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Uma lista dos filmes com pouca (ou nenhuma) informação na internet.

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1. Riders in the Sky (1968)

91 min | Drama, War

The white gravestones at the military cemetery in English Brookwood display many Czech names. These were members of the British army of Czechoslovak origin who fought here and died for ... See full summary »

Director: Jindrich Polák | Stars: Jirí Bednár, Jirí Hrzán, Svatopluk Matyás, Elsie Randolph

Votes: 255

2. Inimesed sõdurisinelis (1968)

91 min | Drama, War

The story of the war film is about paths of the Estonian Shooting Corps (formed by the Red Army) during the WW-2 and how the fight forms an usual man to a loyal soldier. Ideologic aspects ... See full summary »

Director: Jüri Müür | Stars: Rudolf Allabert, Heino Raudsik, Leonhard Merzin, Arvi Hallik

Votes: 78

3. Manila, Open City (1968)

86 min | Drama, War

As Allied Forces are closing the curtains on Japanese Army in Manila, Japanese soldiers begin attacking even innocent civilians.

Director: Eddie Romero | Stars: Charito Solis, James Shigeta, Alex Nicol, John Ashley

Votes: 33

4. Wniebowstapienie (1969)

85 min | Drama, War

Raisa Wolkowa is a young conservatory student in Lwów, who gets married with psychiatrist Sebastian Goldstein. The problem is that he's a Polish Jew and the Nazis are coming. The year is 1941.

Director: Jan Rybkowski | Stars: Malgorzata Braunek, Andrzej Antkowiak, Piotr Wysocki, Stanislaw Jaworski

Votes: 9

6. Osvobozhdenie: Proryv (1970)

87 min | Drama, Romance, War

A five part WW2 epic drama that gives a dramatized detailed account of Soviet Union's war against Nazi Germany from 1943 to 1945.Each of the five parts represents a separate major eastern ... See full summary »

Director: Yuriy Ozerov | Stars: Larisa Golubkina, Bukhuti Zakariadze, Vasiliy Shukshin, Nikolay Rybnikov

Votes: 140

8. Liberation: The Last Assault (1971)

71 min | Drama, History, Romance

In Berlin, Lieutenant Yartsev's infantry and Tzvetaev's battery fight their way in the U-Bahn. Captain Neustroev's company is selected to hoist the Victory Banner atop the Reichstag.

Director: Yuriy Ozerov | Stars: Nikolay Olyalin, Larisa Golubkina, Mikhail Nozhkin, Vasiliy Shukshin

Votes: 129

9. Osvobozhdenie: Bitva za Berlin (1971)

79 min | Drama, Romance, War

Stalin orders to hasten the Vistula-Oder offensive in order to relieve the Allies. Karl Wolff is sent to negotiate with the Americans. Zhukov rejects Stavka's order to take Berlin, the Soviets and the Poles storm the Tiergarten.

Director: Yuriy Ozerov | Stars: Nikolay Olyalin, Larisa Golubkina, Barbara Brylska, Mikhail Nozhkin

Votes: 128

15. Wake Me When the War Is Over (1969 TV Movie)

Unrated | 74 min | Comedy

During the final months of WW2, a lonely German Baroness hides an attractive American airman in her mansion for long time without telling him the war has been over for almost five years.

Director: Gene Nelson | Stars: Ken Berry, Eva Gabor, Werner Klemperer, Danielle De Metz

Votes: 150

16. Lieutenant Natassa (1970)

136 min | War, Drama

After two decades, the poisoned memories of WWII still haunt a selfless patriot. Will she ever forget her former conservatoire classmate and relentless SS leader; the tortures, or her Resistance fighter husband? Can she forgive and forget?

Director: Nikos Foskolos | Stars: Aliki Vougiouklaki, Dimitris Papamichael, Kostas Karras, Spyros Kalogirou

Votes: 804

17. Maharlika (1970)

86 min | Action, War

Based on the World War II adventures of Ferdinand Marcos who fought against the Japanese occupation of the Phillippines.

