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List of shorts I need to wtch

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1. Human Revolution (2014)

12 min | Short, Action

Based on the video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011), the film dives into the world of Adam Jensen, a Sarif Industries' security consultant that gets augmented after an incident that ... See full summary »

Director: Moe Charif | Stars: Bayardo Cesar Ampie, Juan Bofill, Liannet Borrego, Moe Charif

Votes: 227

2. Robots of Brixton (2011)

6 min | Animation, Short, Action

Brixton has degenerated into a disregarded area inhabited by London's new robot workforce - robots built and designed to carry out all of the tasks which humans are no longer inclined to do... See full summary »

Director: Kibwe Tavares | Stars: Yung Swizz'Agg, Kibwe Tavares

Votes: 160

3. Plastic (2008)

7 min | Short, Comedy, Fantasy

Whilst Anna is preparing for a first date with Henry, a man she has secretly loved for years, everything goes wrong until she discovers the impossible - to sculpt her appearance like clay to any shape she desires.

Director: Sandy Widyanata | Stars: Romy Bartz, Don Hany

Votes: 142

4. Amp (2013)

8 min | Short, Sci-Fi

Nothing can come between a man and his robot pal until a mysterious woman appears --and trouble is close on her heels.

Director: Adam Marisett | Stars: Matthew MacCaull, Elysia Rotaru

Votes: 73

5. The Cleansing Hour (2016)

19 min | Short, Horror

Two failed filmmakers have found success running a webcast that streams LIVE exorcisms. However, every episode is an elaborately staged hoax, created to dupe their global audience. But, ... See full summary »

Director: Damien LeVeck | Stars: Sam Jaeger, Heather Morris, Neil Grayston, Jonny Radtke

Votes: 73

6. Dawn of the Deaf (2016)

12 min | Short, Drama, Fantasy

When a sonic pulse infects the hearing population, a small group of Deaf people must band together to survive.

Director: Rob Savage | Stars: Caroline Ward, Haley Bishop, Radina Drandova, Stephen Collins

Votes: 181

7. Curve (2016)

10 min | Short, Horror, Thriller

Clinging to a smooth, curved surface high above a sentient abyss, a girl tries to cover the few feet back to safety without losing purchase and falling to her death.

Director: Tim Egan | Star: Laura Jane Turner

Votes: 213

8. The Crossing (IX) (2016)

7 min | Short, Horror

Once late at night in the underpass a woman encounters a mysterious and scary creature which live in this place.

Director: Arseny Syuhin | Stars: Albina Chaykina, Sergey Ivanyuk, Konstantin Bondarenko

Votes: 48

9. The Highway Rat (2017 TV Short)

25 min | Animation, Short, Adventure

A greedy rat travels the highway in search of other animals' food.

Director: Jeroen Jaspaert | Stars: Rob Brydon, Frances de la Tour, Tom Hollander, Husaam Kiani

Votes: 394

10. Sorceress (2018)


A waitress overhears a difficult and tragic conversation - but she goes to take the order anyway.

Director: Max Blustin | Stars: Nathalie Emmanuel, Jane Danson, Neil Roberts, Lauren Shein

Votes: 10

11. Radcon's Lost & Found (2012)

4 min | Short, Sci-Fi

A little girl must navigate her way through a Science-Fiction convention to find her lost younger brother; in First-Person Shooter style, she blasts her way through CosPlayers of all sorts.

Director: Jason Shumway | Stars: Cassaundra Excell, Lawrence Frazer, Erick Mercado, Jennifer Page

12. Chrysaline (2016)

11 min | Short, Action, Drama

What does it take to create a super villain? When a mysterious old man witnesses her powers, Charlie is forced to find out.

Director: Taunya Gren | Stars: Seanna Ladd, Christina Robinson, Lucas Millhouse, Antonio Lexerot

13. She (I) (2014)

15 min | Short, Drama, Horror

A bold, uncompromising horror short that will shock genre audiences.

Directors: Chelsey Burdon, Mark Vessey | Stars: Fiona Dourif, Phillip James

Votes: 62

14. The Commuter (2010)

8 min | Short, Action

The Commuter, which was filmed entirely on the Nokia N8 in HD, stars Dev Patel as a commuter on his way to his first day of work. In this action-packed short film, Dev battles a killer ... See full summary »

Directors: Edward McHenry, Rory McHenry | Stars: Dev Patel, Ed Westwick, Pamela Anderson, Charles Dance

Votes: 113

15. Flying Man (2014)

5 min | Short, Sci-Fi

A young man wakes up to find himself the only one left on the planet, and no idea why. After nearly a month of isolation, he contemplates suicide, before running into a mysterious stranger ... See full synopsis »

Director: Bradford S. Stevens | Stars: Harold Dennis, Nicholas Hart

Votes: 5

16. Mermaid (1997)

10 min | Animation, Short, Fantasy

An elderly monk, while training the young novice who will succeed him, recalls the mysterious lost love of his past - just as his young successor appears to be encountering her himself.

