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1. Lady Avenger (1988)

82 min | Action, Drama

Maggie's brother is brutally killed by a gang of thugs. Maggie is in prison but is allowed to leave to go to her brother's funeral. At the funeral, she takes off and goes on a quest for her... See full summary »

Director: David DeCoteau | Stars: Peggy McIntaggart, Tony Josephs, Jacolyn Leeman, Michelle Bauer

Votes: 103

"I fear the new generations will never be allowed the exotic thrill of being let loose at the video rental store as children. In the years before you could find nudity by simply typing "boobs" in to Tumblr, the lanes of plastic encased VHS covers that lined the local store were one of the few afforded exposures to the sleaze the world had to offer. Even without a risky dart into the curtains of the "adult only" area a child could find a buffet of intriguing box art. The two plus trips my family made a week were never to be missed and I frequented the dwindling remains all the way till the last blockbuster (I have encountered) shut its doors on the shelved box, filled with the same mostly family safe DVD-sleeves, it called a video rental store. One of many favorites pieces of art in the Action section as a kid featured a blond model, bandanna tied to her head, wearing a wife-beater standing against a fence. She was armed with a shotgun ,had a hand gun at her waist, and also sported some perfectly defined nipples through her rugged shirt rag. The whole image resembled a bargain basement Sarah Connor at the time and my imagination concocted a plot which pretty much boiled down to oversexualized versions of the desert scenes from T2: Judgement Day. I wouldn't actually see the film itself till much later, when I would find it buried among other Shot-On-Tape classics on a lucky treasure hunt and while its titular character is definitely not Sarah Connor level, I think the little kid version of me would approve of the twisty trash ballad that is Lady Avenger(1988)..."-revterry

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2. Hard to Die (1990)

NC-17 | 77 min | Action, Comedy, Horror

While doing the inventory for a lingerie outlet in a high rise office building, five attractive women are terrorised by a series of bizarre killings. They suspect that the strange janitor, ... See full summary »

Director: Jim Wynorski | Stars: Gail Thackray, Karen Mayo-Chandler, Deborah Dutch, Melissa Moore

Votes: 852

"Jim Wynorski is one of the unsung kings of trash, or at the very least a prince. A student of Roger Corman's school of cheap blood and boobs, Wynorski has been making bargain bin classics, mockbusters and schlocky sequels for over thirty years. Though he may not be a household name in most circles, everyone has no doubt seen the cover of one of his over 100 films in a 4 pack of movies at Wal-Mart, on netflix or a title listed on their digital cable TV guide during a late night. He makes a lot of *beep* and it is *beep* but fun *beep* and I *beep* love even some of his worst. But in my opinion the apex of his art is the sorority-less "Massacre" film Hard to Die (aka Tower of Terror aka Sorority House Massacre 3:Hard to Die). He has better films (see Chopping Mall, Not of This Earth) and more standard-fare genre films (see Deathstalker II) but still something just feels so right about this obviously rushed Frankenstein's monster of a movie, stitched together of sleaze and recycled parts..."-revterry

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3. Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988)

R | 75 min | Comedy, Horror

A man comes across a gang of chainsaw-wielding prostitutes who hack people up for their cult.

Director: Fred Olen Ray | Stars: Gunnar Hansen, Linnea Quigley, John Henry Richardson, Dawn Wildsmith

Votes: 2,429

"People have weird heroes. I, being a well rounded person myself, count among my idols the director (slash producer, etc,etc.) Fred Olen Ray. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, at night I dream that he comes to me. In this very normal recurring fantasy I'm wasting away at work when the legend of trash cinema himself emerges only to whisk me away from my mundane IT job and teach me the almost Kung Fu like ways of his sudo-Coremen film style. He takes me to a mountain top where a training montage plays in which I learn how to make a movie in a few days with very little more to go on than a title, all while he makes 7 straight to video films including 3 about sharks and a kids movie at the same time. Afterwords we hang out with scream queens around a Jacuzzi Andy Sidaris style and Fred-o, which I call him because we are buds, films 2 more movies both with bikini in the title. Unfortunately when I awake the next day he never shows up to save me at my *beep* job. The man has stocked the bottom shelf of the new release rack over the span of several formats providing everything from cable booby flicks to family redbox *beep* about a road trip on Christmas with a dog in lead role and the douche pilot guy from Starship Troopers. He famously makes movies in record time and with very little . Sometimes these films, with no small help from some of my favorite cult celebrities, become straight up classics as is the case with Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988)..."-revterry

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4. Smothered (2016)

Not Rated | 96 min | Comedy, Horror

Five horror icons ditch an unprofitable autograph signing convention to earn some extra cash haunting an RV park, but find themselves being haunted instead.

Director: John Schneider | Stars: Kane Hodder, R.A. Mihailoff, Bill Moseley, Dane Rhodes

Votes: 240

"He just looks like the kind of guy that tells the neighborhood kids not to do drugs and then backyard wrestles on the weekends. The kind of guy you can drink in a garage with at 1:00 in the morning while he works on his car or something. And not like my garage, like a real garage with useful *beep* and things with stories like...wood or something. I just get that vibe. So Im usually down when there is a chance that Mr. Hodder just plays a "regular Joe" or such and the movie Smothered fit the bill. And as more then just a bonus we also got R.A. Mihailoff (Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre III), Don Shanks (Michael Myers in Halloween 5), Bill Moseley (he is *beep* Bill Moseley) and Moochie from Christine..."-revterry

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5. Some Guy Who Kills People (2011)

R | 97 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

Ken Boyd, a lonely man fresh out of the loony bin, who sets out to kill those he deems responsible for his miserable life.

Director: Jack Perez | Stars: Kevin Corrigan, Barry Bostwick, Karen Black, Leo Fitzpatrick

Votes: 4,904

"I was originally lead to Some Guy Who Kills People by the involvement of John Landis, who serves as executive producer on the film. A good dark comedy is a cherished find in my collection and for me, the arguable apex of grim humor is his An American Werewolf in London (1981). Unlike some other Horror-Comedy classics that cant help but wink at the camera, at no point does "American" feel like a parody, and for me it makes all the difference in the type of chuckle the film gets from me. So seeing the directors name tied to a low budget film with a title like that, I allowed myself to get a little excited for a sec and loaded it up. I didn't quite get what I wanted but I was surprised by a very solid film with some great performances..." -revterry

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6. Julia X (2011)

92 min | Comedy, Horror, Thriller

Meeting a man on the Internet, Julia decides to see him in person, only to get abducted and branded with the letter "x" by that guy. A game of cat and mouse follows, but the story has an unexpected twist.

Director: P.J. Pettiette | Stars: Valerie Azlynn, Kevin Sorbo, Alicia Leigh Willis, Joel David Moore

Votes: 2,290

"What the *beep* happened Kevin Sorbo? You were *beep* Hercules man. There is no reason you couldn't have fully embraced the trash, been cool and lived out the rest of your career making awesomely *beep* horror movies or something. But instead you turned in to a complete prick in the worst *beep* way. Even going so far as to dis the timeless and almighty Lucy Lawless and committing the most foul of all acts: making *beep* Christian films. What the *beep* man? Hercules no. Is it my fault? Although I watched the show until its meta-induced death, it was eternally second to its more daring spin off Xena. Was the neglect of Hercules by myself as well as other like minded young nerds to blame? Is the Son of Zeus's fall from grace at least in part due to a unhealthy jealousy aimed at the obviously superior Warrior Princess for stealing the hearts of the children? Sorry, I could talk about how awesome Lucy Lawless is and how Kevin Sorbo being a douche breaks my heart all day. Luckily for me by either being strapped for cash or possibly on the promise of a script involving him hitting a woman Sorbet has done at least a few ok flicks post his mythical adventures. Just maybe giving us a glimpse in to a more privileged alternative universe where Hercules didn't transform into a huge *beep* In 2011, I assume between buying bibles and his Xena hate mantras, he blessed us with Julie X..."-revterry

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7. Hot Tub Party Massacre (2016)

72 min | Horror

The sisters of the Delta Omega sorority won a free weekend at a luxurious hotel & spa. They planned on having a fun and steamy weekend. However, things go from steamy to bloody when an ... See full summary »

Director: Chris Greenaway | Stars: Chrissy Cooke, Stu Ford, Sarah Foster, Erin Hyndman

Votes: 53

"Summer always gets me in the mood for certain things, a Slurpee®, if I can find a 7-11(none of that knock-off "slush puppy" *beep* 90s punk rock/rap and corny ass "Massacre" films. I don't really know why, but there is something about a group of young people held up in the sorority house(or the Ol' Hockstatter Place, lingerie factory, etc) being terrorized by a creative, but sometimes confused killer that just goes well with the sunshine and soggy pants of the warmer season. It’s a sub-genre whose roots are soaked in self parody and "pre"meta-humor. From its true classics like Sorority House Massacre to borderline slapstick rush-jobs such as Hard to Die, the "Massacre" style movie captures the lighthearted spirit of summer, along with providing ridiculous gore and excessive nudity. Lucky for me and just in time for the sweat to start pooling in my car seat, comes Chris Greenaway's entry to the cheese filled slasher category..."-revterry

