80s Sex Comedies

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I hope you enjoy these as much as I have! Required elements include sexual themes and female nudity; exceptions are duly noted. JR

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1. Cross My Heart (1987)

R | 90 min | Comedy, Romance

A man and a woman go out on a "big" third date. He's ashamed to admit he just lost his job, and she's afraid he'll run away if he finds out that she has a kid. Small lies lead to bigger ones and the night gets crazy very soon.

Director: Armyan Bernstein | Stars: Martin Short, Annette O'Toole, Paul Reiser, Joanna Kerns

Votes: 923 | Gross: $1.03M

A must for O'toole and Short fans! This film also features a cute Texan actress who has appeared in the most pictures on our list, Corinne Bohrer (Surf 2, The Beach Girls, Zapped, Joysticks, Stewardess School and of course she's Paul Reiser's upstairs neighbor in Cross My Heart; Wow)! "I can assure you, I am exactly like a guy like me."

2. The Rosebud Beach Hotel (1984)

R | 83 min | Comedy

After taking over a failing Miami hotel with her workaholic fiancé, Elliot, Tracy thinks Liza has seduced her better half-to-be. She then tries to have an affair of her own, and arranges ... See full summary »

Director: Harry Hurwitz | Stars: Colleen Camp, Peter Scolari, Christopher Lee, Fran Drescher

Votes: 204

Fun beach sex comedy featuring Colleen Camp's fully clothed body, darn!

3. Valley Girl (1983)

R | 99 min | Comedy, Romance

66 Metascore

Julie, a girl from the valley, meets Randy, a punk from the city. They are from different worlds and find love. Somehow they need to stay together in spite of her trendy, shallow friends.

Director: Martha Coolidge | Stars: Nicolas Cage, Deborah Foreman, Elizabeth Daily, Michael Bowen

Votes: 11,699 | Gross: $16.80M

You should know this one; Deborah Foreman is surely a top notch 80s babe! Popstar and actress Elizabeth Daily (Loverboy & Dutch) gives a personal tour! "Plastics, the time to do something is when the time is right So, what time is it?"

4. The Beach Girls (1982)

R | 91 min | Comedy

School is out, and three girls head to the beach for vacation. Two of the girls are world-wise party-goers who attempt to loosen up their naive, virginal friend, whose uncle has allowed the... See full summary »

Director: Bud Townsend | Stars: Debra Blee, Val Kline, Jeana Keough, James Daughton

Votes: 1,197

The ultimate beach party featuring the gorgeous Debra Blee; tune in for her second of inspiration! Other notable gals include Playmate Jeana Tomasina and Val Kline! "Ginger there's two people doing it in the bathroom They're probably just washing each others backs."

5. Hamburger: The Motion Picture (1986)

R | 90 min | Comedy

Russell has been expelled from several schools for lewd, crude and nude conduct. Busterburger University is his last chance at education and satisfying his disappointed parents.

Director: Mike Marvin | Stars: Leigh McCloskey, Dick Butkus, Randi Brooks, Chuck McCann

Votes: 1,592

Fun sex comedy set at a Hamburger University by the producers of Hot Dog: the movie ('84); I am still waiting for French Fries the movie! Featuring Dick Butkis and Debra Blee.

6. Hot Dog... The Movie (1984)

R | 96 min | Comedy, Romance, Sport

39 Metascore

Harkin Banks heads to skiing championships in California. A teen runaway tags along as he parties and competes with friends and foes.

Director: Peter Markle | Stars: David Naughton, Patrick Houser, Tracy Smith, John Patrick Reger

Votes: 2,729 | Gross: $20.31M

Comedy, romance, action, and the splendid playmate Shannon Tweed and Tracy Smith; ladies beware of the leg spreader! "You know there's only one bed in here so pick a side, and stay there."

7. The Last American Virgin (1982)

R | 92 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

43 Metascore

The friendship of a group of young friends struggling with teen sex, drugs, and work is jeopardized by a romantic interest which may turn pals into bitter rivals.

Director: Boaz Davidson | Stars: Lawrence Monoson, Diane Franklin, Steve Antin, Joe Rubbo

Votes: 7,096 | Gross: $5.83M

One of the great sex comedies from the maker of the ultimate sex comedy Lemon popsicle 1-7. Darn that Diane Franklin makes me want to scream! "Come here...my big burrito." "No that's out since big earl smoked angel dust and ate my mom's parakeet."

