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by SteveyMac70 | created - 09 Jul 2018 | updated - 28 Feb 2019 | Public

The 1 - 10 scale seems to be widely misused or misunderstood on IMDb with far to many people scoring a 1 or a 10 without any other thought into the rating they are giving. Below is how I rate my movies (first a short description and second an explanation). This is for my own reference as much as anything else:-

1. Terrible 2. Awful 3. Bad 4. Pretty Bad 5. Just OK 6. Worth Watching. 7. Fairly Good 8. Good 9. Great 10. Perfection

1. Absolute garbage, the worst possible, nothing redeeming about it and doubtful that I was even able to finish watching it - This is a rare score (even more rare than a perfect 10!)) and not given lightly. I would never watch again under any circumstances and I wouldn't care if it was lost from the world forever.

2. Terrible movie, I hated it and can't find anything good to say about it. I watched it all of the way through, but I would never want to see this movie again.

3. I didn't like this movie but can't say I hated it. May have had one or two redeeming features but not enough to make me want to see this movie ever again.

4. Failure! This movie just never quite made it. It either may have had some parts I liked which were outweighed by the bad or it promised to deliver but just never did. I would not voluntarily watch this movie again, though I might sit through it with someone else wanting to watch it for the first time.

5. It's not good, not bad, it's equal amount of both and just left me wanting! Mediocre movie which I probably wouldn't care either way if I ever seen it again or not and certainly would not rush out to watch again although never say never.

6. A half decent movie that is worth a watch without being anything spectacular. Don't regret watching it and would probably watch again but not anytime soon. Has some obvious flaws and I would possibly only recommend to someone who loved the genre.

7. A decent movie that is really worth watching and I could watch it again spontaneously, but not too often. Could also recommend to others.

8. A good movie. There is not much negative to say about it though it still has some flaws. This is the kind of movie that I could watch again several times and could easily recommend it to others.

9. A great movie. It was nearly perfect and I have almost nothing negative to say about it and just a minor niggle here and there has prevented this movie from being perfect. I loved it and I could easily watch again and again.

10. Just amazing! For me, a perfect movie that ticks all of my boxes. Even if there happened to be very slight flaws, they are completely negligible and compensated for by something else that is stunningly brilliant or immersing. Would watch again indefinitely without ever getting bored. A perfect 10 is not given lightly.

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