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1. Day for My Love (1977)

91 min | Drama, Romance

The young married couple - photographer Marie (Marta Vancurová) and civil engineering student Petr (Vlastimil Harapes) - live in a cozy attic flat with their four-year-old daughter Maruska.... See full summary »

Director: Juraj Herz | Stars: Marta Vancurová, Vlastimil Harapes, Sylva Kamenická, Dana Medrická

Votes: 97

2. A Girl Fit to Be Killed (1976)

98 min | Comedy, Crime, Mystery

In a white jeep the waitress Gita from the hotel Bobí vrch reproaches to the driver who has not left his wife yet. She gives him an ultimatum: if he does not do all according to her wish, ... See full summary »

Director: Juraj Herz | Stars: Dagmar Havlová, Ilja Prachar, Vít Olmer, Josef Abrhám

Votes: 97

3. A Night at Karlstein (1974)

87 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

Charles IV, Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor, has built Karlstejn castle to house the crown jewels. More importantly, it is a place of relaxation and meditation, so no women are permitted,... See full summary »

Director: Zdenek Podskalský | Stars: Vlastimil Brodský, Jana Brejchová, Karel Höger, Jaroslav Marvan

Votes: 460

4. A Thousand and One Nights (1974)

88 min | Animation, Adventure, Family

Stories from the three-year journey of the world-famous Sinbad.

Director: Karel Zeman | Star: Jan Tríska

Votes: 189

6. A Warning to the Curious (1972 TV Movie)

50 min | Drama, Horror, Mystery

An archeologist goes treasure hunting along the English coast in search of a lost, fabled crown that supposedly helps protect Great Britain against invasion.

Director: Lawrence Gordon Clark | Stars: Peter Vaughan, Clive Swift, Julian Herington, John Kearney

Votes: 879

8. Aktorzy prowincjonalni (1979)

121 min | Comedy, Drama

The film is set in a small town near Warsaw, to which a young and coming director comes to produce a classic play (Wyspianski "Wyzwolenie") with a modern vein. Everyone in the production ... See full summary »

Director: Agnieszka Holland | Stars: Halina Labonarska, Tadeusz Huk, Iwona Biernacka, Ewa Dalkowska

Votes: 194

9. And Give My Love to the Swallows (1972)

90 min | Biography, Drama, War

Towards the end of 1942 a young prisoner Maruska (Magda Vásáryová) awaits in her cell in prison in Breslau (after war Polish Wroclaw) her execution. After death sentence it was ninety nine ... See full summary »

Director: Jaromil Jires | Stars: Magda Vásáryová, Viera Strnisková, Július Vasek, Václav Helsus

Votes: 125

10. Automatic (1973)

4 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

A humorous story warning against too much mechanization and automation. The hero of the picture works in a factory producing automatic machines. During the lunch break he lets the machines ... See full summary »

Director: Václav Bedrich

Votes: 9

11. Beasts (1976– )
Episode: Baby (1976)

Horror, Mystery

A young couple move to the countryside and discover a strange mummified animal in the wall of their cottage. The wife increasingly feels that she and her unborn child are in danger.

Director: John Nelson-Burton | Stars: Jane Wymark, Simon MacCorkindale, T.P. McKenna, Mark Dignam

Votes: 91

12. Balablok (1972)

7 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

Blocks and balls fight simply because they are different, until their battle reduces everyone to the same shape.

Director: Bretislav Pojar

Votes: 131

13. Ball Lightning (1979)

82 min | Comedy

In the flat of the retired opera singer Bílek there is a meeting of people wishing to exchange their flats. The "duodeca-exchange" is organized by a lawyer Radosta (Rudolf Hrusínský), who ... See full summary »

Directors: Zdenek Podskalský, Ladislav Smoljak | Stars: Rudolf Hrusínský, Karel Kalas, Josef Abrhám, Daniela Kolárová

Votes: 597

14. Ballad for a Bandit (1979)

89 min | Musical, Romance

The amphitheater of the open-air theatre is filled with young spectators, at the courtyard there prepare the actors, they lit up bonfire, sing a song about "the chap from Kolocava" and the ... See full summary »

Director: Vladimír Sís | Stars: Miroslav Donutil, Iva Bittová, Blanka Rudová, Frantisek Derfler

Votes: 110

15. Beauty and the Beast (1978)

83 min | Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

In this gothic rendition of the classic fairy tale, a merchant's youngest daughter is held prisoner by a mysterious winged beast.

