Dazzlingly Beautiful Unknown (Female) Stars

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This list is a "continuation" of Dazzlingly Beautiful Unknown (Female) V.I.P.'s (which contains gorgeous important -female- people that don't have six zeroes-$1,000,000.00- on their contract).

1. Malissa Longo

Actress | Blade of Honor

Born in Conway, South Carolina to a father in the Air Force. Malissa Longo, spent very little of her life in the place of her birth. She spent the first ten years of her life, on and off, on the various air force bases abroad in England. Her family relocated back to the states, where they spent ...

2. Meghan Carrasquillo

Actress | What Lies Behind the Walls

Meghan Carrasquillo is an actress, known for Hider in My House (2022), iPossessed (2022) and The Squad.

3. Risha Nanda

Actress | Incorporated

Risha Nanda is an actress, known for Incorporated (2016), Out of Time (2012) and Ransom (2017).

4. Jessica Barrera

Actress | The Flash

Jessica Barrera is an actress, known for The Flash (2014), Between Waves (2020) and The Pride (2022).

5. Angelique Gorges

Actress | The 702

Angelique Gorges was born on January 15, 1971 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. She is an actress, known for The 702 (2015), The Man Show (1999) and Lingerie Fighting Championships 25: Showdown at Sam's Town (2018). She has been married to Jeff Henry since July 10, 2000. They have two children.

6. Keanna Reeves

Actress | The Killer Bride

Keanna Reeves was born in 1970 in Cebu, Philippines. She is an actress, known for The Killer Bride (2019), Wapakman (2009) and Binibining K (2006).

7. Giulia Da Pian

Actress | Sushi Arcade

Giulia Da Pian is an Italian actress, known for In Defense Of (2018). Born in Venice, Italy to Doctors Luigi Da Pian and Anna Coletti, she is the first of two sisters.

Growing up in one of the most artistic cities in the world, she developed a love for the arts from an early age, studying ballet and...

8. Sarka Nikolai

Actress | Used Mercs

Sarka Nikolai is known for Used Mercs, A Mother's Fury (2021) and W.F.L.T. (2021).

9. Michelle J. Costello

Actress | Good Girls

Michelle Janine Costello is a SAG actress, professional dancer & athlete.

Michelle grew up north of Boston, where she started dancing at the age of 3! She knew that she wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment industry ever since her first on stage- tutu experience.

After graduating a year ...

10. Kimmy Saracino

Actress | Awkward Cupcakes

Kimmy Saracino is an actress and writer, known for Awkward Cupcakes (2017), The Colombian Connection (2014) and Trap House (2009).

12. Tania Starr

Actress | Hyde & Seek

Tania Starr is an actress, known for Hyde & Seek (2016), Diary of an Uber Driver (2019) and Orange Is the New Brown (2018).

13. Cici Wang

Actress | He shen

Cici Wang was born on November 12, 1992 in Xichang, Sichuan, China. She is an actress, known for Tientsin Mystic (2017), He shen 2 (2020) and The Yinyang Master (2021).

14. Alex Ellis

Actress | Hot in Cleveland

Alex Ellis is from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a mix of middle eastern and southern descent. Having originated roles in the Broadway companies of Catch Me If You Can and On A Clear Day You Can See Forever (starring Harry Connick Jr.), Alex is also the voice of Cosmina in Disney's animated ...

15. Danxia Yang

Actress | Into Black

Danxia Yang is an actress, known for Into Black (2017), Battalion (2018) and My Reprisal (2014).

16. Dilara Büyükbayraktar

Actress | Siccin 6

Dilara Büyükbayraktar was born on October 23, 1989 in Izmir, Turkey. She is an actress and writer, known for Sijjin 6 (2019), Sungurlar (2014) and Back Streets (2006).

