The hangman's noose on film posters

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In year of release order from 2023 going back in time to 1932.

"Having the critics praise you is like having the hangman say you've got a pretty neck." (Quotation by Eli Wallach).

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1. The Last American Lynching

Crime, Drama, History | Announced

Inspired by real events, Beulah Mae, a simple church woman, pursues justice after her son is lynched in 1981. She confronts an obstructionist police department, character assassination, and her own doubts, before suing the Ku Klux Klan.

2. Redemption (XXIV)

Action, Family, Western | Announced

When his teenage son is accused of a crime he did not commit, Sherrif Thompson must choose between upholding the law - or keeping his only son alive.

3. Spirit Reckoning

Action, Horror, Western | Announced

Murdered by ruthless outlaws, a farmer is brought back to life by an Indian shaman. Trained by a gunslinger and driven by a vengeful passion, he wanders the countryside -skeletal guitar and revolvers at hand.

Director: Jimmy Lee Combs | Star: Lew Temple

4. Hypno

Action, Crime, Mystery | Announced

A TV mentalist becomes the main suspect in a series of horrifying crimes that increase the rating.

Stars: John Leguizamo, Andrés Parra, Laura Londoño, Jennifer Steffens

5. Batavia - A Human Story

Action, Drama, History | Announced

When in 1629, the nautical pride of the richest Dutch Company, Batavia --loaded with weapons and unique gems-- shipwrecks in an unknown island, mutiny, murder, treason, and passion expose human traits.

6. Rope or (The Immutable Facts of Life and Death)

Short, Drama | Announced

A man goes to the woods with the intention of ending his life, however things don't quite go to plan when he meets an exuberant young child intent on enjoying every moment of their life.

Star: Johnny Neal

7. Zindagi Ki Umeed

Short, Mystery

With the same thought process our protagonist Rohan decided to end his life because he was not able to handle his failure in personal as well as professional life, at that moment he meets a girl name UMEED.

Director: Pujit Harshida Zakhariya | Stars: Riya Bhattacharya, Leena Jumani, Hiten Tejwani

8. Welcome to The Bone Yard

Short, Crime | Announced

Death is only the beginning.

9. The Gallows Tree (2023)

Short, Drama | Pre-production

A shadowy hangman arrives in a small, rural part of Ireland. Soon, the town gives way to prejudice as their undesirables are rounded up.

Director: Marcus Maher | Stars: Gerry O'Brien, Aidan O'Sullivan, Tadhg Devery, Rosey Hayes

10. Suicide for Beginners (2022)

94 min | Comedy, Horror

Writing the perfect suicide note is not easy.

Director: Craig Thieman | Stars: Nate Panning, Julia Lehman, Sara Tomko, Sid Haig

Votes: 504

11. The Haunting of Pendle Hill (2022)

84 min | Horror

Based on the reportedly haunted location of Pendle Hill in Lancashire, England, a location which was at the heart of a series of notorious and bloody witch hunts in the year 1612. Horror Brains

Director: Richard John Taylor | Stars: Nicholas Ball, Lowri Watts-Joyce, Jimmy 'The Bee' Bennett, Mark Topping

Votes: 1,224

12. The Execution of Nigel Harris (2024)

Drama | Pre-production

A Black man convicted of a sex crime returns from a prison stint to face the expectations of his hometown.

Director: Lazarus X | Star: Skipper Elekwachi

13. Cat Burglar (2022)

TV-14 | 12 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

Interactive Tex Avery-inspired cartoon where the viewer answers questions with a scenario about a guard dog named Peanut protecting a priceless work of art and a cat burglar named Rowdy ... See full summary »

Director: James Bowman | Stars: Alan Lee, James Adomian, Trevor Devall

Votes: 558

14. Death Knot (2021)

103 min | Horror

Hari and her sister return to the village where they were born after the death of their mother, a practitioner of black magic. But the inexplicable suicides of several villagers cause the hostility towards the two to explode.

