Top 50 Woody Allen Movies

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According to me of course

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1. Stardust Memories (1980)

PG | 89 min | Comedy, Drama

While attending a retrospective of his work, a filmmaker recalls his life and his loves: the inspirations for his films.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Woody Allen, Charlotte Rampling, Jessica Harper, Marie-Christine Barrault

Votes: 19,176 | Gross: $10.39M

I adore the Felliniesqueness . Retrospective dreamlike style made me swoon. Director directing a movie about director directing movies. Not only that, but also directory trying to find meaning in his art. "Ozymandias Melancholia". I'm sold. Beautiful. 10/10

2. The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)

PG | 82 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

75 Metascore

In New Jersey in 1935, a movie character walks off the screen and into the real world.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Mia Farrow, Jeff Daniels, Danny Aiello, Irving Metzman

Votes: 42,274 | Gross: $10.63M

The main characters love for movies and using movies as an escape from reality is what made this movie shine for me. The adorable characters and story do a huge job in elevating this movie to masterpiece proportions. 9.9/10

3. Midnight in Paris (2011)

PG-13 | 94 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

81 Metascore

While on a trip to Paris with his fiancée's family, a nostalgic screenwriter finds himself mysteriously going back to the 1920s everyday at midnight.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Kathy Bates, Kurt Fuller

Votes: 349,732 | Gross: $56.82M

Wow! One of the best ideas for a story I've heard in a while. Adore the nostalgia factor, love Owen, love the story. The music is perfection in and of itself. A modern masterpiece 9.8/10

4. Manhattan (1979)

R | 96 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

83 Metascore

The life of a divorced television writer dating a teenage girl is further complicated when he falls in love with his best friend's mistress.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Mariel Hemingway, Michael Murphy

Votes: 119,738 | Gross: $45.70M

Beautiful, gorgeous, nostalgic. A love letter to the city Woody grew up in. The cinematography, acting and the script are stellar. Woody Allen at his finest. 9.8/10

5. Annie Hall (1977)

PG | 93 min | Comedy, Romance

92 Metascore

Neurotic New York comedian Alvy Singer falls in love with the ditzy Annie Hall.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Tony Roberts, Carol Kane

Votes: 232,927 | Gross: $39.20M

The most Woody that Woody can get. Best romantic comedy ever made. The sheer individuality and originality of the characters is enough for this movie to become an instant classic. 9.8/10

6. Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)

PG-13 | 107 min | Comedy, Drama

90 Metascore

Between two Thanksgivings two years apart, Hannah's husband falls in love with her sister Lee, while her hypochondriac ex-husband rekindles his relationship with her sister Holly.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Mia Farrow, Dianne Wiest, Michael Caine, Barbara Hershey

Votes: 60,659 | Gross: $40.08M

Amazingly written story and realistically written characters. Probably writing - wise the most quality Allen film. 9.7/10

7. Radio Days (1987)

PG | 88 min | Comedy

74 Metascore

A nostalgic look at radio's golden age focusing on one ordinary family and the various performers in the medium.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Mia Farrow, Dianne Wiest, Mike Starr, Paul Herman

Votes: 28,258 | Gross: $14.79M

Pure biographic nostalgia. Funny, sweet and just a pleasure to watch. 9.6/10

8. Love and Death (1975)

PG | 85 min | Comedy, War

89 Metascore

In czarist Russia, a neurotic soldier and his distant cousin formulate a plot to assassinate Napoleon.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Georges Adet, Frank Adu

Votes: 32,297

The most humorous Allen movie I have seen. Had a sort of Python feel to it. Made me laugh constantly. Slapstick at its finest mixed with Allen's usual fears and revelations. 9.5/10

9. Zelig (1983)

PG | 79 min | Comedy

"Documentary" about a man who can look and act like whoever he's around, and meets various famous people.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Patrick Horgan, John Buckwalter

Votes: 36,594 | Gross: $11.80M

Woody Allen critiquing people without a personality. The documentary style and the humor in the film make this movie his most unique. 9.6/10

10. Deconstructing Harry (1997)

R | 96 min | Comedy

61 Metascore

Suffering from writer's block and eagerly awaiting his writing award, Harry Block remembers events from his past and scenes from his best-selling books as characters, real and fictional, come back to haunt him.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Woody Allen, Judy Davis, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Stephanie Roth Haberle

Votes: 39,411 | Gross: $10.57M

Insanely meta, raunchy, and clever. Woody Allen writes about characters that resemble him and those characters write characters that resemble the characters that Woody Allen wrote. I'll say nothing further. 9.4/10

11. Play It Again, Sam (1972)

PG | 85 min | Comedy, Romance

A neurotic film critic obsessed with the movie Casablanca (1942) attempts to get over his wife leaving him by dating again with the help of a married couple and his illusory idol, Humphrey Bogart.