8. School Spirit (1985)

R | 90 min | Comedy, Fantasy

A horny student killed in a car crash becomes a ghost who can make himself invisible or corporal at will. With the help of his perverted ghost guide, old uncle Pinky, he goes on sexcapades, takes on the principal and finds true love.

Director: Alan Holleb | Stars: Tom Nolan, Elizabeth Foxx, Larry Linville, Roberta Collins

Votes: 498

Fun invisible male on campus flick from Roger Corman featuring the beautiful Marta Kober!

9. Last Resort (1986)

R | 84 min | Comedy

George Lollar takes his family on vacation with "Club Sand", a shoddy and untrustworthy company. On their tropical island, they find soldiers everywhere, an unhelpful staff, inhospitable ... See full summary »

Director: Zane Buzby | Stars: Charles Grodin, Robin Pearson Rose, John Ashton, Ellen Blake

Votes: 362

Phil Harman, Mario van Peebles, Jon Lovitz and Charles Grodin are hilarious in this caribbean sex comedy! The airplane lacking an aisle cracks me up everytime! Brenda Bakke (Hardbodies 2) is the French gal sweet on Grodin and his son! "Club Sand, isn't that a sex club? Well some are sex clubs and some are for families, this one is for families."

10. Screwballs (1983)

R | 80 min | Comedy

34 Metascore

Frolicking youth comedy about zany high school students set in the 1960s.

Director: Rafal Zielinski | Stars: Peter Keleghan, Kent Deuters, Linda Speciale, Alan Deveau

Votes: 2,413 | Gross: $2.08M

Roger Corman has a great eye for casting displayed here; this is the epitome of the 80s sex comedy! Corman is King of the quick flash! "I'd like a hot sundae with some of your nuts."

11. Screwballs II (1985)

R | 92 min | Comedy

In the original tradition of "Screwballs," four horny teens try to get a shot at the sexy new French teacher.

Director: Rafal Zielinski | Stars: Bryan Genesse, Lance Van Der Kolk, Alan Deveau, Jason Warren

Votes: 1,043

Two main cast members from the original return as well as a whole new gaggle of lovely Canadian 80s babes! Cynthia Belliveau is quite memorable here as the fetching Mona Lott, the French teacher!

12. Porky's (1981)

R | 94 min | Comedy

40 Metascore

In 1954, a group of Florida high school students try to help their buddy lose his virginity, which leads them to seeking revenge on a sleazy nightclub owner and his redneck sheriff brother for harassing them.

Director: Bob Clark | Stars: Dan Monahan, Mark Herrier, Wyatt Knight, Roger Wilson

Votes: 34,853 | Gross: $111.29M

80s babes Kim Cattrall and Jill Whitlow in this classic!

13. Porky's II: The Next Day (1983)

R | 98 min | Comedy

38 Metascore

The naughty high schoolers of Angel Beach High now seek revenge on a group of KKK religious fanatics and corrupt politicians who want to shut down their Shakespeare production after they cast a Seminole transfer student in the lead.

Director: Bob Clark | Stars: Dan Monahan, Wyatt Knight, Mark Herrier, Roger Wilson

Votes: 9,900 | Gross: $33.76M

The friendship of these Florida boys seems real, which adds to the fun!

14. Porky's Revenge (1985)

R | 92 min | Comedy

24 Metascore

As graduation nears for the class of 1955 at Angel Beach High, the gang once again faces off against their old enemy, Porky, who wants them to throw the school's championship basketball game because he's betting on the opposing team.

Director: James Komack | Stars: Dan Monahan, Wyatt Knight, Tony Ganios, Mark Herrier

Votes: 7,006 | Gross: $20.52M

The boys are a little older now and just as crazy!

15. Private School (1983)

R | 89 min | Comedy, Romance

25 Metascore

Christine (Phoebe Cates), a student at an exclusive all-girls private school, is in love with Jim, who attends an academy for boys nearby. Christine's arch rival Jordan also has her eye on ... See full summary »

Director: Noel Black | Stars: Phoebe Cates, Betsy Russell, Matthew Modine, Michael Zorek

Votes: 5,111 | Gross: $14.05M

Pheobe Cates is upstaged here by Betsy Russell but the main attraction is the greatest shower scene ever filmed!

