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1. The Temple of Lilith (2017)

3 min | Short, Horror

After the last witch of the south became ashes, never to be remembered, the mother of darkness, Lilith, rises from the ground to harvest the fruits of deadly sin, and set an end to the ... See full summary »

Director: James Quinn | Stars: Hex Suicide, Blade Amodio, Justin Ewing

Votes: 47

2. Apples (I) (2017)

5 min | Short, Horror

Ripley's boyfriend Ralph was hit and run by Sean and Raven. Sean and Raven get off the hook with a slight charge and community service due to Sean being a cop and knowing the Judge well. ... See full summary »

Director: Matthew Mark Hunter | Stars: Grant Guyton, Matthew Mark Hunter, Olivia Jade, Marcella Michalski

Votes: 16

3. Cinedead (2017)

26 min | Short, Comedy, Horror

A photo shoot gets bloody when a demon awakens from a cursed camera.

Director: Thibault Turcas | Stars: Salomé de Maat, Anthony Darche, Julia Gratens, Ivan Le Jan

Votes: 15

4. The Wish and The Wisp (2017)

15 min | Short, Fantasy

Two bickering siblings learn the true magic of believing, when they find a real wish and encounter the menacing creature who wants it back.

Director: Vashmere Valentine | Stars: Josie Campbell, Reese Hoggard, Al Klinge, Eric Lang

Votes: 494

5. The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow (2008)

6 min | Animation, Short, Fantasy

The film centers on an unusual photograph dating back to the 1930s. An investigation of its particulars reveals a tapestry of secrets hidden in the details, and a tale of kidnapping and murder captured in a haunting moment.

Directors: Rodrigo Gudiño, Vincent Marcone | Stars: Julian Richings, Alan Alderton, Lea Lawrynowicz, Tony Morrone

Votes: 542

6. Downstairs (2015)

18 min | Short, Comedy, Horror

An inquisitive night security guard is tormented by evil spirits.

Director: Lee Boxleitner | Stars: Lee Boxleitner, Sam Boxleitner, John Lyke, Phoebe Neidhardt

Votes: 149

7. Sintel (2010)

14 min | Animation, Short, Fantasy

The film follows a girl named Sintel who is searching for a baby dragon she calls Scales. A flashback reveals that Sintel found Scales with its wing injured and helped care for it, forming ... See full summary »

Director: Colin Levy | Stars: Halina Reijn, Thom Hoffman

Votes: 3,205

8. Blackbird (II) (2016)

14 min | Short, Fantasy, Horror

Two mysterious figures paths cross in the remote Scottish highlands.

Directors: Charlotte Stente Nielsen, Tim Fellingham | Stars: Tim Fellingham, Sophie Skelton

Votes: 32

9. Bed Demon (2016)

6 min | Short, Horror

A young girl is visited by a hungry demon living underneath her bed...

Director: Henrique Couto | Stars: Henrique Couto, Erin R. Ryan

Votes: 20

10. The Flatwoods Monster: A Legacy of Fear (2018)

45 min | Short

The Flatwoods Monster: A Legacy of Fear is a new documentary from Small Town Monsters, which will unlock a decades-old mystery that included a government-ordered military examination of a ... See full summary »

Director: Seth Breedlove

Votes: 54

11. The S from Hell (2010)

9 min | Documentary, Short, Horror

THE S FROM HELL is a short documentary-cum-horror film about the scariest corporate symbol in history - The 1964 Screen Gems logo, aka 'The S From Hell.' Built around interviews with ... See full summary »

Director: Rodney Ascher | Stars: Angelina Bryan, Jacob Bryan, John S. Flack, David Leggett

Votes: 144

12. Riddick: Blindsided (2013)

6 min | Animation, Short, Action

A new attempt on Lord Marshal Riddick's life is made on the Necromongers' ship. It's time for Riddick to end the years long meandering through space and go back to his roots.

Director: Bonner Bellew | Stars: Vin Diesel, Karl Urban

Votes: 1,423

14. Hush (VII) (2015)

Not Rated | 6 min | Short, Horror

A young college graduate discovers the house she is sitting is possessed by a malevolent entity.

Director: Michael G. Kehoe | Stars: Alexandra Adornetto, Riley Connor, Kira Halling

Votes: 17

15. Nightwing: The Darkest Knight (2015)

23 min | Short, Action, Adventure

Dick Grayson must face his greatest threat or risk losing everything.

Director: Matthew Campbell | Stars: Brady Roberts, Dan Payne, Camden Filtness, Stacey Roy

Votes: 102

16. Spawn: The Recall (2014)

7 min | Short, Horror

A former witch loses her son while shopping. Knowing evil forces are still lurking, she frantically searches for him, but comes across a discovery.

Director: Michael Paris | Stars: Johanna Genet, Tom Maurice, Gregory Paris

Votes: 412

17. Awakenings (2015)

14 min | Short, Horror, Mystery

The line between dreams and reality is blurred when a young woman in charge of two children is haunted by mysterious entities.