Director: Herbert Ross | Stars: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Tony Roberts, Jerry Lacy

Votes: 22,602

Not directed by Allen, but his writing and his "acting" are pitch perfect in this film. Hilarious and also a career best performance by Allen. 9.4/10

12. Husbands and Wives (1992)

R | 108 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

When their best friends announce that they're separating, a professor and his wife discover the faults in their own marriage.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Sydney Pollack, Judy Davis

Votes: 24,619 | Gross: $10.56M

Woody's take on marriage with realistic conversations. Very very quality. 9.3/10

13. Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993)

PG | 104 min | Comedy, Mystery

A middle-aged couple suspects foul play when their neighbor's wife suddenly drops dead.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Jerry Adler, Lynn Cohen

Votes: 33,353 | Gross: $11.29M

Great story, great twists, funny Woody, ditsy Keaton. Highly enjoyable. 9.1/10

14. Match Point (2005)

R | 124 min | Drama, Romance, Thriller

72 Metascore

At a turning point in his life, a former tennis pro falls for an actress who happens to be dating his friend and soon-to-be brother-in-law.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Emily Mortimer, Matthew Goode

Votes: 188,362 | Gross: $23.09M

Intense and way more serious than other Allen films. Still quality and quite thrilling. 9.0/10

15. Another Woman (1988)

PG | 81 min | Drama

Facing a mid-life crisis, a woman rents an apartment next to a psychiatrist's office to write a new book, only to become drawn to the plight of a pregnant woman seeking that doctor's help.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Gena Rowlands, Mia Farrow, Ian Holm, Blythe Danner

Votes: 11,626 | Gross: $1.56M

Fantastic Bergmanesque drama. Practically perfect writing and definitely perfect performances. 9.0/10

16. Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989)

PG-13 | 104 min | Comedy, Drama

77 Metascore

An ophthalmologist's mistress threatens to reveal their affair to his wife while a married documentary filmmaker is infatuated with another woman.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Martin Landau, Woody Allen, Bill Bernstein, Claire Bloom

Votes: 49,360 | Gross: $18.25M

Another great story, more quality writing and great acting. 9.0/10

17. Irrational Man (2015)

R | 95 min | Comedy, Drama

53 Metascore

A tormented philosophy professor finds a will to live when he commits an existential act.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone, Parker Posey, Joe Stapleton

Votes: 48,927 | Gross: $4.03M

Interesting story, brilliant performances, realistic dialogue. Intriguing premise and of course, the always perfect Emma Stone 9.0

18. Take the Money and Run (1969)

M | 85 min | Comedy, Crime

67 Metascore

The life and times of Virgil Starkwell, inept bank robber.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Woody Allen, Janet Margolin, Marcel Hillaire, Jacquelyn Hyde

Votes: 25,762

Fantastic slapstic, the start of it all. 9.0

19. Blue Jasmine (2013)

PG-13 | 98 min | Drama

78 Metascore

A New York socialite, deeply troubled and in denial, arrives in San Francisco to impose upon her sister. She looks a million, but isn't bringing money, peace, or love...

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin, Peter Sarsgaard, Sally Hawkins

Votes: 176,316 | Gross: $33.41M

Blanchett's career-best performance, witty writing, stellar casting and all around quality 8.9

20. Broadway Danny Rose (1984)

PG | 84 min | Comedy

80 Metascore

In his attempts to reconcile a lounge singer with his mistress, a hapless talent agent is mistaken as her lover by a jealous gangster.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Nick Apollo Forte, Sandy Baron

Votes: 21,475 | Gross: $10.60M

A quaint comedy with a gangster theme that works way too well, almost didn't recognize Mia in the film 8.8

21. Bullets Over Broadway (1994)

R | 98 min | Comedy, Crime

In New York in 1928, a struggling playwright is forced to cast a mobster's talentless girlfriend in his latest drama in order to get it produced.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: John Cusack, Dianne Wiest, Jennifer Tilly, Chazz Palminteri