16. Tomboy (1985)

R | 91 min | Comedy

A strong-willed female stock car driver challenges her chauvinistic crush to a race to win his respect- and get him into bed.

Director: Herb Freed | Stars: Betsy Russell, Gerard Christopher, Kristi Somers, Richard Erdman

Votes: 1,170 | Gross: $14.10M

Betsy Russell and Kristi Somers star in a most unique sex comedy; you won't be disappointed! During the dance scene, in the background, there is a hilarious neon sign reading "Actors pay in advance"; I have seen this same sign in Body Double!

17. Revenge of the Nerds (1984)

R | 90 min | Comedy

44 Metascore

At Adams College, a group of bullied outcasts and misfits resolve to fight back for their peace and self-respect.

Director: Jeff Kanew | Stars: Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards, Timothy Busfield, Andrew Cassese

Votes: 45,046 | Gross: $40.90M

Hair pie, nerds, panty raid, nerds, jock's jocks, nerds; enough said! "That's my pi."

18. Trading Places (1983)

R | 116 min | Comedy

69 Metascore

A snobbish investor and a wily street con artist find their positions reversed as part of a bet by two callous millionaires.

Director: John Landis | Stars: Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd, Ralph Bellamy, Don Ameche

Votes: 121,703 | Gross: $90.40M

Sexy Jamie Lee Curtis shines in this comedy about social engineering!

19. Jocks (1986)

R | 91 min | Comedy, Sport

The coach of a college tennis team is given an ultimatum: put together a winning team, or else.

Director: Steve Carver | Stars: Scott Strader, Perry Lang, Mariska Hargitay, Richard Roundtree

Votes: 613

A wily tennis team heads to Vegas with babes and brew on the brain! Perry Lang (Springbreak and Mortuary Academy) leads this oddball tennis team, including an agile Mexican, the ultimate queer tennis match and a battle of the brutes via tennis of course! "I have no parking violations, I have no moving violations; I have no violations!

20. Private Resort (1985)

R | 82 min | Comedy

34 Metascore

The story of two adolescent boys who are guests at a Florida resort for the week-end. Their only interest is, of course, chasing girls, but fate has much more in store for them.

Director: George Bowers | Stars: Rob Morrow, Johnny Depp, Emily Longstreth, Karyn O'Bryan

Votes: 6,961 | Gross: $0.33M

Featuring the lovely Emily Longstreth and the equally stunning Karyn O'Bryan! Also starring Hector Elizondo (Young Doctors in Love), Leslie Easterbrook (Police Academy) and some guy named Johnny Depp and his unibrow! The final film in the Private series from producer Ben R. Efraim (Private Lessons and Private School); all three are on our list and are sex comedy gems; thank you Mr. Efraim! "It's a woman That's a queer barber, he's got my diamond in his t*ts"

21. Spring Break (1983)

R | 102 min | Comedy, Romance

17 Metascore

Two sets of two college guys spend a spring break together in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. There they have lots of fun in and out of the sun.

Director: Sean S. Cunningham | Stars: David Knell, Steve Bassett, Perry Lang, Paul Land

Votes: 2,313 | Gross: $24.07M

Two unlikely pairs of friends team up to party, party, party; Penthouse pet Corinne Alphen stars and another pet (Sheila Kennedy) is featured in the wet tee shirt contest!

22. Let's Do It! (1982)

R | 82 min | Comedy

A virgin named Freddie has a major complex about his mother and won't let himself become involved with any other woman.

Director: Bert I. Gordon | Stars: Greg Bradford, Britt Helfer, Victoria Wells, Missy Cleveland

Votes: 91

Silly sex comedy featuring Britt Helfer and Besty Russell in her earliest role!

23. The Big Bet (1985)

90 min | Comedy, Romance

An erotic teenage sex comedy about a 17-year-old high school student obsessed with sex who tries seducing both his beautiful older neighbor and the shy new girl in school over a bet, only to end up falling in love.

Director: Bert I. Gordon | Stars: Lance Sloane, Kim Evenson, Sylvia Kristel, Ron Thomas

Votes: 205

Playmate Kimberly Evenson is the new IT girl on campus; a much better effort than Bert Gordon's first sex comedy Let's Do It!

24. Joysticks (1983)

R | 88 min | Comedy

When a top local businessman and his two bumbling nephews try to shut down the town's only video arcade, arcade employees and patrons fight back.

