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1. Escaping Polygamy (2014– )

41 min | Reality-TV

Escaping Polygamy focuses on the dramatic work of three sisters who escaped from the polygamous cult known as the Kingston clan as young women and now help other young men, women and ... See full summary »

Stars: Jessica Christensen, Andrea Brewer, Andrea Christensen, Shanell Christensen

Votes: 427

2. To Catch a Killer (2014– )

Crime, Reality-TV

Police officer and professor Mike Arntfield leads a squad of tech-savvy civilians as they work to solve horrific cold cases in this episodic documentary drama.

Stars: Michael Arntfield, Antonella Magnatta, Peter Leimbigler, Renee Willmon

Votes: 85

3. Dateline Mystery (2009– )

40 min | Documentary

This collection features some of the most dramatic episodes from NBC's long-running Dateline series. From murder investigations to unbelievable miracles, follow along as Dateline gets to the truth at the center of these remarkable stories.

Star: Lester Holt

Votes: 398

4. On the Case with Paula Zahn (2009– )

60 min | Documentary, Crime

Award winning journalist Paula Zahn unravels shocking crimes interviewing those closest to the case including lawyers, the victim's family, and detectives.

Stars: Paula Zahn, Tom Scorzone, Raymond Brenkert, Eric S. Robertson

Votes: 577

5. America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back (1988–2013)

TV-PG | 60 min | Documentary, Crime, Drama

True crimes are dramatized in hopes that viewers can give information leading to the capture of the criminals.

Stars: John Walsh, Daniel David Sim, Don LaFontaine, Jon Leiberman

Votes: 1,660

7. 48 Hours (1988– )

TV-14 | 60 min | Documentary, News

One of television's most popular true-crime series, investigating shocking cases and compelling real-life dramas with journalistic integrity and cutting-edge style.

Stars: Dan Rather, Maureen Maher, Erin Moriarty, Peter Van Sant

Votes: 1,482

8. Solved (2008–2010)

TV-PG | 43 min | Documentary, Crime

In SOLVED career defining cases are presented by investigators. Forensic analysts, trace evidence experts, crime scene technicians, forensic document examiners, forensic linguistics, ... See full summary »

Stars: Kathleen Garrett, Skoti Collins, David Hill, Dion Graham

Votes: 215

9. The F.B.I. Files (1998–2009)

TV-PG | 60 min | Documentary, Biography, Crime

Real FBI cases are recounted through reenactments and interviews with law enforcement and forensic scientists.

Stars: James Kallstrom, Anthony D. Call, Bob Featherer, Susan Rae

Votes: 785

10. Crime Stories (1998– )


Crime Stories chronicles some of the most intriguing crimes in history. This investigative series takes the viewers behind the scenes, revealing what occurred, introducing the people ... See full summary »

Stars: Bill Courage, Richard Belzer, James Naughton, Dan Savoie

Votes: 86

11. Crimes That Shook Britain (2008– )

Documentary, Crime

A look at some of the most infamous crimes in U.K. history

Stars: Tom Roberts, Patricia Winker, Paul Bergquist, Don Gayle

Votes: 105

12. Britain's Darkest Taboos (2012– )


Reality series interviewing people/families who were victims of violent crimes or people who were friends / family of murderers and rapists and had narrow escapes

Stars: Patricia Winker, Georgia Giblin, Colin Alltree, Richard Herdman

Votes: 100

13. Serial Killers (2006– )

Documentary, Crime

Some of the most notorious murderers in recent history are examined. Using dramatic reconstruction and expert testimony, this is a forensic account of the perpetrators and the detectives in the crimes that shook the world.

Stars: Tim Pigott-Smith, Gregg McCrary, Franc Violi, Aldo Innocenti

Votes: 115

14. Fred Dinenage Murder Casebook (2011– )

Documentary, Crime

Fred Dinenage takes a fresh new look at the murders that shocked the United Kingdom in the 20th century, and the killers that committed them. Dinenage was not only the official biographer ... See full summary »

Stars: Fred Dinenage, David Wilson, Clive Aitkins, Lee Caine

Votes: 81

15. Real Crime (2001– )

60 min | Documentary

Each episode examines a notorious crime and includes interviews with relatives of the victims.

