They've got a feathered friend

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People bonding with birds on film posters. In year of release order from 2020 going back to 1899.

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1. Sanctuary (II) (2020)

75 min | Documentary

Washington DC native Rodney Stotts struggles to provide his community's under-served youth and endangered raptors with a safe haven for mutual healing and growth.

Director: Annie Kaempfer | Star: Rodney Stotts

2. Tengri

100 min | Action, Drama, History | Announced

Go back to 1850 among a small Arapaho tribe with a Mongolian boy living with them. Experience the enormous consequences between two fates that await them, that you will choose.

Director: David Marlett

3. Lady Promoter

Biography, Drama, Music | Announced

A girl of color flees S.E. Wash D.C. gang violence in 1971 to become the first female top American promoter of live entertainment only to find that all the riches and fame in the world don't replace her enduring family ties to Anacostia.

4. Hel, the last saga

Action, Adventure, Horror | Announced

Year 999, in Scandinavia. The vikings have just colonized a new land. When the second expedition arrived to the colony, they found some intriguing signs: a drakkar longship planted vertically as a totem, footprints, blood.

5. Storm Boy (2019)

PG | 99 min | Adventure, Drama, Family

67 Metascore

When Michael Kingley, a successful retired businessman starts to see images from his past that he can't explain, he's forced to remember his childhood and how, as a boy, he rescued and raised an extraordinary orphaned pelican, Mr Percival.

Director: Shawn Seet | Stars: Finn Little, Jai Courtney, Geoffrey Rush, Erik Thomson

Votes: 2,130 | Gross: $0.07M

6. Gooseboy (2019)

87 min | Comedy, Family

We meet the boy Viggo in ''Gooseboy'', who lives and breathes for his virtual reality game. But one day, when a goose crash lands on his balcony, and it turns out that the goose can talk, Viggo's life is forever changed.

Directors: Steen Rasmussen, Michael Wikke | Stars: Rasmus Bjerg, Nicolas Bro, Dario Campeotto, Chapper

Votes: 38

7. Bell Bottom (2019)

130 min | Comedy, Thriller

Police constable Divakar finally gets a chance to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a detective when a mysterious robbery takes place at the local police station.

Director: Jayathirtha | Stars: Rishab Shetty, Haripriya, Yograj Bhat, P.D. Sathish Chandra

Votes: 746

8. The Fable (2019)

123 min | Action, Comedy

Trained as a ruthless assassin since childhood, a mob hitman is ordered to become a normal law-abiding citizen.

Director: Kan Eguchi | Stars: Jun'ichi Okada, Fumino Kimura, Mizuki Yamamoto, Sôta Fukushi

Votes: 247

9. Roxane (2019)

85 min | Comedy

What does Cyrano de Bergerac do at a chicken farmer? This is the problem of Raymond, who has always kept his passion for the theater hidden. But when he is threatened with bankruptcy, he decides to try everything for the whole.

Director: Mélanie Auffret | Stars: Guillaume de Tonquédec, Léa Drucker, Lionel Abelanski, Kate Duchêne

Votes: 160

10. The Painted Bird (2019)

169 min | Drama, War

75 Metascore

A young Jewish boy somewhere in Eastern Europe seeks refuge during World War II where he encounters many different characters.

Director: Václav Marhoul | Stars: Stellan Skarsgård, Harvey Keitel, Barry Pepper, Julian Sands

Votes: 907

11. Bob's Burgers (2011– )
Episode: Every Which Way but Goose (2019)

TV-PG | 22 min | Animation, Comedy

Tina, discouraged by not being asked to prom by Jimmy Jr., forms an unhealthy attachment to a goose from the nearby park. Meanwhile, Linda joins a dating app to help Gretchen find a match.

Directors: Bernard Derriman, Tony Gennaro, Kevin Wotton | Stars: H. Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, Larry Murphy

Votes: 239

12. For the Birds (I) (2018)

92 min | Documentary, Drama

73 Metascore

A woman's love for her pet ducks, chickens, geese, and turkeys - all 200 of them - ignites a battle with local animal rescuers and puts her marriage in jeopardy.