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"I would be a *beep* liar if I said I did not enjoy the wave of so called "grindhouse" tributes that has rolled around for the last ten years or so. Its been a great, steady flow of completely watchable and usually fun "throwbacks" from a range of budgets. Even though that's a pretty good deal for a *beep* like me, it was only inevitable that the style would become contrived and like so many things before it, the subject of uneven parody and pandering. Its just how it goes. Luckily, just as I was starting to wear thin in my enjoyment of artificial grain covered references, I was given an advanced viewing of a flick that went another route with its grimy VHS style. Instead of using effects to match the aesthetic or appearance , Sleazy Pete opts to include the ridiculous energy and toothless soul of our *beep* up favorite classics. Plus no *beep* fake grainy *beep* the whole time..."-revterry

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9. Toxic Shark (2017 TV Movie)

TV-14 | 87 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

A tropical singles retreat takes a terrifying turn when guests realize a poisonous shark is infesting the surrounding water. Not only will it rip apart its victims, but it also uses projectile acid to hunt - in and out of the water.

Director: Cole Sharpe | Stars: Kabby Borders, Christina Masterson, Michelle Cortés, Bryce Durfee

Votes: 552

"I love monster movies, especially when the monster is a shark, and Toxic Shark doesn’t disappoint. It’s full of stereotypical, eye-roll inducing characters and convenient problems that prevent every possible mode of escape. The acting isn’t good but is better than I’ve seen in some similar movies and it seems to have a decent budget, although everything involving the shark looks pretty bad..."-Elizabeth R. Betsy

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10. Hooker with a Rocket Launcher (2015)

3 min | Short, Crime

Misty was just an ordinary prostitute trying to make ends meet on the streets of Bakerstown. That changed when Kyle recruited her to join him in his battle against President Justin's army ... See full summary »

Director: Chris Greenaway | Stars: Chris Greenaway, Nicholas MacDonald, Darren Matyas, Manbir Singh

"Hooker With A Rocket Launcher is a faux trailer from the independent short film powerhouse Chad Media. The video clocks about two minutes of a gun toting hottie blowing *beep* up and is well worth the time. Fun callbacks to exploitation flicks from the late 70s and early 80s with more soul then the average "grindhouse" style parody. Plus there is zombies." - revterry


11. All Cheerleaders Die (2013)

Not Rated | 89 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

45 Metascore

A rebel girl signs up a group of cheerleaders to help her take down the captain of their high school football team, but a supernatural turn of events thrusts the girls into a different battle.

Directors: Lucky McKee, Chris Sivertson | Stars: Sidney Allison, Charon R. Arnold, Shay Astar, Sam Bean

Votes: 7,427

"After the demented surprise that was May (2002) I decided to watch another Lucky McKee project I had neglected. Up to this point having only viewed the enjoyable but instantly forgotten The Woods (2006) which, If I am to be completely honest, may have only been picked up for its inclusion of Bruce Campbell. Checking the collection it seemed I had another one of his films tucked away with the pile of cheese that is the Teen Slasher genre. Probably acquired in some mass genre acquisition run the films title, All Cheerleaders Die, had somewhat undeservedly been hiding among cornball favorite Cheerleader Camp and semi-recent Jim Wynorski flick Cheerleader Massacre. I loaded it up, expecting another missed entry in the 2000s flow of half parody genre films and still on a high off the unexpected ball of *beep* up awesome that is May..."-revterry

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12. Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987)

R | 96 min | Action, Thriller

In Molokai, two undercover drug enforcement agents are after a vicious drug kingpin, but on the way, they will also have to deal with a contaminated giant python.

Director: Andy Sidaris | Stars: Ronn Moss, Dona Speir, Hope Marie Carlton, Harold Diamond

Votes: 2,893

"I can get down with a few James Bond movies, although people seem to get weird when I say my favorite one is Moonraker. Don't look at me like that, I'm a sucker for corny space battles. But if I'm in the mood for some misogyny laden espionage most of the time I reach right passed Agent 007 towards something a little less pompous and with a lot more swimwear. The films of Andy Sidaris take a more casual route with the sexy-people-stopping-terrorists trope, and what it loses in world shaking consequence it makes up for ass kicking playmates. His "The Triple B Collection" takes place in a world (mostly Hawaii) where the women are stacked, carry fire arms and do their best thinking in a Jacuzzi. One of the most true examples of classic fan service, the films provide overkill action sequence as well as ample T and A, while somehow almost feeling wholesome when compared to other trash classics (or most my movie collection in general). For many of us too young to have had a playboy subscription in 80s the movies were our introduction to famous playmates such as Donna Speir or cult superstar Julie Strain and were fun enough to be watchable on a boring day even edited for television(life was tough in the 90s). Sidaris made the 12 films that make up the series along with his wife as producer after 25 years in sports television, where I guess he pioneered several techniques that are still used today (including the "Honey Shot"). I wouldn't know, my dad was the sports guy. I am more the boobs and explosions guy. The kind of stuff you find in movies like Hard Ticket to Hawaii..."-revterry

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13. The Drop (2014)

R | 106 min | Crime, Drama

69 Metascore

Bob Saginowski finds himself at the center of a robbery gone awry and entwined in an investigation that digs deep into the neighborhood's past where friends, families, and foes all work together to make a living - no matter the cost.

Director: Michaël R. Roskam | Stars: Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace, James Gandolfini, Matthias Schoenaerts

Votes: 130,988 | Gross: $10.72M

"Its hard to put to words what appeals to me so much about this film. This kind of slipped out in 2014 and was on of the great James Gandolfini's last works. At the time I had hardly heard a word about it and had no real love towards Hardy (Bronson hadn't made up for "the worst star trek movie") but stuck in a situation where it was that or nothing, I jumped in about 10 minutes deep in to it..."-revterry

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14. Hideous! (1997)

R | 82 min | Comedy, Horror

A group of rival collectors of severely deformed freakish human beings and the FBI agents that are investigating them must battle against some of their collections which aren't as dead as ... See full summary »

Director: Charles Band | Stars: Michael Citriniti, Rhonda Griffin, Mel Johnson Jr., Jacqueline Lovell

Votes: 743

"Familiarity is nice. Only more increasingly so as we all collectively plunge deeper into a live-tweeted, ever evolving madness as a species. Charles Band's films can, for the most part, be enjoyed in the same sense you trust your favorite chair or how you know a NOFX album will be a NOFX album no matter the year. Not to say that this is boring but instead more comfortable, reliable. Along with being a big part of the straight to video industry during the 80s/90s VHS golden era, Band is known for an interest in certain tropes. Most notably the inclusion of some kind of miniature or small element, most commonly a living toy of some kind but can be a range of things (including an alien cop), brought to life with practical effects. He is a man tied to his interest, like many of us, and Charles Band’s films wander into the realm of the small creepy things genre often. With well over 200 films to his name and a eventful history on the business side, he has touched on several genres and concepts in his impressive career but will for forever be recognized by some, if not most, for the Puppet Master franchise. The 1989 film would cement a few other tropes that would become his staples including the House on Haunted Hill style plot device that has the human characters somehow being trapped in a location for an extended period of time. Band would apply these calling cards and his special brand of horror comedy to various settings with mixed results but always in a way that was comfortable, familiar and his. From the VHS to the Bluray when i pick up one of his films I know what I'm getting, fun, Gothic influenced horror-fantasy most likely with some fun-sized something popping out at some point. Of the films he has directed, one of my favorites would have to be the medical waste flavored version of the tried and true film formula, Hideous! (1997)..."-revterry

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15. Return of the Living Dead III (1993)

R | 97 min | Horror

47 Metascore

Having recently witnessed the horrific results of a top secret project to bring the dead back to life, a distraught youth performs the operation on his girlfriend after she's killed in a motorcycle accident.