Stars: Mark Austin, Diana Weston, Chris Wilson, Philip Rosch

Votes: 55

16. Declassified: Untold Stories of American Spies (2016– )

42 min | Thriller

Declassified: Untold Stories of American Spies is a documentary series that details important cases, missions and operations of the American intelligence community, told firsthand by the ... See full summary »

Stars: Dan Watson, Seth Zielicke, Sam Thakur, Connor Skific

Votes: 100

17. Secrets of the Dead (2000– )

56 min | Documentary, History, Mystery

Mysteries involving notable historical events, people and locations are scientifically examined.

Stars: Liev Schreiber, Jay O. Sanders, Salima Ikram, Piers Gibbon

Votes: 415

18. Nova (1974– )
Episode: Mind of a Rampage Killer (2013)

TV-PG | 52 min | Documentary, Biography

Can science help us understand these crimes?

Director: Miles O'Brien | Stars: Miles O'Brien, Jeff Williams, Andy Williams, Joshua W. Buckholtz

Votes: 208

19. The Mind of a Murderer (2015– )

60 min | Crime

Investigation Discovery presents the modern-day Clarice Starling as Dr. Michelle Ward goes behind bars to interview violent murderers and offer insight into what drives people to kill with ... See full summary »

Stars: Michelle Ward, Sarah Martin, Jonathan Gabriel Charles, Michelle Ward

Votes: 147

20. Sensing Murder (2004– )

TV-14 | 90 min | Crime, Reality-TV

Sensing Murder is a real-life crime documentary drama series, which uses respected psychics, such as Scott Russell Hill, to try and solve real life crimes.

Stars: Rebecca Gibney, Anthony Wemyss, Jackson Taylor, Taylor Bates

Votes: 90

21. The Real Story with Maria Elena Salinas (2017–2018)


In THE REAL STORY WITH MARIA ELENA SALINAS, investigative journalist Maria Elena Salinas peels back the layers of national headline-making crimes in search of new evidence, unheard perspectives, and updates to the cases.

Stars: María Elena Salinas, Lucia Cousins, Will Tomi, Heather Lehrman

Votes: 48

22. Sons of Perdition (2010)

R | 85 min | Documentary

An inside look at former FLDS teens who have become religious refugees in mainstream America.

Directors: Tyler Measom, Jennilyn Merten | Stars: Bruce Barlow, Deloy Bateman, Michelle Benward, Kevin Black

Votes: 613

23. The Murder Detectives (2015– )

Documentary, Crime

Filmed in a documentary style, this UK Police TV Series deals with detectives handling murders.

Votes: 198

24. Corrupt Crimes (2015– )

Documentary, Crime

Corrupt Crimes investigates recent crime stories in complete detail, with expert analysis and dramatic storytelling. Cases include crimes of passion, espionage, treason, insider trading, government corruption, murder and conspiracies.

Stars: Cornell Womack, Steve Moore, Tom Ohmer, Tim Clemente

Votes: 74

25. Dateline NBC (1992– )
Episode: Betrayed (2017)

Documentary, News

When a rising star attorney in South Florida is murdered, police investigate whether her death is connected to a web of fraud, betrayal and more than $1 billion in missing money. Dennis Murphy reports.

Stars: Carrie Fisher, Bruce Fleisher, Lynn Haberl, Lester Holt

Votes: 8

26. Motive to Murder (2016– )

30 min | Crime

Motive to Murder takes a psychological look into some of the real-life murder cases that have made headlines around the world: from crimes of passion and serial killers, to opportunistic slayings and mass shootings.

