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A complete list of films released by Tartan Video (now Palisades Tartan) which never made it to DVD in the UK.

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1. Allegro non troppo (1976)

PG | 75 min | Animation, Comedy, Fantasy

An enthusiastic filmmaker thinks he's come up with a totally original idea: animation set to classical music! When he is informed that some American named "Prisney" (or something) has ... See full summary »

Director: Bruno Bozzetto | Stars: Maurizio Nichetti, Maurizio Micheli, Marialuisa Giovannini, Néstor Garay

Votes: 2,433

Available on DVD outside UK.

2. Annabelle partagée (1991)

84 min | Drama

A girl unhappy in a relationship with a much older man decides to try having an affair with a male friend of her best girlfriend.

Director: Francesca Comencini | Stars: Delphine Zingg, François Marthouret, Jean-Claude Adelin, Florence Thomassin

Votes: 14

Never released on DVD in the UK - very rare film.

3. The Arrangement (1969)

R | 125 min | Drama, Romance

A suicidal advertising executive is forced to re-evaluate his life while dealing with his unhappy marriage, his mistress, and his aging father.

Director: Elia Kazan | Stars: Kirk Douglas, Faye Dunaway, Deborah Kerr, Richard Boone

Votes: 2,346 | Gross: $8.72M

Early Tartan release.

4. Bathroom Intimacy (1991)

78 min | Drama

Study of a family in crisis, revealed through the bathroom habits of its various members.

Director: Jaime Humberto Hermosillo | Stars: Emilio Echevarría, Álvaro Guerrero, Martha Navarro, Gabriela Roel

Votes: 60

Bathroom Intimacies - Rare film.

5. Bound and Gagged: A Love Story (1993)

94 min | Drama

Leslie's husband Steve is a brute and she wants out, at least she thinks she does. Her lover Elizabeth agrees that Steve needs to go away, so they plot his murder. Meanwhile their friend ... See full summary »

Director: Daniel B. Appleby | Stars: Ginger Lynn, Karen Black, Chris Denton, Elizabeth Saltarrelli

Votes: 167

Available on US DVD.

7. Broadway Bound (1992 TV Movie)

89 min | Comedy, Drama

Eugene and Stanley Jerome try to break into show biz as comedy writers while their parents' marriage ends. When the boys' material is broadcast on radio, the family hears their private life played for laughs.

Director: Paul Bogart | Stars: Anne Bancroft, Hume Cronyn, Corey Parker, Jonathan Silverman

Votes: 106

8. The Cement Garden (1993)

Not Rated | 101 min | Drama

Four children try to hold things together and play a family in their isolated prefab house after the death of their parents. As they begin to deteriorate mentally, they hide their mom's festering corpse in a makeshift concrete sarcophagus.

Director: Andrew Birkin | Stars: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Andrew Robertson, Alice Coulthard, Ned Birkin

Votes: 4,168 | Gross: $0.32M

9. Chappaqua (1966)

Not Rated | 82 min | Drama

Semi-autobiographical story of Conrad Rooks, who travels to France to undergo a drug-withdrawal cure. Flashbacks to the beginings of psychedelia in San Fran.

Director: Conrad Rooks | Stars: Jean-Louis Barrault, Conrad Rooks, William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg

Votes: 506

10. Character (1997)

R | 122 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Jacob Katadreuffe lives mute with his mother, has no contact with his father who only works against him and wants to become a lawyer, at all costs.

Director: Mike van Diem | Stars: Pavlik Jansen op de Haar, Jan Decleir, Fedja van Huêt, Betty Schuurman

Votes: 9,991 | Gross: $0.71M

11. Cup Final (1991)

Not Rated | 105 min | Drama, War

An Israeli soldier is taken hostage by a small PLO squad in lebanon. The soldier planned to go on vacation and to fly to the world final soccer cup (mondial), he and his capturers share the... See full summary »

Director: Eran Riklis | Stars: Moshe Ivgy, Mohammad Bakri, Salim Dau, Bassam Zo'amat

Votes: 175

Cup Final

12. Dallas Doll (1994)

104 min | Comedy

A feisty independent golf player wreaks havoc in a suburban Sydney home by attempting to seduce every member of the family.