Director: Juraj Herz | Stars: Zdena Studenková, Vlastimil Harapes, Václav Voska, Jana Brejchová

Votes: 847

16. Behold Homolka (1970)

83 min | Comedy

It is a beautiful Sunday and the Homolka family are having a picnic in a forest not far from Prague. The grandfather and grandmother have settled comfortably in the grass, their son Ludva ... See full summary »

Director: Jaroslav Papousek | Stars: Josef Sebánek, Marie Motlová, Frantisek Husák, Helena Ruzicková

Votes: 530

17. Bob and Bobby - Top Hat Rabbits (1979– )

8 min | Animation, Comedy, Family

A cartoon series starring two rabbits who live in a magician's top hat. Bob and Bobby are two fun little characters who think up something new to do every day. Even with the best of ... See full summary »

Star: Josef Dvorák

Votes: 142

19. Bozská Ema (1979)

PG | 110 min | Biography, Drama

The opera lady singer Ema Destinnová (Bozidara Turzonovová) is in all her splendor at the American stages. But in Europe there rages war and she decides to return home to Bohemia. As an ... See full summary »

Director: Jirí Krejcík | Stars: Bozidara Turzonovová, Gabriela Benacková, Juraj Kukura, Jirí Adamíra

Votes: 77

23. Those Wonderful Movie Cranks (1979)

90 min | Comedy, Drama, History

Returning home to Prague, the magician Pasparte (Rudolf Hrusínský), an owner of a circus caravan, meets his dying colleague who entrusts his beautiful daughter Aloisie (Hana Buresová) to ... See full summary »

Director: Jirí Menzel | Stars: Rudolf Hrusínský, Vlasta Fabiánová, Blazena Holisová, Vladimír Mensík

Votes: 174

24. Cekání na dést (1978)

Drama, Romance

Twelve-year-old Alena (Dita Kaplanová) has had to leave the countryside on a blazing hot summer day and come back home to a block of flats on the outskirts of Prague. She spends most of the... See full summary »

Director: Karel Kachyna | Stars: Jirí Bartoska, Michal Hofbauer, Monika Hálová, Dita Kaplanová

Votes: 71

25. Coz takhle dát si spenát (1977)

86 min | Comedy, Sci-Fi

Two swindlers get to prison for alcohol theft. After an exit from prison they are employed for theft of the device for regeneration of old cows. The owner of salon wants to use devices for rejuvenation. But something went not so.

Director: Václav Vorlícek | Stars: Vladimír Mensík, Jirí Sovák, Iva Janzurová, Michal Kocourek

Votes: 555

26. A Bird's Life (1973)

9 min | Short, Animation, Family

An excellently ironic morality story which deals with the difficult situation of a woman in a temporary family. In an exaggerated way the woman sets herself free and starts to fly ... See full summary »

Directors: Adolf Born, Jaroslav Doubrava, Milos Macourek

Votes: 13

27. Dear Inspector (1977)

105 min | Action, Comedy, Thriller

Romance in the prime of life. When Lise's car bumps Antoine's bike, they recognize each other from a brief fling 20 years before while at the Sorbonne. He's now a professor of Greek; she's ... See full summary »

Director: Philippe de Broca | Stars: Annie Girardot, Philippe Noiret, Catherine Alric, Hubert Deschamps

Votes: 641

28. Devilish Honeymoon (1970)

93 min | Comedy, Crime

A charming senior lecturer Kostohryz (Vlastimil Brodský) is an unquestionable star of the Research Institute of the Chemical Factories, admired by men and loved by women. There are two ... See full summary »

Director: Zdenek Podskalský | Stars: Vlastimil Brodský, Jana Brejchová, Iva Janzurová, Jirina Jirásková

Votes: 45

29. The Consequence (1977)

Not Rated | 100 min | Drama

Thomas is the son of a prison warden. He falls for and seduces Martin, who is older and one of the prison inmates. After Martin is released, They try to build a relationship and a life ... See full summary »

Director: Wolfgang Petersen | Stars: Jürgen Prochnow, Ernst Hannawald, Werner Schwuchow, Hans-Michael Rehberg

Votes: 627

30. Drahé tety a já (1975)

75 min | Comedy, Crime

Two kind but foolish sisters live together in their villa in a small town in South Bohemia. Fany (Natasa Gollová) has never married and Andelka (Eva Svobodová) is a widow. In the morning, ... See full summary »

Director: Zdenek Podskalský | Stars: Natasa Gollová, Eva Svobodová, Iva Janzurová, Jirí Hrzán

Votes: 129

32. Entertaining Mr Sloane (1970)

Not Rated | 94 min | Comedy, Horror, Mystery

Sloane, a handsome, sexy and completely amoral young man, joins Kath's household as a lodger and proceeds to manipulate her and her brother, Ed. He is recognized by Kemp (Dadda) as the ... See full summary »

Director: Douglas Hickox | Stars: Beryl Reid, Harry Andrews, Peter McEnery, Alan Webb