Director: Aleksandr Petrov | Star: Evgeniya Smolyaninova

Votes: 825

17. Morbius: The Living Vampire (2014)

12 min | Short, Action, Horror

In attempt to cure himself of a deadly blood disease, Dr. Michael Morbius takes his science too far. Now he must find his place in a world that will not accept him.

Directors: Adam Michaels, Chaz Dray Schoenbeck | Stars: Adam Michaels, Carley Coakley, Cody Evans, Karl Learmont

Votes: 28

18. The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol (2011)

G | 22 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

At Christmas, Grouchy Smurf behaves badly to everyone and it takes the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future to teach him to appreciate Christmas.

Director: Troy Quane | Stars: Jack Angel, Fred Armisen, Hank Azaria, Gary Basaraba

Votes: 1,183

19. Peace on Earth (1939)

Passed | 9 min | Animation, Short, Drama

Two baby squirrels ask grandpa to explain what "men" are when he comes in singing "peace on earth, goodwill to men". Grandpa tells the story of man's last war.

Director: Hugh Harman | Stars: Mel Blanc, Sara Berner, Bernice Hansen, The Hollywood Choir Boys

Votes: 1,207

20. Polish Legends: The Dragon (2015)

14 min | Short, Action, Adventure

Polish Legends about courage, strength, ambition, empathy, cleverness, pride. About Us.

Director: Tomasz Baginski | Stars: Kim Kold, Jerzy Stuhr, Tomasz Wlosok, Vanessa Aleksander

Votes: 327

21. Polish Legends: Twardowsky (2015)

9 min | Short, Action, Comedy

Polish Legends about courage, strength, ambition, empathy, cleverness, pride. About Us.

Director: Tomasz Baginski | Stars: Robert Wieckiewicz, Aleksandra Kasprzyk, Piotr M.A. Cywinski, Dariusz Dluzewski

Votes: 482

22. Polish Legends: Operacja Bazyliszek (2016)

17 min | Short, Adventure, Mystery

Simple fishing trip changes in to fight for survival for simple polish policeman and his uncle.

Director: Tomasz Baginski | Stars: Pawel Domagala, Olaf Lubaszenko, Michalina Olszanska, Piotr Machalica

Votes: 401

23. Polish Legends: Jaga (2016)

13 min | Short, Action, Adventure

Twardowsky opened hellish prison. One of the escaped prisoners is Jaga - delicate but deadly woman.

Director: Tomasz Baginski | Stars: Katarzyna Pospiech, Tomasz Drabek, Piotr Machalica, Aleksandra Paleolog

Votes: 380

24. Polish Legends. Twardowsky 2.0 (2016)

20 min | Short, Action, Comedy

Twardowsky is heading to the border of the Solar System. Can he make it?. The Devil, and he's hunter - Lucy are right behind him. Can desperate Polish astronaut win with his fiendish opponents?

Director: Tomasz Baginski | Stars: Robert Wieckiewicz, Aleksandra Kasprzyk, Tomasz Drabek, Piotr Machalica

Votes: 485

25. Batman: Strange Days (2014 TV Short)

3 min | Animation, Short, Action

Batman rescues a pretty blonde captive from Hugo Strange, who needs her blood for an evil experiment.

Director: Bruce Timm | Stars: Kevin Conroy, Brian George, Tara Strong

Votes: 1,280

26. Batman Beyond (2014 TV Short)

Not Rated | 1 min | Animation, Short, Action

Terry McGinnis as Batman helps Bruce Wayne fight a robotic Batman inside the Batcave.

Director: Darwyn Cooke | Stars: Kevin Conroy, Will Friedle

Votes: 1,706

27. The Dark Knight's First Night (1992 TV Short)

2 min | Animation, Short, Action

Batman whilst out on patrol, catches some crooks attempting to rob a jewelry store.

Directors: Eric Radomski, Bruce Timm | Stars: Eric Radomski, Bruce Timm

Votes: 451

28. Chase Me (2003 Video)

Not Rated | 6 min | Animation, Short, Action

While escaping a dull party, Bruce Wayne finds Catwoman robbing a vault and gives chase as Batman.

Director: Curt Geda

Votes: 623

29. Venom: Truth in Journalism (2013)

17 min | Short, Comedy, Crime

A documentary crew from France comes to America to capture the daily life of journalist Eddie Brock. Soon the truth about Eddie, as well as his questionable methods, begin to reveal more than intended.

