JTB Antonio Margheriti - 30 Classic Movies (Horror/Giallo/Action/Adventure)

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Antonio Margheriti, also known under the pseudonym Anthony M. Dawson, was an Italian filmmaker. Margheriti worked in many different genres in the Italian film industry, and was known for his sometimes derivative but often stylish and entertaining Sci-Fi, Sword-and-Sandal, Horror, Giallo, Eurospy, Spaghetti Western, Vietnam War and Action movies that were released to a wide international audience.

He was born in Rome and died in 2002 from a heart attack in Monterosi, Viterbo, near Rome at the age of 72.

Like Roger Corman, Margheriti originally began his tertiary education as an engineer. In 1950 he entered the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia film school and after completing his studies became an assistant on various documentary films. Margheriti started out in the Italian feature film industry in 1956 (age 26) as a screenwriter, editor and assistant director. During the production of a never completed documentary about the 1908 Messina earthquake, Margheriti constructed models for the film. This led the producer of that film to recommend him as a director.

He started directing in 1960, his first film being Assignment Outer Space where he also did some of the model work. Most of his films were directed under the pseudonym of Anthony M. Dawson. He stopped using his real name in the United States early in his career, when he was told by his dubbing director Ted Rusoff that the English translation of the name Antonio Margheriti was Anthony Daisies, and that it sounded too effeminate. Margheriti added his middle initial M as the name Anthony Dawson was used by the English actor.

He was the only Italian director who worked directly for American production companies like MGM, United Artists, 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures, etc. with films like: Yor, the Hunter from the Future, Take a Hard Ride, Killer Fish, etc. Margheriti said his action/adventure/war films were his favorites, and his least favorite movies were the sword-and-sandal peplum films he made in the early 1960s (such as Devil of the Desert Against the Son of Hercules and Giants of Rome).

For years, director Paul Morrissey disputed Margheriti's claim that he had directed Andy Warhol's Frankenstein (also known as Flesh for Frankenstein) in the early 1970s, saying that Margheriti was mostly just a technical advisor on that film. Morrissey said Margheriti did however direct a very brief segment of the movie, mostly the scenes involving the two children roaming around in the lab.

Margheriti worked with many well-known genre actors such as Lee Van Cleef, John Saxon, Claude Rains, John Morghen, Klaus Kinski, Barbara Steele, Richard Harrison, Reb Brown, Donald Pleasence, Yul Brynner, David Warbeck, Luciano Pigozzi, Marvin Hagler, Lee Majors, James Franciscus, Terence Hill, Fred Williamson, Christopher Lee and many others. Most of his later films were shot in the Philippines (especially his war films). Margheriti also collaborated on the special effects in two Italian cult films which he did not direct, Sergio Leone's Duck, You Sucker! and Aldo Lado's The Humanoid.

Margheriti retired from filmmaking in 1996 at age 66. He died in 2002 of natural causes. Margheriti's son Edoardo and daughter Antonella are both also involved in filmmaking. Eli Roth's character in the 2009 Quentin Tarantino film Inglourious Basterds took Margheriti as his namesake.

Taken from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Margheriti

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1. Mondo Inferno (1964)

89 min | Documentary

This shockumentary takes us on visits to a restaurant that serves up delicious dog meat dishes, mud-wrestling clubs, a chastity belt store. We get to see bizarre funeral rites, snake ... See full summary »

Directors: Antonio Margheriti, Marco Vicario | Stars: Coccinelle, Stephen Garret, John Hart

Votes: 19

2. Castle of Blood (1964)

Not Rated | 87 min | Horror

A journalist takes a bet that he can spend the night in a haunted castle on All Hallow's Eve. During his stay, he bears witness to the castle's gruesome past coming to life before him, and falls in with a beautiful female ghost.

