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1. Killing Angels (2019)

PG-13 | Action, Crime, Drama | Pre-production

A group of elitists recruit a freelance agent in an attempt to bring down the worlds biggest human trafficking network.

Director: Daniel Rentas | Stars: Edin Gali, Kristen Carpenter, Nadia Lanfranconi, Hunter G. Williams

2. The Dark Chronicles (2011)

92 min | Crime, Drama, Horror

Six troubled young adults come face-to-face with their worst nightmares when their traumatic pasts come back to haunt them.

Director: Jake McDowell | Stars: MacKenzie Boyd-Garrison, Todd Christensen, Alanna McConnell, Ryan Racine

Votes: 43

3. Answers to Nothing (2011)

R | 124 min | Drama, Mystery, Romance

29 Metascore

Against the backdrop of a missing girl case, lost souls throughout Los Angeles search for meaning and redemption and affect each other in ways they don't always see.

Director: Matthew Leutwyler | Stars: Sam Page, Caitlin Gerard, Chuck McCollum, Julie Benz

Votes: 935 | Gross: $0.02M

4. Mysteria (2011)

Not Rated | 98 min | Mystery, Thriller

A once famous, and now washed-up, Hollywood Screenwriter, fighting to finish his latest script with an unrealistic deadline. He finds himself in the center of a murder investigation ... See full summary »

Director: Lucius C. Kuert | Stars: Robert Miano, Danny Glover, Martin Landau, Billy Zane

Votes: 500

5. Exsanguination (2011)

Unrated | 74 min | Comedy, Horror, Mystery

One dark room. Two bound strangers. And, a whole lot of blood.

Director: Stuart Brick | Stars: Mark T. Lee, Shane Land, Greg Vestal, Melissa Vestal

Votes: 51

6. The House (IV) (2011)

Not Rated | 109 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Jean just quit her coveted job as an investment banker on Wall Street. After a soul-searching journey traveling around the world, she retreats to an empty vacation home owned by a friend's ... See full summary »

Director: Desiree Lim | Stars: Natalie Skye, Zak Santiago, Alex Zahara, Emilie Ullerup

Votes: 44

7. Perception (II) (2012)


A man begins to question his sanity when the lines between reality and his imagination begin to blur.

Director: Stan Harrington | Stars: R.D. Call, Stan Harrington, Kely McClung, Blythe Metz

Votes: 7

8. Red Riding Hood (2011)

PG-13 | 100 min | Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

29 Metascore

Set in a medieval village that is haunted by a werewolf, a young girl falls for an orphaned woodcutter, much to her family's displeasure.

Director: Catherine Hardwicke | Stars: Amanda Seyfried, Lukas Haas, Gary Oldman, Billy Burke

Votes: 98,697 | Gross: $37.66M

9. The Golden Suicides

Biography, Drama, Mystery | Announced

A chronicle of the double suicide of artists Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake.

Director: Malcolm Venville

10. The Nothing (2011)

95 min | Drama, Mystery

The faith of five strangers is put to the test when they awake to find themselves in a mysterious place, with no idea of how they got there... and no way out.

Director: Joshua Childs | Stars: Jeff Boyet, Jared Carter, Jeremy Childs, Jeff Durham

Votes: 31

11. I Am Death (2013)

78 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

A distraught young man travels down the lonely highway while the wise words of a professional killer hover overhead.

Director: Paul Orehovec | Stars: Zacc Dukowitz, G.W. Bailey, Charlene Amoia, Jessica Badenoch

Votes: 5

12. Gloomy Sunday (I) (2011)

90 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

The two youngest children of the Richard family disappear not long after they moves into their new secluded home, but this is only the beginning as the rest of the family struggle to hold themselves together.

Director: Andrew Salter | Stars: Michael Howlett, Olivia Mackenzie-Smith, Brendan Miles, Natalija Karna

Votes: 8

13. Sodium Party (2013)

Not Rated | 83 min | Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

Sodium Party follows Claire through a harrowing childhood to university where she meets Danny, a frequently intoxicated photographer who exposes her to real life through a cocktail of love ... See full summary »

Director: Michael McCudden | Stars: Slaine Kelly, James Corscadden, Marian Rose, Melissa Nolan

Votes: 57

14. Two Days Back (2011)

96 min | Horror, Mystery

Five-year-old Emma follows a feral boy into the woods and is lost for two days. Remembering nothing of her ordeal, she avoids the woods, until seventeen years later when she accompanies a ... See full summary »

Director: Kevin Alexander Boon | Stars: Katherine Howard, Johnno Wilson, Matt Baldoni, Amanda Kohberger

Votes: 57

15. Go-hyang-i: Jook-eum-eul bo-neun doo gae-eui noon (2011)

106 min | Drama, Horror, Mystery

So-yeun gets stuck with a Persian cat when its owner dies. From then on, she is haunted by a girl with green cat-like eyes.