Director: Joe Lynch | Stars: Ryan Kwanten, Danny Belrose, Guile Branco, Dieterich Gray

Votes: 544

30. James Bond: In Service of Nothing (2015)

11 min | Animation, Short, Action

An aging former super spy struggles to find his place in a self-absorbed world without borders.

Director: Tyler Gibb | Stars: Christopher Gee, Tyler Gibb, Damien C. Haas, Gregory Hardigan

Votes: 96

31. Turning Point (2015)

14 min | Short, Sci-Fi

Abandoned and exposed to a deadly disease, a young woman wakes up to discover she must survive the night alone.

Director: Joe Penna | Stars: Jade Harlow, George Capacete, Michael Reed

Votes: 54

32. Traveler (I) (2015)

5 min | Short, Action, Adventure

When Blakes invention successfully transports his girlfriend across the universe, there's only one problem: when she returns, she's being chased.

Director: Simon Brown | Stars: Justin Hanlon, Tara Erica Moore, Christi Waldon, Kyle Soehngen

Votes: 80

33. The Smile Man (2013)

9 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

After a car accident, a man has to live the rest of his life with a smile on his face because of the nerve damage.

Director: Anton Lanshakov | Stars: Willem Dafoe, Camille Guaty, Jeremy Luke, Damien D. Smith

Votes: 1,039

34. Golden Years (II) (2016)

10 min | Short, Comedy, Crime

An ageing has-been actress gets a midnight visit by an armed intruder.

Director: Erlend Palm | Stars: Angus Barnett, Barry Jobling, Valerie Leon

35. Arcana (2015)

11 min | Short, Horror

Locked away in a dungeon, an heretic prepares a witchcraft to escape.

Director: Jerónimo Rocha | Star: Iris Cayatte

Votes: 43

37. DaemonRunner (2017)

5 min | Short, Sci-Fi

A demon hunting team chases a demon using the internet to possess unsuspecting victims.

Director: Kiah Roache-Turner | Stars: Catherine Terracini, Alex Jewson, Nandalie Campbell Killick, Carmel Rose

Votes: 48

38. The Lost Samurai (2010)

6 min | Short, Action, Adventure

An experienced Samurai who gets transported forward in time to modern day America by a witch and her hired help. Here he meets an anime fanatic who makes it his mission to return the Samurai Gonzo to his rightful time and place.

Director: Yuta Okamura | Stars: Toshiya Agata, Nate Beals, Cody Mullins, Kiyomi Fukazawa

Votes: 18

40. The Space Between Us (II) (2017)

12 min | Short, Sci-Fi

On her first solo voyage into outer space, astronaut Kate and her associates at mission control begin to question her sanity as she hears noises in her head and fears she is being attacked.

Director: Nick White | Stars: Stephanie Bergeron, Sabrina Budiman, Aaron Fauteux, Andrew Morel

41. Project Kronos (2013)

14 min | Short, Sci-Fi

Project Kronos is a documentary film following a mission to achieve interstellar space travel. As the mission unfolds, the scientists find themselves questioning whether the space agency's ... See full summary »

Director: Hasraf Dulull | Stars: Noeleen Comiskey, Georgina Blackledge, Colin Emerson, Wes Nike

Votes: 132

42. Brought Back (2014)

8 min | Short, Horror

An innocent double date at a Halloween themed attraction turns deadly and one of the victims is forced to take part in a supernatural ritual.

Director: Hugh Berry | Stars: Tabitha Bastien, Jason Lee Daniel, Samara Lerman, Kevin Pitman

43. Breeding Grounds (2015)

23 min | Short, Drama, Sci-Fi

A trio of post World War III survivors trade their procreative services for a chance at a new life in a safe haven.

Director: Mark Chandler | Stars: Kristin Alexander, Jeff Barber, Tabitha Bastien, Matthew Dy

45. Punisher v Darkman (2016 Video)

Short, Action

Frank Castle and Rachel Cole-Alves face zombies and Darkman as they investigate an abandoned service entrance into the HIVE.

Director: Trent Duncan | Stars: William Asbury, Alexis Feliciano, Rosaleigh Hernandez, Cheyenne Hess

Votes: 6

46. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - The Endless Path (2012)

11 min | Short, Action, Adventure

Lara Croft, wounded and exhausted, completes her last mission, the discovery of an ancient and mysterious parchment. A path in the woods full of pitfalls awaits for her but it's not the greatest danger.

Director: Daniele Misischia | Stars: Marta Pecchia, Simone Destrero, Federico La Regina

Votes: 12