Director: Greydon Clark | Stars: Joe Don Baker, Leif Green, Jim Greenleaf, Scott McGinnis

Votes: 1,512

Playmate Kym Malin adds sexy spice to this comedy set at an arcade in the valley! This one features the nerd, fat guy and stud as friends!

25. Secret Admirer (1985)

R | 90 min | Comedy, Romance

An anonymous love letter left in Michael's locker on the last day of school wreaks havoc on his life and the lives of everyone who come in contact with it.

Director: David Greenwalt | Stars: C. Thomas Howell, Lori Loughlin, Kelly Preston, Dee Wallace

Votes: 5,751 | Gross: $8.62M

The uncomparable Kelly Preston and Lori Laughlin are wonderful here! "I don't know how to tell you what I want to tell you, so I'm writing it down." "He said you guys were kissing and stuff His exact words Michael! He said you boffed his brains out in his van."

26. Mischief (1985)

R | 93 min | Comedy, Romance

53 Metascore

1956. Obsessed with the hottest girl in class, a gawky high school student takes a crash course in teenage coolness from his motorcycle rebel neighbour, under the watchful eye of the eternal symbol of teenage rebellion: James Dean.

Director: Mel Damski | Stars: Doug McKeon, Catherine Mary Stewart, Kelly Preston, Chris Nash

Votes: 4,869 | Gross: $8.69M

Kelly Preston is all we wanted and more in this sex comedy set in 50s Ohio; also featuring Mary Catherine Stewart and the lovely Jami Gertz an 80s babe trifecta!

27. You Can't Hurry Love (1988)

R | 92 min | Comedy, Romance

A comedy of a guy who is told the only way to be successful in LA is by "pretending to be someone else." Through a series of dates at a video dating service, he learns that isn't the case, ... See full summary »

Director: Richard Martini | Stars: David Packer, Scott McGinnis, David Leisure, Anthony Geary

Votes: 389 | Gross: $9.33M

Fun sex comedy about finding love in tinsel town featuring Bridget Fonda in an early role and the always entertaining Scott Mcguiness! "Welcome to Los Angeles, there's always room for one more."

28. Hardbodies (1984)

R | 88 min | Comedy

1 Metascore

Three middle-aged daddies visit California to have a marvelous time at the beach. When they learn that a nice apartment and an expensive cabriolet isn't enough for them to score with the ... See full summary »

Director: Mark Griffiths | Stars: Grant Cramer, Teal Roberts, Gary Wood, Michael Rapport

Votes: 2,790 | Gross: $7.12M

Old farts try to snag hardbodies featuring Kristi Somers, Teal Roberts and a very busty Courtney Gains! "How much are you going to pay me? I don't pay for sex and I don't *beep* fossils for free." "All my plans are back firing I know what you mean, a man gets tired of peein on his own shoes."

29. Hardbodies 2 (1986)

R | 88 min | Comedy

A film crew is travelling from America to Greece to produce a movie. Before their work is done they will have to face many unusual situations, along with numerous opportunities for the ... See full summary »

Director: Mark Griffiths | Stars: James Karen, Louise Baker, Alexandros Mylonas, Robert Rhine

Votes: 979 | Gross: $0.08M

Fun romp in Greece featuring the vivacious Fabianna Udenio and hundreds of half naked Euro 80s babes!

30. Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

R | 90 min | Comedy, Drama

67 Metascore

A group of Southern California high school students are enjoying their most important subjects: sex, drugs, and rock n' roll.

Director: Amy Heckerling | Stars: Sean Penn, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Judge Reinhold, Robert Romanus

Votes: 83,818 | Gross: $27.09M

Pheobe Cates doesn't look half as good going into the pool as she does coming out! "Sure you put out the vibe to 10 million chicks eventually something is going to happen That's the idea."

31. The Wild Life (1984)

R | 96 min | Comedy, Drama

Eighties teen romp involving Bill and his new apartment, Jim and his rebellious antics, Tom and his crazy self, and Anita with her older man David.

Director: Art Linson | Stars: Chris Penn, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, Eric Stoltz, Jenny Wright

Votes: 2,142 | Gross: $11.02M

Sean Penn's brother stars with Eric Stolz, Lea Thompson and Jenny Wright in this unofficial sequel to Fast Times; look for Rick Moranis as manager of the trendy clothes store!