17. Sanghmitra Hitaishi

Actress | Lajwanti

Sanghmitra Hitaishi is an Indian born Film and Stage actress based in Mumbai, India. She works in both India and Europe. She was selected in the year 2015 as the first female Actress from India to be part of the Berlinale Talents Lab since its inception. Her first feature film Lajwanti (The Honor ...

19. Jennifer Dent

Actress | National Treasure: Edge of History

Jennifer Dent is an actress, known for National Treasure: Edge of History, Fast Charlie (2023) and Bottoms (2023).

20. Aiysha Saagar

Actress | Tantrica

Aiysha is a Australian Pop Star who sings in mainly Hindi, Punjabi and English. She has roots in Punjab and Bengal (India), but has spent most of her life in Australia.

She has not only completed 3 degrees in Accounting, Law and Financial Planning and successfully climbed the corporate ladder, but ...

21. Ashley Lang

Actress | Campton Manor

Ashley Lang is an actress and assistant director, known for Campton Manor, Petrol (2016) and Strange Love (2016).

22. Jennifer Korbin

Actress | Lingerie

Jennifer Korbin was born on December 9, 1971 in Dallas, Texas, USA. She is an actress, known for Lingerie (2009), Resurrection and The Rage Within (2001).

23. Christelle Zeinoun

Editorial_department | WeCrashed

Christelle Zeinoun is a Post Production Producer. She started her career in Lebanon, where she wrote, directed, edited and completely produced her first short movie: E-muet. Soon after this, she was invited at Pepperdine University (CA) and at Los Angeles City College where she was part of a Q&A on...

24. Breanna Watkins

Stunts | Star Trek Beyond

Actress and stunt performer; known for Acting and performing as Rebecca "Newt" Jorden (the character from the Aliens Franchise), and Ripley (body talent), in the alternate ending of The Predator (2018), and appearing as an actress in the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog (2019). Currently (Jan 2019) ...

25. Novia Lin

Actress | Zui hou jue ding ai shang ni

Novia Lin is an actress, known for Love You (2011), Finding Shangri-La (2009) and Legend of the T-Dog (2012).

26. Roxana Sanchez

Actress | Rag Doll

Roxana Sanchez is an actress, known for Rag Doll (2019), Sanador: The Healer (2019) and Wally Got Wasted (2018).

27. Munirih Grace

Actress | Pure

Munirih Grace grew up studying the violin in Vienna, winning the International Paganini Competition at the age of 10 and performing at The National Philharmonic throughout her teens. Munirih went on to graduated with a first class degree in Law at SOAS, University of London prior to training as an ...

28. Kat Fairaway

Actress | Lies For Rent

Kat Fairaway is an actress and producer, known for Psycho Escort (2020), Kidnapped by a Classmate (2020) and Letters from the Heart (2019).

29. Madhulika Krishnan

Actress | The K Pops

Madhulika Krishnan is an American actress of South Asian descent, born and raised in northern California.

She's acted in a variety of films and is known for playing Princess Jasmine on 'Totally TV', a Disney parody show for children on Youtube with over 4 million subscribers. She plays the ...

30. Ynez Veneracion

Actress | Sa paraiso ni Efren

Ynez Veneracion is an actress, known for Sa paraiso ni Efren (1999), Selda 14: Mga babaeng makasalanan (1998) and Kamandag (2007).

31. Kaylan Mackinnon

Music_department | The Miracle Season

Actress and musician Kaylan Mackinnon grew up in the countryside of Southern Ontario with her parents and two younger sisters. Having a passion for the performing arts at a young age, Mackinnon found herself wanting to take acting and singing classes. A few years later Mackinnon began writing songs...

32. Maria Camila Giraldo

Actress | La Reina del Sur

Maria Camila Giraldo Trujillo- Yes, those are all of her names. Colombian actress, working in Latin America since she was 8y/o in several TV shows, Netflix shows and theater. One of her biggest credits is The queen of the South and The queen of the Flow- two of the biggest shows done in Latin ...

