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List of the sound team of this fairly popular, small sound service, featuring creatives from Skywalker Sound and Saul Zaentz Film Center/Zoetrope. As of February 2020, Berkeley Sound Artists merged with IMRSV Sound (both "Bay Area-based audio post houses"), thus being renamed as IMRSV Sound.

1. James Lebrecht

Sound_department | Crip Camp

James Lebrecht is known for his work on Crip Camp (2020), Battlefield Earth (2000) and Pitch Black (2000).

Sound Designer, Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Editor, Sound Effects Editor, Re-Recording Mixer; also a Skywalker Sound/Saul Zaentz creative

Sound Designer, Sound Effects Editor, Sound Editor, Dialogue Editor, Re-Recording Mixer; also a Skywalker Sound creative

Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Supervisor, Sound Editor

Dialogue Editor, Sound Effects Editor

5. Bijan Sharifi

Sound_department | Crip Camp

Bijan Sharifi is a sound designer and re-recording mixer based in Berkeley, CA. Having spent years recording and mixing music, Bijan entered the film industry as a composer, sound effects editor, and Foley editor. Bijan has worked alongside Jim LeBrecht and Dan Olmstead at Berkeley Sound Artists ...

Sound Designer, Sound Effects Editor, Re-recording Mixer

6. Chase Keehn

Sound_department | Eye in the Sky

Sound Effects Editor, Dialogue Assistant, Sound Editorial Support

7. Patti Tauscher

Sound_department | Rising Sun

Patti Tauscher is known for her work on Rising Sun (1993), The Skulls (2000) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991).

Dialogue Editor, Foley Editor, Sound Editor (1997?-2014); also a Skywalker Sound/Saul Zaentz creative

8. Justin W. Walker

Sound_department | Ghajini

Dialogue Editor

Sound Supervisor

10. Mark Berger

Sound_department | The English Patient

Mark Berger was born on May 14, 1943 in San Francisco, California, USA. He is known for his work on The English Patient (1996), Apocalypse Now (1979) and Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978).

Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Effects Editor; also a Skywalker Sound/Saul Zaentz creative

Technical Director

12. Patrick Kriwanek

Sound_department | Sip the Wine


13. Alex Wilmer

Sound_department | Tomb Raider

Alex Wilmer is known for his work on Tomb Raider (2013), Raw Data (2017) and Collisions (2018).

Sound Designer

Sound Editor, Assistant Sound Editor (-2010?)

15. Mark Dolmont

Sound_department | Black Mountain Side

Mark Dolmont is known for his work on Black Mountain Side (2014), Cadence (2016) and Archons (2018).

Sound Editor

16. Kim Foscato

Sound_department | Black Panther

Kim Foscato comes from a diverse and exciting audio background. Her experiences range from: engineering albums for the Tubes, XTC and Linda Tillery to sound design for theatre with ACT and San Jose Rep., to audio post for Film and Television with Nash Bridges and Dream with the Fishes. She has ...

Dialogue Editor; also a Skywalker Sound/Saul Zaentz creative

17. Philip Perkins

Sound_department | Money Monster

Foley Artist

18. William Sammons

Sound_department | Crip Camp

William Sammons is known for his work on Crip Camp (2020), Majnuni (2019) and 12 Hour Shift (2020).

Sound Effects Editor

19. Jacob Bloomfield-Misrach

Sound_department | Exposing Muybridge

Jacob Bloomfield-Misrach is a composer and sound supervisor. He owns the post production company IMRSV Sound, and has expanded the company nationally, partnering with Berkeley Sound Artists. Jacob now oversees 100 projects per year for clients like Marvel, Google, Apple, and Facebook, and won a ...

Sound Supervisor, Supervising Sound Editor, Re-recording Mixer

20. Alyssa Nevarez

Sound_department | Encanto

Audio Conform; also a Skywalker Sound creative

21. Alberto Hernandez

Music_department | Looper

Alberto Hernandez is a San Francisco Bay Area based mixer, audio engineer and music producer. He also has years of post-production experience as an ADR mixer, Loop Group mixer, Foley mixer, soundtrack recordist and mixer, dialogue and music editor along with extensive experienced in voice over ...

Mix Technician; formerly with Saul Zaentz/Fantasy Studios

22. Blake Collins

Sound_department | Coco

Is actually 6'1".

Dialogue Editor; also works at Skywalker Sound

23. Kim B. Christensen

Sound_department | Judge Dredd

Sound Designer; formerly with Saul Zaentz Film Center, Zoetrope and Skywalker Sound

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