Min samling av norske filmer og serier

by hakonaspoy | created - 17 Jan 2018 | updated - 12 Sep 2018 | Public
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1. Mot Moskva (2003)

84 min | Drama

Somewhere in Eastern Europe Vassi leads a theater troop, with ambitions, though the audience don't seem to care. If he only gets to Moscow everything will change.

Director: Runar Hodne | Stars: Thorbjørn Harr, Anna Dworak, Espen Reboli Bjerke, Kyrre Texnæs

Votes: 54

2. Motforestilling (1972)

97 min | Crime, Drama

A meta-film about a film and the common man in our own political reality. A reality that is just scenes of a film without any cinematic development, but which might be plain reality tomorrow.

Director: Erik Løchen | Stars: Espen Skjønberg, Per Theodor Haugen, Kari Rasmussen, Knut Husebø

Votes: 111

3. The Chasers (1959)

94 min | Drama, Romance, Thriller

Two men attracted to the same woman are attending a trip with her in the Mountains during the bird hunting season. A triangular love drama ending with tragedy. Or is it, really?

Director: Erik Løchen | Stars: Rolf Søder, Bente Børsum, Tor Stokke, Harald Aimarsen

Votes: 352

4. Aberdeen (2000)

106 min | Drama

78 Metascore

Kaisa is a Scot, a successful London lawyer, who snorts coke and has one-night stands with strangers. Her mother calls from Aberdeen with some story begging her to fly to Norway and collect... See full summary »

Director: Hans Petter Moland | Stars: Stellan Skarsgård, Lena Headey, Jean Anderson, Charlotte Rampling

Votes: 2,928 | Gross: $0.06M

5. Secondløitnanten (1993)

102 min | Drama, War

The old sea-captain retires, but the next day German WWII occupation of Norway begins. He then kisses his wife good-bye and is off to Army HQ. There he finds a lack of leadership and morale... See full summary »

Director: Hans Petter Moland | Stars: Espen Skjønberg, Lars Andreas Larssen, Gard B. Eidsvold, Bjørn Sundquist

Votes: 311

6. Zero Kelvin (1995)

Not Rated | 113 min | Drama

Larsen, an aspiring poet in 20's Oslo, leaves his girlfriend to spend a year as a trapper in East Greenland. There he is teamed with a seemingly rough old sailor/trapper, Randbek, and a ... See full summary »

Director: Hans Petter Moland | Stars: Stellan Skarsgård, Gard B. Eidsvold, Bjørn Sundquist, Camilla Martens

Votes: 1,715

8. Salige er de som tørster (1997)

113 min | Crime, Thriller

A crime wave hits Oslo just as summer arrives. There has been found several violent blood splattered scenes with no bodies found. It's only a matter of time before the bodies has to surface, and the start of a run against the clock.

Director: Carl Jørgen Kiønig | Stars: Kjersti Elvik, Gjertrud L. Jynge, Lasse Kolsrud, Nils Ole Oftebro

Votes: 290

9. Eva's Eye (1999)

102 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

While Eva Magnus and her daughter, Jenny, are taking a walk, they discover a dead body floating along the riverside. Eva runs to the nearest phone booth and pretends to call the police. ... See full summary »

Director: Berit Nesheim | Stars: Andrine Sæther, Bjørn Sundquist, Gisken Armand, Sverre Anker Ousdal

Votes: 233

10. Eggs (1995)

86 min | Comedy, Drama

Two brothers in their seventies, Pa and Moe, have lived together all their lives in a little house in the country, the only interruption being when Pa made a weekend trip to Småland on his ... See full summary »

Director: Bent Hamer | Stars: Sverre Hansen, Kjell Stormoen, Leif Andrée, Juni Dahr

Votes: 815

11. Water Easy Reach (1998)

95 min | Drama

Almar is stranded on the shore of an island in the Mediterranian sea, when his ship leaves without him. There he befriends the somewhat dodgy vagabond Windy, and falls in love for the first time, in the local young girl, Marta.

Director: Bent Hamer | Stars: Eric Magnusson, Nicholas Hope, Ingrid Rubio, Luis Cuenca

Votes: 182

12. Kitchen Stories (2003)

PG | 95 min | Comedy, Drama

75 Metascore

A scientific observer's job of observing an old cantankerous single man's kitchen habits is complicated by his growing friendship with him.