Votes: 32,759 | Gross: $13.38M

Cusack is perfectly cast as the Woody role, another gangster story that moves the story forward, full of artsy intellectualism 8.6

22. Sleeper (1973)

PG | 89 min | Comedy, Sci-Fi

77 Metascore

A nerdish store owner is revived out of cryostasis into a future world to fight an oppressive government.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, John Beck, Mary Gregory

Votes: 37,202

The Woody Allen movie that surprised me the most, its Blade Runner mixed with everything Woody - Hilarious 8.4

23. Magic in the Moonlight (2014)

PG-13 | 97 min | Comedy, Romance

54 Metascore

A romantic comedy about an Englishman brought in to help unmask a possible swindle. Personal and professional complications ensue.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Colin Firth, Emma Stone, Marcia Gay Harden, Hamish Linklater

Votes: 57,984 | Gross: $10.51M

This movie is very underrated. It isn't perfect but it has everything that makes a good movie. Emma and Colin work well as the awkward huge age difference couple backed up by a fantastically cute "magical" story 8.2

24. The Front (1976)

PG | 95 min | Drama

In 1953, a cashier poses as a writer for blacklisted talents to submit their work through, but the injustice around him pushes him to take a stand.

Director: Martin Ritt | Stars: Woody Allen, Zero Mostel, Herschel Bernardi, Michael Murphy

Votes: 7,326

Not directed or written by Woody but I'll still included. Underrated. Very good story, great acting and fun writing. 8.2

25. New York Stories (1989)

PG | 124 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A middle-aged artist obsessed with his pretty young assistant, a precocious 12 year old living in a hotel, and a neurotic lawyer with a possessive mother make up three Gotham tales.

Directors: Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese | Stars: Woody Allen, Nick Nolte, Rosanna Arquette, Marvin Chatinover

Votes: 15,490 | Gross: $10.76M

Woody - 8.2, Scorsese - 8.0, Coppola - 5.2 Woody's story is absolutely hilarious.

26. Interiors (1978)

PG | 92 min | Drama

67 Metascore

Three sisters find their lives spinning out of control in the wake of their parents' sudden, unexpected divorce.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Diane Keaton, Geraldine Page, Kristin Griffith, Mary Beth Hurt

Votes: 16,393

Dark and gritty Woody. Not what I'm used to but the take on a broken family was done really well and it went way deeper than I thought it would. Keaton was, as always, phenomenal. 8.1

27. Melinda and Melinda (2004)

PG-13 | 99 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

54 Metascore

Two alternating stories, one comedy and the other tragedy, about Melinda's attempts to straighten out her life.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Will Ferrell, Vinessa Shaw, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Wallace Shawn

Votes: 29,536 | Gross: $3.83M

The way this story is formed made it all the better. Comedians think about stuff. Wonderful 8.0

28. Alice (1990)

PG-13 | 106 min | Comedy, Romance

67 Metascore

A spoiled Manhattan housewife re-evaluates her life after visiting a Chinatown healer.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Mia Farrow, William Hurt, Joe Mantegna, June Squibb

Votes: 12,117 | Gross: $7.33M

Mia being Mia (according to Woody). Its just a story about a woman trying to figure her life out and why her life isn't what she thought it would be plus some weird ass plants 8.0

29. Mighty Aphrodite (1995)

R | 95 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

59 Metascore

When he discovers his adopted son is a genius, a New York sportswriter seeks out the boy's birth mother: a ditzy porn star and prostitute.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Woody Allen, Mira Sorvino, Pamela Blair, Rene Ceballos

Votes: 35,325 | Gross: $6.70M

Woody loves adding ancient themes into stories where you wouldn't expect ancient themes to be added. Very fun with great acting 8.0

30. Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

PG-13 | 96 min | Drama, Romance

70 Metascore

Two girlfriends on a summer holiday in Spain become enamored with the same painter, unaware that his ex-wife, with whom he has a tempestuous relationship, is about to re-enter the picture.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Rebecca Hall, Scarlett Johansson, Javier Bardem, Christopher Evan Welch

Votes: 224,316 | Gross: $23.22M

Full of sensuality and the idea of "artistic love". Pretentious in the most Woody Allen way (which is a positive) 8.0