Director: Cornelio Sunny | Stars: Djenar Maesa Ayu, Morgan Oey, Widika Sidmore, Cornelio Sunny

Votes: 88

15. Death Alley (2021)

94 min | Western

In 1892, the Dalton Gang set out to become the most famous outlaws in America. That dream would become a nightmare.

Director: Nicholas Barton | Stars: Corey Cannon, Joshua R. Outzen, Sean Gestl, Ryan T. Johnson

Votes: 432

16. The Hangman (2021)

4 min | Short, Horror

A 25 year old boy is trying to find explanations between mysteries and tragic events that happened in the past when suddenly a strange written sheet appears between the books and he is ... See full summary »

Director: Edoardo Magliarella | Star: Enrico Conte

17. Ivory Wave (2021)

Short, Horror

A man drowns himself in a mix of alcohol and bath salts after making a grueling discovery in his house at during the holidays. In a frenzy of trauma and psychosis, he runs into the woods, ... See full summary »

Directors: Vincent Albarano, James Florian Quinn | Stars: Caroline Angell, Claude, Joseph Knapik

18. The Rope Curse 2 (2020)

104 min | Horror

Jia-min, who was born sensitive to the paranormal, tries to summon "Yi-A-Gu" with two streamers. Huo-ge helps Jia-min subdue the spirit when the situation goes out of hand. Huo-ge possesses... See full summary »

Director: Shih-Han Liao | Stars: Kang-sheng Lee, Wilson Hsu, Vera Chen, Bor-Jeng Chen

Votes: 395

19. The Gallows Act II (2019)

R | 99 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

When Auna Rue transfers to a prestigious new acting school, she encounters a malevolent spirit after participating in a viral challenge.

Directors: Travis Cluff, Chris Lofing | Stars: Ema Horvath, Chris Milligan, Brittany Falardeau, Pfeifer Brown

Votes: 2,179

20. Watchmen (2019)
Episode: This Extraordinary Being (2019)

TV-MA | 61 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Deep under the influence of Nostalgia, Angela gets a firsthand account of her grandfather's journey.

Director: Stephen Williams | Stars: Regina King, Jean Smart, Don Johnson, Hong Chau

Votes: 9,180

21. Hanga Gubbe (2019)

3 min | Short, Horror

A round of hangman ends sinister.

Director: Mauricio Molinari

22. The Rope Curse (2018)

106 min | Horror

Hoping to make a viral video by streaming a mysterious rope ritual, a couple falls into a deadly curse instead that turns their lives upside down.

Director: Shih-Han Liao | Stars: Bor-Jeng Chen, Chung-Heng Chu, Kimi Hsia, Hsin-Yen Hsu

Votes: 357

23. The Nursery (2018)

87 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

When Ranae agrees to babysit for a family with a tragic past, a run-of-the-mill Saturday night quickly turns into a confrontation with unspeakable horror.

Directors: Christopher A. Micklos, Jay Sapiro | Stars: Madeline Conway, Emmaline Friederichs, Carly Rae James Sauer, Claudio Parrone Jr.

Votes: 1,164

24. Asandhimitta (2018)

98 min | Drama

A renowned filmmaker receives a mysterious call from an old college mate in the middle of the night. Asandhimitta, whom he recalls as a large and voluptuous woman, asks him to make a film ... See full summary »

Director: Asoka Handagama | Stars: Sandali Ash, Anula Bulathsinhala, Dharmapriya Dias, Shyam Fernando

Votes: 56

25. The Last Hangman (2018)

63 min | Documentary, Crime, Drama

The untold story of Canada's second-largest mass hanging which involved four Nazi POWs, a pedophile child murderer, and Canada's last (un)official hangman.

Director: Carla Olson | Stars: Dale Brawn, David J. Carter, Eva Colmers, Jim MacArthur

26. Cheat the Hangman (2018)

88 min | Drama, Western

The son of a hangman gets involved in a gunfight with the men who killed his father. When one of these men is killed, the son is arrested and tried by the territorial hanging judge. The ... See full summary »

Director: Christopher Forbes | Stars: Jezibell Anat, Thomas Barlet, Dan Beck, Jerry Chesser

Votes: 143

27. Eric Hanged Himself (2018)

13 min | Short, Thriller

Jenna calls Tracy, Eric's pregnant girlfriend, to tell her about his suicide.