Director: Brian Yuzna | Stars: Kent McCord, James T. Callahan, Sarah Douglas, Melinda Clarke

Votes: 12,167 | Gross: $0.05M

"If you still have seasons where you live, the leaves may at this point have changed color and fallen to the ground. Three to five aisles at your local Walmart may seem a lot more "with it", shifting the focus to the ever needed universal constants of candy and spooky *beep* Maybe even a few horror classics have popped up at Best Buy(they still sell movies right?)or, if you are really lucky and you have a local media store, a display showcasing the employee's favorites has manifested. Yes it's finally October and you know what that means. Thats right, romance. Nothing gets those chemicals in motion like the spookiest month of the year. Maybe it is the freedom that comes from the masses annual acceptance of horror as a medium. A time when some of our overzealous genre love becomes a resource as opposed to a quirk. For you single folks, it means being able to break out Re-Animator (1985) on a date without fear of possible persecution. Maybe it's the feeling you get while picking out and watching horror flicks with your favorite person. Deciding on classics and close quarters comforts, while watching mother *beep* get hacked up. No matter the reason I can not think of a more romantic setting. The horror genre is no stranger to the arrow of cupid, its roots steeped in gothic love triangles and burning passions but for those of us that like our not-so-tender relations with a side of 90’s angst the obvious film choice for this years devils date night has to be Brian Yuzna's Return of the Living Dead III (1993)..."-revterry

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16. Pumpkinhead (1988)

R | 86 min | Fantasy, Horror

After a tragic accident, a man conjures up a towering, vengeful demon called Pumpkinhead to destroy a group of unsuspecting teenagers.

Director: Stan Winston | Stars: Lance Henriksen, Jeff East, John D'Aquino, Kimberly Ross

Votes: 17,698 | Gross: $4.39M

"A fable is a story that uses some kind of natural or supernatural “thing” to prove a point. To teach a lesson or give you something to ponder. Life lessons wrapped in a talking plant, a tricky spider or some other entertaining *beep* like a wise old mini corn dog that gets passed from generation to generation. The fables we hear as kids are passed on by our ancestors, sometimes through verbal communication alone. Hopefully we are currently laying the groundwork for tomorrow's stories about how not to be a jerk, or at the very least giving some kind of substitute. We can only hope though, I don't think future generations will look towards the gripping yarns behind each week's randomly selected stock photo meme and its many adventures as “wise” lore but then again the future could be just one big ass continuous meme for all I know. But for me that role falls on cinema. I learned several of life's lessons reading between the lines of my favorite films. Unfortunately due to Hollywood business logic, editing, money and other inherited movie elements a lot of the film industries moral messages can be muddled in the end result. While it may be that some of us take something even from even the thinnest of film works, the mediums of passing time may not be so gentle. There are some obvious exceptions to this, who's format or story telling seem to transcend generational change. First to come to mind would be The Twilight Zone, a staple as far as education goes at my house. As well as a horror flick that that for me covers many of the basis needed to become a fable and brings with it the dusty aesthetic, the 80s dark fantasy Pumpkinhead (1988)..."-revterry

Full Review:

17. Vampire's Kiss (1988)

R | 103 min | Comedy, Horror

31 Metascore

After an encounter with a neck-biter, a publishing executive thinks that he's turning into a vampire.

Director: Robert Bierman | Stars: Nicolas Cage, Maria Conchita Alonso, Jennifer Beals, Elizabeth Ashley

Votes: 12,062 | Gross: $0.73M

"If by some stroke of luck I have garnered some good graces among readers or if our beautiful little blog has anything in the way of regular readership, I may unfortunately lose a few of you within the the next few sentences of this paragraph. I remain dedicated in making these statements despite the above fact, doing so knowing in my heart of hearts that it is the truth, at least as far as I can know it. Nicolas Cage is one of the greatest entertainers ever to grace the silver screen and as is as far I'm concerned the patron saint of mainstream trash cinema. On a personal level it is much easier for me to relate to Cage’s antics off screen than the average socialite. Like most Hollywood stars he was born into the business, lots of money and eventually suffered a breakdown of some sort but as with all things, when Nick Cage goes bankrupt it's with nerdy finesse. It's hard for me to understand people's relationship with celebrities who spend their time and privilege on appearance and soulless pursuits. Cage, on the other hand, buys castles, famous haunted houses and rare comic books, the kind of extremes that I would imagine myself ruining my head start in life with, had I had the same. On the screen he takes a lot of ridicule, especially in recent years. It's as if we have forgotten the grave depression of Bringing Out the Dead (1999) or the crazed anti hero of Lynch’s adaptation of Wild at Heart (1990). He pours his dorky soul into the thinnest of work, and not in the pretentious look at me fashion of the last two Jokers, but instead with true love fitting of entertainment and fueled with a lifetime of being a fan himself. He makes *beep* movies watchable and good movies great. I can hear the The Wicker Man (2006) jokes through time and your computer as I type but you know what? He gave you the bees. He did. Gave that to you. He didn't have to do that. When he is matched up with good film-making the result can be *beep* golden and when it's time to cheese or corn he is your man. Don't even get me on my Castor Troy trip. I have a list of flicks from 86 to 05 for any argument against the man and somewhere between the nihilistic spiral of Leaving Las Vegas (1995) and the hybrid tone of Peggy Sue Got Married (1986) there sits 1989’s Vampire Kiss..."-revterry

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18. The Substitute (1996)

R | 114 min | Action, Crime, Drama

After a botched mission in Cuba, professional mercenary Shale and his crew Joey Six, Hollan, Rem, and Wellman head home to Miami, Florida, where Shale is reunited with his fiance Jane ... See full summary »

Director: Robert Mandel | Stars: Tom Berenger, Raymond Cruz, William Forsythe, Luis Guzmán

Votes: 10,729 | Gross: $14.75M

"Movieland has some funny views on high school. Some tropes reached a point of stupidity due to overuse, loosing the grip with high school experience that it originally held due to excessive replication. Others are less based on experience to begin with and use the element as a backdrop for generic action, horror or sexy comedy. 90's era Hollywood was sure all the kids of the poor neighborhoods needed to be able to turn life around was a transplanted substitute that didn't mind cracking a few skulls. It pumped out a few well meaning but ultimately silly savior out of water tales during the VHS era ranging from fake nuns to marines. All playing the ultimate ingredient to uncovering the diamonds that lay hidden in the human ruff aka the working poor's troubled kids. I hated high school. It was crowded dirty place (not in the fun way) stocked with all flavors of *beep* and filled with the threat of mental/physical violence at any time (not in the fun way). My freedom loving ventures and dedication to my VHS collection led to my ejection from the normal schooling program. Because high schools are like strip clubs and your choices progressively get worse with every expulsion you receive, I saw some of the more seedy areas of the education system as I moved from school to school until someone handed me a diploma. If these commandos of enlightenment where running around uplifting the ruffians and body bagging evil gangsters I would have run into them at some point. Reality aside just because a story element is stupid and culturally deaf does not mean it can not be fun, case in point The Substitute (1996)..."-RevTerry

Full Review:

19. Deathrow Gameshow (1987)

R | 83 min | Comedy

Chuck Toedan's the host of a gameshow featuring death row convicts competeing in life-or-death contests in hopes of cheating the executioner or, at the very least, winning some nice prizes ... See full summary »

Director: Mark Pirro | Stars: John McCafferty, Robyn Blythe, Beano, Darwyn Carson

Votes: 600

"For a while there it seemed like reality TV was going to fully engulf the entire viewing schedule when it came to broadcast television. It was easy money I would assume. Nudging attention starved loose cannons in entertaining directions must be an easier task than say, writing a story worth watching for any reason. Although it seems to have quelled a bit as of late, the channels are filled with shows “observing” the day to day of “real” people. Whole channels once dedicated to PG sex-ed and general educational programs have become 24 hour hubs for fake swamp people and Alaskans. The 80's didn't really have that problem per say, but it did have inklings in the way things would go down, through the state of sports, sensationalist news, etc., as well as a good idea about how far someone would go for capital. The concept of entertainment being taken to extremes manifested in this time as several classic trash films that showed the era's current trends in media, game shows and competitive sports, being pushed to deadly limits. Maybe the most remembered of all, Roger Corman's Death Race 2000, based very loosely on a short science fiction story with similar subject matter which predicted a world in near ruins. Its people disillusioned but active spectators of cross country blood sports possibly motivated by population control. Another less mentioned entry, Deathrow Gameshow (1987) took the thought experiment down a different route..."-RevTerry

Full Review:

20. Hell Comes to Frogtown (1988)

R | 86 min | Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi

After a nuclear war, the survivors are divided between horribly mutated beings who live on desolate reservations and fertile women who are searching for scarce virile men in order to multiply and start a new human society.