32. Blame It on Rio (1984)

R | 100 min | Comedy, Romance

22 Metascore

Best friends and their daughters holiday in Rio only for one to fall for the other's daughter.

Director: Stanley Donen | Stars: Michael Caine, Michelle Johnson, Demi Moore, Joseph Bologna

Votes: 9,081 | Gross: $18.64M

Michelle Johnson was sent from Heaven and they released this picture to let us all know! Demi who!

33. The First Turn-On!! (1983)

R | 88 min | Comedy

A group of teenage summer campers and one counselor share the stories of their first sexual experiences when an avalanche traps them in a cave...

Directors: Michael Herz, Lloyd Kaufman | Stars: Georgia Harrell, Michael Sanville, Googy Gress, John Flood

Votes: 549

Fun summer camp picture from Troma featuring Penthouse pet Sheila Kennedy as one of the camper's first turn on!

34. Paradise (1982)

R | 100 min | Adventure, Romance

In the Victorian period, two teenagers, David and Sarah, travel with a caravan from Baghdad to Damascus. At an oasis, the white slave agent known as the Jackal raids them, mainly to add the... See full summary »

Director: Stuart Gillard | Stars: Willie Aames, Phoebe Cates, Tuvia Tavi, Richard Curnock

Votes: 2,190 | Gross: $5.59M

Pheobe Cates returns to our list and doesn't disappoint her audience here with Willie Aames! This is a mildly sexy adventure and love story as the two journey through the desert!

35. Second Time Lucky (1984)

101 min | Comedy, Fantasy

There's a new wager between Heaven and Hell. Devil bets God that if God were to pick two young people to be the new Adam and Eve, they'd sin again. God accepts and sends a college couple to various eras, starting with the Garden of Eden.

Director: Michael Anderson | Stars: Diane Franklin, Roger Wilson, Jon Gadsby, Robert Helpmann

Votes: 220

The fetching Diane Franklin and Roger Wilson are Eve and Adam doing their best to resist temptation in this sexy journey through time!

36. Fraternity Vacation (1985)

R | 94 min | Comedy

Theta Pi Gamma fraternity's newest pledge--a gawky, innocent, and utterly uncool bookworm--and two of his self-confident fraternity brothers embark on a week-long vacation in Palm Springs. Can they transform him into a real Casanova?

Director: James Frawley | Stars: Stephen Geoffreys, Sheree J. Wilson, Cameron Dye, Leigh McCloskey

Votes: 1,892 | Gross: $3.33M

Sex comedy set in Palm Springs featuring the talents of Kathleen Kinmont and Barbara Crampton with many other notable 80s B actors!

37. Sixteen Candles (1984)

PG | 93 min | Comedy, Romance

61 Metascore

A girl's "sweet" sixteenth birthday becomes anything but special, as she suffers from every embarrassment possible.

Director: John Hughes | Stars: Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Justin Henry, Michael Schoeffling

Votes: 91,450 | Gross: $23.69M

When a certain baby sitter came a round I knew I would have a chance to watch this John Hughes teen party romp! The shower scene will make you check the box to make sure its PG! "No more yanky my wanky."

38. Bachelor Party (1984)

R | 105 min | Comedy

56 Metascore

A soon-to-be-married man's friends throw him the ultimate bachelor party.

Director: Neal Israel | Stars: Tom Hanks, Tawny Kitaen, Adrian Zmed, George Grizzard

Votes: 32,616 | Gross: $38.44M

This is an excellent no holds bard sex comedy featuring Tawny Kitaen, Monique Gabrielle, Tracy Smith and Angela Aames! "What it is bro? You are a pimp; you look like Ghandi."

39. Basic Training (1985)

R | 88 min | Comedy

Melinda comes to Washington DC to visit her friend Debbie, and to find a job in government, where she hopes to do her part to make it better. She gets a lower echelon administrative ... See full summary »

Director: Andrew Sugerman | Stars: Ann Dusenberry, Rhonda Shear, Angela Aames, Will Nye

Votes: 334

Rhonda Shear, Angela Aames and Ann Dusenberry have to pay their dues if they want to have an effect on National Security while employed in the Pentagon or sex comedy set at the Pentagon! You will agree Ann D. is something special after seeing this one!