Director: Ann Turner | Stars: Sandra Bernhard, Victoria Longley, Frank Gallacher, Jake Blundell

Votes: 101

13. Danzón (1991)

PG-13 | 120 min | Drama

Julia (Rojo) is a phone operator in Mexico City who divides her time between her job, her daughter and the danzon: a cuban dance very popular in Mexico and Central America. Every wednesday ... See full summary »

Director: María Novaro | Stars: María Rojo, Carmen Salinas, Tito Vasconcelos, Margarita Isabel

Votes: 465 | Gross: $0.36M

14. City Unplugged (1993)

Not Rated | 99 min | Comedy, Crime, Thriller

In August, 1991, Estonia reclaims its independence from the USSR and brings to its national bank nearly $1 billion in gold bullion hidden in Paris for 50 years. Russian mobsters have a bold... See full summary »

Director: Ilkka Järvi-Laturi | Stars: Ivo Uukkivi, Milena Gulbe, Monika Mäger, Enn Klooren

Votes: 382


16. Deep Crimson (1996)

114 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

The life of a man who preys on unsuspecting women for a living is changed when he finds an accomplice in the woman who loves and controls him.

Director: Arturo Ripstein | Stars: Regina Orozco, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Sherlyn, Giovani Florido

Votes: 1,467

Deep Crimson - said to be worth watching.

17. The End of St. Petersburg (1927)

Not Rated | 85 min | Drama

A peasant comes to St. Petersburg to find work. He unwittingly helps in the arrest of an old village friend who is now a labor leader. The unemployed peasant is also arrested and sent to ... See full summary »

Directors: Vsevolod Pudovkin, Mikhail Doller | Stars: Aleksandr Chistyakov, Vera Baranovskaya, Ivan Chuvelyov, V. Obolensky

Votes: 1,345

18. Equinox (1992)

R | 110 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Twins, separated at birth and living opposite lives, are about to learn of each other- and the substantial inheritance they are entitled to.

Director: Alan Rudolph | Stars: Matthew Modine, Lara Flynn Boyle, Fred Ward, Tyra Ferrell

Votes: 1,086 | Gross: $0.28M

19. Finian's Rainbow (1968)

G | 141 min | Family, Fantasy, Musical

An Irish immigrant and his daughter move into a town in the American South with a magical piece of gold that will change people's lives, including a struggling farmer and African American citizens threatened by a bigoted politician.

Director: Francis Ford Coppola | Stars: Fred Astaire, Petula Clark, Tommy Steele, Don Francks

Votes: 3,078 | Gross: $11.60M

Early release.

20. Friends (1993)

105 min | Drama

Three female friends, at the end of the eighties, share a house in Johannesburg, South Africa. Each of them has her own way to live with apartheid. Thoko is a black teacher and practices ... See full summary »

Director: Elaine Proctor | Stars: Kerry Fox, Dambisa Kente, Michele Burgers, Marius Weyers

Votes: 88

Not to be confused with the sitcom.

21. Fun (1994)

Unrated | 105 min | Crime, Drama

Hillary and Bonnie meet one morning by the side of the road. They become fast friends, share their secrets, and on a rising wave of frenzy later that afternoon, murder an old woman. They did it, they say later, for fun.

Director: Rafal Zielinski | Stars: Renée Humphrey, Alicia Witt, William R. Moses, Leslie Hope

Votes: 1,175

Used to get shown on Channel 4 back in the day.

22. Galahad of Everest (1991 TV Movie)

87 min | Documentary

Brian Blessed recreates the 1924 George Mallory climb of Everest

Director: John-Paul Davidson | Star: Brian Blessed

Votes: 16

23. Gloria (1980)

PG | 123 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

68 Metascore

When a young boy's family is killed by the mob, their tough neighbor Gloria becomes his reluctant guardian. In possession of a book that the gangsters want, the pair go on the run in New York.

Director: John Cassavetes | Stars: Gena Rowlands, Buck Henry, Julie Carmen, Tony Knesich

Votes: 7,512

24. Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse (1991)

R | 96 min | Documentary

Documentary that chronicles how Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now (1979) was plagued by extraordinary script, shooting, budget, and casting problems--nearly destroying the life and career of the celebrated director.

Directors: Fax Bahr, George Hickenlooper, Eleanor Coppola | Stars: Dennis Hopper, Martin Sheen, Marlon Brando, George Lucas

Votes: 17,039 | Gross: $1.32M

Available on US DVD - currently unavailable on DVD in UK.