Director: Ryan Bennett | Stars: Elizabeth Felker, Fiona Helen Armstrong, Arlo Green, Shelley Waddams

Votes: 9

28. Forest Drive (2018)

9 min | Short, Drama, Thriller

Forest Drive is a dark drama that explores the struggles of a man dealing with an unexpected loss. Marc Connolly and his newly engaged fiancé are planning on beginning their lives together ... See full summary »

Director: David J. Redman | Stars: Cameron Love, Rob Oakman, Emily Weir

29. Noose (2018)

4 min | Short, Horror

Lindsay returns home late at night, only to discover that something is waiting for her, and it has a noose.

Director: Jacob Phair | Stars: Hannah Tassone, Maggie Warren

30. The Condemned (Hat Trick Trilogy, Part 1) (2018)

11 min | Short, Western

A condemned woman is to be hanged and all her enemies gather to watch her swing. But one-by-one, they all start dying.

Director: Jay Wade Edwards | Stars: Thomas Hoppe, Lauren Lyons

31. The Trial of David Owen Dodd (2017)

90 min | Biography, Drama, History

David Owen Dodd was taken prisoner during December 1863 because of questionable papers that were on his person. This is his story.

Director: Alan L. 'Buz' Lowe | Stars: Colyn Bowman, Joel Gray, Richard Ledbetter, V. Duwane Ledbetter

32. Hangman (II) (2017)

R | 98 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

31 Metascore

A homicide detective brings his partner out of retirement to help catch a serial killer whose crimes are based on the children's game Hangman.

Director: Johnny Martin | Stars: Al Pacino, Karl Urban, Brittany Snow, Joe Anderson

Votes: 17,815

33. Vermijo (2017)

59 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

A storm is brewing in the town of Vermijo. Frank Tyler's plan was simple. He was going to dispense good, old-fashioned justice - one bullet at a time.

Directors: Paul Vernon, Adam Michael Gold | Stars: Adam Michael Gold, Noah Woods, Raymond Scott, Hayden Wilson

Votes: 60

34. Money (I) (2017)

90 min | Thriller

The lives of three thieves attempting to rob a house are altered by what they see inside.

Director: Géla Babluani | Stars: George Babluani, Vincent Rottiers, Charlotte Van Bervesseles, Louis-Do de Lencquesaing

Votes: 443

35. Best of the Worst (2013– )
Episode: Merry Kick-mas! (2017)

58 min | Comedy, Talk-Show

Ho Ho Ho. The group celebrates Kick-mas by watching some terrible action movies with people kicking on the cover and a terrible animated Christmas special where nobody kicks or does much of anything.

Stars: Mike Stoklasa, Jack Packard, Jay Bauman, Rich Evans

Votes: 61

36. The Camping Trip (2017)

10 min | Short, Thriller

This short film was shot in new Zealand and made by a three of teenagers and took 5 months to make. the storyline goes that at the beginning of the film Tommy who is going to his friends ... See full summary »

Director: Tommy Kelly | Stars: Quinn Mortlock Baty, Rohan Gajadhar, Tommy Morum Kelly, Malina Momcilovic

38. Is This Racist? (2017 Video)

7 min | Short, Talk-Show

The alt-left has peculiar ideas about what is racist and what isn't, says Paul Joseph Watson.

Stars: Paul Joseph Watson, Felix Kjellberg, XXXTentacion, Jesse Watters

Votes: 15

39. A Guidebook to Killing Your Ex (2016)

71 min | Comedy, Drama, Horror

A lonely man with an intention of documenting every important detail is planning to kill his ex-girlfriend within 72 hours only to realize things are not as easy as he previously imagined.