33. Dalena Nguyen

Actor | Monster Force Zero

Dalena Nguyen is known for Monster Force Zero (2019), Drury Lane (2017) and Emperor Static: The Electric Man (2020).

34. Petia Pavlova

Actress | Hello Au Revoir

Petia Pavlova is a London based actress, singer, musician and model. At the age of 4, she started performing on stage, playing the piano and singing. She took private piano and singing lessons with a beloved music teacher Dobrinka Moskova, till the age of 15, and was part of the Montreal's ...

35. Nabha Natesh

Actress | Solo Brathuke So Better

Nabha Natesh (born 11 december 1995), is an Indian model and actress who appears predominantly in Kannada and Telugu films. She starred in the commercially successful 2015 film Vajrakaya, and soon become one of the popular actresses in Kannada film industry.

Nabha has completed engineering in ...

36. Ziyi Deng

Actress | Pound of Flesh

Ziyi Deng was born on May 21, 1985 in Yiyang, Hunan, China. She is an actress, known for Pound of Flesh (2015), Wolf Warrior (2015) and Deception Obsession (2015).

37. Janeva

Actress | Diary of a Badman

Janeva is an actress, known for Diary of a Badman (2016), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs the Reverend (2020) and Old Abe (2015).

38. Mier Liu

Actress | Take Out Girl

Mier was born in Taiwan. She moved to Palo Alto California with her mother and sister when she was 12 years old. She's a versatile actress who excels in both dramatic and comedic roles, Mier studied the Sanford Meisner technique after graduating with a degree in Theater. She can most recently be ...

39. Nazreen Nazar

Actress | Orkut Oru Ormakoot

Nazreen Nazar is an actress, known for Orkut Oru Ormakoot (2012), 72 Model (2013) and Aadu - Oru Bheegara Jeevi Aanu 2 (2017).

40. Anisha Mandhara

Actress | Codename Vasquez

Anisha Mandhara is an actress, known for Codename Vasquez, De De Pyaar De (2019) and Next Enti? (2018).

41. Psalms

Actress | P-Valley

Psalms Renay Lynn Carroll-Salazar was born in Texas, the third youngest of six children. Her father is African American, and her mother is of Puerto Rican/Native American descent. She was raised in the small town of Orange Texas, near the Louisiana border. Her desire to become an actress formed at ...

42. Shante DeLoach

Actress | Legacies

Shante DeLoach is an actress and producer, known for Legacies (2018), The Partitioned (2016) and Same Sex (2016).

43. Yessenia Hernandez

Actress | Bad Boys for Life

Yessenia Hernandez is known for Bad Boys for Life (2020), Legacies (2018) and This Is America (2018).

44. Cassandra James

Actress | General Hospital

Cassandra James is an American-Canadian actress. She was born in Pasadena, California, the daughter of Debbie Li, a teacher, and James Watzke, a gerontologist. Raised in Vancouver, Canada, her paternal great-grandparents were of German descent. Her maternal ancestry is Chinese, her maternal ...

45. Jennifer Tong

Actress | Grand Army

Jennifer Tong is a Leo-nominated actor from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Born and raised on the west coast, she started performing at a young age. Exploring dance, singing and musical theatre as she grew up, she finally found acting as her main passion. Starting in theatre, she was a part of stage ...

46. Juliette Hourani

Actress | Full Count

Juliette Hourani is an actress and director, known for Full Count, Boulevard (BLVD) and Ouside of Me (2021).

47. Madi Yates

Actress | Poor Mama's Boy

Madi Yates is an actress, known for Poor Mama's Boy (2016), 15 Fridays (2019) and Myopia (2015).

48. Manisha Yadav

Actress | Chennai 600028 II: Second Innings

Manisha Yadav is a Tamil film actress and model who mainly works in the Tamil film industries. She is best known for her lead role as "Aarthi", a 12th grade student in the 2012 Tamil film Vazhakku Enn 18/9.

Manisha was born in Bangalore, Karnataka, India and was working as a model. She debuted in ...