Director: Jerry Hopper | Stars: Paul Burke, Dovie Beams, Broderick Crawford, Farley Granger

Votes: 8

18. Kolumbowie (1970– )

55 min | Drama, War

Adventures of young resistance group during the II World War, which starts in occupied Warsaw and end in the end of Warsaw uprising in 1944.

Stars: Jan Englert, Wladyslaw Kowalski, Jerzy Matalowski, Barbara Burska

Votes: 55

19. The Only Way (1970)

G | 86 min | Drama, War

A Jewish family try to escape from Denmark in October 1943 during the German occupation.

Director: Bent Christensen | Stars: Ebbe Rode, Helle Virkner, Jane Seymour, Ove Sprogøe

Votes: 116

21. Santiago! (1970)

Action, Drama, War

Set in the Philippines, during the Japanese occupation, a Filipino soldier, who is guilt-ridden over an incident that killed many civilians, deserts the rebel army and retreats to a nearby barrio where he is branded as a coward.

Director: Lino Brocka | Stars: Fernando Poe Jr., Dante Rivero, Boots Anson-Roa, Hilda Koronel

Votes: 18

22. Saigo no tokkôtai (1970)

122 min | Drama, War

With World War II is coming to its end and Japan nearing defeat, Japanese military leaders step up suicide attacks on Allied ships. A Kamikaze squad leader has second thoughts about the suicide runs.

Director: Jun'ya Satô | Stars: Kôji Tsuruta, Ken Takakura, Shin'ichi Chiba, Tatsuo Umemiya

Votes: 28

23. The Militarists (1970)

134 min | Drama, War

Reporter Goro Arai covers the war for a Japanese newspaper. He follows the activities of Japan's top military leader, Hideki Tojo, and comes to view Tojo as a dangerous military tyrant. But... See full summary »

Director: Hiromichi Horikawa | Stars: Keiju Kobayashi, Yûzô Kayama, Toshirô Mifune, Sô Yamamura

Votes: 20

25. Trimata ot zapasa (1971)

97 min | Comedy, Drama, War

In 1945, on the battlefields in Hungary, three Bulgarian soldiers from the reserve have to fight for the liberation of the country. They are totally unprepared for the war and have no ... See full summary »

Director: Zako Heskiya | Stars: Nikola Anastasov, Kiril Gospodinov, Georgi Partsalev, Valcho Kamarashev

Votes: 474

27. Ti ekanes ston polemo Thanasi (1971)

85 min | Comedy, Drama

During the dark years of the German Occupation in Greece, the mysterious disappearance of a cherished tomcat throws a destitute factory worker straight into the bowels of Kommandantur, to taste firsthand the oppressor's lavish hospitality.

Director: Dinos Katsouridis | Stars: Thanasis Vengos, Efi Roditi, Antonis Papadopoulos, Kaiti Lambropoulou

Votes: 611

28. Zasieki (1983)

98 min | Drama, History, Romance

Set in 1943, the film deals with the battle of Lenino, even though not openly stated. Central to the story are three recruits to the 2nd Polish Army: Pawel, who is listed as Soviet soldier ... See full summary »

Director: Andrzej Jerzy Piotrowski | Stars: Edward Apa, Andrzej Bielski, Halina Buyno-Loza, Janusz Bylczynski

Votes: 7

29. Death Race (1973 TV Movie)

Not Rated | 90 min | Action, Drama, War

In the North African desert in World War II, a damaged American fighter plane that is unable to take off tries to evade and destroy a pursuing Nazi tank.

Director: David Lowell Rich | Stars: Lloyd Bridges, Roy Thinnes, Eric Braeden, Doug McClure

Votes: 214

31. Hubal (1973)

126 min | Drama, War

Based on a true story. After Poland is overrun by Axis forces in 1939, an officer and his remaining men decide to continue fighting the invaders alone, thereby becoming the first guerrillas of World War II.

