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1. White Mane (1953)

Approved | 47 min | Drama, Family

In the Camargue, France, a young boy bonds with a white haired horse that escaped from ranchers.

Director: Albert Lamorisse | Stars: Alain Emery, Laurent Roche, Clan-Clan, Pascal Lamorisse

Votes: 1,782

2. Xiao cheng er yue (2017)

15 min | Short, Drama

In a nameless Chinese city, a mother with her daughter missing refuses to go gentle into this good night.

Director: Yang Qiu | Stars: Shuxian Li, Zhongwei Sun, Yaning Ding, Yun Xu

Votes: 90

3. A Drowning Man (2017)

15 min | Short, Drama

Alone and far from home, The Kid makes his way through a strange city looking for the means to get through his day. Surrounded by predators he is forced to make compromises merely to survive, his life of exile grows one day longer.

Director: Mahdi Fleifel | Stars: Atef Alshafei, Jalal Qaniry, Thymios Koukios, Rebih El-Saleous

Votes: 68

4. The Red Balloon (1956)

Not Rated | 34 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

A red balloon with a life of its own follows a little boy around the streets of Paris.

Director: Albert Lamorisse | Stars: Pascal Lamorisse, Sabine Lamorisse, Georges Sellier, Vladimir Popov

Votes: 14,453

5. Across My Land (2017)

16 min | Short, Drama

Father and son 'minutemen' patrol the American/Mexican border near their home in Nogales, Arizona.

Director: Fiona Godivier | Stars: Preston Bailey, Timothy V. Murphy, Gaia Peddy, Summer Phoenix

Votes: 14

7. Lunch Time (2017)

15 min | Short, Drama

A 16 year old girl has come to the hospital to identify the body of her mother. The people in charge at the hospital - due to her young age - won't let her into the morgue.

Director: Alireza Ghasemi | Stars: Amir Taghdiri, Roya Bakhtiyari, Khorshid Cheraghipour, Afsane Heidari

Votes: 26

8. Timecode (2016)

15 min | Short, Drama

Luna and Diego are the parking lot security guards. Diego does the night shift, and Luna works by day.

Director: Juanjo Giménez Peña | Stars: Lali Ayguadé, Pep Domenech, Vicente Gil, Nicolas Ricchini

Votes: 1,103

9. 4:15 P.M. Sfârsitul lumii (2016)

15 min | Short, Drama

A courier takes a hitchhiker on the road. When the hitchhiker warns him that the end of the world is around the corner, the courier labels him as crazy, without knowing this accidental encounter will change his life forever.

Directors: Catalin Rotaru, Gabi Virginia Sarga | Stars: Alexandru Suciu, Elias Ferkin

Votes: 45

10. Après Suzanne (2016)

15 min | Short, Drama

Joachim comes back in his family after a heartache. In spite of the excessive tenderness of his parents and his sensation of strangeness, he learns to desire to live again thanks to his ... See full summary »

Director: Félix Moati | Stars: Vincent Lacoste, Esther Garrel, Antoine de Bary, Zita Hanrot

Votes: 22

11. A moça que dançou com o Diabo (2016)

15 min | Short, Drama, Fantasy

A girl from a very religious family seeks about her own paradise.

Director: João Paulo Miranda Maria | Stars: Karolina Carbinatto, Sasá Carvalho, Aline Rodrigues Costa, José Batista Da Silva

Votes: 35

12. Dreamlands (2016)

14 min | Short, Drama, Romance

Pixie's party-filled, promiscuous existence is turned on it's head when a mysterious young boy turns up in her seaside town at the dying end of the summer. Blondie's arrival blows apart her... See full summary »

Director: Sara Dunlop | Stars: Emma Appleton, Liam Gardner, Joe Madley, Liran Nathan

Votes: 19

13. Fight on a Swedish Beach!! (2016)

14 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

A western Swedish beach during high summer. A variety of people come together to socialise and enjoy the heat. A family with children, a watercolour artist, a group of upper middle-aged friends and a bunch of middle school adolescents.