Director: Richard Miron | Stars: William Brenner, Sheila Hyslop, Gary Murphy, Kathy Murphy

Votes: 181

13. Dead in a Week Or Your Money Back (2018)

TV-MA | 90 min | Action, Comedy, Drama

38 Metascore

After his ninth unsuccessful attempt on his own life, a young man outsources his suicide to an ageing assassin. "If you're serious about ending it, you need professional help"

Director: Tom Edmunds | Stars: Tom Wilkinson, Aneurin Barnard, Marion Bailey, Freya Mavor

Votes: 4,379

14. Hero of My Time (2018)

80 min | Comedy, Drama

When Zhorik moves to Kyiv, he has high hopes to improve his life. But then he encounters the mundane struggles, bureaucracy, and corruption of Ukrainian reality.

Director: Tonya Noyabrova | Stars: Evgen Bushmakin, Olena Kurta, Oleg Shevtsov, Aleksandr Yarema

Votes: 155

15. Pachamama (2018)

PG | 72 min | Animation, Adventure, Family

A young boy living in a remote village in the Andes Mountains dreams of becoming shaman.

Director: Juan Antin | Stars: Andrea Santamaria, India Coenen, Saïd Amadis, Marie-Christine Darah

Votes: 480

16. Corporate (2018– )
Episode: Weekend (2018)

TV-MA | 21 min | Comedy

John pressures Jake and Matt into helping him move a grandfather clock in his apartment, sabotaging their weekend plans.

Director: Pat Bishop | Stars: Matt Ingebretson, Jake Weisman, Adam Lustick, Anne Dudek

Votes: 90

17. Storm Boy: The Game (2018 Video Game)

Animation, Adventure

A video game adaptation of Colin Thiele's classic tale of the inspiring friendship between a boy and a rescued pelican.

Votes: 11

18. Island of Grief (2018)

7 min | Short

Following the death of his wife, Rupert Murrell and his young family explored ways of finding happiness again. Backed by the charity WAY (Widowed and Young) the film hopes to help others who find themselves lost on the 'Island of Grief'.

Director: Rupert Murrell | Stars: Bran, Milly Murrell, Noah Murrell

Votes: 40

19. The Starry Sky Above Me (2017)

77 min | Comedy

1996, Bruno publishes his first novel. He is critically acclaimed and is seen as the french John Fante. Twenty years later, Bruno is soon 50 and has not published anything since. He is ... See full summary »

Director: Ilan Klipper | Stars: Laurent Poitrenaux, Camille Chamoux, Marilyne Canto, Alma Jodorowsky

Votes: 87

20. August Lucey (2017)

76 min | Comedy, Drama

August Lucey is a satire about a young man trying to find his political identity. A frustrated poet working in pharmaceutical advertising becomes a whistleblower to expose unethical drug ... See full summary »

Directors: Jesse Karch, Dylan Latimer | Stars: John Christopher Morton, Michael Collins, Akiva Saunders, Fred Bender

21. Babies: A Miracle (2017)

60 min | Documentary, Family

Babies: A Miracle is a visually stunning film that celebrates the miracle of life. Join the filmmakers as they visit with adorable newborns around the globe in their first months of life. ... See full summary »

Director: Evan Tramel

Votes: 30

22. Captain Jokes Parrot's Disaster of the Caribbean (2017 TV Movie)

Adventure, Comedy, Family

In his special movie "Captain Jokes Parrot's Adventures: Disaster of the Caribbean" try to take his nervously funny achievements in a satirical style along Talking Hands, Tom and Lisa in ... See full summary »

Directors: Anestis Dalezis, Spyros Gozis, Tony Meramveliotakis, Nikos Papadakis, Leonardo Thimo | Stars: Leonardo Thimo, Popi Kavoy, Marina Rina, Verphil

Votes: 10

23. The Story of Aisholpan (2017 Video)

4 min | Short

A brave young girl takes up the ancient tradition of hunting with eagles, which has been practiced in the mountains of Western Mongolia for centuries.

Director: Martin Buzora | Stars: Aisholpan Nurgaiv, Rys Nurgaiv

Votes: 17

24. Sky Migrations (2017)

15 min | Documentary, Short, Adventure

While it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an entire hemisphere to raise a raptor. A landscape devoid of raptors is without ecological integrity, the barometer of our collective ... See full summary »

Directors: Charles Post, Max Lowe, Charles Post, Forest Woodward

Votes: 5

25. Pet Peeves (2017 TV Short)

11 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

Newly released from prison, Milton Michaels restarts his pet psychic career and discovers a mystery about his past while delving into the mind of a dog owned by his worried client.

