Detective Roles * Murder, She Baked (2015-2017, 5 movies)

TV Series * The Chronicle Mysteries (coming 2019)

21. Kellie Martin

Actress | ER

Kellie Martin was born on October 16, 1975 in Riverside, California, USA as Kellie Noelle Martin. She is an actress and producer, known for ER (1994), Life Goes On (1989) and A Goofy Movie (1995). She has been married to Keith Christian since May 15, 1999. They have two children.

Kellie's first lead role was in 2003 and she's been playing sleuth and detective for Hallmark ever since. She has played the lead in 23 Hallmark movies. The most of anyone on this list. Some of them were romantic leads, but not recently; therefore, an honorable mention.

Romantic Leads (0 @ 2016-2018, 5 total) * Hello, It's Me (2015) - a favorite of mine and received multiple award nominations (directing, editing, cinematography, and young actor) * So You Said Yes (2015) * The Christmas Ornament (2013) - her best work as a romantic lead for Hallmark * I Married Who? (2012) * Smooch (2011)

Sleuth or Detective Roles for Hallmark: * Hailey Dean Mysteries (2016-2018, 6 movies) * Mystery Woman (2003-2007, 12 movies)

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