Director: Seung-wook Byeon | Stars: Min-Young Park, Dong-wook Kim, Ye-ron Kim, Min-jae Kim

Votes: 956

16. Hilltop Cemetery (2011)

90 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

When grandfather Billie died, the only thing left to his grandsons, Josh and Conner, was the responsibility of taking care of Hilltop Cemetery for a few days. Could this be a few days of fun or ...

Director: Alex Kazan | Star: Justin Ferrari

Votes: 6

17. The Muse (2011)

Not Rated | 58 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Gabriel Hunt is a successful horror novelist who's lost his muse. Unable to finish the sequel to the frightening novel that made him famous, he's fallen on desperate times. There is only ... See full summary »

Director: Taylor Grant | Stars: Jake Eberle, Joshua Galitsky, Taylor Grant, Sasha Perl-Raver

Votes: 15

18. Insomnium (2017)

81 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

As George investigates his roommate's increasingly disturbing nocturnal behavior, he suspects that his friend has become possessed by a dark entity.

Director: Scott Powers | Stars: Brad Pennington, Clint Browning, Gena Shaw, Larena Reyna

Votes: 8

19. Bleak (2011)

51 min | Mystery, Thriller

Niki Ames, a young writer, moves into a haunted house and discovers that she is not alone.

Director: Sophia Pino | Stars: Miranda Kasher, Emily Patterson, Sophia Pino, Steven Tran

20. Paramnesia (I) (2011)

Not Rated | 85 min | Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi

ALEX, finds himself lying on the floor of his apartment with no memory of anything about him or anyone/anything else. He will try to find out how this happened to him with help from his ... See full summary »

Director: Eleutherios Kakathimis | Stars: Andreas Georgiou, Nicolas D. Blake, Nathan Mellows, Niovi Spyridaki

Votes: 18

21. Los pájaros se van con la muerte (2011)

110 min | Drama, Mystery

The obsession of The Mother for The Negro causes her sick relationship with The Daughter. Mother and daughter perform a daily routine of rites to conjure The Negro's soul. It pushes them into the dolorous tragedy which will consume them.

Director: Thaelman Urgelles | Stars: Carlota Sosa, Daniela Bascopé, Óscar Borda, Pedro Lander

Votes: 12

22. Every November (2011)

110 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Driven apart after the tragic death of their little girl, Chris and Kate are still mourning her loss five years later. Maggie's killer, Jason, who was sixteen when he took her life, will be... See full summary »

Director: Elgin Cahill | Stars: Vivian Lie, Elgin Cahill, Ben Garfield, Brandon Bright

23. Le pays des âmes, a jazz fable (2011)

80 min | Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

In today's Montreal, the devil, through discreet manners of seduction, takes liberty upon death. A brave trumpet player in love with a damned soul must fight him.

Director: Olivier Godin | Stars: Eve Duranceau, Philippe Battikha, Luc Proulx, Adam Kinner

24. Ayuda (2011)

100 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Marilyn is found dead one morning on her own swing in the attic of the apartment building. The investigating officer quickly concludes she was murdered. He has only one day to solve the ... See full summary »

Director: Sebastian Hilger | Stars: Benedikt Greiner, Joyce Ilg, Michael Pink, Daniele Rizzo

25. The Whisperer in Darkness (2011)

Not Rated | 103 min | Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Based on the H. P. Lovecraft story of the same name, a folklorist investigates reports of unusual creatures in Vermont only to uncover more than he bargained for

Director: Sean Branney | Stars: Stephen Blackehart, Autumn Wendel, Zack Gold, P.J. King

Votes: 2,310

27. The Crow (1994)

R | 102 min | Action, Drama, Fantasy

71 Metascore

A man brutally murdered comes back to life as an undead avenger of his and his fiancée's murder.

Director: Alex Proyas | Stars: Brandon Lee, Michael Wincott, Rochelle Davis, Ernie Hudson

Votes: 148,918 | Gross: $50.69M