Directors: Sergio Corbucci, Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Barbara Steele, Georges Rivière, Margrete Robsahm, Arturo Dominici

Votes: 1,825

3. The Long Hair of Death (1965)

Not Rated | 96 min | Horror

In a 15th-century feudal village, a woman is accused of witchcraft and put to death. Her beautiful older daughter knows the real reason for the execution lies in the lord's sexual desire ... See full summary »

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Barbara Steele, George Ardisson, Halina Zalewska, Umberto Raho

Votes: 995

4. The Young, the Evil and the Savage (1968)

82 min | Mystery, Thriller

An amateur sleuth attending a prestigious girls' boarding school helps the police and her friends identify a serial killer who is targeting the students and teachers.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Mark Damon, Eleonora Brown, Sally Smith, Patrizia Valturri

Votes: 516

5. Vengeance (1968)

GP | 81 min | Western

A man tracks down the five outlaws who murdered his brother, all the while being shadowed by a mysterious Pinkerton detective.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Richard Harrison, Claudio Camaso, Spela Rozin, Werner Pochath

Votes: 425

6. The Unnaturals (1969)

83 min | Crime, Thriller

The characters engage in a séance at a mansion while a storm rages outside. During their stay, the film uses an extensive flashback structure to reveal the various criminal acts that each have perpetrated.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Joachim Fuchsberger, Marianne Koch, Helga Anders, Claudio Camaso

Votes: 166

7. And God Said to Cain (1970)

Not Rated | 93 min | Western

Gary Hamilton, innocently sentenced to ten years in prison is released. When he comes out he promises himself to seek revenge on the guilty.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Klaus Kinski, Peter Carsten, Marcella Michelangeli, Antonio Cantafora

Votes: 774

8. Treasure Island (1972)

G | 94 min | Adventure, Family

Young Jim Hawkins has an unforgettable encounter with pirate Captain Long John Silver and his murderous mates.

Directors: John Hough, Andrea Bianchi, Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Orson Welles, Kim Burfield, Lionel Stander, Walter Slezak

Votes: 1,043

9. Finalmente le mille e una notte (1972)

R | 90 min | Comedy

Sultan Almamud, suddenly becomes powerless, can not enjoy the beautiful Zumurud. The councilors then call people who can excite them by telling stories. At the end of the stories he will ... See full summary »

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Barbara Bouchet, Femi Benussi, Barbara Marzano, Esmeralda Barros

Votes: 96

10. Seven Dead in the Cat's Eye (1973)

Not Rated | 95 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

In a small Scottish village, horribly murdered bodies keep turning up. Suspicion falls upon the residents of a nearby castle that is haunted by a curse involving a killer cat.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Jane Birkin, Hiram Keller, Françoise Christophe, Venantino Venantini

Votes: 1,106

11. Blood Money (1974)

PG | 107 min | Comedy, Western

A martial artist joins a hard-hitting gunfighter in the search for treasure while bandits step into their way.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Lee Van Cleef, Lieh Lo, Patty Shepard, Femi Benussi

Votes: 699

12. Take a Hard Ride (1975)

PG | 103 min | Western

After selling his cattle in town, ranch owner Morgan unexpectedly dies, and his foreman Pike has to deliver the payroll to Sonora, despite the perilous journey during which he's followed by many shady characters who want the money.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Jim Brown, Lee Van Cleef, Fred Williamson, Catherine Spaak

Votes: 929

13. Death Rage (1976)

R | 98 min | Crime, Thriller

A retired hit-man decides to take one last job to avenge the murder of his brother by a mafia gang. An eager would-be mobster helps him.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Yul Brynner, Massimo Ranieri, Barbara Bouchet, Martin Balsam

Votes: 544

14. The Squeeze (1978)

R | 99 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

A retired safe cracker is recruited by a young conman to return to the "business" for a million dollar heist.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Lee Van Cleef, Karen Black, Edward Albert, Lionel Stander

Votes: 320

15. Killer Fish (1979)

PG | 101 min | Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Jewel thieves attempt to recover treasure from piranha infested waters. Mistrust and betrayals happen amongst the gang in the quest for gold.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Lee Majors, Karen Black, Margaux Hemingway, Marisa Berenson

Votes: 1,451

16. Cannibals in the Streets (1980)

R | 96 min | Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Giovanni Lambardo Radice and John Saxon are Vietman vets that bring back contagious virus that turn people into cannibals when bitten.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: John Saxon, Elizabeth Turner, Giovanni Lombardo Radice, Cinzia De Carolis