49. Angelina Grace

Actress | Among the Shadows

Kamila Angelina Grace is a Belgian actress. She currently (2021) resides in New York City. She contributed as an extra in a movie but got noticed for her natural acting skills and captivating looks. After finishing her law studies in Brussels, she went to New York City to study acting at the New ...

51. Sammie Rimando

Actress | Ang Probinsyano

Sammie Rimando is an actress, known for Ang Probinsyano (2015), The Killer Bride (2019) and Time & Again (2019).

52. Ceara Lee Taylor

Actress | New Dogs, Old Tricks

Ceara Lee Taylor is an actress, known for New Dogs, Old Tricks (2018), Marley (2017) and Invisible Man 2 (2021).

53. Virginia Novello

Actress | In Absentia

Virginia is a world traveler, adventure seeker actress who is always looking to create. She loves to get to know other cultures and write about her experiences in life. With a big Mexican- Italian family she has more than enough material for a lifetime. Activist creator by day, salsa dancer by ...

54. Fiona Georgiadi

Actress | Success Story

Fiona Georgiadi is an actress, known for Success Story (2017), I gefsi tis agapis (2018) and The Prince of Fire (2018).

55. Galina Slavova

Actress | Fetty

Galina was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. Galina found early success in life as a world-class athlete in the sport of Judo, where she was one of the youngest children on record in the Former Soviet Union to receive her black belt at the age of 13. As a competitor, between 1987 and 1997, she was a 4-time ...

56. Joanna Marie Tan

Actress | Magkaagaw

Joanna Marie Tan is an actress, known for Magkaagaw (2019), Taoag (2013) and The Millionaire's Wife (2016).

57. Georgia Wood

Actress | Reign of Chaos

Georgia Wood is an actress, known for Reign of Chaos (2022), The Bad Nun (2018) and Mummy Reborn (2019).

58. Aurora Chan

Actress | John Apple Jack

Aurora Chan is known for John Apple Jack (2013), Jackhammer (2013) and The Lone Hunter (2021).

59. Tate Kenney

Actress | Happy Birthday Mr. President

Tate Kenney was born on July 25 in Canada to Tammy, a marketing analyst, and Scott, a police officer. She has a younger sister and has German, Irish and French ancestry. She began working as a Ford model in early childhood and was involved in competitive cheer-leading. Tate began acting in ...

60. Laura Kohoot

Actress | Jumping the Broom

Laura Kohoot was born in Tres Palmas, Paraguay. She is an actress, known for Jumping the Broom (2011), All the Wrong Reasons (2013) and Haven (2010).

61. Kayla Kusy

Actress | To Avenge

Kayla Kusy is an American actress and singer. She was born Kayla Marie Kusy on January 30, 1998 in Naugatuck, Connecticut to parents Linda Kusy and William Kusy and has one older sibling, Damon. She graduated from Naugatuck High School in 2016 and then moved to New York City where she graduated ...

62. Jessica Keenan

Actress | The Love Section

Jessica Keenan was born on March 20, 1986 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. She is an actress, known for The Love Section (2013), Crackhorse Presents (2012) and Laugh VS Funny Web Tournament (2020).

63. Daisye Tutor

Actress | Shook

Daisye Tutor is an actress, known for Shook (2021), Funny Story (2018) and Come As You Are (2019).

64. Julyah Rose

Once Upon a Time in... Hollywood

Julyah Rose is an experienced international model, actress, and singer. Born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey she realized her passion for the performing arts at a young age after being inspired by Broadway in New York City. Julyah Rose's parents brought her to Radio City Music Hall, 42nd Street...

65. Dilara Kaan

Actress | Just Drive

Dilara Kaan is a producer and writer, known for Just Drive (2018).

66. Priyanka Krishnan

Actress | Younger

Priyanka Krishnan is an actress, known for Younger (2015), RomComPods (2020) and Go Fetch Club (2022).

