Advanced Title Search for lists NOT your own

by bderoes-12985 | created - 10 Dec 2017 | updated - 21 Oct 2020 | Public

Even if you've never created a list, you can use Advanced Title Search (ATS hereafter) to analyze someone else's list beyond the Refine dialog (present just above the first title). Here's how. Let's say you want to find the English language titles on the list "Missing from the Top 250." You will need the List ID from this URL, namely ls027141736

Go to ATS, select English in the Language box, select one of your own lists (can be your Watchlist, even if it's empty), and Search. The URL will look like this: Now highlight the word "watchlist" in the URL box, and paste the target List ID (ls027141736) instead, which should look like this: Hit <enter> or tap on the go icon, and you get the search results for the target list.

If you want to compare 2 lists, say titles that are Included in one list, but Exclude titles in another, then set that up in ATS, and replace the List ID's in the resulting URL just as we did for one List ID above (be careful not to lose the "!" that immediately precedes the Exclude list):,!checkins

Hopefully IMDb will make this friendlier in the future. If you'd like to encourage that, vote for this Idea at the IMDb forum.

2 more useful facts: o you can share your Watchlist and your Checkins with others to use in ATS as described above. Just Edit either, and observe the List ID in the url. o Bonus: if you View your Watchlist or Checkins by that List ID (namely remove the /edit and beyond from the edit URL), you get all the Refine options that come with a custom list.

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