Votes: 495

33. Four Murders Are Enough, Darling (1971)

103 min | Comedy, Crime

Two criminal gangs are ruthlessly fighting for a 1-million dollar check that, purely by chance, got into the flat of shy high school teacher George Camel. As the number of victims sharply ... See full summary »

Director: Oldrich Lipský | Stars: Lubomír Lipský, Jirina Bohdalová, Iva Janzurová, Marie Rosulková

Votes: 568

34. Girly (1970)

R | 102 min | Comedy, Crime, Horror

A wealthy, fatherless British clan kidnaps bums and hippies and forces them to participate in an elaborate role-playing game in which they are the perfect family; those who refuse or attempt escape are ritualistically murdered.

Director: Freddie Francis | Stars: Michael Bryant, Ursula Howells, Pat Heywood, Howard Trevor

Votes: 949

35. Harry and Walter Go to New York (1976)

PG | 115 min | Crime, Comedy

Two hopelessly-out-of-their-class conmen attempt to pull off the largest bank heist of the nineteenth century. They gain the enmity of the most famous bank robber in the world, and the ... See full summary »

Director: Mark Rydell | Stars: James Caan, Elliott Gould, Michael Caine, Diane Keaton

Votes: 809

36. Darling, Are We a Good Match...? (1975)

98 min | Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi

Marta (Jana Brejchová) and Viktor (Vlastimil Brodský) celebrate the tenth anniversary of their wedding half-heartedly. They both think they don't suit together. While visiting Marta's ... See full summary »

Director: Petr Schulhoff | Stars: Jana Brejchová, Vlastimil Brodský, Regina Rázlová, Josef Bláha

Votes: 93

37. Hogo fogo Homolka (1971)

78 min | Comedy

The Homolka family celebrates a great occasion: they were finally able to buy a car. They immediately begin to drive for small trips to Hradcany, to the airport, and plan further trips. ... See full summary »

Director: Jaroslav Papousek | Stars: Marie Motlová, Josef Sebánek, Helena Ruzicková, Frantisek Husák

Votes: 282

38. Holky z porcelánu (1975)

98 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

The fifteen year old Maruska (Lenka Korínková) starts as a new staff in the porcelain warehouse. For the boss Svetla (Míla Myslíková) it is the last straw. She asked to extend her staff ... See full summary »

Director: Juraj Herz | Stars: Míla Myslíková, Marie Rosulková, Lenka Korínková, Marta Raslová

Votes: 111

39. Holy Year (1976)

85 min | Comedy

Max, a master thief, is spending some time behind bars, having been captured by a determined and crafty police officer. He has hidden a sizable amount of gold in Italy and is patiently ... See full summary »

Director: Jean Girault | Stars: Jean Gabin, Jean-Claude Brialy, Nicoletta Machiavelli, Henri Virlojeux

Votes: 335

40. Hospital at the End of the City (1977– )

60 min | Drama

A brilliant TV series following the lives of medical personnel at the orthopaedic ward of a hospital at the end of the city. Strong characters, believable plots, balanced humour and drama, ... See full summary »

Stars: Ladislav Chudík, Milos Kopecký, Josef Abrhám, Jana Stepánková

Votes: 255

41. How to Drown Dr. Mracek, the Lawyer (1975)

96 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

There are still water spirits among us. One group lives in Prague, led by Mr. Wassermann, who is using his wife's family as servants. All they need is their old house near the river. But ... See full summary »

Director: Václav Vorlícek | Stars: Jaromír Hanzlík, Libuse Safránková, Frantisek Filipovský, Milos Kopecký

Votes: 936

42. Hugo and Bobo (1977)

12 min | Animation, Short

One of the moralities of the trio of authors Milos Macourek, Adolf Born and Jaroslav Doubrava. It deals with an important ethical issue of matrimony when one of the partners leaves the ... See full summary »

Directors: Adolf Born, Jaroslav Doubrava, Milos Macourek

Votes: 15

43. I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen (1970)

95 min | Sci-Fi, Comedy

This futuristic science fiction comedy features an atomic bomb blast that causes women to grow beards and lose the ability to have children. A summit meeting is held at the United Nations, ... See full summary »

Director: Oldrich Lipský | Stars: Jirí Sovák, Jana Brejchová, Lubomír Lipský, Iva Janzurová

Votes: 378

44. I Start Counting (1970)

Not Rated | 105 min | Thriller

A 14-year-old girl coming to terms with her sexuality, discovers that her adored older brother may be guilty of a series of bizarre sex crimes.

Director: David Greene | Stars: Jenny Agutter, Bryan Marshall, Clare Sutcliffe, Simon Ward

Votes: 397