Director: Bent Hamer | Stars: Tomas Norström, Joachim Calmeyer, Bjørn Floberg, Reine Brynolfsson

Votes: 7,748 | Gross: $0.35M

13. O'Horten (2007)

PG-13 | 90 min | Comedy, Drama

78 Metascore

A drama focused on a life-changing moment in 67-year-old train engineer Odd Horten's existence: the evening of his retirement.

Director: Bent Hamer | Stars: Baard Owe, Espen Skjønberg, Ghita Nørby, Henny Moan

Votes: 3,624 | Gross: $0.30M

14. Only Clouds Move the Stars (1998)

98 min | Drama, Family

"Only Clouds..." is a film about eleven year old Maria, who has lost her little brother. Her mother disappears into her own sorrow, then Maria meets Jacob.

Director: Torun Lian | Stars: Thea Sofie Rusten, Jan Tore Kristoffersen, Anneke von der Lippe, Anders T. Andersen

Votes: 623

15. Closed Ward (1972)

92 min | Drama

Life in a mental ward in Norway, with both tragic and comic elements.

Director: Arnljot Berg | Stars: Roy Bjørnstad, Carsten Byhring, Frimann Falck Clausen, Vegard Hall

Votes: 36

16. Plastposen (1986)

88 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

An ordinary man Reinert, goes out in the morning for throwing his garbage in a plastic-bag. At the same time a bank-robbery happens in the neighborhood. The loot from the robbery is also kept in a plastic-bag.

Director: Hans Otto Nicolayssen | Stars: Jon Skolmen, Sverre Anker Ousdal, Hilde Grythe, Ingar Helge Gimle

Votes: 372

17. Cross My Heart and Hope to Die (1994)

96 min | Drama

The young teenager Otto is entering the summer holidays in 60s Oslo, without getting a real holiday, and he is not accepted in the gang or the football team. But then he meets exciting mysterious Frank, which changes everything.

Director: Marius Holst | Stars: Martin Dahl Garfalk, Trond Halbo, Jan Devo Kornstad, Ingar Helge Gimle

Votes: 624

18. Kodenavn Hunter (2007–2008)

60 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

An intense hijacking of a prisoner transfer van which leads to a formation of a secret police unit called HUNTER. The officers in this specialized group don't always go by the book but they... See full summary »

Stars: Mads Ousdal, Ane Dahl Torp, Kristoffer Joner, Jan Sælid

Votes: 269

19. Kodenavn Hunter 2 (2008– )


Terrorists Politics in peacekeeping Norway. See review below. Intense action and multilevel plot/characters.

Stars: Magne-Håvard Brekke, Anderz Eide, Mads Ousdal, Ane Dahl Torp

Votes: 86

21. Fox Grønland (2001–2003)

45 min | Crime, Drama

The Gronland police district investigates hard case crimes in Oslo.

Stars: Per Frisch, Nina Woxholt, Daud Mirza, Kalle Øby

Votes: 101

22. Berlinerpoplene (2007– )


The death of a Norwegian farm woman brings together her three sons, all of whom are estranged from one another, all of whom have earth-shattering secrets about their past and current lives.

Stars: Anders T. Andersen, Mirella Andersen, Frøydis Armand, Hildegunn Eggen

Votes: 131

24. Occupied (2015– )

45 min | Drama, Thriller

In the near future, Norway is occupied by Russia on behalf of the European Union, due to the fact that the newly elected environmental friendly Norwegian government has stopped the all important oil- and gas-production in the North Sea.

Stars: Henrik Mestad, Eldar Skar, Ane Dahl Torp, Ingeborga Dapkunaite

Votes: 6,560

25. Heaven and Hell (1969)

94 min | Crime, Drama, Music

Norwegain cult drama about Eva (16) and Arne (17), both from well established homes, attend a class where a professor says that cannabis is harmless. Together with some friends they decide to try. The start of a drug Hell for all involved.

Director: Øyvind Vennerød | Stars: Sigrid Huun, Lillebjørn Nilsen, Georg Richter, Randi Kolstad

Votes: 181

26. Them and Us (1976)

91 min | Crime, Drama

The teenagers Lasse and Geir are arrested after making trouble on a night bus into town. After a night in the slammer they go home. To Geir's alcoholic mother and to Lasse's father, who is terrorizing the entire family.