Directors: Donald G. Jackson, R.J. Kizer | Stars: Julius LeFlore, RCB, Roddy Piper, William Smith

Votes: 4,101

"I never really got into professional wrestling. I'm not really a sports guy and I am ashamed to say at some point I may have said something about it being fake in a derogatory way. Over time, though, I have learned to respect the love the fans have for the medium and now look at it in a different light. While it may not be my style the product itself holds many parallels with the genres that I indulge in and I can no doubt relate to the passion for something many may regard as corny or just plain stupid. Judging a person based on the fact that they are devoted to a dated media sensation is throwing rocks in my glass house at the very least. More than that, just (really) listening to a fan explain the sweaty ins and outs gives insight to the fact that our life's loves reside in similar unexplainable, ridiculous areas in the slice of bologna called life. It also helps that there has been quite a bit of overlap when it comes to wrestling and cult films. “Rowdy”Roddy Piper is a great example of being both a legend in the ring and one for genre fans. Most notably for taking on the alien status quo in John Carpenter's They Live but in that same year he was in another one of my favorites, Hell Comes to Frogtown (1988)..."- RevTerry

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21. Cui hua kuang mo (1993)

R | 90 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

Kristi Jones (Cynthia Rothrock) avenges her sister's death at the hands of a crazed martial arts rapist.

Director: Godfrey Ho | Stars: Cynthia Rothrock, Don Niam, John Miller, Donna Jason

Votes: 1,898

"I won't say I have never enjoyed a good day long marathon of Jean-Claude Van Damme films from time to time or that I'm not a fan of some the essentials when it comes to Schwarzenegger or Stallone. That early 90s era of action trash filled TNT marathons and gave us a ton of great *beep* from a wide range of budgets. That certainly includes the people that make up some of the “ensemble" super duper Expendables type, old man team-ups of late. Among a few more random issues, I have one huge gripe with the nostalgic asskicking all-star type flicks: Where the *beep* is Cynthia Rothrock? As far as my childhood was concerned she ranked up there with the big ones. If you went back in time and asked little-ass RevTerry, he would be sure that she could have, after an epic battle and plenty of one liners, kicked the *beep* out of all three of the aforementioned action stars along with the pony-tailed one I didn't mention (on purpose. He is a conversation for another day). She would certainly rock their old asses now. Even at the age of 60 she looks like the ageless Terminator compared to the overpaid melting man brigade. One of my favorite Rothrock final fight scenes recently (I don't know how recent, time means nothing to me) went viral on YouTube for it's silly dialog and even cornier manly shirt ripping. While it's definitely got a few giggles out of me (and it is a Godfrey Ho film) I really don't think that's the only recognition a classic like Undefeatable (1993) deserves..."- RevTerry

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22. Jack Frost (1997 Video)

R | 89 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

After an accident that left murderer Jack Frost dead in genetic material the vengeful killer returns as a murderous snowman to exact his revenge on the man who sent him to be executed

Director: Michael Cooney | Stars: Scott MacDonald, Christopher Allport, Stephen Mendel, F. William Parker

Votes: 6,957

"I'm not like fucking Scrooge or anything but Christmas and I have never quite clicked. I always dug the days off from school as a kid, gift exchanges are always good and sometimes there was food. Otherwise the whole motif feels really forced. I mean, the canons mythology is weak at best and full of hollow threats. The “Coca-Cola” Santa Claus has got to be the most vanilla deity ever, falling between guidance counselor and cop. The whole story-line is all over the place and the overall message to it all is muddled from its history of appropriation. As if in tribute- the majority of family Christmas movies are just terrible. Cookie cutter characters in a blender of fake feels and an image is universally portrayed of snow filled magic as if no matter where you are in the world a winter wonderland is going to manifest just in time for the festivities. I have lived a lot of places, and a majority of those places had never seen snow. The poor folks in the areas that do get snow know it's not so much a driving force for family love sometimes, as it is deadly hazard. This year is going to be different though. I will relate to the holiday spirit one way or another. I must resist the transformation into a wrapped DVD distributing humbug . It shouldn't be too big a deal right? Corny, terrible and overdone movies are my bread and butter. That's my shit, so at least there's common ground there. I just need to add some snow and shit. That's where Jack Frost (1997) comes in..."-RevTerry

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23. Santa's Slay (2005)

R | 78 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

Santa Claus is actually a demon who lost a bet with an Angel, so he becomes the giver of toys and happiness. But when the bet is off, he returns to his evil ways.

Director: David Steiman | Stars: Bill Goldberg, Douglas Smith, Emilie de Ravin, Robert Culp

Votes: 8,363

While we portray Santa as a jolly fat man who endorses carefree capitalism, felt clothing and a very loose code of ethics, it's no secret that his origins aren't as nice or marketable. Somewhere between the telephone game and religious censorship some of Saint Nick's darker qualities were removed for the general population. Like many things of it’s nature the process of marketing Christmas would mean a removal of teeth and sanding of edges. In older legends it wasn't only presents getting delivered by the fat guy on Christmas Eve night, the bad kids got deity style beat downs as well. In some Santa would take a more omniscience role, and to avoid getting his hands dirty, he brought his hairy grotesque homie Krampus along to do his heavy work. While Santa handed out gifts to the polite kiddos, the demon esqu Krampus ran around fucking up the other kids day. Lucky for me, where our asshole cultural forefathers liked to keep it PG and vanilla as fuck, the horror genre likes to focus on the good stuff in magnification. The topic of Santa's darkside, Krampus and other archaic Yuletide misery, unsurprisingly has come up once or twice in the genre. Most mentioned as of late the properly titled and funded Krampus (2015). Michael Dougherty’s Krampus does a pretty good job of making a comedic and dark but family centered holiday film. It wasn't the first film to attempt that task and as an entertainingly less effective example we have Santa's Slay..."-RevTerry

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24. Dudes (1987)

R | 90 min | Adventure, Comedy

Two punks from the big city, traveling across the country in a Volkswagen bug, embrace the western ethos when they must take revenge against a group of rednecks for killing their friend in ... See full summary »

Director: Penelope Spheeris | Stars: Jon Cryer, Daniel Roebuck, Flea, Lee Ving

Votes: 1,017

"Moving across state lines always comes with a little culture shock. Shit, just go from northern California to southern California and you will take some time to adjust from the difference between the two. I've been a few places, I come from a nomadic tribe of people and have no real hometown, but none of the previous experiences I have had prepared me for my return to the cultural vacuum of southern Utah as an adult. Something happens when your governing body is filled by a local cult and you are separated from the rest of civilization by seemingly endless miles of desert. Every place has its upsides, in this case beautiful unspoiled (for now, they're working on it) landscapes, but the downsides from these secluded desert civilizations are a special kind of fucked up. Most modern establishments in the area were started by religious zealots, some kind of survivalists or a scary combination of both. Minding your Ps & Qs is a very different art form from somewhere like New York or Northern California, luckily it's pretty obvious as soon as you enter. I have more than a few times been reminded of backwoods-esque horror movies while here and have felt myself coming dangerously close to living out a western version of Two Thousand Maniacs! (1964) as I enter some of the smaller towns for work. Looking at the untamed desert hills and some of the people, one could definitely see some kind of The Hills Have Eyes (1977) going down out here, in big way. In fact between inbred killer flicks and Westerns the area has brought to my mind moments in cinema frequently since the move. I couldn't help but think of one very different flick, during those first experiences when I arrived and the trip leading up to it. Penelope Spheeris’s punk road film Dudes..."- RevTerry

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25. The Last Heist (2016)

TV-MA | 84 min | Action, Horror, Thriller

28 Metascore

A bank Robbery goes terribly wrong when one of the hostages turns out to be a wanted serial killer

Director: Mike Mendez | Stars: Henry Rollins, Torrance Coombs, Victoria Pratt, Mykel Shannon Jenkins

Votes: 2,282

"...I woke from a fitful sleep to find myself burdened with a heavy sense of “ugh". I managed to drag myself into my boss's office with only a small amount of internal screaming diluting the sound of his voice as he explained the terrible assignment he was giving me for the next week. Outwardly showing a fake optimism, I kept my chin up as I gathered my essentials from my desk and headed to the job site for the day. Things were OK for the first two hours, but eventually the silence started to get to me. The isolation left too much opportunity for my brain to sink further into the black hole it had decided to shackle itself with and minutes began to feel like days. With my brain relentlessly exposing me to the worst it had to offer, I proposed a sacrificial compromise - the (battery) life of my phone for an hour and a half of mercy. I aimlessly picked the first movie I found with little hope of actually dispelling any bad feelings. I half heatedly stared at my phone while a group of masked robbers sat outside of a bank that was in the process of closing. My mind started to wander when the movie presented a couple of very generic bank patrons picking up the contents of their safe deposit boxes but then... something magical happened. Like an angel sent to guide me through the darkness of my mind-maze, Henry Rollins appeared in thick rimmed glasses. I had accidentally turned on The Last Heist..."- Elizabeth R. Betsy

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26. Chop (2011)

Not Rated | 98 min | Comedy, Horror, Thriller

Lance Reed is forced by a psychotic stranger to confront his duplicitous past. Seeking retribution for a crime, the man forces Lance to reveal his inner most secrets by systematically removing his limbs.

