Foreigners Actors Work in Asia

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List of foreigners actors work in Asia Films Market.

1. Nicolas Cage

Actor | Face/Off

Nicolas Cage was born Nicolas Kim Coppola in Long Beach, California, the son of comparative literature professor August Coppola (whose brother is director Francis Ford Coppola) and dancer/choreographer Joy Vogelsang. He is of Italian (father) and Polish, German, and English (mother) descent. Cage ...

2. Matt Damon

Actor | Good Will Hunting

Matthew Paige Damon was born on October 8, 1970, in Boston, Massachusetts, to Kent Damon, a stockbroker, realtor and tax preparer, and Nancy Carlsson-Paige, an early childhood education professor at Lesley University. Matt has an older brother, Kyle, a sculptor. His father was of English and ...

3. Hayden Christensen

Actor | Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

Hayden Christensen was born April 19, 1981 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His parents, Alie and David Christensen, are in the communications business. He is of Danish (father) and Swedish and Italian (mother) descent. Hayden grew up in Markham, Ontario, with siblings Kaylen, Hejsa, and ...

4. Alexandre Bailly

Actor | Sacrifices

Alexandre Bailly is known for his work on Sacrifices (2006), Outcast (2014) and Death Wish (2005).

5. Oliver Platt

Actor | The Three Musketeers

Oliver Platt was born in Windsor, Ontario, to American parents, Sheila Maynard, a social worker, and Nicholas Platt, a career diplomat. His parents were both from upper-class families, and his maternal great-grandmother, Cynthia Roche, was the sister of Princess Diana's maternal grandfather, ...

6. Caitlin Dechelle

Stunts | Wonder Woman

Caitlin Dechelle was born in Miami, Florida, USA. She is known for her work on Wonder Woman (2017), Furious 7 (2015) and Teen Wolf (2011).

7. Alaa Safi

Actor | Doctor Strange

Alaa was born and raised in France, to Moroccan parents. At the age of seven, he started practicing martial arts. At 18, he was the Taekwonmudo World Champion. His fighting and acrobatic skills got him to work as a stuntman in Thailand, India and France. He then studied acting in the "Atelier ...

8. Laura Weissbecker

Actress | Sap ji sang ciu

Laura Weissbecker is an international multilingual French actress who won the Chinese Huading award for ''best new actress'' in 2013 for her role in Jackie Chan's ''CZ12''. She has worked in France, Germany, USA and China, with directors such as Jackie Chan, Cedric Klapisch, Elie Chouraqui, Mark ...

9. Kahina Carina

Actress | Outcast

Kahina Carina is an actress and director, known for Outcast (2014), Les bleus: premiers pas dans la police (2006) and The Crew (2015).

10. Steven Dasz

Stunts | Ek Tha Tiger

Steven Dasz was born in 1977 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started Tae Kwoon Do training when he was ten years old and soon after joined tournaments. In 1992 Steven initiated his training in Japanese martial arts "Ninjitsu" and "Aikido" and participated in competitive gymnastics. Two years after, ...

11. Jawed El Berni

Stunts | Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Jawed El Berni is an actor, director, stuntman, fight choreographer and martial artist.

Born and raised in Paris, Jawed discovered his love for martial arts and cinema while watching Bruce Lee's The Way of the Dragon as a child. It inspired him to begin taking karate at the age of 6. He then ...

12. Ron Smoorenburg

Actor | Ngo si seoi

Ron Smoorenburg (44) holds the world record record highest kick (11 feet) is mainly known for the end fight in Jackie Chan's 'Who am I?' (1998) which got a Hong Kong Oscar for the best action scene of the year.

Over the last 20 years Ron worked with a lot of well known martial art action stars like;...

13. Paul Philip Clark

Stunts | Morbius

Born in England but raised in Portugal, Paul moved to China when he was nineteen to pursue a career in action movies. Now over a decade later, he has worked with such household names as Jackie Chan and Nicolas Cage. As well as being a diverse actor, Paul has extensive experience in screen fighting....

14. Manel Soler

The Hangover Part II

Manel Soler is an actor, martial artist and writer from Barcelona, Spain. A first-dan black belt in Hapkido and TaeKwonDo with a specialty in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts, Manel has been an aspiring martial artist since the age of 11.

For ten years of his life, Manel's ...

15. Andrew Dasz

Actor | Stunt Games

Gustavo Andres Rilo Lacquaniti was born on May 29th, 1977 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Going by the name Andrew Dasz, he began training in Tae Kwon Do (ITF) at the age of 10 after being inspired by watching Chuck Norris on TV. His studies continued on in 1993, where he practiced Ving Tsun Kung Fu ...

16. Eskindir Tesfay

Actor | Hitman: Agent 47

Eskindir Tesfay, is an Afro-German actor from Berlin, Germany, who is fluent in 4 languages. While living in Taiwan between 1999 and 2005, he intensely studied Chinese and martial arts, and gained first experiences as a model and actor for tv commercials. His knowledge of martial arts and fight ...

17. Tomer Oz

Actor | Mechanic: Resurrection

Tomer Oz born in Israel where he started his martial art experience since he was a young boy, he start practicing at his hometown and later on after his army service he traveled around the world pursuing his professional martial art dream! Tomer trained 3 years in NYC and then moved to Thailand ...

18. Byron Gibson

Actor | No Escape

Byron Gibson originates from Cambridge England. In his working career he has been a Construction Worker, Street Market Trader and a Champion Thai-boxing Trainer. He was the first fight promoter to promote professional Thaiboxing shows in Cambridge England.

He first entered the movie business by ...

19. Alessandro Diviggiano

Actor | Runaway Youth: Super Girls

Alessandro Diviggiano is an actor, known for Runaway Youth: Super Girls (2017).

20. Darren Leigh Philips

Writer | Strange Encounters

Darren Leigh Philips is an actor and writer, known for Strange Encounters (2016), Lost at Sea (2016) and By The Sea With Ili (2016).

21. Geoff Andre Feyaerts

Actor | Lost in the Pacific

Geoff Andre Feyaerts is an actor, known for Lost in the Pacific (2016), Kanang Anak Langkau The Iban Warrior (2017) and Adiwiraku (2017).

22. Philippe Joly

Actor | Pound of Flesh

Philippe Joly is a French/Russian actor living in Hong Kong. He regularly plays the villain in action films across Asia, where he shared the screen with some of Asia's biggest stars, including Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau, Jackie Chan, Takeshi Kaneshiro, and more. He also faced Jean-Claude Van Damme in ...

23. Bey Logan

Writer | The Medallion

Born in Stamford, England, UK. Educated Uppingham Public School, Rutland. Former editor of 'Combat' and 'Impact' magazines. Resident in Hong Kong since 1995. Formerly employed my Media Asia Group and subsequently Emperor Multimedia Group. Previously ran own company, Shankara Productions, in ...

24. Richard Shelton

Actor | My Week with Marilyn

Richard Shelton is an actor, known for My Week with Marilyn (2011), Do Not Disturb (2015) and Emmerdale (1972).

25. Jasper Bagg

Actor | Thor: Ragnarok

Jasper is just off both 'Pacific Rim: Uprising' & Marvel's 'Thor: Ragnarok'. In early 2017 he was pinned for a lead in the Starz series 'Counterpart' opposite J.K Simmons. He played the lead role Campbell in International spy-thriller, 'Joker Game' (NYC Japanese FF Japan Cuts 2015) opposite Kazuya ...

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