Director: Svend Wam | Stars: Torgeir Schjerven, Lasse Tømte, Kjersti Døvigen, Jorunn Kjellsby

Votes: 411

27. Open Future (1983)

118 min | Drama

A 16 year old boy growing up in the 60'ies, trying to go his own ways. He is inseparable from his friends and starts dropping school and starts experimenting with life, sex, drugs, alcohol.

Directors: Petter Vennerød, Svend Wam | Stars: Thomas Robsahm, Are Sjaastad, Espen Moreite, Julie Wiggen

Votes: 101

28. The Dream Castle (1986)

92 min | Drama

The families are talking about moving together in a house, and finally does it. After a year renovating, they are to celebrate their new collective. But the year living together has taken it's toll on their relations.

Directors: Petter Vennerød, Svend Wam | Stars: Øyvin Bang Berven, Birgitte Victoria Svendsen, Petter Vennerød, Hilde Grythe

Votes: 126

29. Farewell Illusions (1985)

102 min | Drama

A harrowing and ironic story about the first big and well educated generation born after WW2, living without any major concerns between 1965 and 1975. We follow shrink and doctor Atle and his good theater working friend Eigil.

Directors: Petter Vennerød, Svend Wam | Stars: Svein Sturla Hungnes, Knut Husebø, Jorunn Kjellsby, Wenche Foss

Votes: 164

30. Bryllupsfesten (1989)

115 min | Comedy

Businessman Totto is on the verge of bankruptcy. Under cover of his daughters wedding, he plans on saving the family fortune by an advanced insurance scam. Burglars are to steal copies of valuable Munch-paintings. But which are the copies?

Directors: Petter Vennerød, Svend Wam | Stars: Knut Husebø, Eli Anne Linnestad, Julie Wiggen, Are Sjaastad

Votes: 204

31. Shipwrecked (1990)

PG | 92 min | Adventure, Family

A young Norwegian boy in 1850s England goes to work as a cabin boy and discovers some of his shipmates are actually pirates.

Director: Nils Gaup | Stars: Stian Smestad, Gabriel Byrne, Louisa Milwood-Haigh, Trond Peter Stamsø Munch

Votes: 2,255

32. Døden på Oslo S (1990)

99 min | Action, Crime, Drama

A young boy named Pelle falls in love with the drug addict Lena. Then he and his friend Proffen tries to save her from the drugs.

Director: Eva Isaksen | Stars: Håvard Bakke, Tommy Karlsen, Helle Beck Figenschow, Henning Syverud

Votes: 1,214

33. De blå ulvene (1993)

95 min | Action, Crime, Drama

This time Pelle's father joins an activist group and Pelle has to face up to his father.

Director: Morten Kolstad | Stars: Håvard Bakke, Tommy Karlsen, Viggo Jønsberg, Brit Elisabeth Haagensli

Votes: 279

34. Lethal Lies (1992)

86 min | Action, Crime, Drama

For the second time the two curious boys named Pelle and Proffen get mixed up in dangerous business.

Director: Martin Asphaug | Stars: Håvard Bakke, Tommy Karlsen, Helle Beck Figenschow, Synnøve Nygaard

Votes: 282

35. Junk Mail (1997)

83 min | Comedy, Thriller

A lazy postman puts his nose where it doesn't belong.

Director: Pål Sletaune | Stars: Robert Skjærstad, Andrine Sæther, Per Egil Aske, Eli Anne Linnestad

Votes: 1,932

36. Bunch of Five (1998)

73 min | Crime, Drama

Jonas and Emir are members of a criminal gang of 14-15 year-olds in Oslo. Emir has slight brain-damage after being beaten by his father as a 5-year-old, and Jonas' biggest problem is ... See full summary »

Director: Erik Poppe | Stars: Maikel Andressen Abou-Zelof, Jalal Zahedjekta, Sharjil Arshed, Mickael Marman

Votes: 683

37. Høyere enn himmelen (1993)

90 min | Drama, Family

Based upon the novel by Klaus Hagerup, we follow the grumpy 12 year old Mari, without any friends, not at all content with her body or her family. Interesingly enough, quite like her grumpy teacher, actually.

Director: Berit Nesheim | Stars: Inger Lise Winjevoll, Harriet Andersson, Arne Willy Granli Johnsen, Birgitte Victoria Svendsen

Votes: 192

38. The Telegraphist (1993)

102 min | Drama

Mack is the most important man in a little society in North Western Norway around 1900. Telegrapher Rolandsen is a smart, funny and charming the ladies, even Mack's daughter.