Director: Joe LaRue | Stars: Jonah Blechman, Kelli Barksdale, Blake Young-Fountain, Celeste Den

26. The Eagle Huntress (2016)

G | 87 min | Documentary, Adventure, Sport

72 Metascore

Thirteen-year-old Aisholpan trains to become the first female in twelve generations of her nomad family to become an eagle huntress.

Director: Otto Bell | Stars: Aisholpan Nurgaiv, Daisy Ridley, Rys Nurgaiv

Votes: 3,260 | Gross: $3.17M

27. Nelly's Adventure (2016)

97 min | Adventure, Family

Nelly is with her parents on vacation in Romania. The 13-year-old girl will find new friends and experience the adventure of her life.

Director: Dominik Wessely | Stars: Flora Thiemann, Julia Richter, Kai Lentrodt, Hagi Lacatus

Votes: 72

28. Jim Jefferies: Freedumb (2016 TV Special)

TV-MA | 86 min | Comedy

Jim Jefferies talks about family life and challenges the idea of American freedom live on stage in Nashville, Tennessee.

Director: Ryan Polito | Star: Jim Jefferies

Votes: 4,392

29. Animals Unleashed (2016– )
Episode: Beverly Hills Cat (2016)


A rabbit island, a hungry dog's ferocious side, and a parrot catches a ride on a playful dog. And in our Top 5, pelicans make for very uncomfortable hats.

Director: Tyler Spiers

30. Nature (1982– )
Episode: Super Hummingbirds (2016)

TV-PG | 53 min | Documentary, Family

With high speed camerawork and breakthrough new science, we enter the fast-paced world of hummingbirds as never before. Speed is their middle name. Their lives are moving faster than the ... See full summary »

Star: Patricia Clarkson

Votes: 34

31. NCIS (2003– )
Episode: Privileged Information (2016)

TV-PG | 42 min | Action, Crime, Drama

A marine sergeant is killed when she falls from a building, but her doctor, Grace Confalone, risks breaking patient confidentiality and urges Gibbs to investigate the death as a murder.

Director: Edward Ornelas | Stars: Mark Harmon, Pauley Perrette, Sean Murray, Wilmer Valderrama

Votes: 372

32. Mike Tyson Mysteries (2014– )
Episode: Ogopogo! (2016)

TV-14 | 11 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

The team takes the Pigeon to his old lakeside home to see his hot ex-wife Sandra, who turned him into a bird, and sign their divorce papers. A kooky old Native American warns the team of something called Ogopogo that lives in the lake.

Director: Jeff Siergey | Stars: Mike Tyson, Norm MacDonald, Rachel Ramras, Jim Rash

Votes: 61

33. PAW Patrol (2013– )
Episode: Pups Save the Daring Danny X/Pups in a Fix (2016)

TV-Y | 23 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

When a boy named Danny sees Ryder perform an incredible stunt during a rescue, it inspires him to become a daredevil. Changing his name to Daring Danny X, the boy attempts to jump 10 cars with his ATV.

Stars: Max Calinescu, Devan Cohen, Drew Davis, Daniel DeSanto

Votes: 8

34. Brothers of the Wind (2015)

TV-G | 98 min | Adventure, Drama, Family

In a world where it takes courage to fly, a young boy nurtures a baby eagle into adulthood. Searching for their place in the world, they bond over their desire to be free.

Directors: Gerardo Olivares, Otmar Penker | Stars: Jean Reno, Manuel Camacho, Tobias Moretti, Eva Kuen

Votes: 1,880

35. Madeleine (I) (2015)

93 min | Drama

Italian-French Madeleine and her teenage sister Sophie spend summer vacation at their paternal Grandmother in North of Italy. Parents divorced. Their father lives in the busy city, where ... See full synopsis »

Directors: Lorenzo Ceva Valla, Mario Garofalo | Stars: Chloé Thill, Adèle Zaglia, Adriana De Guilmi, Marco Cacciola

Votes: 7

36. Hans im Glück (2015 TV Movie)

57 min | Family, Fantasy

After even years loyally serving a colonial wares merchant, gold-honest, gullible optimist Hans follows the call of the sea, back to his coastal home and gets paid generously by his master ... See full summary »

Director: Christian Theede | Stars: Anton Spieker, Michelle Barthel, Heino Ferch, Gustav-Peter Wöhler