40. The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak (1984)

R | 87 min | Adventure, Fantasy

Gwendoline arrives in China in a box, and is helped out of her immediate predicament by a female contact and a devil-may-care adventurer. She's on a mission to find her father, who was last... See full summary »

Director: Just Jaeckin | Stars: Tawny Kitaen, Brent Huff, Zabou Breitman, Bernadette Lafont

Votes: 2,190 | Gross: $1.34M

Tawny Kitean is filmed beautifully in this passionate adventure into the land of the Yik Yak! The sets and the dialogue are simply wonderful!

41. Amazon Women on the Moon (1987)

R | 85 min | Comedy, Sci-Fi

A spoof 1950s science fiction movie, interspersed with various comedy sketches concerning late night television.

Directors: Joe Dante, Carl Gottlieb, Peter Horton, John Landis, Robert K. Weiss | Stars: Rosanna Arquette, Michelle Pfeiffer, Arsenio Hall, Donald F. Muhich

Votes: 9,275 | Gross: $0.55M

Monique Gabrielle and Corinne Alphen's appearence raise this classic 80s comedy to the level of sexy!

42. Malibu Express (1985)

R | 105 min | Comedy, Crime, Mystery

A smooth-talking private eye is assigned the task of investigating who is behind the hi-tech computer technology leaks to the Russians.

Director: Andy Sidaris | Stars: Darby Hinton, Sybil Danning, Art Metrano, Shelley Taylor Morgan

Votes: 1,350

Playmates Barbara Edwards, Lynda Weismeier, Lorraine Michaels and Kimberly MacArthur as well as Sybil Danning in Andy Sidaris's only good movie! Darby Hinton is the private dic on the case looking for tail and clues, priceless!

43. The Hollywood Knights (1980)

R | 91 min | Comedy

Led by their comedic leader, Turk, the Hollywood Knights car club raise hell throughout Beverly Hills on Halloween Night, 1965. Everything from chaotic pranks, drag racing and high school ... See full summary »

Director: Floyd Mutrux | Stars: Tony Danza, Michelle Pfeiffer, Julius Averitt, Steve Ballard

Votes: 3,807 | Gross: $10.00M

This is an 80s sex comedy update of American Graffiti; Fun teen hijinks on their last night together! Many of the films on this list are truly sweet and fun and wouldn't be rated R if it weren't for the boob flashes!

44. The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck (1988)

R | 88 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

A drunken, down-on-his-luck adventurer is hired by a wealthy man and his beautiful wife to take them on a hunting expedition in the jungle. After a while, though, the guide begins to ... See full summary »

Director: David Keith | Stars: David Keith, Kathy Shower, Brant von Hoffman, Sydney Lassick

Votes: 474

Another adventure sex comedy featuring the able David Keith and the willing playmate Kathy Shower!

45. Paradise Motel (1985)

R | 89 min | Comedy

Sam Kehoe moves from Seattle to a new school in California. Trying to make friends, Sam manages to free up the honeymoon suite in his dad's motel so his friends are able to use the room for... See full summary »

Director: Cary Medoway | Stars: Gary Hershberger, Robert Krantz, Jonna Leigh Stack, Bob Basso

Votes: 144

Your parents own a motel, your friends are horny, I rest my case!

46. Lunch Wagon (1981)

R | 88 min | Comedy, Crime, Romance

Three women start a lunch wagon business but run into stiff resistance from their competitor Mr. Schmeckler: their presence is interfering with some sort of illegal activity he's involved ... See full summary »

Director: Ernest Pintoff | Stars: Pamela Jean Bryant, Rosanne Katon, Candy Moore, Rick Podell

Votes: 208

This is surely an underappreciated classic starring playmates Pamela Jean Bryant and Rosanne Katon and The Missing Persons! I love every element of this film including Louisa Moritz (Last American Virgin and Hot Chili) and Dale Bozzio! "Hello, you have reached the Walter Cronkite home for unwed mothers!"

47. Hot Chili (1985)

R | 86 min | Comedy

A group of American teenage boys goes south of the border to work for the summer at a Mexican resort. There they encounter many wacky guests and have zany adventures involving a German ... See full summary »

Director: William Sachs | Stars: Charles Schillaci, Allan Kayser, Joe Rubbo, Chuck Hemingway

Votes: 301

Louisa Moritz returns to our list as a Mexican temptress at a large resort where four young males are looking for action! Keep your eyes peeled for the memorable Victoria Barrett!

48. Hot Resort (1985)

R | 93 min | Comedy