Director: Trent Haaga | Stars: Will Keenan, Timothy Muskatell, Chad Ferrin, Max Haaga

Votes: 1,108

"Chances are you have done some fucked up shit at some point in your life, something you regret. What's more, it's likely that you have played the villain in someone else's story, even if just for a moment. Maybe you cut off a slow-ass motherfucker in traffic,you were an asshole in highschool, or you got a promotion someone else deserved. You might not even know what the fuck you did or when you did it, but have a place on someone's shit list all the same. I guess we all take turns. In real life all people exist in an ugly, unmeasurable area somewhere between complete fuck-wad and golden paladin. When someone pisses you off, from your point of view, it is clear they are the villain. In that moment, for that story they are the antagonist. Yet, people are complicated,so then ten minutes later you go do some evil shit to someone else, and the cycle of the living asshole continues on. This is not to say there aren’t some real pieces of shit out there that deserve an asskicking, or worse, for the truly fucked up shit they’ve done. In the end, all you can do is try to outweigh your bad with some good and live through the repercussions, if any ,of your deeds. Movies are different. People can be clear cut straight up bad guys, pure good guys or even one dimensional cannon fodder. It's as complex as the writers make it. It’s common for a film to follow a protagonist on the search for vengeance, and because it is told from one person's view, with no details to the contrary, we can relish in the lack of grey tones, knowing that justice was served. In fact this is the direct plot of several of my favorite films. Someone fucks someone else over, fucked goes after fucker, then penance is taken and usually in blood. It's a tried and true template, but the 2011 dark comedy Chop takes things a little bit differently in way of perspective..." - RevTerry

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27. Video Violence (1987 Video)

Unrated | 90 min | Horror

A husband and wife open a video store in a new town, and come to find out that the locals only rent horror films and the "occasional triple X'er", and make their own snuff videos.

Director: Gary P. Cohen | Stars: Gary Schwartz, Chick Kaplan, Robin Leeds, Paige Price

Votes: 559

"Life is full of disappointments- Alien sequels, long awaited Duke Nukem games etc..., but the one that left the biggest stain on my soul was the extinction of my dream job- the video store clerk. I know it was far from a career to begin with, and most likely a vocation that came with a room at your parents house far into adulthood. All the same, it seemed like a good fit and I'm not doing much better in the life game anyway. I just wanted to be that guy. You know the one. The one with the passionate recommendations and fun facts. The associate who can tell a parent why a movie has a PG13 rating or give you a friendly warning if the gore/nudity of the film doesn't quite live up to the cover. They watched everything because it was their job and their passion.You could feel the excitement even as you made your movie choices, loving jealousy of virgin eyes as you picked up a first time watch. If you were lucky, in the VHS days, you had a “mom and pop” shop staffed only with these dedicated disciples of cinema. Even in the less golden age of the young DVD and the Blockbuster/Hollywood two party system there always seemed to be one on the floor at all times. As timed passed I watched my opportunities for my calling dwindle and disappear under the rise of Redbox and streaming/download capabilities. It's hard to admit, but in the grand scheme, change can be a good thing, and The Twilight Zone did try it's best to warn me. I also have the movies themselves to comfort me in my perceived obsolescence, as a video clerk without a shop, with increasing ease of access as technology moves forward (new transfers on disc, streaming, etc) and if i'm really in need of a trip down the greasy aisles of the home media revolution I can load up Video Violence (1987)."-RevTerry

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28. The Brain (1988)

R | 94 min | Horror, Sci-Fi

With the help of an alien organism, a man brainwashes audiences through television; a troubled high school student is determined to stop them.

Director: Ed Hunt | Stars: Tom Bresnahan, Cynthia Preston, David Gale, George Buza

Votes: 1,251

"I will never understand the appeal of reality TV doctors.From the has-been clinics, that wizard of Oz spin off, to the radio personalities like long stay Dr.Laura. In my opinion, it is all incredibly fake. Not that fake is always a bad thing, quite the opposite when it comes to TV, but pretending to be a person of authority and handing out advice on some serious subjects is just irresponsible. It's hard to imagine that these shows could offer any real help and it hurts my brain to attempt to indulge any of it. One of the worst, in my book, is Dr.Phil. Everything about that guy says “don't trust me”. He looks like he managed a Walmart and he speaks mostly in vast generalization with a southern twang, yet there he is on the TV handing out potentially damaging advice to the masses. Somebody is watching that shit. Somebody somewhere is taking that guy’s folksie garbage and applying it to how they behave, or likely how they think their child should behave. To me that's scary as fuck. Mental health seems like a fucked up thing to trust in the hands of a next wave Maury Povich. I don't care if that shiny bastard has 10 degrees, I don't think psychology and therapy are the one size fits all type problems or effectively resolved with cute generalization. As I'm not an expert myself, you probably shouldn't take my word for it either. It could be my predisposition to distrust authority figures that sound almost like Fog Horn Leghorn, or the fact that pop psychologists are nothing new and the ones being that were prominent when I was young have all been disproven or discredited. It also could be that science fiction and horror have given me plenty of food for thought when it comes to mind control through the TV screen. For a good example, with bonus tentacles, we have a 1998 Canadian film- The Brain."- RevTerry

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29. 1990: The Bronx Warriors (1982)

R | 89 min | Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

In a post-apocalyptic New York City, a policeman infiltrates the Bronx, which has become a battleground for several murderous street gangs.

Director: Enzo G. Castellari | Stars: Mark Gregory, Fred Williamson, Vic Morrow, Christopher Connelly

Votes: 2,507

"It's hard not to rant about remakes. The soulless churning of tract house-like Blockbusters with another film’s name is enough to boil the most optimistic of blood. I don't really want to get into that mess of shit, plus there are few examples of remakes being great, or at least watchable. Instead, I would like to draw attention to the remakes shady ass cousin, the rip off, specifically the fact that it, many times, can be more entertaining, worthwhile or at least less offensive. Where the remake appears to be saying “I can do that better” the rip often feels like it is saying “that was cool- let me try”. Of course there are various degrees to the exploitation of a concept. I'm not trying to say Asylum is out there doing God's work by releasing mockbusters, but at least it doesn't have any official rights or canon to shit all over and therefore does not truly have the keys to some of our fragile hearts. Also, not every rip off is equal, as some have made huge impacts on Cinema on their own merits. John Carpenter’s Halloween, which was founded as a cash-in in to Black Christmas, arguably spawned an entire genre with its copycats, and tired ass Star Wars was just a sloppy mix of Valerian comics and Flash Gordon but went on to birth countless rip offs of its own(some more fun in my opinion). The Mad Max series created some of my favorite examples, along with the Escape movies and The Warriors. Their edgy, anything- goes, dystopic worlds inspired international “tributes”, carving out a large sect of trash cinema. Epic cheese equipped with impossible hairdos like 1990: The Bronx Warriors (1982)."- RevTerry

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30. Decoder (1984)

87 min | Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi

A burger shop employee discovers that by changing the background music from pleasantly calming to industrial "noise" music, he can incite riots and a revolution against the looming power of the government.

Director: Muscha | Stars: FM Einheit, William Rice, Christiane Felscherinow, Britzhold Baron De Belle

Votes: 438

"Reportedly, when the first movie to use rock music in its soundtrack, Blackboard Jungle (1955), appeared in theaters it caused riots. It's fun to think about a world where the cliche sheltered youth of the 1950s just got so fucking pumped by the Bill Haley track “Rock Around the Clock” that they lost their shit, started tearing up seats, fucking each other and burning stuff. I have a feeling those reports are a little embellished, brought on by some kind of Footloose (1984) style fear of kids dancing, but there is definitely something to the notion that rhythmic sound has a drastic effect on the human animal. I don't mean this in that Tipper Gore, PMRC bullshit kind of way, more just the basic fact that sound patterns do have powerful and visible effects on the brain. I can easily see the changes myself, on my mood, speed, and even attention,based on the type of music I'm listening to. Various points have been made as to the correlations with performance during mental and physical activities, and I’m sure science will only add to that over time, that is if it's not already some kind of secret government weapon. Stores, commercials and casinos use sounds (along with colors,lights etc) to make you act a certain way , they pour a fuck ton of money into research along these lines. It's a vast, interesting and relevant concept, and when pushed to the extreme makes for a entertaining one. So I'm sure more flicks then I can recall have used it as a plot device on film, but it would be hard for any of them to be as bonkers as Decoder (1984)..."- RevTerry

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31. Slime City (1988)

Not Rated | 81 min | Horror

A student moves into a run-down building in New York City. His bizarre neighbors make a concoction in their apartment they call wine, but when he takes some of it, he turns into a deformed, murderous monster.