Votes: 34

37. The White Snake (2015 TV Movie)

91 min | Drama, Family, Fantasy

Endres wants to be more than just a farmer's son. He wants to be able to read and write, wear clothes without holes and sleep in a proper bed. He goes to the court of the King, who is said ... See full summary »

Director: Stefan Bühling | Stars: Tim Oliver Schultz, Reiner Schöne, Frida-Lovisa Hamann, Jutta Fastian

Votes: 83

38. Bondi Vet (2009–2016)
Episode: Episode #6.24

Documentary, Reality-TV

Lisa helps a dog with a growing cyst in its eye whilst Chris enlists Andrew's help to try and save a young puppy with a serious artery problem. After more than one year a young pelican has ... See full summary »

Star: Andrew Marchevsky

To the best of my knowledge this episode of 'Bondi Vet' was first aired in 2015.

39. The Simpsons (1989– )
Episode: The Musk Who Fell to Earth (2015)

TV-PG | 22 min | Animation, Comedy

Inventor Elon Musk comes to Springfield, and Homer inspires him with a new idea that could revolutionize Springfield, but winds up costing Mr. Burns a ton of money.

Directors: Matthew Nastuk, Mike B. Anderson | Stars: Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith

Votes: 783

40. The Day Henry Met (2015– )
Episode: The Day Henry Met... A Parrot (2015)

TV-Y | Animation

Henry meets a friendly Parrot. It turns out that Parrot has been left a secret treasure map by his great grandfather and with Henry's help they decide to go and find it. Henry becomes a ... See full summary »

41. Kimbra's Wish: A Disney Tribute (2015 Video)

5 min | Short, Music

Once upon a time the ideals and dreams of the late Walt Disney served to fill a notably small world with vast beauty and inspiration. This tribute is humbly presented with the hope of giving a little bit of that beauty back.

Director: Adam C. Sager | Star: Kimbra

Votes: 16

42. Conducta (2014)

108 min | Drama

Aging teacher Carmela has a special heart for pupils from broken homes and is challenged by the headmaster to follow up 12 year old Chala which is infatuated in Yeni. They are both poor, and has severe home troubles.

Director: Ernesto Daranas | Stars: Alina Rodríguez, Yuliet Cruz, Armando Miguel Gómez, Miriel Cejas

Votes: 1,256

43. Pelican Dreams (2014)

G | 80 min | Documentary

66 Metascore

Judy Irving ("The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill") follows a wayward California pelican from her "arrest" on the Golden Gate Bridge into care at a rehab facility and explores nesting ... See full summary »

Director: Judy Irving | Stars: Mark Bittner, Laura Corsiglia, Jacky Douglas, Laurie Harvey

Votes: 136

44. Spirit Tree (2014)


A psychological drama of reincarnation. What happens when the only reason you breathe is no longer breathing? How do you live in a form you don't belong in? Melissa was perfect, she still is, in every meaning of the word.

Director: Ryan Gregory | Stars: Joe Hammerstone, Bri Oglu, William Conklin, Tarrell Robinson

45. Refracted Glory (2014)

TV-Y7 | 90 min | Documentary

From ancient legends to modern marvels not fully understood, "Refracted Glory" dives into the centuries of intrigue surrounding hummingbirds. David Rives navigates multiple areas of inquiry... See full summary »

Director: Benjamin Owen | Stars: Stuart Burgess, James Gardner, Ken Ham, Bodie Hodge

46. Xander De Rycke: Zijn derde show (2014 TV Special)

160 min | Documentary, Comedy

Stand-up comedian Xander De Rycke performs his brand of observation comedy about neighbors, home improvement, food, sex and more.

Director: Roel Goyens | Star: Xander De Rycke

Votes: 19

47. Mike Tyson Mysteries (2014– )

TV-14 | 12 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

In this macabre comedy, retired boxing champion Mike Tyson, his brainy adopted Asian-American daughter, a friendly but wimpy gay gentleman ghost and a cursed perverse mean-spirited talking pigeon solve weird mysteries together.

Stars: Mike Tyson, Norm MacDonald, Rachel Ramras, Jim Rash

Votes: 3,380

48. Dr K's Exotic Animal ER (2014– )


Follow Dr Susan Kelleher and staff as they treat all forms of exotic animals at her, hospital in Deerfield Beach, FL

Stars: Josh Goodman, Susan Kelleher, Lauren Thielen, Art Edmonds

Votes: 242