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1. Downing (2011)

16 min | Short, Drama, Romance

Amidst a vibrant house party, Downing explores the complicated minefield of teenage sexuality as John, the isolated local gay lad, finds an opportunity to exact revenge on his straight oppressor, the popular and handsome Daniel.

Director: Ben Peters | Stars: Jamie Brotherston, Ross William Wild, Krystina Coates, Rehanna MacDonald

Votes: 394

2. Watch Me (I) (2016)

Unrated | 27 min | Short, Drama, Thriller

David goes about his life unaware that he is being followed by a stranger recording his every move. As the stranger gets closer he sees more of the dark secret that David is hiding from his boyfriend and the world around him.

Director: Daniel Mansfield | Stars: Sert Fetti, Stefano Foster, Darren Munn, George Patrick

Votes: 25

3. Midnight (III) (2014)

Not Rated | 22 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

A gay couple decide to experiment with an open relationship. Can their relationship survive it?

Director: T.R. Wilkinson | Stars: Sean Paul Lockhart, Anderson Goncalves, Elizabeth Dennehy, Suzanne Whang

Votes: 16

4. The Other Side (2017)

15 min | Short, Drama, Romance

Felipe and Claudio have a unique relationship. Somehow destiny pulls them apart and sets Felipe on a journey where he will risk everything in his pursuit of happiness.

Director: Rodrigo Alvarez Flores | Stars: Edward Coward, Eduardo Gómez, Juan Pablo Muro, Giancarlo Ruiz

Votes: 101

5. Das Phallometer (2014)

7 min | Short, Comedy

The phallometric tests were used in the Czech Republic until recently in order to verify the homosexuality of asylum seekers, who reported homosexuality-based persecution in their home ... See full summary »

Director: Tor Iben | Stars: Annette Frier, Klaus J. Behrendt, Harry Baer, Firat Erol

Votes: 52

6. The Swimming Trunks (2013)

21 min | Short, Drama

On holiday on a campsite by the seaside, Remy, 10, is fascinated by Stephan, 35, the father of one of his playmates. This is a new, confusing feeling for him. Nobody knows what he is going through especially not handsome Stephan.

Director: Mathilde Bayle | Stars: Roger Manning, Stanley Weber, Inès Giardino, Carole Franck

Votes: 54

7. Beat Beat Beat (2013 TV Short)

30 min | Short, Drama

Late summer in Berlin. The city is pulsating and Fabian, Bene, and Richard are wandering aimlessly through the urban jungle...

Director: Christin Freitag | Stars: Johannes Gäde, Tilman Pörzgen, Jan-David Bürger, Til Schindler

Votes: 65

8. About a Father (2017)

30 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

A short gay themed Czech film by Roman Nemec.

Director: Roman Nemec | Stars: Antonín Procházka, Alena Mihulová, Jakub Krejca, Jirí Vojta

Votes: 52

9. Coming Out (III) (2011)

4 min | Short, Biography, Drama

Joel has finally made up his mind, or so he thinks. Tonight he's going to tell his parents, but is this the right moment? How should he do it, and what should he say?

Director: Jerry Carlsson | Star: Charlie Gustafsson

Votes: 29

10. An Evening (2016)

10 min | Short, Drama

Friends Frederik and Mathias share a common experience but have very different reactions.

Director: Søren Green | Stars: Jacob Ottensten, Ulrik Windfeldt-Schmidt, Julia Wentzel Olsen

Votes: 67

11. Glory (2011)

7 min | Short, Comedy, Crime

On being gay, poor and not 21 anymore under capitalism

Director: Roberto Anjari-Rossi | Star: Andreas Seifert

Votes: 11

12. Cake (2015)

16 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

A late night Internet hook-up between a housebound gamer and a relentless party boy runs overtime and awkwardly transitions into a neighbourhood BBQ. Trapped amongst the oldies, the two ... See full summary »

Director: Jacintho Muinos | Stars: Shane Savage, Pat Moonie, Kate Jason-Omodei, Lawrie Fildes

Votes: 21

13. Sodom's Cat (2016)

Not Rated | 32 min | Short, Drama, Romance

Make love first, then we talk about love.