Director: Gregory Lamberson | Stars: Craig Sabin, Mary Huner, T.J. Merrick, Dennis Embry

Votes: 805

"It's amazing; the things you can survive when you are broke. For the working-poor, the taboos around things such as bad housing, diet or safety are fluid guidelines as opposed to steadfast rules, and can be placed on a sliding scale. Despite it being a medical miracle, I spent two years when I was younger substantiated on black coffee, Top Raman and Camel cigarettes alone. When your pockets are empty, your body adapts. It makes due. Poor people take uninsured risks every day and don't even think twice. It is just part of life. You don't see real poor people problems much in entertainment. Maybe the big wigs in Hollywood think it wouldn't be exciting enough. I mean it's deadly, but is lead poisoning really sexy? Despite several tv shows supposedly about the subject, the broke person's relationship with housing sees little media representation. The process in which you try to find a place that fits your budget, will accept you and won't lead to your death isn't the kind of image they would want on TV, at least at this point. But there are some flicks that get it. Just a handful of examples out there that the proletariat can feel on a deeper, black mold infested level. For a great but properly nauseating case, we have Slime City(1988). It knows the dangers of being broke and gives us a slime soaked fable for the true cost of a bargain..."- RevTerry

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32. Black Scorpion (1995)

R | 92 min | Action, Crime, Sci-Fi

A female "BATMAN" with a strong story, intriguing characters, good action pacing... and several opportunities for sex.

Director: Jonathan Winfrey | Stars: Ashley Peldon, Rick Rossovich, Michael Wiseman, Bradford Tatum

Votes: 932

I don't have the inner resolve or finger strength to detail the painful plight regarding my relationship with the modern comic movie. It's too fucking much to bear. The emotional plane crash of seeing some of your favorite print characters come to life, on a beloved medium, only to then watch them become soulless celebrity husks (and in turn somehow ruin their comic sources as well) is just too much for this format. Plus I don't like to sound like the angry comic nerd or the before it was cool hipster. The fact is, to those outside of the old grumpy comic community, those films are just more enjoyable. I would hate to take away from anybody's cinematic enjoyment- as I should know better then anyone; that one person's offensively bad film is another viewers brainless masterpiece. Lately I have even brought myself to a semi- comfortable point where I can make it through these cookie cutter films and even almost enjoy myself. I mean, bad movies are kinda my thing, and in most cases, if it didn't feel so personal, the fact that a company was sucking an idea dry, releasing formulaic colorful trash would probably be right up my alley. So in order to just watch every overproduced marvel production as the engaging, well paced, hot garbage it is (like I normally would), I have to just pretend it has nothing to do with the comics, that I spent a majority of my life obsessing over. It gets easier with time, and it helps to remember the other silly superhero movies of the past, that didn't carry as much...emotional baggage. There were quite a few Batman and Superman clones in my happier years, following the Burton Batman films and multiple DC related shows on television, that did little for the art of film-making but can provide a good dose of dumb fun, when the time calls for the caped variety. One that oddly comes to mind often is Showtime’s 1995 foray into the masked vigilante, Black Scorpion..." - RevTerry

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33. Night of the Demon (1980)

Not Rated | 92 min | Horror

Professor Nugent and his students try to track down Bigfoot, but end up uncovering something more sinister at work.

Director: James C. Wasson | Stars: Michael Cutt, Joy Allen, Bob Collins, Jody Lazarus

Votes: 1,376

"I would like to thank the internet for showing me that Bigfoot still has a posse out there and kicking, even if it is a little more sexually focused than I seem to remember from my days as a junior cryptozoologist. The over affectionate spin on the notion is understandable. Something about Mr.Foot is ultimately very relatable and charming. It's most likely his obvious favor of ungroomed solace. There have been several points in my life where a smelly existence alone in the forest seemed like a suitable choice or alternative, and if anyone would get that- I guess it would be Bigfoot. Whatever the reasoning, it's good to know that I'm not the only one out there still looking out for the big guy. Even if nowadays my squatching is mostly contained to yelling “Hey Bigfoot, where you at?” repeatedly every time I go hiking (intoxicated) and watching pretty much any sasquatch related film I uncover. In the world of Cinema, the illusive creature’s exploits have ranged from a grip of VHS family Adventures to obscure hardcore porn. Because it's easy to find and slightly modify a gorilla suit (or equivalent),they will probably make flicks forever or at least until Bigfoot himself appears, hires a lawyer and sues the shit out of everyone. I will be there to watch every single one, no matter how bad they are or how far outside of the target audience I am, because… well Bigfoot is the shit ,and that's the kind of stuff I do with my time. Without a doubt, in my opinion, the best would fall under the “bigfoot-horror” sub genre which boasts a few all time greats. Firstly no Bigfoot film conversation would be complete without a mention of the early faux-documentary The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972), and for something a little more manic there is the genre bending Demonwarp (1988). But for my personal favorite, if only by a hair, I would have to pick Night of the Demon..."- RevTerry

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34. Possessed by the Night (1994 Video)

R | 84 min | Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

Several subplots revolve around story of mutant embryo in jar that exercises control over the lives of those who come into contact with it.

Director: Fred Olen Ray | Stars: Shannon Tweed, Ted Prior, Sandahl Bergman, Chad McQueen

Votes: 459

"There is no one discernible origin for my love of trash cinema. The roots of my high tolerance for the cheese, schlock and taboos of the film world are probably too deep for me to actually even understand, or frankley, want to. There are some important events that come to mind though. Incidents that took place over my development that could be pointed to as partly responsible for building or creating my current tastes. Unfortunately for my scholarly cred, I must admit that the driving force behind some of these contributive moments can be boiled down to being a child in the 90s and trying to see some tits. It is what it is. I refuse to apologize for little me. It sounds bad and juvenile but it's the truth, and it sounds that way because I was a juvenile. It wasn't the same as today. Boobs didn't fly out computer screens like doves every time you opened Tumblr. Back then there was no Tumblr, no google, no high speed porn tubes, and even when the fledgling internet finally showed up, it's bandwidth made waiting for a nipple to render painful. In these primitive times a curious party had to scrounge, conspire and fight for a glimpse of the coveted skin, but this brought with it a positive side effect. Since I couldn't just type boobs in a box somewhere, as a kid I would watch pretty much anything that even had the slightest hint of erotic subplot, and since it was either cable or a vhs tape, I had to just watch the whole thing. Over time, what was originally a misguided search for boobs turned into a (probably equally misguided) search for bad movies.The titties just being one part of a awesomely terrible package of entertainment. Thank the Cinema Gods for the premium channels free trials. Back then HBO and Showtime would turn on there channels for a few free days. I would spend all night watching whatever erotic thriller or near porn filled the later time slots. Usually it was the same few flicks repeated at random, so after awhile you knew which ones were worth a wait. Somewhere between my transition from little kid looking for some some cleavage to manchild just trying to watch some garbage, I ran into Possessed by the Night (1994)."-RevTerry

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35. X-Ray (1981)

R | 89 min | Horror, Thriller

While receiving a routine check-up, a woman finds herself stranded on the hospital's eighth floor, while someone dressed as a doctor is intent on her never leaving, even if it means killing any staff member who comes into contact with her.

Director: Boaz Davidson | Stars: Barbi Benton, Charles Lucia, Jon Van Ness, John Warner Williams

Votes: 1,554

"I know they exist, but it's hard for me to imagine a person who enjoys a visit to the doctor. A trip to a medical professional puts a person face to face with things like debt and their own mortality, the things we spend most of our time avoiding. Hospitals invoke images of fleshy incisions, sharp objects and the spread of disease, the real life horror shit. Understandably that can make people uneasy. Personally, my issues with healthcare are more related to spending time in lines or lobbies, trusting strangers and giving people shit loads of money. The whole process is awkward, dehumanizing and full of fake smiles. It's an experience that, other then the smells and chance that you might be forced to get naked, feels like the equivalent to buying a car while getting one fixed at the same time, a bullshit adventure made up of a series of forms, dire news, waiting rooms and fees. It may be that I am paranoid, but I feel like I'm getting scammed or not told the whole picture no matter what I'm there for. Whether it's the actual practice or the process (or the politics), healthcare fucking sucks. Movie-wise, it's usually the practice that gets the horror treatment. Dread goes well with sharp, pokie shit and operating tables, while expressing the terror of bureaucracy on film can be tricky and mostly confined to the “drama” genre. A strange exception- X-Ray (aka Hospital Massacre 1981), kind of stumbles its way through both."- RevTerry

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36. Hectic Knife (2016)

82 min | Action, Comedy, Horror

A put upon, knife wielding vigilante, Hectic Knife protects the city from scum, baddies and a new super villain bent on world domination, Piggly Doctor.