25. Hercules Returns (1993)

82 min | Comedy

When Brad quits his job at a large cinema chain, to open his own picture theatre, his ex-boss sabotages the opening night by switching the Italian film with a non-subtitled version. Brad ... See full summary »

Director: David Parker | Stars: David Argue, Michael Carman, Mary Coustas, Bruce Spence

Votes: 1,287

Very strange film featured on Channel 5's Out:there TV series.

26. La tarea (1991)

Unrated | 85 min | Comedy, Drama

Virginia is taking a class at film school, and has decided on her solo project for the class. She will secretly film herself and her ex-husband Marcelo with a candid camera while they make love.

Director: Jaime Humberto Hermosillo | Stars: María Rojo, José Alonso

Votes: 516

Homework - Dark comedy.

27. Honeysuckle Rose (1980)

PG | 119 min | Music, Romance, Drama

Willie Nelson is a country singer on the road caught in a romantic triangle with Dyan Cannon and Amy Irving, the daughter of one of his longtime musical sidekick.

Director: Jerry Schatzberg | Stars: Willie Nelson, Dyan Cannon, Amy Irving, Slim Pickens

Votes: 1,193 | Gross: $17.82M

28. A Man in Uniform (1993)

R | 99 min | Drama, Thriller

Henry Adler, a bank employee and actor, is cast as a cop in an upcoming television series but he begins to take his duties seriously.

Director: David Wellington | Stars: Tom McCamus, Brigitte Bako, Kevin Tighe, David Hemblen

Votes: 532 | Gross: $0.09M

29. I Was on Mars (1991)

87 min | Comedy

Silva fulfills herself a dream: from Poland she flies to USA. With only a few hundred dollars she arrives in New York, incapable of the language. Not long until the charming swindler Avi ... See full summary »

Director: Dani Levy | Stars: Maria Schrader, Dani Levy, Mario Giacalone, Antonia Rey

Votes: 112

30. The Icicle Thief (1989)

Not Rated | 90 min | Comedy

A movie resembling Bicycle Thieves (1948) is shown on TV, but the real-life world gets muddled with the film and the TV commercials.

Director: Maurizio Nichetti | Stars: Maurizio Nichetti, Caterina Sylos Labini, Federico Rizzo, Renato Scarpa

Votes: 891 | Gross: $1.23M

The Icicle Thief - released on DVD in other countries. Tartan also released this on VCD.

31. In the Soup (1992)

R | 93 min | Comedy, Drama

A neurotic nebbish lives in 2 worlds: the fantasy of winning his dream-girl via a hit movie, and the meager existence he scrapes out from very odd jobs, such as thesping in an arty ... See full summary »

Director: Alexandre Rockwell | Stars: Steve Buscemi, Seymour Cassel, Jennifer Beals, Pat Moya

Votes: 2,394 | Gross: $0.26M

32. Inside Daisy Clover (1965)

Approved | 128 min | Drama, Music, Romance

A tomboy turned movie star deals with the cruelty of Hollywood.

Director: Robert Mulligan | Stars: Natalie Wood, Christopher Plummer, Robert Redford, Ruth Gordon

Votes: 2,928

One of Tartan's earliest VHS releases.

33. I Don't Kiss (1991)

R | 115 min | Drama

A young man leaves his native town in southern France to discover Paris. Being too unexperienced and too naive, he drops into the reality of Paris 1991. He soon gives up his dream of ... See full summary »

Director: André Téchiné | Stars: Philippe Noiret, Emmanuelle Béart, Manuel Blanc, Hélène Vincent

Votes: 1,103

J'embrasse pas

34. Jack Be Nimble (1993)

R | 92 min | Horror, Thriller

Jack and Dora, abandoned by their parents as babies, are desperate to find each other after years of adoption. Jack's young life has been spent with a sadistic family. Dora, whose life has ... See full summary »

Director: Garth Maxwell | Stars: Alexis Arquette, Sarah Smuts-Kennedy, Bruno Lawrence, Tony Barry

Votes: 388

35. Jacquot de Nantes (1991)

PG | 118 min | Biography, Drama

Jacquot Demy is a little boy at the end of the thirties. His father owns a garage and his mother is a hairdresser. The whole family lives happily and likes to sing and to go to the movies. ... See full summary »

Director: Agnès Varda | Stars: Philippe Maron, Edouard Joubeaud, Laurent Monnier, Brigitte De Villepoix

Votes: 1,168 | Gross: $0.15M

36. Junk Mail (1997)

83 min | Comedy, Thriller

A lazy postman puts his nose where it doesn't belong.

