Mina DVD: Alla Svenska

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1. Hem till Midgård (2003–2004)

30 min | Action, Comedy, History

A Swedish show concerning the fates of some dorky Swedish Vikings. The show is mainly about a viking called Lill-Snorre and his friends, including Tyke Mörbult who has a below average IQ, to put it mildly. How will they survive? A small group of friends, in a small village called Midgård.

Stars: Fredde Granberg, Sara Sommerfeld, Marko Lehtosalo, Johan Petersson

Votes: 1,074

2. Arn (2010)

R | 264 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

Arn has to endure so much before he can get the love of his life Cecilie, who has been put away in a monastery.

Stars: Joakim Nätterqvist, Sofia Helin, Stellan Skarsgård, Morgan Alling

Votes: 1,601

3. Huset Silfvercronas gåta (1974)

35 min | Adventure, Family

Classic Swedish mini-series about time traveling children.

Stars: Per Dyme, Tomas Bolme, Stig Engström, Batte Sahlin

Votes: 61

6. Snapphanar (2006)

174 min | Action, Drama, History

About The War between Sweden and Denmark, and the providence "Skåne" at late 1600Ac

Stars: André Sjöberg, Tuva Novotny, Anders Ekborg, Malin Morgan

Votes: 995

7. Anno 1790 (2011)

60 min | Crime, Drama, History

In 1790 Johan Gustav Dåådh joins the Stockholm police, in an attempt to change, or at least improve, the system from within. He is a modern thinker in an old hierarchy. Torn between alliances, he solves crimes among rich and poor.

Stars: Peter Eggers, Joel Spira, Linda Zilliacus, Johan H:son Kjellgren

Votes: 529

10. Ronja Rövardotter (1986–1987)

144 min | Adventure, Drama, Family

Born on a stormy night Ronja begins her life as the heir to the leader of a gang of thieves deep in the Swedish woods. There is a lot of things to beware of in the forest not least other gangs. But as it turns out they are not all bad.

Stars: Hanna Zetterberg, Dan Håfström, Börje Ahlstedt, Lena Nyman

Votes: 756

11. Jordskott (2015– )

TV-MA | 60 min | Crime, Drama, Fantasy

A detective returns to her hometown seven years after her daughter's disappearance, trying to find a connection to a current case.

Stars: Moa Gammel, Göran Ragnerstam, Richard Forsgren, Happy Jankell

Votes: 3,750

12. Rena rama Rolf (1994– )

30 min | Comedy

Rolf Allan Mjunstedt is the most famous, and according to himself, the best tram driver in Gothenburg. He is married to Bettan who he loves deeply, despite all of their conflicts.

Stars: Lars Brandeby, Carina Boberg, Robert Gustafsson, Karolina Rahm

Votes: 442

13. Solsidan (2010– )

22 min | Comedy, Drama

The lives of two very different families in the posh neighborhood of Solsidan in Sweden.

Stars: Felix Herngren, Mia Skäringer, Johan Rheborg, Josephine Bornebusch

Votes: 4,949

14. Kontoret (2012– )

22 min | Comedy

A Swedish version of the British TV-series "The Office"

Stars: Henrik Dorsin, Sissela Benn, Björn Gustafsson, Veronica Dahlström

Votes: 435

15. c/o Segemyhr (1998–2004)

23 min | Comedy

Four people living together in an apartment can give rise to a lot of funny situations, especially if they are as different as these four: Fredrik is the nominal apartment owner, a bit ... See full summary »

Stars: Johan Ulveson, Lennart Jähkel, Sussie Ericsson, Olle Sarri

Votes: 653

16. Halvvägs till himlen (2013– )

22 min | Comedy

The young and idealistic priest Albin Olsson has just returned home to Sweden from Kenya to become the new pastor of the little Skåne provinces East Nöbberup. Albin want to renew the work ... See full summary »

Stars: Michael Segerström, Jenny Skavlan, Johan Glans, Anders Jansson

Votes: 149

17. Jättebästisar (2014– )


Two friends travel to India one to escape media and other to escape his wife nagging.

Stars: David Batra, Johan Glans, Eva Röse, Sven Ahlström

Votes: 92

18. Gustafsson 3 tr (2011– )


Three men live in a house full of rules.

Stars: Robert Gustafsson, Magdalena in de Betou, Meg Westergren, Lotta Östlin Stenshäll

Votes: 160

19. Familjen Holstein-Gottorp (2013– )

22 min | Comedy

Meet the lovable but a little self-absorbed royal family Holstein-Gottorp.

Stars: Sissela Kyle, Johan Ulveson, Robin Stegmar, Cecilia Forss

Votes: 37

23. Dan Bäckman 2-0 (2003 Video)

66 min | Comedy

The invented cultural worker "Dan Bäckman" embarks on a Swedish tour in autumn of 2002. In the film, elements from a performance in Gothenburg and sketches are alternated with Dan Bäckman and his therapist.

Directors: Jonas Gardell, Felix Herngren | Stars: Chuck Anthony, Daniel Bingert, Felix Herngren, Torbjörn Karlsson

Votes: 49

24. Pistvakt (2005)

91 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

Three middle aged brothers is living home in a Godforsaken skiing resort in the northernmost part of Sweden and sees their life change when their father dies, and the mother going off on a holiday to Spain.