67. Kristin Wollett

Actress | Random Tropical Paradise

Kristin Wollett (born as Kristin Leigh Thistle) was born in Easton, PA and lives in the Southeast. After graduating from the University of Florida, she moved to the Southeast to pursue her acting career and has ongoing studies at the Performers Studio Workshop. She is a classically trained dancer, ...

68. Jessica Y. Martin

Actress | Badland Doves

Jessica Y Martin is an American actress, model, dancer & voice over talent known for her role in the Amazon Prime series, "Candid," and appearances in, "Run Coyote Run," & "Scrutiny." As a part of her dancing career she has also had the unique opportunities to perform as an Arizona Cardinals ...

69. CJ Jaravata

Actress | Ang huling henya

CJ Jaravata is an actress, known for Ang huling henya (2013), Babe, I Love You (2010) and Paano kita iibigin (2007).

70. Paola Hernandez

Actress | Beber de tu sangre

Paola Hernandez is an actress, known for Violent Delights (2020).

71. Tanya Lee

Actress | Streamer

Tanya Lee is an actress, known for Streamer (2016), A Dog In Paris (2018) and Run Rabbit Run (2008).

72. Melissa Balocca

Actress | Senior Entourage

Melissa Balocca is a corporate attorney and actress known for her consistency, professionalism, and devotion to her work. Having an ethnically ambiguous look, alluring on screen presence, and a believable and charismatic acting style make her a triple threat, and an asset on set.

Melissa approaches ...

74. Xiyuan Zhang

Actress | Love Just Come

Xiyuan Zhang was born on November 2, 1989 in Shenyang, Liaoning, China. She is an actress, known for Love Just Come 4 (2017), S.M.A.R.T. Chase (2017) and Money Game (2015).

75. Kaylee Kristin

Actress | The Perfect Suspect

Kaylee is an American actress known for her work in Paper Football (2017) and The Perfect Suspect (2017) among other appearances in both movies and television. Born and raised on the East Coast, Kaylee began her career as a young adult while living in Washington D.C. She left the East Coast for the...

76. Asia King

Actress | Boo, Bitch

Asia King is a Korean-American Actress, Born in San Francisco CA. She made her film debut as a child in 'The Animal' along side her uncle, comedian Rob Schneider. Asia spent most of her time focusing on her classic ballet training with a number of prestigious ballet schools; The San Francisco ...

77. Misia Lovegood

Actress | Ronnie's Quest: The Search for Victoria's Treasure

Misia Lovegood is a part of the few family members who came over seas from Poland to Canada. She was raised in Winnipeg Manitoba where she lived with just her mother since the age of 8. Once a shy child turned quickly into a very bubbly adventurous fire cracker who had the passion for preforming. ...

78. Akanksha Thakur

Actress | Cheesecake

Akanksha Thakur was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She is an actress, known for Cheesecake (2019), Bicchoo Ka Khel (2020) and TVF Pitchers (2015).

79. Zailee Madrigal

Actress | The Tax Collector

Zailee Madrigal is an actress, known for The Tax Collector (2020), The Walkers (2019) and The Long Way Home (2015).

80. Michela Carattini

Actress | Bite Club

Michela Carattini is a multi-local, multi-award-winning actress, filmmaker and intimacy coordinator. Now based in Sydney, Australia, she made her film debut as a teenager, featuring as New York street kid 'Gloria Jinx' in The Houston Grand Opera's TV-Movie "Street Scene". A graduate of Columbia and...

81. Nisalda Gonzalez

Actress | General Hospital

Nisalda Gonzalez is known for General Hospital (1963), Shameless (2011) and Fatman (2020).

82. Nomi Ruiz

Soundtrack | Away We Go

Singer, songwriter, actress, essayist Nomi Ruiz became the first Puerto Rican trans woman to perform on prestigious stages worldwide after appearing on Hercules & Love Affair's debut album. She continued venturing into electronic music as Jessica 6 further solidifying her status as an international...