Director: József Gallai | Stars: Balázs Szitás, Tímea Virga, Tamás Szilágyi, Olivia Barta

Votes: 236

40. Evil Nanny (2016 TV Movie)

TV-14 | 90 min | Drama, Horror, Mystery

A couple hires a live-in nanny to watch the offspring while they work. At first, everything goes perfectly, but when an unsafe incident means the parents no longer want the nanny around, ... See full summary »

Director: Jared Cohn | Stars: Lindsay Elston, Nicole Sterling, Matthew Pohlkamp, Cooper Fontaine

Votes: 660

41. Stalked (2015– )
Episode: The Barbie Doll Was on a Noose! (2016)

1 min | Thriller

Christine's torment jumps to a new height when she finds a bloody, bound Barbie doll hung from a tree in her backyard by a noose. Who would want to terrorize her this way?

Stars: Erin Lehn, Annie Rimmer-Weeks

42. The Story of a Disappearance and an Appearance (2016)

Not Rated | 11 min | Short, Horror

A terrifying dream of a sinister Punch and Judy puppet show reveals the grisly details of an unsolved murder. Based on the classic short story written by renowned author of historical ghost stories, M.R. James.

Director: Richard Mansfield | Star: Silas Hawkins

Votes: 11

43. Hangman (II) (2015)

TV-MA | 85 min | Horror, Thriller

Returning from vacation, the Miller family find their home has been broken into. After cleaning up the mess they continue with their lives, shaking off the feeling of being violated. But little do they know the nightmare has just begun.

Director: Adam Mason | Stars: Jeremy Sisto, Kate Ashfield, Ryan Simpkins, Ty Simpkins

Votes: 2,496

44. Secrets of a Psychopath (2015)

Not Rated | 91 min | Thriller

Two siblings lure unsuspecting victims to their house via a dating site for games and slaughter.

Director: Bert I. Gordon | Stars: Kari Wuhrer, Mark Famiglietti, Mia Serafino, Ty Fanning

Votes: 216

45. Bowman Body Presents House on Haunted Hill (2015 Video)


When the Bowman Body wins the Transylvania lottery, it seems like a great chance to make a few improvements around the old castle. At least that's what his old pal the Mummy recommends as ... See full summary »

Director: Sean Kotz | Stars: William Bowman, Tom Blalock, William Kaffenberger, Mister Lobo

46. The Wild and the Wounded (2015)

7 min | Short, Western

A lone gunslinger stumbles upon a crime and rescues the damsel in distress so the wild gang seek bloody revenge.

Director: Mark Garvey | Stars: Myles Brown, Greg Campbell, Jamie De Smet, Akar Faraj

48. Nine Positions of Loneliness (2014)

80 min | Drama

Nine characters gathered around their own bog, live their virtual lives, fostering the illusion that they are somebody else.

Director: Enver Puska | Stars: Amra Silajdzic, Rijad Gvozden, Tarik Filipovic, Mario Drmac

Votes: 22

49. Ten Little Roosters (2014– )

Unrated | 58 min | Comedy, Crime, Mystery

Ten people are stuck in the Rooster Teeth office with a murderer. All ten people have done something terrible and must pay for their actions. Who will die? Who will survive?

Stars: Lindsay Jones, Miles Luna, Barbara Dunkelman, Ryan Haywood

Votes: 779

50. Done In (2014)

8 min | Short, Drama, Horror

A man writes a goodbye to the world as he calls upon memories of life in a country manor house.

Director: Adam Stephen Kelly | Stars: Guy Henry, Gordon Styles

Votes: 77

52. The Conjuring (2013)

R | 112 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

68 Metascore

Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren work to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in their farmhouse.

Director: James Wan | Stars: Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Ron Livingston, Lili Taylor

Votes: 519,320 | Gross: $137.40M

53. Case No. 666/2013 (2013)

110 min | Horror, Thriller

Three buddies Bhaskar, Chaitanya and Durga along with a stranger, venture into a forest and stay in a haunted guest house. They carry two cameras through which they start recording interesting and mysterious happenings.

Directors: Venkat Siddareddy, Purnesh Konathala | Stars: Aditya Agarwal, Ashwini Bejanki, Guru Charan, Anurag Chowdary

Votes: 144

54. Dog and the Dead Guy (2013– )

2 min | Comedy