Director: Stephan Apelgren | Stars: Lennart Jähkel, Jacob Nordenson, Tomas Norström, Sten Ljunggren

Votes: 885

26. Starke man (2010– )

30 min | Comedy

Swedish country town is doing pretty well despite being run by the bumbling mayor Lars-Göran Bengtsson.

Stars: Anna Blomberg, Claudia Galli, Anders Jansson, Magnus Mark

Votes: 154

27. Persons parfymeri (1997)

30 min | Comedy

The two half-brothers (and bachelors) Allan Swedenborg and Pierre Person have just inherited a small perfume shop from their mother. But it takes three to be a trio, so as an assistant they... See full summary »

Stars: Peter Dalle, Claes Månsson, Johan Ulveson, Anna Björk

Votes: 39

28. Jävla Kajsa (1999– )

30 min | Comedy

The series takes place exclusively at Restaurang Ollonet, a neighborhood pub somewhere in Stockholm. It revolves around the innkeeper Bettan and her three regulars.

Stars: Lena Endre, Peter Dalle, Claes Månsson, Johan Ulveson

Votes: 34

29. Lorry (1989–1995)

30 min | Comedy

The program implies to address the divorced and mature youth. Which was also the reason for using the name of an infamous a dance hall in Sundbyberg, Sweden.

Stars: Peter Dalle, Claes Månsson, Johan Ulveson, Stefan Sauk

Votes: 218

30. Sally (1999– )


Sally is a 34-year-old virgin and hypochondriac who still lives at home with her father.

Stars: Maria Lundqvist, Sven Wollter, Anneli Martini, Margareta Pettersson

Votes: 188

31. Byhåla (1991)

Short, Comedy

The Misadventures of two greasers in a small town.

Stars: Fredde Granberg, Peter Settman, Gry Forssell, Pär Lorentzon

Votes: 447

32. Byhåla 2 - Tillbaka till Fårrden (1992)

Short, Comedy

Ronny and Ragge Ragge miss their beloved Fårrd.

Stars: Leif Ahrle, Anna Björk, Fredde Granberg, Stefan Roos

Votes: 200

33. Byhåla 3 (1993)

74 min | Comedy

Ronny gets a new Fåård with fire flames.

Stars: Thomas Claesson, Andreas Egerup, Fredde Granberg, Rebecca Johansson

Votes: 157

34. Snutarna - S·W·I·P (1994–1995)

15 min | Short, Comedy, Crime

Two Swedish policemen working overseas has been called back to Stockholm to master the notorious crime in Sweden.

Stars: Fredde Granberg, Peter Settman, Leif Forstenberg, Johanna Westman

Votes: 189

35. Dom kallar oss... Tratten & Finkel (1996)

15 min | Short, Comedy

Tratten and Finkel's main occupation consists of producing home-made booze and delivering them in a car that has the same tune as the ice-cream car.

Stars: Kjell Bergqvist, Fredde Granberg, Peter Settman, Gustav Levin

Votes: 199

36. Kurt Olssons television (1987– )


In his own hand-made television program, Kurt Olsson offers tips, competitions, reports and a live women's orchestra.

Stars: Lars Brandeby, Hans Wiktorsson, Unni Brandeby, Elisabeth Engdahl

Votes: 45

38. Macken (1986)

40 min | Comedy, Musical

The local authority wants to close down Roy and Roger's gas station and instead build a motorway where it is positioned. Roy and Roger try to stop it, of course. Will they succeed? Will ... See full summary »

Stars: Anders Eriksson, Jan Rippe, Knut Agnred, Claes Eriksson

Votes: 1,026

39. En himla många program (1989– )

400 min | Comedy, Music

The cozy Allan Preussen sits in his favorite chair and presents various TV shows.

Stars: Knut Agnred, Claes Eriksson, Anders Eriksson, Per Fritzell

Votes: 436

41. HippHipp! (2001– )

30 min | Comedy

South Swedish comedy sketch show. Introducing Itzhak Skenström, Kaj-Åke "Kajan" Hansson, Morgan Pålsson, Micke and Mini, Tony and Zunken, Tiffany Persson, Swedish for Beginners, and much else.

Stars: Johan Wester, Anders Jansson, Eva Westerling, Sanna Persson

Votes: 1,090

44. Kurt Olsson - filmen om mitt liv som mej själv (1990)

88 min | Comedy

Kurt is born in Gothenburg in 1945. His mother is a timid housewife, his father a loud-mouthed tram driver. Already from an early age, Kurt has an ability to make a mess of everything he ... See full summary »

Director: Håkan Wennberg | Stars: Lars Brandeby, Anki Rahlskog, Ulla Skoog, Hans Wiktorsson

Votes: 557

45. Kvarteret Skatan reser till Laholm (2012)

84 min | Comedy

For a long time, a group of friends have been on a yearly summer trip to Laholm. This year, they want to go somewhere else, at least everyone except Ulf, who force the others to join the trip - by saying he has cancer.

Director: Mikael Syrén | Stars: Johan Glans, Vanna Rosenberg, David Batra, Rachel Mohlin

Votes: 968

46. Nöjesmassakern (1985)

50 min | Comedy

Entertainment show with comedy sketches and music guests.

Stars: Sven Melander, Åke Cato, Gösta Engström, Jon Skolmen

Votes: 84

48. I manegen med Glenn Killing (1992)

210 min | Comedy

Glenn Killing with guests. One of the most successful and popular stageshows in Sweden.

Stars: Robert Gustafsson, Jonas Inde, Johan Rheborg, Henrik Schyffert

Votes: 802