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The IMDb Show (2017-)

Jane Lynch Is Back for 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' | 7:32

The comedy actress gives us a peek inside her voice-over process, her encore in "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel," and the unasked questions about her career.

Robin Hood (2018)

Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx Re-envision 'Robin Hood' With Some Rock 'n' Roll | 2:48

'Robin Hood' stars Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx give the classic tale of 'Robin Hood' a gritty and modern twist.

The IMDb Show (2017-)

Richard Madden on "Bodyguard" and What He Swiped from the "Game of Thrones" Set | 4:27

The rising star goes deep on "Bodyguard" and 'Rocketman,' and fesses up to his thievery on the "Game of Thrones" set.

The IMDb Show (2017-)

Which "Game of Thrones" Cast Member's Couch Would Richard Madden Crash On? | 1:43

We challenged the King in the North to a "Game of Friends."

The IMDb Show (2017-)

The Musical Biopic and Terrifying Remake Richard Madden Can't Wait to See | 1:13

Check out Richard Madden's picks for the two movies and unexpected TV show on his watchlist.

The IMDb Show (2017-)

The Trailer Trailer for the Week of Nov. 12, 2018 | 0:52

Get weird with talking creatures in the latest trailers from 'Pokémon Detective Pikachu,' 'Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle,' 'Missing Link,' 'The Secret Life of Pets 2,' and 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.'

The IMDb Show (2017-)

Richard Madden on "Bodyguard," Taron Egerton's Voice, and "Game of Thrones" Cast | 8:17

The international star gives an inside look at his record-breaking new role, what convinced him to do 'Rocketman,' and which of his "Thrones" buddies he can still count on.

The IMDb Show (2017-)

Jovan Adepo on Working with Viola Davis and Denzel Washington | 3:35

Listen in as Jovan Adepo discusses working with his mentor Viola Davis and Denzel Washington on 'Fences'.

Overlord (2018)

Jovan Adepo Discusses the Immersion and Training Required for 'Overlord' | 5:13

Jovan Adepo discusses the immersive sets and intensive training the cast had went through for 'Overlord' on "The IMDb Show LIVE".

Jack Ryan (2018-)

Jovan Adepo on Joining Season 2 of "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan" | 3:34

Watch as Jovan Adepo talks about joining stellar cast of "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan" on "The IMDb Show LIVE".

Central Park Five (2019-)

Jovan Adepo on Playing Antron McCray in "Central Park 5" | 2:42

Listen to Jovan Adepo on discuss playing Antron McCray in the upcoming mini-series, "Central Park 5" on "The IMDb Show" LIVE.

The IMDb Show (2017-)

Take Five With Lulu Wilson | 3:01

"The Haunting of Hill House" star Lulu Wilson sings praises for 'La La Land,' picks Ellen Page as her dream co-star, and lets us in on why her mom is just like Dwight from "The Office."

The IMDb Show (2017-)

Jeffrey Wright on Supporting Veterans and Resisting "Westworld" Spoilers | 3:12

The acclaimed "Westworld" actor empowers veterans with PTSD to tell their stories but won't give away spoilers about HBO series to anybody.

The IMDb Show (2017-)

Jeffrey Wright's Top 3 Films on Veterans and Their Military Experience | 2:00

These unforgettable films shine a spotlight on the complexities of war.

The IMDb Show (2017-)

Jeffrey Wright of "Westworld" and "We Are Not Done Yet" Picks His 3 Must-Sees | 1:28

Find out what film, doc, and TV series Jeffrey Wright has on his watchlist.

The IMDb Show (2017-)

The Trailer Trailer Nov. 8, 2018 | 0:49

Catch Mahershala Ali and more in the latest trailers for "True Detective," "Room 104," 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,' 'Spies in Disguise,' and 'The Christmas Chronicles.'

The IMDb Show (2017-)

"Westworld" Star Jeffrey Wright Honors Veterans in "We Are Not Done Yet" | 7:28

The Emmy- and Tony-winner helps veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder tell their stories in his powerful new HBO documentary.

The IMDb Show (2017-)

Kurt Sutter Teases "Mayans M.C." and "Sons of Anarchy" Crossover in Finale | 3:16

"Mayans M.C." and "Sons of Anarchy" creator hints at an intersection of mythologies between his shows and goes deep on the process behind creating his hit shows.

The IMDb Show (2017-)

Does "Mayans M.C." Creator Kurt Sutter Know His Movie Bikes? | 1:57

We test Kurt Sutter's knowledge of movie motorcycles in our super hard game.

The IMDb Show (2017-)

What Kurt Sutter Watches When He Isn't Busy Creating Hit Shows | 1:12

"Mayans M.C." and "Sons of Anarchy" Kurt Sutter recommends this hit horror series and a chilling documentary that he finds incredibly fascinating.

The IMDb Show (2017-)

Kurt Sutter on Movie Motorcycles and a "Mayans"-"Sons" Crossover | 7:26

The "Mayans M.C." and "Sons of Anarchy" creator teases the finale of his newest show and tests his motorcycle knowledge on and off screen.

The IMDb Show (2017-)

Troye Sivan on 'Boy Erased' and the Nicole Kidman Movie Everyone Has to See | 2:53

'Boy Erased' star Troye Sivan proves he knows movies with these picture-perfect picks.

Troye Sivan on 'Boy Erased' and the Nicole Kidman Movie Everyone Has to See

The IMDb Show (2017-)

Tika Sumpter of 'Nobody's Fool' Answers Life's Big Questions About TV and Film | 2:50

The 'Nobody's Fool' star picks the shows and movies that give her nightmares, make her sing, and teach her some surprising things.

The IMDb Show (2017-)

'Bohemian Rhapsody' Cast Celebrate the Life of a Rock Star | 2:10

The larger-than-life cast and the crew of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' reveal what they find most fascinating about Freddie Mercury and champion their favorite biopic films.

The IMDb Show (2017-)

Mackenzie Foy of 'The Nutcracker and the Four Realms' Is Up for Any Stunt | 2:55

'The Nutcracker and the Four Realms' star wasn't afraid to hop on a horse or break out a high kick in her stunning new film.

The IMDb Show (2017-)

Mackenzie Foy Has Some Big Plans for Keira Knightley and Robert Pattinson | 2:03

From birthday parties to Disneyland and the Oscars, Mackenzie Foy plots the fate of her famous 'Nutcracker' co-stars.

The IMDb Show (2017-)

What Mackenzie Foy Watches on and off the Set | 1:45

'The Nutcracker and the Four Realms star talks her favorite animated adventure, high school drama, and mother-daughter duo.

The IMDb Show (2017-)

Mackenzie Foy of 'The Nutcracker and the Four Realms' Is a Kick-Butt Princess | 7:38

The young star was up for anything while exploring the gorgeous sets of 'The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.'

The IMDb Show (2017-)

'Overlord' Cast on How to Survive a Nazi Zombie Apocalypse | 2:15

"The IMDb Show" heads to Fantastic Fest to gather some intel on World War II horror film 'Overlord' and learns which films the cast would watch to prepare for a zombie apocalypse.

The IMDb Show (2017-)

Candice Patton of "The Flash" on Iris West's Growth and Superhero Chores | 3:07

Discover how "The Flash" star Candice Patton helped shape her TV character throughout the series and how she envisions Iris and Barry's home life.

The IMDb Show (2017-)

Candice Patton Picks Her Top 3 "Will They or Won't They?" TV Couples | 1:45

Along with Iris West and Barry Allen, there have been a long line of TV couples whose futures kept fans guessing. "The Flash" star Candice Patton shares some of her favorites.

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