Director: Pål Sletaune | Stars: Robert Skjærstad, Andrine Sæther, Per Egil Aske, Eli Anne Linnestad

Votes: 1,925


37. Just Another Girl on the I.R.T. (1992)

R | 92 min | Drama

Chantel Mitchell (Ariyan Johnson), a hip, articulate, black high-school girl in Brooklyn, is determined not to become "just another girl on the IRT" (the IRT is one of NYC's subway lines). ... See full summary »

Director: Leslie Harris | Stars: Ariyan A. Johnson, Kevin Thigpen, Ebony Jerido, Chequita Jackson

Votes: 762 | Gross: $0.48M

38. King Lear (1971)

GP | 137 min | Drama

The Shakespeare tragedy that gave us the expression "How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child." King Lear has not one but two ungrateful children, and it's ... See full summary »

Director: Peter Brook | Stars: Paul Scofield, Irene Worth, Cyril Cusack, Susan Engel

Votes: 704

39. The Accompanist (1992)

PG | 102 min | Drama, Music, Romance

In Nazi-occupied Paris, a young accompanist named Sophie Vasseur gets a job with famed singer Irene Brice. As Irene's husband Charles, a businessman collaborating with the Nazis, wrestles ... See full summary »

Director: Claude Miller | Stars: Richard Bohringer, Elena Safonova, Romane Bohringer, Samuel Labarthe

Votes: 756 | Gross: $0.73M


40. Theory of Achievement (1991)

Not Rated | 18 min | Comedy, Drama, Short

Affectionately examines the lives of a group of "young, middle-class, white, college-educated, unskilled, broke, drunk" Brooklynites who would love to make something of their lives -- assuming they can pay the rent first.

Director: Hal Hartley | Stars: Bob Gosse, Jessica Sager, Jeffrey Howard, Elina Löwensohn

Votes: 374

Hal Hartley Short Films.

41. Ambition (II) (1991)

Not Rated | 9 min | Comedy, Drama, Short

A day in the life of a young artist who longs for professional success and the attention of beautiful women, but who encounters only frustration and violence.

Director: Hal Hartley | Stars: George Feaster, Hannah Sullivan, Rick Groel, James McCauley

Votes: 399

Hal Hartley Short Films.

42. Surviving Desire (1992)

Not Rated | 53 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Jude, a college literature professor, falls for one of his students. She is more interested in the empirical experience of a relationship with a man whose life is ruled by the themes of the... See full summary »

Director: Hal Hartley | Stars: Martin Donovan, Matt Malloy, Rebecca Nelson, Julie Kessler

Votes: 1,335

Hal Hartley Short Films.

45. La scorta (1993)

Not Rated | 96 min | Action, Crime, Drama

58 Metascore

A dedicated, tightly-knit group of bodyguards take on additional duties while safeguarding an honest judge designated to investigate official corruption in Sicily.

Director: Ricky Tognazzi | Stars: Carlo Cecchi, Enrico Lo Verso, Claudio Amendola, Ricky Memphis

Votes: 776 | Gross: $0.15M

Surprisingly not on DVD in UK.

46. The Last September (1999)

R | 103 min | Drama, History, Romance

69 Metascore

In 1920s Ireland, an elderly couple reside over a tired country estate. Living with them are their high-spirited niece, their Oxford student nephew, and married house guests, who are trying... See full summary »

Director: Deborah Warner | Stars: Michael Gambon, Tom Hickey, Keeley Hawes, David Tennant

Votes: 768 | Gross: $0.47M

On US R1.

47. My New Partner at the Races (1990)

107 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

The partners are back and are in a tight spot! Francois is going through a moral crisis, and Rene is experiencing the same. But, honesty is not always the best policy. After being suspended... See full summary »

Director: Claude Zidi | Stars: Philippe Noiret, Thierry Lhermitte, Guy Marchand, Jean-Pierre Castaldi

Votes: 1,730

48. Young Werther (1993)

94 min | Drama

Ismael and his friends get over the death of his best friend, from whom he has recently distanced.

Director: Jacques Doillon | Stars: Ismaël Jolé-Ménébhi, Faye Gatteau, Jessica Tharaud, Mirabelle Rousseau

Votes: 172

49. Léolo (1992)

Not Rated | 107 min | Comedy, Drama