Director: Bohdan Poreba | Stars: Ryszard Filipski, Malgorzata Potocka, Tadeusz Janczar, Emil Karewicz

Votes: 167

32. Now Where Did the Seventh Company Get to? (1973)

95 min | War, Action, Comedy

1940: During the chaotic running fights of the French army the 7th company disappears - nobody knows they've been taken captive. Only their scouting patrol, three witty but lazy guys, can ... See full summary »

Director: Robert Lamoureux | Stars: Jean Lefebvre, Pierre Mondy, Aldo Maccione, Robert Lamoureux

Votes: 1,568

33. Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall (1973)

Not Rated | 102 min | Comedy

London, 1940. Aspiring jazz musician and future comedy legend Terence "Spike" Milligan reluctantly obeys his call-up and joins the Royal Artillery regiment at Bexhill, where he begins ... See full summary »

Director: Norman Cohen | Stars: Jim Dale, Arthur Lowe, Bill Maynard, Tony Selby

Votes: 320

34. Dawn Over the Drava (1974)

161 min | Drama, Adventure, War

This is a two-part film about the participation of the Bulgarian army in the Second World War. On the eve of September 9, 1944, insurgent masses liberate a large group of political ... See full summary »

Director: Zako Heskiya | Stars: Georgi Georgiev-Getz, Georgi Cherkelov, Lidia Vulkova, Dobrinka Stankova

Votes: 41

35. Glowy pelne gwiazd (1983)

64 min | Drama, Romance, War

Two young boys living in a small town in the east of Poland try to survive the war by working as projectionists in a local cinema. They provide entertainment to Poles, Germans and Russians alike.

Director: Janusz Kondratiuk | Stars: Witold Golinski, Wlodzimierz Preyss, Maria Baster, Ewa Szykulska

Votes: 5

38. Salvo D'Acquisto (1974)

100 min | Drama, War

This is the true story of Carabinieri (Italian Police) vice-sergeant Salvo D'Acquisto. The story takes place after Mussolini fall (Jul 25th '43) and the armistice (Sept. 8th '43). Italy is ... See full summary »

Director: Romolo Guerrieri | Stars: Massimo Ranieri, Carla Calò, Dino Cassio, Isa Danieli

Votes: 54

41. Dugo at pag-ibig sa kapirasong lupa (1975)

200 min | Action, Drama, Romance


Directors: Ding M. De Jesus, Cesar Gallardo, Armando A. Herrera, Johnny Pangilinan, Romy Suzara | Stars: Eddie del Mar, Ruben Rustia, Barbara Perez, Teody Belarmino

Votes: 8

43. Opadly liscie z drzew (1975)

97 min | Drama, War

Henryk looks back at the last year of war and reminiscences the friends from his guerrilla unit, the fighting and living in the forest, his first love and first encounters with death.

Director: Stanislaw Rózewicz | Stars: Mieczyslaw Hryniewicz, Maria Klejdysz, Tadeusz Cygler, Bohdan Ejmont

Votes: 36

44. Moja wojna - moja milosc (1975)

90 min | Drama, War

A story of a young schoolboy who, with his classmates, has pledged to defend his country. In September of 1939 he goes to war on his own in the spirit of cadets during the insurrection of ... See full summary »

Director: Janusz Nasfeter | Stars: Piotr Lysak, Grazyna Michalska, Zofia Malynicz, Jadwiga Chojnacka

Votes: 9

45. And Agnes Chose to Die (1976)

135 min | Drama, War

An old couple,Agnes and Palita, lulled by their quiet routine, seem almost unaware of the war surrounding them, but soon the conflict breaks into their lives. The Germans come to take ... See full summary »

Director: Giuliano Montaldo | Stars: Ingrid Thulin, Stefano Satta Flores, Michele Placido, Aurore Clément

Votes: 65