Director: Bhargav Saikia | Stars: Prisha Dabas, Jairaj Dalwani, Palomi Ghosh, Saurabh Goyal

Votes: 25

18. Fish (I) (2017)

20 min | Short, Horror, Thriller

A man discovers a mysterious creature hidden in a boat in a little marina. Meanwhile, somewhere else a different man is on a hunt for blood.

Director: Martin Åhlin | Stars: Bill Moseley, Jimmy Backman, Lucinda Jenney, Erik Thörnqvist

19. My Bloody Valentine (2016)

14 min | Short, Horror

My Bloody Valentine is a romantic horror story about the pain love causes and the scars it leaves behind. A modern re-telling of the boy meets girl story, but with a lot more blood. And of ... See full summary »

Director: Seb Billings | Stars: Gemma Atkinson, Tom Greaves, Alex Hughes, David Sturzaker

Votes: 12

20. Tonight It's You (2016)

Not Rated | 17 min | Short, Horror, Thriller

CJ ventures out for a late night hook up when things take a dark turn, leading him into something much more sinister than he could ever imagine.

Director: Dominic Haxton | Stars: Roy Allen III, Jake Robbins, Ian Lerch, George Alvarez

Votes: 150

21. AM1200 (2008)

39 min | Short, Horror

Haunted by recent events and on the run, a man finds himself the unwitting pawn of a possessed evangelical radio station and like his unfortunate predecessor must ask himself whether it is better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.

Director: David Prior | Stars: Eric Lange, John Billingsley, Ray Wise, Stephanie Venditto

Votes: 576

22. The Russian Sleep Experiment (2015)

Not Rated | 29 min | Short, Drama, Horror

Russian researchers funded by the Soviet Union during WWII are testing an expirimental gas on subjects deemed enemies of the state. The experimental gas is meant to eliminate the need for ... See full summary »

Director: Timothy Smith | Stars: Gary Brunner, Michael Bugard, Brett Solferino, Zachary Ross

Votes: 137

23. Chasseur (2013)

15 min | Short, Drama, Thriller

Sometime in the first half of the twentieth century, somewhere on the back roads of the Louisiana Bayou, the half-mad Louis Chasseur, hunts the Devil. Setting an ambush at the crossroads, ... See full summary »

Director: Christopher Soren Kelly | Stars: Joshua Bitton, Christopher Soren Kelly

Votes: 47

24. The Morrigan (2015)

16 min | Short, Horror, Thriller

A couple on a getaway to a remote holiday cottage in Ireland take in a young girl they find unconscious outside. But after calling the police, things start to go very, very wrong.

Director: Colum Eastwood | Stars: Peter Ballance, Sophie Harkness, Frank McCusker, Sophia McKinney

Votes: 14

25. Trace (I) (2016)

35 min | Short, Action, Adventure

TRACE is an upcoming short film set in the viking age. It tells the story of Baldr, an explorer who has traveled far and wide. He has acquired knowledge that can help his people make a ... See full summary »

Director: Markus Dahlsett | Stars: Elias Slind Aas, Audun Bartnes, David J. Browne, Caroline Fredriksen

Votes: 9

26. The Gate (I) (2016)

11 min | Short, Action, Fantasy

Superhero and master of Pencak Silat, Cassie Weston, uses her abilities to fight her arch rival and save her sister's soul.

Director: Kellie Madison | Stars: Amy Johnston, Catherine Parker, Cecep Arif Rahman, Chalet Lizette Brannan

Votes: 91

27. The Puppet Man (I) (2016)

Not Rated | 9 min | Short, Horror, Thriller

A supernatural killer stalks a young woman and her friends in a seedy, neon-lit dive bar. Featuring Master of Horror John Carpenter.

Director: Jacqueline Castel | Stars: Bradley Bailey, Joe Castle Baker, John Carpenter, Grant Mayland

Votes: 79

28. Dante's Inferno (2012)

23 min | Short, Horror

William and Catherine want to know what happened to their friends at the camp site, while writer Beatrice learns that everything she once thought to be true of heaven and hell is a lie.

Director: John Johnson | Stars: Jay Barber, Amy Hart, Matthew Ewald, Megan Braithwaite

Votes: 1,206

29. The Smiling Man (2015)

8 min | Short, Horror, Thriller

A little girl home alone finds herself face-to-face with pure evil.

Director: A.J. Briones | Stars: Abbi Chally, Strange Dave, Mellisa Chally, Richard Dorton

Votes: 627

30. Genesis (I) (1998)

30 min | Short, Horror

A sculptor is traumatized by the death of his wife in a car accident. He builds a sculpture in her memory. As the lifelike sculpture begins to bleed through the cracks of clay, the ... See full summary »

Director: Nacho Cerdà | Stars: Pep Tosar, Trae Houlihan

Votes: 1,557

31. Lights Out (V) (2013)

Not Rated | 3 min | Short, Horror, Thriller

When you are all alone in a small dark room, what do you fear the most? Is it the temporary blindness or is it the uneasy deep feeling that someone, or rather something, is observing your every move?

Director: David F. Sandberg | Star: Lotta Losten

Votes: 4,809

32. Mamá (2008)

3 min | Short, Horror

A young girl wakes up and tells her sister that their mother has returned home.