Director: Ting-Chun Huang | Stars: Wu Chih-To, Joe Black Chou, Lee Hsien-Heng, Yu-Ting Hsu

Votes: 58

14. Sipping (2015)

16 min | Short, Drama

Santiago and Jared , two teenagers of opposite personality spend an afternoon together looking for ways to overcome their differences. After an act that begins as a game their senses will find the space to coincide.

Director: Bárbara Moreno Turcott | Stars: Daniel Emilio Martínez, César Kancino, Marlene Castaños, Paola Madrigal

Votes: 55

15. TommyTeen18 (2017)

17 min | Short, Drama

Bridging the void between childhood and maturity, the 15-year-old Tommie loses himself in his search for male sex. A dating app seems to offer the solution.

Director: Vincent Fitz-Jim | Stars: David Berkman, Oleg Kovalev, Linde van Dorp

Votes: 93

16. Fragments (V) (2015)

19 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

An unhappy lion mascot, a straight-talking chick fed up with sexual double standards, a hypochondriac 18-year-old gay guy who just got into med school: all these colorful characters collide... See full summary »

Director: Stéphanie Anne Weber Biron | Stars: Connor Jessup, Douglas Smith, Stéphanie Anne Weber Biron

Votes: 301

17. Water (2012)

15 min | Short

James leads a lonely life in a luxurious castle. He never goes out with friends. One day he finds himself interested in an injured, handsome Swedish soccer player.

Director: Marco van Bergen | Stars: Tobias Kersloot, Barbara Labrie, Serge Mensink

Votes: 446

18. Raw Love (2008)

15 min | Short, Romance

A portrait of the last days of high school. Two friends spend all day long together, but this will inevitably come to an end. A beautiful sincere story of mixed emotions and secrets that dare not speak loud.

Directors: Juan Chappa, Martín Deus | Stars: Valentino Arocena, Juan Felipe Villanueva, Katja Alemann

Votes: 657

19. You, Me and Him (2007)

Not Rated | 18 min | Short, Drama, Romance

When the plans for the future change, new bonds are created between Danilo, Lucas and Marcos. in between video-games and milk cups, pain and disappointment, they need to learn how to live together.

Director: Daniel Ribeiro | Stars: Daniel Tavares, Diego Torraca, Eduardo Melo, Eleio Calascibetta

Votes: 1,357

20. I Don't Want to Go Back Alone (2010)

17 min | Short, Drama, Romance

The arrival of a new student in school changes Leonardo's life. This 15 year-old blind teenager has to deal with the jealousy of his friend Giovana while figuring out the new feelings he's having towards his new friend, Gabriel.

Director: Daniel Ribeiro | Stars: Ghilherme Lobo, Tess Amorim, Fabio Audi, Nora Toledo

Votes: 6,458

21. Flatmates (2007)

21 min | Short, Drama

Two friends, Björn and Hampus, decide to move in together. If one ignores the fact that the two men are completely different, theirs is a close relationship. Being in love with your best ... See full summary »

Director: Magnus Mork | Stars: Sven Boräng, Jonas Eskilsson, Emilie Lidgard

Votes: 432

22. A Kiss in the Snow (1997)

22 min | Short, Drama, Romance

When a new boy moves into the area Cecilie and Peter's friendship is changed.

Director: Frank Mosvold | Stars: Kristian Dale Hakkelberg, Stian Barsnes Simonsen, Silje Andresen, Cecilie Enersen

Votes: 499

23. Fishbelly White (1998)

TV-MA | 22 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

Beneath a railroad bridge a young rural gay man begins to his explore his gay feelings with the aid of an understanding friend.

Director: Michael Burke | Stars: Mickey Smith, Jason Hayes, Todd Batstone, Forrest Seward

Votes: 351

24. Trevor (1994)

Not Rated | 23 min | Comedy, Short, Drama

Upon hitting puberty, a high-school boy realizes he is homosexual and faces prejudice from his parents and friends.