31. Sweet and Lowdown (1999)

PG-13 | 95 min | Comedy, Drama, Music

70 Metascore

In the 1930s, jazz guitarist Emmet Ray idolizes Django Reinhardt, faces gangsters and falls in love with a mute woman.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Sean Penn, Samantha Morton, Woody Allen, Ben Duncan

Votes: 30,216 | Gross: $4.20M

Never in my life would I expect Sean Penn to do a great Woody Allen. In my eyes its a story of a tough guy softening up because of a woman and finding his purpose in her. 8.0

32. Anything Else (2003)

R | 108 min | Comedy, Romance

43 Metascore

Jerry Falk learns a lesson the hard way when he falls head over heels in love with a beautiful but flighty girl, Amanda.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Woody Allen, Jason Biggs, Christina Ricci, Danny DeVito

Votes: 27,895 | Gross: $3.20M

Underrated. Biggs isn't perfect but he's does his best and it works out. Woody for me steals the show acting wise (even though he is the same as always he works very well here). The movie is funny as hell and pay attention to Devito 7.9

33. You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (2010)

R | 98 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

51 Metascore

Sally's parents' marriage breaks up when her father undergoes a mid-life crisis and impulsively weds a prostitute. Meanwhile, Sally's own marriage also begins to disintegrate.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Anthony Hopkins, Naomi Watts, Josh Brolin, Gemma Jones

Votes: 41,168 | Gross: $3.25M

What is Josh Brolin doing in a Woody Allen movie. Well he did whatever he did very well. Typical story of people loving people who are with other people... and a writer trying to write. Anthony Hopkins... I've said enough 7.8

34. To Rome with Love (2012)

R | 112 min | Comedy, Music, Romance

54 Metascore

The lives of some visitors and residents of Rome and the romances, adventures and predicaments they get into.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Woody Allen, Penélope Cruz, Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page

Votes: 78,362 | Gross: $16.69M

The IMDB rating doesn't do this movie justice. The opera singer story alone is funny as hell let alone the rest of the movie. Ellen page was a bit miscast in this movie cause Juno just cannot let me escape my vision of her. Doesn't really focus on Rome as much as Midnight in Paris focuses on Paris. Its just ... a few stories in Rome and they're great 7.8

35. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask (1972)

R | 88 min | Comedy

66 Metascore

Seven stories are trying to answer the question: what is sex? Or maybe they are not trying.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Woody Allen, Gene Wilder, Louise Lasser, John Carradine

Votes: 35,288

I could imagine being 17 in the year 72 and this being the ultimate summer comedy - would have a better rating but some of the sketches just weren't that funny. The final sketch is just hilarious though. 7.7

36. September (1987)

PG | 83 min | Drama

At a summer house in Vermont, neighbor Howard falls in love with Lane, who's in a relationship with Peter, who's falling for Stephanie, who's married with children.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Elaine Stritch, Denholm Elliott, Mia Farrow, Dianne Wiest

Votes: 8,246 | Gross: $0.49M

Can't say too much about this movie cause it is kind of not at all Woody Allen like except for the adultery. Great acting and great story confined to a house. Very interesting 7.7

37. Café Society (2016)

PG-13 | 96 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

64 Metascore

In the 1930s, a Bronx native moves to Hollywood and falls in love with a young woman who is seeing a married man.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Steve Carell, Blake Lively

Votes: 60,290 | Gross: $11.10M

The most colorful of his films, another sort of gangster story interwoven with trying to break out into the film business in early 1930's. Steward was unusually charming and Eisenberg was Eisenberg but the movie as a whole worked well 7.7

38. Small Time Crooks (2000)

PG | 94 min | Comedy, Crime

69 Metascore

A loser of a crook and his wife strike it rich when a botched bank job's cover business becomes a spectacular success.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Woody Allen, Tracey Ullman, Hugh Grant, Carolyn Saxon

Votes: 34,330 | Gross: $17.07M

A funny movie about the fact that being rich carries its own mentality with it. The movie is pretty funny with a few problems that hold it back 7.7

39. Cassandra's Dream (2007)

PG-13 | 108 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

49 Metascore

The tale of two brothers with serious financial woes. When a third party proposes they turn to crime, things go badly and the two become enemies.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Colin Farrell, Ewan McGregor, Hayley Atwell, Peter-Hugo Daly