Director: Andy Muschietti | Stars: Victoria Harris, Berta Ros, Irma Monroig

Votes: 2,558

33. Translucent Unicorn (2010)

3 min | Short, Horror, Mystery

After a global disaster has ravaged the Earth, a lonely salvager becomes the hunted after finding the most valuable thing in this new world: A mysterious glass statue.

Director: Robert Kouba | Star: Robert Kouba Senior

Votes: 914

34. Starters (2012)

6 min | Short, Drama, Romance

In order to save her sick brother a broke teen decides to rent her body to old people who want to be young again until she discovers that they have sinister plans.

Director: Robert Kouba | Stars: Norbert Gubser, Charlotte Heinimann, Simon Svercel, Jeannine Michèle Wacker

Votes: 1,091

35. Compulsion (II) (2017)

17 min | Short, Horror, Thriller

To give in, the blood must flow.

Director: Brian Sepanzyk | Stars: Jeffery Bjorgum, Eva Bourne, Dave Boyce, Bill Croft

36. Echoes (I) (2018)

22 min | Short, Drama, Horror

Strange entities begin to haunt a middle-aged man and his infant son in a remote cabin in the woods.

Director: József Gallai | Stars: Shawn Clankie, Tímea Virga, Péter Inoka, Bea Kocsis

Votes: 38

37. The Rift (I) (2012)

26 min | Short, Sci-Fi, Thriller

An aspiring scientist discovers that behind dark rifts that are appearing in the sky, there is something that wants to cross to our side.

Director: Robert Kouba | Stars: Robert Kouba Senior, Quinn Butterfield, Eileen Grubba, Ralph Guzzo

Votes: 5,496

38. The Slender Case (2012)

15 min | Short, Drama, Horror

After a group of teenagers discover several pages of bizarre drawings scattered throughout their campsite they become the target of a masked man - a slender man that only moves when no one is looking.

Director: Robert Kouba | Stars: George Benedict, Quinn Butterfield, Julian Schaffner

Votes: 1,121

39. The Visitor (V) (2012)

4 min | Short, Drama, Sci-Fi

After a cynical writer secludes himself in a desolate cabin to overcome his writer's block he resorts to drinking, until one day something visits him.

Director: Robert Kouba | Star: Robert Kouba Senior

Votes: 978

40. Ultravioleta (2014)

10 min | Short, Horror

Lola, an art restorer, has to work through the night to reveal a painting hidden beneath another painting. Her obsession with the task and her squandering of energy will bring her more than she bargained for.

Director: Paco Plaza | Stars: Maribel Verdú, Julián Villagrán, Marc Blanch, Akemi Goto

Votes: 99

41. Goodnight (I) (2018)

Short, Thriller

Based on a actual phenomenon, Lisa suffers from multiple sleep paralysis episodes that traps her into a dreamworld dimension. While she struggles to escape each episode she uncovers ... See full summary »

Director: George Heras | Stars: Cinta Laura Kiehl, Caroline Harris, Rae Latt, Sophia Almeida

42. Lucifer (2007)

8 min | Short, Adventure

This is the story of the fall of Lucifer, whose pride would divide the heavenly host into two warring factions and ultimately bring Sin and Death to mankind. This story is the first of a ... See full summary »

Director: Ray Griggs | Stars: Jason Lewis, Bru Muller

Votes: 132

43. The Smiling Man (2015)

8 min | Short, Horror, Thriller

A little girl home alone finds herself face-to-face with pure evil.

Director: A.J. Briones | Stars: Abbi Chally, Strange Dave, Mellisa Chally, Richard Dorton

Votes: 627

44. Don't Move (2013)

14 min | Short, Horror

Set on one fateful night, six friends gather for their monthly 'games night'... and accidentally unleash a demonic force that might tear them - and their friendships - to pieces.

Director: Anthony Melton | Stars: Rachel Bright, Jake Hendriks, Beth Cooper, Kate Braithwaite

Votes: 637

45. The Demonology of Desire (2007)

22 min | Short, Horror

Late one night, Ramona makes a powerful wish. The following day, her prayer is miraculously answered when she meets Eric, a boy with no idea of the dark, fantastical depths that a boyhood ... See full summary »

Director: Rodrigo Gudiño | Stars: Bianca Rusu, Tudor Plopeanu, Jewelia Fisico

Votes: 120

46. Devil's Night (2018)

10 min | Short, Horror

A group of kids find trouble after messing around with a local urban legend involving a witch on the night before Halloween.

Director: Anthony R. Risen | Stars: Henry Constable, Sara Atkinson, Gabi Del Moral, Josie Axelson

Votes: 17

47. Kiss the Devil in the Dark (2016)

29 min | Short, Fantasy, Horror

Marcus, a powerful sorcerer who is desperate to save his dying wife, makes a deal with the demon Dagon to save her soul. Dagon, however, has more in mind for Marcus than just a simple ... See full summary »

Directors: Jonathan Martin, Rebecca Martin | Stars: Dameon Clarke, Amrita Acharia, Doug Jones, Gary Reimer

Votes: 22

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