Director: Peggy Rajski | Stars: Brett Barsky, Judy Kain, John Lizzi, Jonah Rooney

Votes: 1,415

25. Protect Me from What I Want (2009)

Not Rated | 13 min | Short, Romance

Saleem, an Indian student living in Leeds with his parents, meets Daz in a gay cruising spot, and they have a night of mutually enjoyable sex. Saleem is nonetheless ashamed of what he has done but, on leaving the next day, does turn round to smile at Daz.

Director: Dominic Leclerc | Stars: Naveed Choudhry, Elliott Tittensor

Votes: 1,278

26. Thirteen or So Minutes (2008)

Not Rated | 14 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

Lawrence Jefferies and Hugh Greerey have just met. They both have had girlfriends in the past...they're both straight. Thirteen or so minutes later, however, something's happened and things have changed.

Director: William Branden Blinn | Stars: Nick Soper, Carlos Salas

Votes: 1,098

27. Triple Standard (2010)

20 min | Short, Drama, Romance

A homophobic ex basketball star is forced to face the reality that he himself is gay.

Director: William Branden Blinn | Stars: Lee Amir-Cohen, William Jennings, Ronnie Prouty, Steve Alderfer

Votes: 735

28. A Little Comfort (2004)

38 min | Short, Drama, Romance

Arnaud and Guillaume are in their last year of high school. Summer is approaching and like any teenager, they're thinking about cigarettes, alcohol and sex. But boys or girls? Future looks so blurry when you're a teenager!

Director: Armand Lameloise | Stars: Arthur Moncla, Rémi Bresson, Élodie Bollée, Anna Mihalcea

Votes: 579

29. Trémulo (2015)

20 min | Short, Romance

Carlos sweeps and mops the floor of an old-time barbershop. The day before Independence Day, among the customers is Julio. Their eyes meet, and when the barbershop closes Julio comes back ... See full summary »

Director: Roberto Fiesco | Stars: Benny Emmanuel, Axel Arenas, Alfonso Bravo, Pascacio López

Votes: 259

30. Jamie (2016)

10 min | Short, Drama, Romance

Jamie is clumsily looking for his first relationship. One Sunday, he meets Ben and the two spend the afternoon together.

Director: Christopher Manning | Stars: Sam Atkinson, Sebastian Christophers, Paul Clerkin, Raphael Verrion

Votes: 175

31. Perpetual (2015)

26 min | Short, Drama, Romance

Mørke Rum (Perpetual) is an unconventional love story that centers around a private booth at a seedy sex club. The young Sebastian explores his sexuality and seeking sex/love online. He ... See full summary »

Director: Peter Ahlén | Stars: Nicolas Wollesen, Mads Hjulmand, Sofie Topp-Duus, Nikolaj Falko

Votes: 258

32. G O'Clock (2016)

Not Rated | 10 min | Short, Drama

Alex is a paramedic who saves lives on London's gay chemsex scene, but can he save himself from it?

Director: Mitchell Marion | Stars: Phillip Weddell, Leon Lopez, Seth Papworth, Damien Hughes

Votes: 109

33. Follow Me (2015)

Not Rated | 16 min | Short, Drama

Jasper (20), on the edge of adulthood , wanders around lost in the Port of Ghent. Fragments of a phone call betray a loss.

Director: Anthony Schatteman | Stars: Ezra Fieremans, Maarten Ketels, Lien Maes

Votes: 139

34. Closets (2015)

19 min | Short, Drama, Sci-Fi

CLOSETS is an interesting, unusual film with a sci-fi twist. It features a tormented 16 year old boy called Henry who, on 12 March 1986, time travels through his bedroom closet and meets up... See full summary »

Director: Lloyd Eyre-Morgan | Stars: Julie Hesmondhalgh, Tommy Knight, Ceallach Spellman, Jason Done

Votes: 133

35. Violine (2012)

12 min | Short, Drama

Two unlikely kindred spirits share an unlikely moment of intimacy with a violin.