Director: Simon Vahlne | Stars: Jan Lindwall, William Davidsson, Helena Jansson, Petra Johansson

Votes: 56

14. La laine sur le dos (2016)

15 min | Short, Adventure, Comedy

While driving along a road in the Tunisian desert in an old battered van on their way to market to sell their sheep, an old man and his grand-son are stopped by two policemen. In order to ... See full summary »

Director: Lotfi Achour | Stars: Jawhar Basti, Mohamed Beha Karrouchi, Monhem El Akkari, Moncef Sayem

Votes: 28

15. Madre (III) (2016)

TV-MA | 14 min | Short, Drama

16 year-old Andrea leaves her neighborhood in the hills of Medellin to attend a downtown casting call for a porno film.

Director: Simón Mesa Soto | Stars: Yurani Anduquia Cortes, Paulo De Jesús Barros Sousa, María Camila Maldonado

Votes: 44

16. Imago (I) (2016)

15 min | Short, Drama

Under the humid night within a lively slum in the center of Manila, Inday, a 54 year old single parent of a special child goes to her unusual work.

Director: Raymund Ribay Gutierrez | Stars: Ruby Ruiz, Upeng Fernandez, Louie Tan, Inna Tuason

Votes: 17

17. Il silenzio (2016)

15 min | Short, Drama

Fatma and her mother are Kurdish refugees in Italy. On their visit to the doctor, Fatma has to translate what the doctor tells to her mother but she keeps silent.

Directors: Ali Asgari, Farnoosh Samadi | Stars: Valentina Carnelutti, Cahide Ozel, Fatma Alakus

Votes: 54

18. Leidi (2014)

16 min | Short, Drama

Leidi lives with her mom and her baby. Her boyfriend, Alexis, hasn't shown up in days. That sunny morning, after she bathed her baby, Leidi was sent by her mother to buy plantains. She ... See full summary »

Director: Simón Mesa Soto | Stars: Alejandra Montoya Villa, Hector Orrego

Votes: 62

19. 37°4 S (2013)

12 min | Short, Drama, Romance

Nowadays, in Tristan da Cunha. 270 people live on this small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Nick and Anne, two teenagers, have known each other since their birth, and are ... See full summary »

Director: Adriano Valerio | Stars: Riaan Repetto, Natalie Swain, Harold Green, Edwin Glass

Votes: 51

20. Sessiz - Be Deng (2012)

14 min | Short, Drama

The prison of Diyarbakir, the setting of the story, is like the symbol of the torture experienced in the prisons in Turkey after the coup d'etat of 1980. However, in this story, I did not ... See full summary »

Director: L. Rezan Yesilbas | Stars: Belçim Bilgin, Cem Bender

Votes: 195

21. Sing (2016)

25 min | Short, Drama, Music

'Sing' is a childhood drama with a lot of music, set in 1990s Budapest, Hungary. Inspired by a true story, it follows an award winning school choir and the new girl in class who just might uncover the ugly secret behind their fame.

Director: Kristóf Deák | Stars: Zsófia Szamosi, Dorka Hais, Dorka Gáspárfalvi, Péter Bregyán

Votes: 4,272

22. The Silent Child (2017)

Not Rated | 20 min | Short, Drama

A deaf 4-year-old girl named Libby lives in a world of silence until a caring social worker teaches her to use sign language to communicate.

Director: Chris Overton | Stars: Rachel Fielding, Philip York, Rachel Shenton, Maisie Sly

Votes: 1,408

23. DeKalb Elementary (2017)

21 min | Short, Drama

Inspired by an actual 911 call placed during a school shooting incident in Atlanta, Georgia.

Director: Reed Van Dyk | Stars: Shinelle Azoroh, John Brockus, Michael Brown, Chuck Cobb

Votes: 661

24. Two Cars, One Night (2004)

12 min | Drama, Romance, Short

Sometimes first love is found in the most unlikely of places, like in the carpark outside the Te Kaha pub.

Director: Taika Waititi | Stars: Rangi Ngamoki, Hutini Waikato, Te Ahiwaru Ngamoki-Richards, Riwai Waka

Votes: 1,222

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