Votes: 47,645 | Gross: $0.97M

A very interesting story with great acting but boring film-making. Its similar to Match Point in a way. The film-making is simple, slow and elegant but in Match Point it brings out the Dostoevsky - like story. Here it is just makes it tedious but still the story and performances make up for the rest as much as they can 7.6

40. Everyone Says I Love You (1996)

R | 101 min | Comedy, Musical, Romance

A New York girl sets her father up with a beautiful woman in a troubled marriage while her stepsister gets engaged.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Woody Allen, Goldie Hawn, Julia Roberts, Edward Norton

Votes: 33,162 | Gross: $9.71M

A low budget Woody Allen musical with a Woody Allen story. I don't believe you can make a brilliant musical without a higher budget for surreal musical segments and scenes. It's still funny as hell, great acting and the songs fit in some cases. (Woody isn't a great singer to be honest) 7.6

41. Wonder Wheel (2017)

PG-13 | 101 min | Drama

45 Metascore

On Coney Island in the 1950s, a lifeguard tells the story of a middle-aged carousel operator, his beleaguered wife, and the visitor who turns their lives upside-down.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Justin Timberlake, Juno Temple, Robert C. Kirk, Kate Winslet

Votes: 18,224 | Gross: $1.40M

A very typical Woody, gangster story but with the addition of a near perfect Kate Winslet performance. The rest of the cast is commendable as well 7.5

42. Celebrity (1998)

R | 113 min | Comedy, Drama

41 Metascore

The fortunes of a husband and wife differ drastically after they divorce.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Kenneth Branagh, Judy Davis, Leonardo DiCaprio, Greg Mottola

Votes: 22,577 | Gross: $5.03M

Poor editing made this movie less impactful than it could have been. Branagh gave a great Woody performance and there were a lot of laughs in the film. It does jump a bit too much making it hard to follow but its still quite worth the watch. 7.4

43. Scoop (2006)

PG-13 | 96 min | Comedy, Crime, Mystery

48 Metascore

An American journalism student in London scoops a big story, and begins an affair with an aristocrat as the incident unfurls.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Hugh Jackman, Jim Dunk, Robert Bathurst

Votes: 75,176 | Gross: $10.53M

This movie is torn apart too much and its really not that bad at all. Fun story, fine acting and I actually liked the postmortem deus ex machina puppet that pushes the story forward. Its a different type of storytelling 7.4

44. Shadows and Fog (1991)

PG-13 | 85 min | Comedy

With a serial strangler on the loose, a bookkeeper wanders around town searching for the vigilante group intent on catching the killer.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Michael Kirby, David Ogden Stiers

Votes: 14,834 | Gross: $2.74M

This is the weirdest Woody movie (filming and cinematography wise). Still the performances are great (Woody in particular does a good job, and Malkovich) 7.4

45. A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy (1982)

PG | 88 min | Comedy

51 Metascore

A wacky inventor and his wife invite two other couples for a weekend party at a romantic summer house in the 1900s countryside.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, José Ferrer, Julie Hagerty

Votes: 16,910 | Gross: $9.08M

This movie disappointed me in a few ways. There were quite a bit of jokes that fell flat for me and quite a few scenes that were boring. The movie did do comedy well though and it is still better than most modern comedies. There are quite a lot of jokes that work too and when they work they work. 7.4

46. Hollywood Ending (2002)

PG-13 | 112 min | Comedy, Romance

46 Metascore

A director is forced to work with his ex-wife, who left him for the boss of the studio bankrolling his new film. But the night before the first day of shooting, he develops a case of psychosomatic blindness.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Woody Allen, Téa Leoni, Bob Dorian, Ivan Martin

Votes: 24,142 | Gross: $4.84M

This movie is... fine. Just fine. There are highs and lows. The highs are high and the lows are quite low. The highs make the movie very watchable and a pleasure to watch. 7.3

47. The Curse of the Jade Scorpion (2001)

PG-13 | 103 min | Comedy, Crime, Mystery

52 Metascore

An insurance investigator and an efficency expert who hate each other are both hypnotized by a crooked hypnotist with a jade scorpion into stealing jewels.

Director: Woody Allen | Stars: Greg Stebner, Woody Allen, John Tormey, John Schuck

Votes: 35,374 | Gross: $7.50M

For now the most typical cliché Woody Allen movie. I didn't like it too much but it had its funny moments. The whole concept of the scorpion in the movie lost me a bit towards the middle when it became the main plot device 6.9