Director: Erik Gustavson | Stars: Bjørn Floberg, Marie Richardson, Jarl Kulle, Ole Ernst

Votes: 602

39. Markens grøde (1921)

107 min | Drama

After the Nobel prize winning Knut Hamsun-novel, with it's criticism of industrialization, urbanizing and loss of values. The farmer Isak makes a farm out of barren soil, together with Inger and their two sons. She kills the third.

Director: Gunnar Sommerfeldt | Stars: Amund Rydland, Karen Poulsen, Ragna Wettergreen, Gunnar Sommerfeldt

Votes: 183

40. Hunger (1966)

Not Rated | 112 min | Drama

In 1890, Pontus, the starving writer, wanders the streets of Christiania, in search of love and a chance to get his work published. All he meets is defeat and suffering while his sense of ... See full summary »

Director: Henning Carlsen | Stars: Per Oscarsson, Gunnel Lindblom, Birgitte Federspiel, Knud Rex

Votes: 2,569

41. Hamsun (1996)

Not Rated | 159 min | Biography, Drama, War

Norwegian Nobel Laureate Knut Hamsun's controversial support for the Nazi regime during WW2 and its consequences for the Hamsun family after the war.

Director: Jan Troell | Stars: Max von Sydow, Ghita Nørby, Anette Hoff, Gard B. Eidsvold

Votes: 1,359

42. Stella polaris (1993)

89 min | Drama, History

A woman returns up North to her rural fishing village, and re-lives the village's history through work, war, rebuilding and depopulation.

Director: Knut Erik Jensen | Stars: Anne Krigsvoll, Ketil Høegh, Eirin Hargaut, Vegard Jensen

Votes: 102

43. Isle of Darkness (1997)

83 min | Horror, Thriller, Mystery

Julie is a young and newly qualified teacher from Copenhagen, Denmark. Fed up with her unfaithful boyfriend and big city life, she takes a job as a teacher on an idyllic island in southern ... See full summary »

Director: Trygve Allister Diesen | Stars: Sofie Gråbøl, Paul-Ottar Haga, Sina Langfeldt, Martin Slaatto

Votes: 470

44. Maja Steinansikt (1996)

85 min | Family

While her mama is at the hospital to give birth, and her dad has gone off with a mistress, Maja has to survive by herself and her grandma, thanks to her Indian costume and her second Indian identity as Maja Stoneface.

Director: Lars Berg | Stars: Thali Liberman, Øyvin Bang Berven, Pia Borgli, Cecilie Frøshaug

Votes: 77

45. Burnt by Frost (1997)

97 min | Drama, Romance

When is an enemy not an enemy? when is an ally not an ally? The answer to these questions determines the fate of a man. Simon's struggle is played out against the rugged landscape of ... See full summary »

Director: Knut Erik Jensen | Stars: Stig Henrik Hoff, Bengt Altmann, Harald Andersen, Stig R. Andersen

Votes: 140

46. The Sunset Boys (1995)

96 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

Ernest, Ted and August fulfill their friend Carl's dying wish and take him to Heidelberg, where they all first met 45 years ago, to see his old girlfriend one last time. However, the locals won't talk about her, due to a WW2 secret.

Director: Leidulv Risan | Stars: Robert Mitchum, Cliff Robertson, Erland Josephson, Espen Skjønberg

Votes: 135

47. Reprise (2006)

R | 105 min | Drama

79 Metascore

Two competitive friends, fueled by literary aspirations and youthful exuberance, endure the pangs of love, depression and burgeoning careers.

Director: Joachim Trier | Stars: Anders Danielsen Lie, Espen Klouman Høiner, Viktoria Winge, Odd-Magnus Williamson

Votes: 8,845 | Gross: $0.55M

48. Karachi (1989)

95 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

Sara Philips is pressured into smuggling 2 kg heroin into Norway. She meets up with the narcotics agent Ted Hansen and lets him use her in a scheme to catch the powerful people in the drug ... See full summary »

Director: Oddvar Einarson | Stars: Jon Eikemo, Amanda Ooms, Hans Ola Sørlie, Ståle Bjørnhaug

Votes: 46

49. 1958 (1980)

96 min | Action, Crime, Drama