Director: Greg DeLiso | Stars: Peter Litvin, Georgia Kate Haege, J.J. Brine, John Munnelly

Votes: 90

"I wonder if everyone suffers from burnout. It's easy to see it happening, from a point of view like mine, having worked shit jobs for most of my short and quickly fleeting life. But what about those dream jobs? Could it possibly be the same story for occupations like ice cream taster- if you like ice cream, or waterslide tester-if you like waterslides, politician- if you like… talking about being a politician a lot? Do these things grow weary or do you just reflect on the fact that you could be flipping burgers instead, suck it up and go back eating ice cream, riding water slides or snorting lines of narcotics off of a dead hookers ass? What about the person that just holds the silver reflective thing for lighting in porn films; Do they get sick of shining light on pornstar booties and illuminating dangle units? From what I understand, the experts say they would. The going theory is that burnout is a natural part of life due to repetitive action and a need for validation(etc..), but of course that could just be a lie made to keep us shitty job holders in line. I guess I really can't say. For example: Although being a psychotic, duel-knife wielding, vigilant in a monochrome world of exposition and crime would sound like a pretty sweet gig when first presented, I could see the realization of such a vocation getting to you after awhile. Well, maybe, I may never truly know for sure, but luckily that is the subject of Greg DeLiso’s 2016 film, Hectic Knife."- RevTerry

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37. The Occultist (1988)

Not Rated | 82 min | Action, Sci-Fi

A cyborg private eye is hired to protect a Caribbean president visiting New York City. Unknown to him, the president's daughter is in league with his country's rebels who are trying to ... See full summary »

Director: Tim Kincaid | Stars: Rick Gianasi, Joe Derrig, Richard Mooney, Jennifer Kanter

Votes: 146

"Between 1986 and 1989, Tim Kincaid blessed the world with some awesome fucking trash. The man's work in that short era plays like a mix-tape of sleazy science fiction cliches and 80s b-movie tropes. Starting with Bad Girls Dormitory, a women in prison flick that flows through the normal fare like a checklist, and ending with a enjoyably odd ghost-revenge-comedy, She's Back (1989) with Carrie Fisher, Kincaid packed a 4 year period with some extremely satisfying cinematic junk food before disappearing from film for 10 years. He would later go on to have a lucrative, successful career under the name Joe Gage directing hardcore gay porn with a working class twist. I can't speak for his later stuff, but being familiar with his other work, I can almost guarantee it provides some quality cheese for someone. Plus- the idea of proletariat centered porn (or at least the version I have now formed in my head) is awesome. For some reason, I really enjoy the image I get of Tim Kincaid deciding to take a break from porn in the late 80s, slapping together some scripts and convincing a few companies (including Full Moon) to finance some of the most epitomized b-movies ever made. Then, just as tactfully as he enters, he gets bored and bounces out before the end of the decade, only to reemerge again as Joe Gage, blue collar smut director, 10 years later. It's got the workings of plucky allegory or story you tell a child before bed. Anyway, even with the his foray into trashy Sci-Fi/Action being pretty short, he left us a nice little pile of grimey tapes. His title Mutant Hunt (1987) was to be burned into my brain for years before I would actually see it, due to it's amazing box art alone and definitely could have been much more disappointing when I finally got a chance to view it. Each one of the flicks released during this time played off of different b-movie tropes already in existence, but with Kincaid’s pulpy style sprinkled in. Probably his most remembered would be Breeders (1986), a skin-tastic alien invasion flick which suffered a remake in ‘97, but almost all of the titles released found a audience being packed with as-advertised ridiculous plot and cornball action. A recent impromptu marathon of these films (at least the ones I have around the house) led to the realization that one title hasn't really received it's deserved love or at least notoriety, Kincaid's slight veer into detective noir, The Occultist (1988)."- RevTerry

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38. Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil (1991)

R | 92 min | Horror, Thriller

Four students ditch their high school prom for a party at a summer home, unaware that a psychotic priest is on the loose, determined to punish sinners.

Director: Clay Borris | Stars: Nicole de Boer, J.H. Wyman, Joy Tanner, Alle Ghadban

Votes: 1,202

"I didn't go to prom. Not because I was too cool for it (although I am), but because by the time I would have been attending, I was in something called continuation school. If you are not familiar with the term let’s just say it’s a wonder I can even put together a sentence, let alone pretend to review films. If we would have been permitted to have a prom, we at least would have had the other schools beat on baby bumps, controlled substances and stabbings. Everything I know about the high school prom comes from movies, and this leads me to believe that I got a better deal. In the films, the coveted dance is a source of all consuming drama. It is the night that changes everything, where people pull off the best prank, commit acts of extreme emotion or in other ways settle the score. The highschoolers of movieland wait their life for prom. It's the battle for prom queen, the moment the nerd makes his move or someone’s reason for revenge. Then, after the dance, there is always some kind of madness inducing party, a hotel filled with date rape or the schools gym itself descends into teenage chaos. From my perspective, the whole thing seems like a ridiculous amount of stress. Even though I'm glad I never had to live it in the real word, it's pretty fun to watch, in a sometimes fucked up way. Luckily there is no shortage of films on the subject, including the fourth film in the loosely connected Prom Night series, Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil (1992)."- RevTerry

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39. Exit to Hell (2013)

R | 81 min | Action, Horror, Thriller

A local gang rob a mafia run strip club, shooting up the place and killing anyone in sight. They head south for the border, but when they enter the town of Redstone and begin terrorizing ... See full summary »

Director: Robert Conway | Stars: Kane Hodder, Tiffany Shepis, Dan Higgins, Jason Spisak

Votes: 335

"Where I live now, most everyone eats french fries (among other things) with something called “fry sauce”. I'm pretty sure it's just thousand island dressing without the relish, aka the "house" sauce, on every hamburger, from every fast food place, ever. It's definitely not my thing. And by that I mean- it grosses me the fuck out. It's like mayonnaise had a pink, zesty offspring, and I am not down. No matter what I think, here in the cultural vacuum of Southern Utah, it is the standard. Speaking of my least favorite condiment, I have seen similar phenomenon more east, where they take a glob of mayo with each meal, which was kind of hard to watch. In the parts of California I lived in they upheld ranch as the cover-all dressing of choice, which was still too pale and milky for my taste. I need to spend more time in hot sauce regions. While I can’t hang with the white sauce obsessed, I have learned to cope, to save face. Different places have different shit going on when it comes to food, customs and most importantly manners. I thought everyone wanted to fight me my first month here in the Utah desert. In Central California, if someone stares at you unabashedly at walmart, it usually comes to some kind of violent head before you can get your tv dinners picked out. To my surprise (and annoyance), it’s well within local etiquette to thoroughly eye-fuck complete strangers while they decide on cereal in this location. Where my family lives in Massachusetts, everyone tips- for fucking everything. They tip in the Dairy Queen drive through, and the teenager at the window expects it. To them, in that community, it is rude not to tip someone who helps you out in any degree, but good luck getting gratuity at your fast food job in southern Utah. Here, the patrons pull out a calculator and crunch out a tip at 15% to the penny (minus any complaints), even in those designated tipping situations. The rules to being polite, upstanding and normal differ greatly from place to place, even inside a single country or state. It's interesting as fuck, but it can be a hazard. It pays to be attentive to cues, respect the cultural habits(or at least try not to wince while they are looking), and if possible just not be a douchebag during travel. Not enraging the locals is usually rule number one, especially the more rural areas and even if you are just passing through. Committing the wrong faux-pas, in the right place, could get you fucked up and/or disposed of- like the car-full of tragically ineffective ambassadors in Exit to Hell (2013)..."-RevTerry

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40. Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977)

R | 117 min | Horror

39 Metascore

A teenage girl once possessed by a demon finds that it still lurks within her. Meanwhile, a priest investigates the death of the girl's exorcist.