Votes: 2,658

17. The Last Hunter (1980)

95 min | Action, Drama, Thriller

During the Vietnam war, an American soldier gets trapped behind enemy lines. A squad of his buddies sets out to rescue him.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: David Warbeck, Tisa Farrow, Tony King, Bobby Rhodes

Votes: 708

18. Fuga dall'arcipelago maledetto (1982)

96 min | Action, War

On one of his last trips before retirement, a plane of an illegal gunrunner in Vietnam is shot down where he hooks up Annie Belle, a humanitarian rebel.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: David Warbeck, Annie Belle, Tony King, Luciano Pigozzi

Votes: 119

19. The Hunters of the Golden Cobra (1982)

92 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

An American soldier and a British intelligence agent try to track down an ancient relic called the Golden Cobra, rumored to have supernatural powers.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: David Warbeck, Almanta Suska, Luciano Pigozzi, Protacio Dee

Votes: 262

20. Yor, the Hunter from the Future (1983)

PG | 88 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

A warrior seeks his true origins in a seemingly prehistoric wasteland.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Reb Brown, Corinne Cléry, John Steiner, Carole André

Votes: 2,526 | Gross: $2.81M

21. The Last Blood (1983)

90 min | Action, War

During the Vietnam war, an army sergeant rebels against his tyrant commanding officer, whilst they are cut off by the enemy in the jungle. Things get worse for all of them after that.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Giancarlo Prete, Antonio Marsina, Luciano Pigozzi, Paul Vance

Votes: 201

22. The Ark of the Sun God (1984)

98 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

A safecracker takes a job where he must go to Istanbul and steal a scepter that once belonged to the god Gilgamesh but is now in the temple of a secret cult.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: David Warbeck, John Steiner, Susie Sudlow, Luciano Pigozzi

Votes: 245

23. Code Name: Wild Geese (1984)

R | 101 min | Action

Commander Robin Wesley, leader of a group of mercenaries, go to the Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia to overthrow the dictator, who is a major manufacturer and dealer of the world's opium.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Lewis Collins, Lee Van Cleef, Ernest Borgnine, Klaus Kinski

Votes: 849

24. Jungle Raiders (1985)

PG-13 | 95 min | Action, Adventure

An expedition enters an unexplored jungle to search for a legendary ruby.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Christopher Connelly, Marina Costa, Lee Van Cleef, Luciano Pigozzi

Votes: 121

25. Kommando Leopard (1985)

103 min | Action

A cruel dictator rules a Latin American state. Corruption, brutality and exploitation are present every day. A few people begin to organise resistance. Under the leader "El Leopardo" a ... See full summary »

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Lewis Collins, Klaus Kinski, Cristina Donadio, Manfred Lehmann

Votes: 403

26. The Commander (1988)

105 min | Action, War

A Major leads a group of mercenaries whose mission is to protect a disc full of secrets, located in South Asia.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Lewis Collins, Lee Van Cleef, Donald Pleasence, Manfred Lehmann

Votes: 313

27. Alien from the Deep (1989)

90 min | Sci-Fi, Horror

Two members of Greenpeace discover that a local factory sheds radioactive waste into an active volcano, which has created a terrifying creature that wreaks havoc in the area.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Daniel Bosch, Marina Giulia Cavalli, Luciano Pigozzi, Robert Marius

Votes: 455

28. Indio (1989)

R | 89 min | Adventure, Action

"Indio", a half-Indian ex-Marine, fights to save the rainforest against the forces of a mega corporation that is trying to destroy it to make money, headed by a former US Army colonel.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Francesco Quinn, Brian Dennehy, Rene Abadeza

Votes: 168

29. Indio 2 - La rivolta (1991)

R | 95 min | Action, Adventure

A corporation building a highway through the rainforest hires a gang of mercenaries to get rid of the local Indians, who don't want the highway built through their lands. The mercenaries ... See full summary »

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Frank Cuervo, Dirk Galuba, Maurizio Fardo

Votes: 93

30. Cyberflic (1997)

90 min | Comedy, Crime

A detective duo hunts a criminal organization, which is using an unknown liquid explosive material.

Director: Antonio Margheriti | Stars: Terence Hill, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Giselle Blondet, Jennifer Martinez

Votes: 330

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