Stars: Judy Ho, Tom Ohmer, Adam Burnette, Anna-Lea Mende

Votes: 6

27. The Men Who Killed Kennedy (1988–2003)

Documentary, History

A detailed examination of the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, with emphasis on the discrepancies and inconsistencies in the government's official version of events.

Stars: Hilary Minster, Robert J. Groden, Gary Mack, Cyril H. Wecht

Votes: 512

28. O.J.: Made in America (2016)

TV-MA | 467 min | Documentary, Biography, Crime

A chronicle of the rise and fall of O.J. Simpson, whose high-profile murder trial exposed the extent of American racial tensions, revealing a fractured and divided nation.

Director: Ezra Edelman | Stars: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Mike Albanese, Muhammad Ali, Marcus Allen

Votes: 15,312

29. Murder Book (2014– )

TV-PG | Documentary, Crime

Police detectives attempt to solve murder cases.

Stars: Geoff Pierson, David Donah, Tomas Johansson, Jordan Lawson

Votes: 156

30. Hardcover Mysteries (2010– )

60 min | Documentary, Crime, Mystery

In this season of Hardcover Mysteries eight New York Times best-selling authors examine the incredible real-life cases that inspired their own creations. Watch as the top of the line ... See full summary »

Stars: David Hill, Massimo Quagliano, Mitchell Salberg, Caroline Burt

Votes: 17

31. Nightmare Next Door (2011– )

60 min | Documentary, Crime

Tells the tales of mysterious murders that rocked small-town America.

Stars: Greg Diefenbach, James Davenjay, Tom Gambrill, Peter Muggleworth

Votes: 715

32. Unusual Suspects (2010– )

44 min | Documentary, Crime

Just when you thought you knew who did it, a tip comes in that changes the direction of the case and shifts suspicion.

Stars: Mocean Melvin, Jeff Wilburn, Jamie Hanes, Razor Rocco Rizzotti

Votes: 697

33. Deep Undercover (II) (2016– )

Documentary, Crime, Drama

Deep Undercover is a true crimes series from writer and producer Joe Pistone, the real "Donnie Brasco." Each episode tells the story of a different undercover operation from the POV of the undercover officers involved.

Stars: Dave B. Mitchell, Damon O'Daniel, Judy Ho, Michael Fleeman

Votes: 73

34. Making a Murderer (2015– )

TV-14 | 60 min | Documentary, Crime

Filmed over a 10-year period, Steven Avery, a DNA exoneree who, while in the midst of exposing corruption in local law enforcement, finds himself the prime suspect in a grisly new crime.

Stars: Dolores Avery, Steven Avery, Ken Kratz, Brendan Dassey

Votes: 78,698

35. Nova (1974– )
Episode: Cold Case JFK (2013)

TV-14 | 53 min | Documentary, Biography

From PBS and NOVA: Cold Case JFK. For decades, the assassination of John F. Kennedy has fueled dark rumors of conspiracies and mishandled evidence. Now, fifty years later, NOVA asks: Could ... See full summary »

Director: Rushmore DeNooyer | Stars: Jay O. Sanders, Mike Haag, Josiah Thompson, G. Robert Blakey

Votes: 236

36. The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear (2004)

157 min | Documentary, History

78 Metascore

A series of three documentaries about the use of fear for political gain.

Stars: Gilles Kepel, Melvin Goodman, Stephen Holmes, William Kristol

Votes: 3,723

37. Scene of the Crime with Tony Harris (2017– )


SCENE OF THE CRIME WITH TONY HARRIS explores the secret world behind the crime. In this immersive and investigative series, Emmy-Award-winning journalist Tony Harris reveals a family, a neighborhood, an entire town, changed forever.