Director: Roman Ilyushenko | Stars: Johannes Huth, Hannes Sell

Votes: 616

36. The Violation (I) (2013)

10 min | Short, Drama

MICKEY DOUGHERTY, 15, has a crush on OSCAR HEIM, 17, the son of the wealthy family next door. Oscar has a crush on Mickey's sister, TINA, 16. Fearing a burglary, Oscar's mother LINDA (Beth ... See full summary »

Director: Christopher Bradley | Stars: Beth Grant, Elaine Hendrix, Slade Pearce, Chelsea Ricketts

Votes: 120

37. Boys on Film 12: Confession (2014 Video)


Confession Noun A formal statement of one s sins with repentance and desire of absolution; often intimate personal revelations. Repentance is futile. In our latest collection of gay short ... See full summary »

Directors: Bobby de Groot, Filippo Demarchi, Stephen Dunn, Robert Hawk, Dominic Haxton, Peter Knegt, Samuel Leighton-Dore, Christophe Predari, Dustin Shroff, Denis Theriault, Arjan van Meerten | Stars: Greg Baglia, Charles Basham, Keturah Branch, Thomas Coumans

Votes: 34

39. Sauna the Dead: A Fairy Tale (2016)

21 min | Short, Horror, Romance

A night in a sauna turns into a fight for survival. Two men must overcome prejudice and join forces in taking down a horde of towel-wearing zombies. Who will live to see the dawn...?

Director: Tom Frederic | Stars: Tom Frederic, Kumar Muniandy, Jonathan Pryke, Dannie Pye

Votes: 149

40. Tonight It's You (2016)

Not Rated | 17 min | Short, Horror, Thriller

CJ ventures out for a late night hook up when things take a dark turn, leading him into something much more sinister than he could ever imagine.

Director: Dominic Haxton | Stars: Jake Robbins, Roy Allen III, George Alvarez, Ian Lerch

Votes: 159

41. Nightstand (2015)

27 min | Short, Drama

From Executive Producer Stephen Fry, TRY HARD presents a whirlwind of repressed yearnings and urban loneliness. Supported by Sir Ian McKellen and starring Nicholas Gleaves, NIGHTSTAND ... See full summary »

Director: Charlie Parham | Stars: Amrou Al-Kadhi, Emma Amos, Amma Boateng, Nicholas Gleaves

Votes: 70

42. Trouser Bar (2016)

20 min | Short, Fantasy

According to producer David McGillivray, "John Gielgud was obsessed with trousers, loved corduroy and leather. And so he wrote a film set in a menswear shop." Screenplay was originally penned for the late filmmaker Peter de Rome.

Director: Kristen Bjorn | Stars: Denholm Spurr, Ashley Ryder, Zac Renfree, Craig Daniel

Votes: 97

43. Morning is Broken (2015)

11 min | Short, Drama, Romance

As a wedding party disintegrates two young men share a first-kiss that could tear them apart.

Director: Simon Anderson | Stars: Nigel Allen, Jack Hawkins, Elisabeth Hopper, Matthew Tennyson

Votes: 85

44. Barrio Boy (2014)

8 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

A Latino barber quietly falls in love with a handsome Irish stranger over the course of a haircut during a hot and sweaty summer afternoon in a macho Brooklyn hood.

Director: Dennis Shinners | Stars: Dennis Garcia, Dan Leonard, Peter Olivera, Andrew Flores

Votes: 132

45. Aban and Khorshid (2014)

13 min | Short, Drama, Romance

Inspired by true events, Aban and Khorshid is an intimate portrait of two lovers, glimpsing into the world in which they met, moments before their execution for being gay.

Director: Darwin Serink | Stars: Mojean Aria, Bobby Naderi

Votes: 358

46. Ronny & i (2013)

Not Rated | 20 min | Short, Romance

A young man comes to terms with his sexuality and his hidden love for his best friend

Director: Guy Shalem | Stars: Adam Berry, Luke Humphrey

Votes: 620

47. The Wilding (2012)

Not Rated | 15 min | Short, Drama, Romance

When juvenile inmate Malcolm is offered a chance at parole, he is torn between his chance for freedom and protecting the one he loves.

Director: Grant Scicluna | Stars: Reef Ireland, Luke Mullins, Frank Sweet, Shannon Glowacki

Votes: 454