83. Asha Magrati

Actress | The Sky Is Mine

The daughter of an ex-British Gurkha, Magrati grew up inside an army camp where every weekend various films were screened. She fell in love with film and acting quite early in her childhood. Her first role was in a theater play when she was only thirteen, and she has since acted in numerous plays, ...

84. Natasha Castaneda

Actress | Vici

Natasha Castaneda is an actress, known for Vici (2016).

85. Keely Cat Wells

Actress | Speechless

Keely Cat-Wells is an Entrepreneur and Disability Activist dedicated to making social, systemic, and economic change. As the founder and CEO of C Talent Keely has been named a Forbes 30 Under 30 Entertainment honouree, Diana Award winner, an AdWeek Young Influential, GBEA Young Entrepreneur of the ...

87. Karlee Rose

Actress | EFC

Vancouver native Karlee Rose has been performing since the age of four years old and she has over fifteen years of professional experience. Recently, Karlee starred in the feature film "Let Go" which was shot across twelve countries in Europe. Karlee had her first breakout role starring in a MMA ...

88. Mirejah Cruz

Actress | Lemon

Mirejah Cruz was born on June 7, 1995. She is an actress, known for Lemon (2018), Audition Antics (2019) and Park Day (2020).

89. Galya Bisengalieva

Composer | Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive

The music of Galya Bisengalieva is deep and atmospheric. The Kazakh-British composer and violinist centres unyielding drones as she weaves across genres like folk, ambient, classical, and electronic music. Galya's solos and improvisations can be heard on numerous soundtracks including The ...

90. Fiauna Linet

Actress | River of Hope

Fiauna Linet is an actress and writer, known for River of Hope (2020).

91. Fernanda Aguilar

Actress | The Legend of La Llorona

Fernanda Aguilar (she/her) is an awarded Brazilian-Canadian actor and filmmaker. Born and raised in Brazil, she began her training in Performing Arts in 1998 at age 16, receiving an award nomination for Best Emerging Actress early in her career. With over 20 years of experience, she has performed ...

92. Carly Tamborski

House of Cards

Carly Tamborski is an actress, known for House of Cards (2013), Hillbilly Elegy (2020) and Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel'le (2016).

93. Neha Iyer

Actress | Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel

Neha Iyer is an actress, known for Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel (2019), Tharangam (2017) and XYX (2019).

94. Kelly Connaire

Actress | Downrange

Kelly Connaire is an American actress from Edina, Minnesota. After years of stage and screen training around Minnesota, she moved to Los Angeles, California to further her career. She attended Hussian College in Studio at Los Angeles Center Studios as an Acting for Film and Television major. She is...

95. Blue LoLan

Director | Hero

Blue LoLan is an American female actor, director, editor, model, and artist. Her very first audition for a movie was at the age of toddlerhood, when she went out for a part as a baby Latino boy.

Her acting career began when she starred in a Tom Petty music video for his song Tom Petty and the ...

96. Ashley A. Williams

Director | AshTags

Ashley A. Williams is an actress and director, known for AshTags (2014), Where the Water Runs (2018) and Love Triangle (2013).

97. Caroline Cole

Actress | Antebellum

Caroline Cole is known for Antebellum (2020), Where the Crawdads Sing (2022) and Nightmare Shark (2018).

98. Olivia Blue

Actress | Animal Kingdom

Actress Olivia Blue was born in San Francisco, California, to doctors Robin and David Lee. After graduating NYU Tisch drama, and working as On-Camera Talent for Buzzfeed and AwesomenessTV, she won the role of Tressa in Adam Sherman's This Game's Called Murder. Other roles followed in Animal Kingdom...

99. Pavla Tan

Pavla Tan is known for Liar, Liar, Vampire (2015) and Okja (2017).

100. Sonya Balsara

Actress | FBI

Sonya Balsara is an actress, known for FBI (2018), Boarding School (2018) and Alchemy of Solitude (2022).

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