Stars: Vincent Miller, Malcolm Simmons, Tony Harris, Justin Blake

Votes: 29

38. Reasonable Doubt (2017– )

60 min | Reality-TV

Retired homicide detective Chris Anderson and criminal defense attorney Fatima Silva help desperate families, convinced a loved one has been wrongfully convicted of murder. Each week Chris ... See full summary »

Stars: Chris Anderson, Melissa Lewkowicz, Fatima Silva, Aaron Olatunjie

Votes: 207

39. Murder Chose Me (2017– )


Homicide detective, Rod Demery, races against the clock to catch criminals running loose on the streets of Shreveport, Louisiana.

Stars: John Nicholson, Rod Demery, Jordan Eli Arellano, Daniel Luce

Votes: 522

40. Vanity Fair Confidential (2015– )

60 min | Documentary, Crime

Vanity Fair Confidential brings you deep into the criminal affairs of various people whose stories were once across the pages of Vanity Fair Magazine. The show covers high scandal cases ... See full summary »

Stars: Martin Koughan, Jennet Conant, Mike Stallcup, Ivy Kessel

Votes: 151

41. Disappeared (2009–2018)

TV-PG | Documentary, Crime

The heartbreaking, mystifying and unbelievable stories of loved ones who have disappeared and the families that never give up hope. Some stories remain unresolved; some reveal tragic ... See full summary »

Stars: Christopher Crutchfield Walker, Kiff VandenHeuvel, Dennis Hindman, David Van Norman

Votes: 823

42. See No Evil (2014– )

43 min | Documentary, Crime, Drama

Every second of every day, millions of Americans are caught on CCTV. Most of them are honest citizens going about their everyday lives. But a few are guilty of unspeakable crimes. See no ... See full summary »

Stars: Ross Huguet, Raven Cinello, Matthew Sauvé, Drew Riedstra

Votes: 369

43. Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery (2017)

Biography, Crime, History

Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery meets with the family at the center of it all, the Anthonys, to hear their first-hand account of the tragic details surrounding the death of their ... See full summary »

Stars: Diane Dimond, Jeff Ashton, Cindy Anthony, Jane Velez-Mitchell

Votes: 322

44. Murder Calls (2017– )

Documentary, Crime

With haunting, real-life 911 calls as its through-line, Murder Calls is true-crime storytelling taken to a new level. Each episode pivots on the contents and subtext of 911 calls, which investigators must decipher to uncover the truth.

Stars: Daniel Luce, Tommy Campbell, Rachel Stacy, Wendy Bowerman

Votes: 270

45. People Magazine Investigates (2016– )

TV-14 | Crime

PEOPLE MAGAZINE INVESTIGATES uncovers the heart-wrenching true stories behind crimes that transcended headlines and became part of popular culture. Exclusive firsthand interviews reveal ... See full summary »

Stars: Steve Helling, David Christopher Wells, Michael Wayne Brown, Alicia Dennis

Votes: 272

46. Let's Kill Mom (2015 TV Movie)

60 min | Documentary, Crime

In a suburb outside Fort Worth, Texas, a hard-working, single mother is found dead in her home. This is a story of young love, satanic worship, toxic relationships, rage, and unimaginable violence featuring interviews from those involved.

Director: Matthew Watts | Stars: Talon Beeson, Kevin D. Benton, Zachary Christie, Harley Greco

Votes: 25

47. The Killing Season (2016– )

43 min | Documentary, Crime

"The Killing Season" from Executive Producer Alex Gibney follows documentarians, Joshua Zeman (Cropsey) and Rachel Mills as they investigate one of the most bizarre unsolved serial killer ... See full summary »

Stars: Rachel Mills, Joshua Zeman, Peter Brendt, Richard Dormer

Votes: 799

48. Mommy Dead and Dearest (2017)

TV-MA | 82 min | Documentary, Crime

In this documentary, the murder of Deedee Blanchard by her daughter Gypsey Rose is explored, as well as the circumstances leading up to the event.

Director: Erin Lee Carr | Stars: Jim Arnott, David Blanchard, Dee Dee Blanchard, Gypsy Rose Blanchard

Votes: 6,018

49. Shadow of Doubt (2016– )

52 min | Documentary, Crime