Actors who Would Hold Their Own Against a Pack of Angry Wolves

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This is a list of talented actors...who would also kick serious wolf ass.

1. Brandon Slagle

Writer | Crossbreed

After spending over a decade as an actor in mostly independent features, Austin-born, New York City-bred director Brandon Slagle has worked consistently in the science fiction, action, and horror genres. His Charles Manson bio-pic "House of Manson" gained international attention for its unique take...

Brandon knows hustle. When he isn't acting in a film, he's making appearances around the country and developing his own titles as a writer and director. He could also beat the hell out of a wolf.

2. Holt Boggs

Actor | The Leftovers

Holt Boggs was born and raised in Houston, Texas for the most part. The son of a geologist, he and his family traveled the world for several years living in Africa, Indonesia, Singapore and Jakarta before returning to Texas. Shortly there after, his parents got divorced and he and his little ...

Holt Boggs is a go-getter. Starring in two feature films heading for DVD release in WalMart nationwide and heading to major cable networks, he is one of the most talented indy actors around. I have personally seen him fight a wolf or 6 in the woods up in Pennsylvania. It was a horrible night for the wolves.

3. Frederic Doss

Actor | G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Fred is a born entertainer, but did not discover acting until his senior year in High School. After studying theater in college at Missouri Southern State University, he eventually earned a bachelor's degree in sociology, got married and shortly after 9/11 joined the US Air Force. It wasn't until ...

Since I am making this list it only makes sense that I would talk about what a talented actor and sexy man I am, but what I really want to talk about is whooping wolf ass...which I do...a lot...with Holt and Brandon. Oh and go watch GI Joe Initiate!

4. Larry Jack Dotson

Actor | Bernie

Larry was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and has been married to actress/teacher, Tracy Dotson, since 1984. Always a performer at heart, he was often involved in school and church productions as a young man. Larry traveled the country as lead singer and front man for a quartet for almost 20 years...

A wonderfully gifted actor with some big budget credits to his name alongside actors like Matthew McConaughey and Shirley Maclane, Larry Jack also lays the smack down on candy ass wolves regularly...just because.

5. Carl Savering

Director | The Frog's Leg

Carl Savering is an actor and director, known for The Frog's Leg (2016), Drop Dead Diva (2009) and Biohazard: Patient Zero (2012).

A charming, talented actor and badass wolf-slayer. I once saw Carl kill 14 wolves with a claw hammer while wearing only boxer shorts and bunny slippers. It was brutal...yet beautiful to behold.

6. Nick Mancuso

Actor | Under Siege

Darkly handsome Nick Mancuso, born Nicodemo Antonio Massimo Mancuso, was born in 1948 in Mammola, Italy but raised as a child in Canada (from age 8). During his over four decade career, films claimed him as the Antichrist (Franco Macalousso) in the Apocalypse trilogy produced by Cloud Ten Pictures (...

TV's Sting Ray and the man who backed up Segal in "Under Siege" is a very scholarly fellow...and wolves crawl inside their own rectums like pill bugs to hide from his wrath.

7. Chip Joslin

Actor | CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

A native Texan, Chip is known for his quirky characters that he has portrayed and his complete dedication to his craft. He has had the opportunity to play everything from a young Amish Man on Cold Case to a German brain surgeon who is a wanna-be rapper.

Chip was born in Arlington, TX and raised in ...

An amazing actor...who is also part wolf...but we like him anyway. He's got no qualms about putting his wolf brethren to the blade though. A walking 24 pack of wolf-ass-whoop, Chip rocks!

8. Abel Berry

Producer | Blood Sombrero

Abel Berry is a producer and actor, known for Blood Sombrero (2016), Devotion (2013) and Midnight Devils.

Actor, director and sexual tyrannosaurus. The rumors that he has actually sodomized his wolf victims is most likely not true. I mean, he gets into it...but...

9. Will Ferrell

Producer | Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

John William Ferrell was born in Irvine, California, to Betty Kay (Overman), a teacher, and Roy Lee Ferrell, Jr., a musician. His parents were originally from Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina.

A graduate of the University of Southern California, Ferrell became interested in performing while a student ...

Because *beep* YOU!

10. Bryan Massey

Actor | Mad Money

Bryan Massey was born in Pontiac, Michigan but moved to Dallas, Texas when he was just 7 years old. He began his illustrious acting career at the tender age of 9 when he made the local paper by winning the 5th grade talent show lip syncing to Steve Martin's "King Tut." At the age of 13, Bryan ...

IS actually killing wolves right now! It's amazing he actually has any time left to do films like "W", "Drive Angry" and others because he is literally always foot to ass on a wolf.

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