Director: John Boorman | Stars: Richard Burton, Linda Blair, Louise Fletcher, Max von Sydow

Votes: 19,460 | Gross: $30.75M

"Barring a lengthy discussion on the two different versions of the prequel film, The Exorcist Series, in my mind, is comprised of 3 films: The Exorcist (1973), The Ninth Configuration (1980) and The Exorcist III (1990 more recently the directors “Legion” cut specifically). It's one of many unofficial film groupings that I prefer to the official canon but also the most valid, as not only does it carry common actors, characters, and themes but the original source author, William Peter Blatty, was instrumental in the production of all three films as well. They fit together adequately to create a grim epic on the topic of human suffering, the existence of “Good” or “Evil” and religious guilt. As far as I'm concerned, the three films, while not perfect, make one complex but complete thought, with no further need for any of the 3 other filmed works in the official series. When I am in the Exorcising mood and make the plunge into the long dark journey made up by those three preachy ass chapters, I like to pretend the others don't even exist (except possibly one prequel). A Linda Blair type of night, however, is a whole fucking different beast altogether. Outside of the original Exorcist, the rest of her cult classics are far less cerebral than the depressing combo of The 9th Configuration, and Legion. The official Exorcist sequel, for which she returned in 1977, is probably the furthest you can get from the spirit of this series and has even been called “one of the worst films ever made”. I don't know about that extreme wording, because while it really has no place among those more thoughtful works, on certain nights (let's say between flicks like The Chilling and Grotesque), Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977) feels just right and makes for some more than watchable supernatural trash..."- RevTerry

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41. The Amazing Transplant (1970)

R | 77 min | Fantasy, Mystery

A seemingly pleasant fellow, Arthur goes berserk and rapes any woman in front of him wearing gold earrings. One woman tells the investigating detective (who is Arthur's uncle) she was raped... See full summary »

Director: Doris Wishman | Stars: João Fernandes, Linda Southern, Larry Hunter, Olive Denneccio

Votes: 261

"...In 1958 a newly widowed, 46-year-old Wishman decided making films would be the best way to take her mind off of the recent loss. Inspired by a loophole in New York law that allowed for nudity in cinema and her time spent working for her cousin Max Rosenberg’s film company (in “distribution”), she borrowed some cash (by her account $10,000) from her sister and went about making a “nudist” film. Without any training, and taking up most of the production roles herself, she made eight of these films between 1958 and 1964. As interest in the genre shifted, she too evolved, shifting to various more popular exploitation style films along the way, making a slasher, some porn and even trying comedy. She continued to make films aperiodically until her death in 2002. She gave the world around thirty trashy, sleazy flicks during her time in the business, and her presence can still be felt in low budget filmmaking, as well as some in some more well-known works. If there is some kind of age limit on career choices, it didn't fucking stop her. In fact, she seemed to break every rule she was privy to. She barged her way into a male-focused area of a drastically male-dominated field (not only filmmaking but “male interested” filmmaking in the 50s), doing most of the work on each film herself to avoid the industries patent bullshit. By all accounts, she was the eccentric opposition to the era’s current business climate. There are none of the common schlock filmmaker horror stories of angered/shorted associates or her being overly demanding of her skeleton crew. Any production work she was forced to outsource, was paid for, in full, at the end of the day. She apparently was always courteous to those she worked with, if not a little wearing due to her eccentric personality. The films she made exist in a peculiar place between cashing in on trends and having way to much fun making a movie to care what it looked like, never really falling too far to either side. She was truly unbound by any taboo regarding what she should have been doing or when she should be have been doing it. She is a testament to just not giving a fuck about what other people think, and just going for it. With around thirty grimy, sleazy or trashtastic flicks to her name(s), she has secured a place among the greats and has left behind immeasurable influence. To better illustrate, I want to talk about one of her films that has grown to become my favorite recently, The Amazing Transplant (1970)..."- RevTerry

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42. Ninja Dragon (1986)

85 min | Action, Crime

Major figures in the ninja community are being slaughtered. 3 ninjas are trying to figure out what evil people want to bring an end to all ninjas, and also rescue the kidnapped daughter of one of their mentors.

Director: Godfrey Ho | Stars: Richard Harrison, Paulo Tocha, Melvin Pitcher, Freya Patrick

Votes: 209

"Ninjas are a sure fire way to get me to watch a movie. They are on a long list of subjects that guarantee I will, if given the chance, indulge in a film. I have hurdled through various genres or degrees of quality solely due to the promise of a ninja appearing on screen at some point. The movie doesn't even have to be good, which is great, because there are tons of bad flicks involving the mythic assassins. Ninjas go well with everything, but they meld especially well in trash flicks. In a way the ninja, as we know and love it, belongs to cheesy entertainment. Not that there wasn't historically a people labeled as such, but the stylized image most of us pull to mind when we hear the word has been mostly formed of uninformed (but fun) fiction. The dark clad magical death fairy we have come to recognize as a “ninja” is, in bulk, the product of sensationalist oral storytelling, literary action tales and repeating trends in b-movies. It's as if two separate things share the name with only a minor relationship. On the one hand, you have the very real group of sneaky mercenaries that purposely remained mostly unknown, and on the other, one of entertainment’s many beautiful bastard children in some cool/comfortable fight clothing. In films, they can range from a magical order of karate wizards to cronie cannon fodder for the hero to mop up in faceless droves. The fill-in-the-blanks nature allows them to be shoved into most situations with little struggle, be it as major characters or hired help. In a lot of cases, it just makes a bad movie better, like throwing in something like nudity or a chainsaw. I fucking love ninjas, real ones and fake ones, whatever ninjas you got really. I hope to one day marry a ninja. You know who else really fucking loves ninjas? Godfrey Ho... or at least I assume he does since he was so instrumental in my gratuitous affection for the fake kind of ninjas. A huge chunk of his life's work incorporates one, or a bunch, as well as a title that contains the word. This, of course, includes his unexplainably absorbing mess of kung-fu and incredibly bad dubbing- Ninja Dragon (1986)..."- RevTerry

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43. Spidarlings (2016)

120 min | Comedy, Horror, Musical

Poverty stricken lovers Eden and Matilda have enough trouble just getting through the days, but when Eden buys a pet spider the real troubles start.

Director: Salem Kapsaski | Stars: Sophia Disgrace, Rahel Kapsaski, Lee Mark Jones, Rusty Goffe

Votes: 81

"I have no beef with the spider community. I mean I'm not trying to get super up close to my spider homies(and prefer them outside usually), but they are good folk. They look weird as fuck, but they are just out here trying to live and in most cases do more good than bad. Personally, I feel like these arachnids catch bad rep unjustly based on their unwilling interactions with humankind, like pit bulls or garbage balers. The only real crime most have committed is being creepy looking and having a fucked-up ass cousin somewhere. To me, this seems harsh. If being weird looking and having shifty family members is a sin, then a bunch of us are fucked right out the gate. If you really take the time to examine them, some of the eight-legged motherfuckers even have a kind of strange neurotic but cute Sci-Fi vibe going on, or at least look like some sort of lanky aliens. I almost shit an organ when I saw my first tarantula after moving back to the desert. It was purposefully crossing a hiking trail, and with less a short reassessment it continued its path almost indifferent to my existence. Its movements mirrored the VHS Ray Harryhausen monsters ingrained into my brain since childhood. I was spooked at first, but that wasn't the shaggy monsters problem, he was just out there doing his spider thing, and being hairy. Fuck what I thought. If ever we shared a moment-- it by chance happened upon the beginning of the encounter, when we both paused and fought back a primitive instinct to strike out at a surprise interspecies standoff. I don't know about that fuzzy bastard, but I walked away with a new respect for my eight-legged fellow desert dwellers. Spiders are awesome, they are also one of the many subjects of the bizarre independent musical Spidarlings (2016)..."- RevTerry

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44. Murder Weapon (1989)

90 min | Horror, Thriller

Two daughters of mobsters get out of the sanitarium after having killed a boyfriend in the shower, supposedly cured and on the right track. They hold a party and invite all their old ... See full summary »

Director: David DeCoteau | Stars: Lyle Waggoner, Linnea Quigley, Karen Russell, Stephen Steward

Votes: 270

"This weekend it is a cult film legend's birthday (5/27). Linnea Quigley is one of trash cinemas most celebrated actors. I have, more than once, been told by others with exquisite taste that her graveyard dance (as Trash) in The Return of the Living Dead (1985) was the initial spark that ignited a lifelong love of cult films and horror. Even after years of new horror media and a show using the title, she is still the first thing that comes to some minds when you say “Scream Queen”. This is with good reason-- she is the epitome of the b-movie star. What she brings to the screen cannot be explained away with a term like “good acting”, but instead she possesses an unfaltering soul that matches and enhances all the straight to video garbage it touches. Given even the silliest of roles, she will take it to its natural extreme and, most of the time, be the most memorable part of a production. Her lasting ability to make even the worst films more enjoyable with her presence would give the often exemplified Bruce Campbell a run for his money, even without his connections. Quigley is one of a small group of ladies that gave shape to the idea of a Scream Queen and cemented it as a buzzword, even with mainstream audiences. She is the living spirit of trash, responsible for guiding a lot of us from the hunt for skin in late night cinema in our younger years to our ingrained, inexplicable quest for other hidden treasures in low budget horror as adults. Despite being tragically typecast by the roles we all love, she has always seemed to fully embrace her fan base of weirdos and approached each picture with energy. Return of the Living Dead will likely forever be her most popular appearance and it is without a doubt iconic, but personally, my favorite “Linnea Quigley Movie” would be Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (1988). It's goofy as shit, but I don't think I will ever tire of the self-aware mash of horror tropes, bowling, and quirky practical effects. That film was directed by David DeCoteau, a frequent collaborator of Quigley. The two have made a grip of films together in a working relationship that has lasted over 30 years. Somewhere else, among the cult cinema duo’s pile of indiscernible b-classics and near softcore porn, sits Murder Weapon (1989)." - RevTerry

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