Top 25 Quotable Icons

by ElMaruecan82 | created - 05 Dec 2017 | updated - 05 Dec 2017 | Public

Which of these 25 iconic movie characters, ranked in unbiased alphabetical order, would you consider the most quotable of all-time?

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To be eligible, the character must have at least 10 ten popular or memorable lines, including the obligatory catchphrase(s). If the character is from a quotable movie, he or she must be the one with the lion-share of one-liners, which doesn't dismiss the possibility of having two characters from the same movie or series. And most the popular quotes must consist on standalone lines, not answers or wisecracking come-backs.

(There are two exceptional cases though: Groucho Marx and Woody Allen. Since picking their most quotable characters would be an impossible exercise and only one an insult to their stature as comedic writers and their classic lines' writing record, one category is dedicated to their trademark characters: Marx' wisecracking sharpie with an unusual name and Allen's neurotic geeky New Yorker.)

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